Are Motorcycles Easy To Maintain?

Are Motorcycles Easy To Maintain

Most motorcycle owners may think they need to be industrious to maintain their motorcycles. But as a lazy motorcycle owner, you can ask meare motorcycles easy to maintain?

By and large, motorcycles are easy to maintain. The smaller size and use of lighter pieces of machinery make motorcycle maintenance easier. A motorcycle owner can maintain it by himself/herself at home. The cost of maintaining a motorcycle is much lower than the other vehicles.  

As an experienced person, I can assure you that maintaining a motorcycle is very simple and more manageable than most other vehicles like cars or buses. In this article, I will discuss everything briefly that helps you realize how easy it is to maintain motorcycles. So, please consider reading this article till the end.

13 Easy Tips To Maintain The Motorcycles: 

1. Constantly Improves Your Knowledge On Motorcycle Maintenance:

The foremost thing is to increase knowledge on motorcycles maintenance properly. In a number of different ways, you can improve your understanding of motorcycle maintenance. For example, you can read blog posts, watch YouTube videos, discuss with the experts to enrich your knowledge on motorcycle-related topics. It will surely make your motorcycle maintenance task easier. You also can read my blogs on the ‘My Riding Experience’ website. 

As an experienced motorcycle rider, I always try to give the best solution to those problems you often face during maintenance. And also, write such topics that you should need to know as an owner of a motorcycle. 

2. Check The Tires Regularly:

To maintain a motorcycle, you must need to ensure the proper maintenance of its tires. Personally, I always check my motorcycle’s tires before going on a long drive because they can puncture anytime on the way. So, I suggest you do that to avoid such an unfortunate situation.

The lifespan of a motorcycle’s tire highly depends on the surrounding road conditions. If the road is rigid and broken, then your tire will sooner lose its lifespan. So, while riding your motorcycle, try to avoid the cracks and holes of a road.

3. Check Your Motorcycle’s Brake Pads Before Every Ride:

To get the best service from your motorcycle’s brake pads, you need to maintain them at regular intervals. To experience a safe motorcycle ride, you need to ensure that your motorcycle’s brake pads are working properly. Because, once they fail to work on the roads, it can cause a severe accident.

I always suggest you check your motorcycle’s brake pads before going on every ride. Replace your brake pads when they go down less than two millimeters. You also need to be more caring in order to use motorcycle brakes for a more extended period. If you track down anything wrong with your motorcycle’s brake, don’t delay replacing it because it can cause your life.

4. Clean And Check The Headlights:

Headlights are one of the most critical parts of your motorcycle. Without headlights, you can’t ride on your motorcycle at night. Most preferably, you should take proper care of the maintenance of the headlights.

I always recommend you check your motorcycle’s headlights before going on every ride. Because if you detect that the headlights are not working the right way on the move, you will indisputably be in trouble. Likewise, after every ride, you must clean the headlights rightfully to displace the dirt. 

5. Check Your Motorcycle’s Side Stand:

The side stand is another essential part of your motorcycle. Without it, you can’t stand your bike in good shape. But, if you don’t clean the motorcycle’s side stand regularly, rust can attack it.

In a few days, rust will ultimately damage the side stand of your motorcycle. So/in consequence, try to clean it in an appropriate manner regularly to prevent rust attacks.

6. Clean Your Motorcycle’s Chain After A Few Rides:

The chain is one such key part of the motorcycle. A well-groomed chain helps the motorcycle to run smoother and faster on the roads. So, it is needless to say the importance of cleaning motorcycle’s chain regularly.

You should regularly clean every area of your motorcycle’s chain dully. A motorcycle chain usually suitable for providing service around 30,000 kilometers or 18,000 miles. After that, it will start losing its performance quality. But proper maintaining surely increases the lifespan of your motorcycle’s chain. 

You can read my beforehand written article where I briefly discussed the motorcycle’s chain’s proper cleaning process. Click here to read that article.

7. Clean The Air Filter:

Air filters prevent dust from entering the internal parts of your motorcycle engine. You should routinely check the air filter to remove the dust from it; otherwise, there will be a dirt layer. If you ride your motorcycle on a dirty surface, you should clean the air filter frequently.

From my standpoint, it is ideal for cleaning out your motorcycle’s air filter after 10,000 kilometers or 6,000 miles. Hence, consider the regular cleaning of the air filter.

8. Change Motorcycle’s Oil On A Regular Basis:

Regular changing of oil is necessary to ride your motorcycle smoothly on the roads. I suggest you change the motorcycle’s oil after every 5,000km to 10,000 km or 3,000 miles to 6,000 miles riding. This riding range for changing oil varies on motorcycle brands and models. 

Usually, you don’t require to change oil frequently for a new motorcycle. But for old motorcycles, the oil changing period is very short because they consume oil very quickly. Motorcycle engines, sometimes consume too much oil as a consequence, you should use good quality oil for your motorcycle. It is wise to consult with a professional mechanic before changing the motorcycle’s oil.

9. Give Attention To The Fork Oil:

Fork oil helps you to get a smooth ride on the roads. You should use fresh fork oil for your motorcycle for extended riding. As a result, you can reach your destination in a short space of time. 

Therefore, it is always ideal to check and change the fork oil after a few rides. You can comfortably change the fork oil by yourself if you have the equipment, otherwise contact a mechanic to do that perfectly.

10. Replace Your Coolant In Every One Or Two Year:

Motorcycle engines are dependent on coolant for changing temperature and protecting damages. The smooth running of your motorcycle’s engine totally relies on liquid coolant. To get the best service from your motorcycle’s engine, you should change the coolant at a certain interval.

It is ideal for changing the liquid coolant every year. But never use them for more than two years without changing as it can hamper your motorcycle’s engine’s performance

11. Take Proper Care To Increase The Battery Lifespan:

Generally, the batteries of a motorcycle lasted for two or three years. After that, you should change them. But without taking proper caring, you can’t use them for more extended periods.

I recommend you to regularly charge your motorcycle batteries because they will last longer than irregular charged batteries. You should  be careful lest your motorcycle’s battery come in touch with water. You should always consult with a professional mechanic to replace the batteries.

12. Be Careful When Driving:

You should also be concerned about your motorcycle during driving. Always try to ride it on the plain roads. Avoid the uneven and broken parts of the road. When you ride your motorcycle roughly in the streets, that can damage several parts of your motorcycle. 

Driving at over speed is also not suitable for the more prolonged use of your motorcycle. You should ride it at a gentle speed. Try to always ride your motorcycle between 40-60 kilometers per hour. If the rain starts during riding, it is ideal to stop riding and stand under a roof to protect your motorcycle from rainwater.

13. Don’t Pretend To Be A Mechanic:

Without having proper knowledge, don’t try to repair any parts of your motorcycle. This type of testing can damage the parts of your motorcycle ultimately. And repairing motorcycle parts in the wrong ways increases the risk of accidents also. Instead of pretending to be a mechanic, you should go to an expert for fixing critical parts. 

Are Motorcycles Easier To Maintain Than Cars?

Undoubtedly, motorcycles are easier to maintain than cars. There are lots of factors that make motorcycle maintenance easier than cars. The smaller size makes the motorcycle easier to maintain. You can easily repair and clean any parts of your motorcycle by yourself in the home.

On the other hand, bigger size and heavy machines make the maintenance of a car difficult. You must need to take the help of a professional mechanic to repair any parts of your car. In my finding, on average, a person, in a year, spends around $800-$900 for maintaining a car while $200-$300 is sufficient to maintain a motorcycle. 

Last Few Words:

By reading this article, as a rider, you can easily maintain your motorcycle. If you follow my ‘13 easy tips to maintain the motorcycles, you don’t need to spend any additional money for it.
Do you want to watch practically how easier it is to maintain a motorcycle? Then click here, I find out the best video tutorial on motorcycle maintenance. Let me know if you have any queries on motorcycle-related topics.

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