Are Harley Seats Leather Or Vinyl?

Are Harley Seats Leather Or Vinyl

When it comes to choosing the Harley Davidson seats, every single motorcyclist thinks about the materials. Are they made of leather, vinyl, or other artificial materials?

Most of the Harley motorcycle seats are made of leather, but you can find some seats with PU leather, PP leather, or vinyl. Leather seats are a bit more expensive than the others, but they will last for years.

No matter whatever you choose for your motorcycle, all of them are comfortable and convenient. Leather seats need to care much for longevity. Moreover, though vinyl seats require less maintenance, they’ll look new for a longer time when you care for them correctly.

Are Harley Seats Leather or Vinyl?

Most of the Harley Davidson seats are made of leather. And this is officially confirmed in their tag, which you can find at the bottom of your motorcycle seats. This tag has a message that verifies the nature of the leather. 

This tag is the clear verification from the manufacturers about authentic top-gain leather. Though leather materials are sensitive to the weather, Harley leather seats will mature into their own style from rough weather.

As their seats are one kind of natural product, you may see some scars, grain lines, wrinkles as well as creases. All these variations will confirm the authenticity of the products.

Leather seats can also breathe better than any other materials. But the worst thing is they can absorb water, so you must be careful with this. Leather needs more care in the rain or cold weather.

Some leather harley seats for short riders are also available, which can help you out of an uncomfortable ride as a short person. If you want classic, sleek, or modern styles, you can have a good deal of options in Harley.

Including leather, you can also find some Harley seats with PU leather, PP plastic, vinyl, as well as faux leather. These materials can be comfortable and convenient as they are also high-quality.

Which One Is Better: Leather Or Vinyl?

When deciding between leather and vinyl seats, keep the following factors in mind.


The grain and level of fading are distinctive to each and every piece of leather. This gives it a personality that vinyl cannot provide.

However, some contemporary imitation leather is rather good and deceives the majority of riders into believing it to be leather.


It truly relies upon the material, but vinyl is generally softer and stretchier. Some of the newer materials even “breathe,” making them more comfortable.

The friction between vinyl and your backside might cause the material to heat up more rapidly. Leather is chilly when you first sit on it in the winter, and it stays that way for a bit longer.

Leather softens with age, whereas vinyl might become harder as time passes. While some vinyl seats have gripping surfaces, leather becomes shinier and more slippery as it ages.


Modern leathers are much better cared for and will last far longer than older leathers. However, they tend to fade and crack more readily than vinyl.

With its first Chief models, it has now switched to a more compacted leather that fades much more slowly.

Your sweat, as well as simple friction, will shine up the leather where you sit. On the other hand, some riders enjoy the aged charm that leather develops.


The cost of leather is higher than other materials. You can use foam underneath it for extra comfort. However, we recommend memory foam.

Long story short, leather costs more money but has a more appealing character. With vinyl, you can’t get that, although certain contemporary faux-leather materials are rather good and deceive many people into believing they are leather.

As opposed to leather, we’ve discovered that vinyl causes higher heat buildup and friction with your behind. The issue can be considerably reduced with a motorcycle butt pad.

Leather also ages more gracefully than vinyl, which can become rigid with time. Although contemporary leather can get wet and absorb water, it can withstand rain well. Instead of heating it in the sun, which could cause it to harden and break, place it in the shade to do so.

How To Care For Your Leather Harley Davidson Seats?

Leather necessitates a great deal of attention. You’ll have to use a special leather conditioner numerous times a year, and you’ll have to detach your Harley seat when you wash your bike.

Leather stains are far more difficult to remove than vinyl stains, which can simply be wiped away. It is also a good idea to cover your leather seat if it is in the rain or sun.

Vinyl seats require some maintenance and treatment, albeit not as frequently. You can use any leather cleaners if your seat is made of leather. You can also use lanolin or a crocodile oil mixture for better dressing.

Caring for your leather seat properly can serve you for at least 30 years. But when we’re talking about Harley, you can use Harley-Davidson Leather Protectant to protect your investment.

How To Give Protection To Your Harley Seats Leather From Rain?

Modern leather is water-resistant, yet it can also become saturated and absorb water or absorb moisture. Allow it to cure in the shade rather than in the sun, as rapid drying will lead it to harden and shatter.

Most leather-seat riders keep a rain cover on their bike when riding or parked. Vinyl is impervious to water, so you could wash your bike while the seat is still attached.


When you’re an enthusiastic motorcyclist, using a leather seat will always encourage you. Change your old, shabby motorcycle seat and replace it with a leather one. The Harley motorcycle seats’ design and quality are top-notch, making them more durable.

You can see the vast improvement in your Harley Davidson after this. And you’ll feel that, though you paid a bit more for the leather seat with comfortable foam, it’s the best choice you made for your Harley ever.

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