10 Best Battery For High Compression Harley [A Buying Guide]

Best Battery For High Compression Harley

A high compression Harley requires a strong productive battery. It is undeniable that a battery is a vital part to keep the motorcycle highly compressed. On top of that, the influence of the battery itself is huge.

Harley is an eye-catching motorcycle on the road. When it comes to high compression Harley, it becomes more of a sensation. To keep that sensation, the motorcycles’ response is highly important and it is where the battery plays the part. 

When I was 12, my dad bought a Harley FLSTF Fat Boy and from then I was a bit obsessed with the motorcycle. I had quite an experience with the batteries used on it. 

Before getting all the specifications and features of each one, you should know that Antigravity ATX12-HD RE-START Lithium Battery is the best battery overall. This specific battery is much more suitable among all of them due to its higher CCA, and appropriate voltage supply. Its weight is less than 2 kgs. 

From my best research and experience, let’s get to know all the reviews of each battery. You will get a complete guide on this topic about the best type of batteries for your high compression Harley. 

A Head To Head Comparison Of The Best High Compression Harley Batteries:

Here is the head to head comparison of the best high compression Harley batteries:

Product Name DimensionsModelVoltageNumber Of CellsProduct WeightCold Cranking Amps (CCA)Product Link
ThrottleX HDX30L 10x7x6”HDX30L12 Volts611 Kg400 Click Here
Weize YTX12-BS 5.91 x 3.43 x 5.12”YTX12-BS12 Volts63.2 kg210Click Here
Yuasa YUAM720GH GYZ20HL6.89 x 3.43 x 6.1”YUAM720GH GYZ20HL12 Volts67 kg310Click Here
Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS5.9 x 3.38 x 5.19”ATX12-HD-RS12.8 Volts6 or more1.36 kg480Click Here
Harley FLSTF Fat Boy Softail6.88 x 3.43 x 6.12”Harley FLSTF Fatboy Softail12 Volts66.9 kg500Click Here
ThrottleX HDX20L8.7 x 8.15 x 4.61”HDX20L12 Volts66.93 kg310Click Here
Chrome Battery Rechargeable YTZ7S4.45 x 2.76 x 4.13”YTZ7S12 volts62.07 kg180Click Here
Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS 6.87 x 3.43 x 6.12”YUAM320BS12 volts66.73 kg270Click Here
ACDelco Gold ATX14LBS Powersports AGM JIS 14L-BS 7.2 x 6.8 x 6.3”ATX14LBS Powersports AGM JIS 14L-BS12 Volts64.85 kg160Click Here
MX20L – MOTORCYCLE BATTERY10 x 6 x 10”MX20L12 Volts67 Kg500+ Click Here

Best 10 Batteries For High Compression Harley: A Detailed Review

Here in this one, you will get to know the batteries with their overview of everything. I would suggest you read with due care as this is your need.

1. ThrottleX Batteries-HDX30L Harley Davidson Replacement Battery:

ThrottleX HDX30L Harley Davidson Replacement battery fits perfectly on many Harleys. It may also be suitable for older models. As such, it’s a very good long-lasting battery, it works well with a high compression Harley. With its 11 kg of weight distribution, it sits comfortably. The dimensions are well structured and you don’t have to worry about adding any water to it.

Features & Benefits:

Let’s start with some features and benefits first:

Build Quality: The battery is so well built that you don’t have to struggle to put it in. It is always ready to install just how a person wants it. 

Suitable Fit: It fits almost all the models of Electra glide. Also, street glide, road king, and ultra classic models can be used which is beneficial.

Absorbent Glass Mat Technology: Coming with a very good technology which is AGM. It helps to make the covering non-spillable and by that, you don’t have to worry about the spill issue.

Hardware Included: All the necessary external nuts and bolts for the installation process are included in the box with a manual to install it. No hesitation of extra duty.

Sealed Lead Acid: The cell composition of the battery is made out of sealed lead acid. It helps the battery to remain neutral if you are unintentionally not handling it with care. Allows the higher safety it needs.

These are the features of the HDX30L batteries. Remember that this specific battery is made for Americans according to its outlet and plugins. It may vary internationally. 


  • All necessary screws are provided,
  • Reliable and simple to install,
  • Covering protection,
  • Supplying the desired output,
  • Good for all the other Harley Davidson,
  • Well designed.


  • The price is more than average.

2. Weize YTX12-BS Harley Motorcycle Battery:

Weize batteries are known for their high performance and stability. They meet the needs of every motorcyclist. Weize YTX12-BS Motorcycle Battery High-Performance comes with a unique peak performance ability. 

It is built expecting the best for any kind of high compression Harley. As you already know a high compression Harley needs a certain amount of power supply, this battery works as expected. This battery provides consistency. 

Features & Benefits:

Weize batteries are much more reliable than most batteries on the market. The battery is robust and easy to maintain. Here are some features of it, 

Rechargeability: The best feature of this battery is that it is rechargeable and can be used properly. You will benefit from the recharging time anywhere you want. 

Lead Acid Technology: This technology of lead-acid helps to keep the battery in good condition and shape. This is useful because high compression Harley needs to assure a safe battery while providing the best output it can. 

Compatibility: Not only in high-compression Harley motorcycles, but you can use it also in ATVs, Snowmobiles, UTVs, and many more. Getting one would be beneficial if you have other types of motorcycles. 

Top Performance: Comparatively giving a better performance with its capability, this specific battery ensures not only start but peak performance is also seen at the end too.

Great Structure: The terminal nut and bolt of this are highly improved for their good performance. They are all well-designed so that they don’t come off easily in odd conditions of weather. 

Before you are going to purchase the battery, please note that it can be of different sizes and shapes. You must put the right size. 


  • Great weight distribution,
  • Comes in various models,
  • Compatible with other motorcycles,
  • Heavy-duty performance.


  • Hard to find,
  • Varies in size.

3. Yuasa YUAM720GH GYZ20HL Battery:

Yuasa YUAM720GH GYZ20HL is made for touring and cruising bikes. As Harley Davidson is a touring and cruising bike itself, no wonder why we are looking at it. For high-compression Harleys, the best performance is also expected.

It will offer a great response to all kinds of circuit connections present in the motorcycle. However, it is one of the highest quality batteries available at the moment. As it can supply enough energy, you can keep it on your list. 

Features And Benefits: 

Let’s get to know the best part of this product, its features. 

Good CCA Control: With its 310 CCA, it supplies excellent management of cold cranking amps keeping the performance in mind. CCA only is not enough, rather its ability to handle it, and this battery offers it.

Use Of Advanced Technologies: The battery is well boosted with all new technologies used in it. All of them are accurately organized.

Charging Ability: You don’t have to worry about the charging factors of it. It is initially charged by the manufacturer. No need to additionally put any extra charge on it. 

Lead Calcium Technology: The well-known lead-calcium technology is utilized in this battery. This technology helps the battery to maintain its temperature and its longevity.

No Extra Water: For its better performance technology, no additional water is needed. On the other hand, it will give you more than you expected. 


  • Offer a persistent amount of power,
  • Durable,
  • Has the ability to handle certain weather conditions,
  • Better charge output.


  • Not available outside the US.

4. Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS Lithium Battery:

A high-capacity battery is a must for high-compression Harleys. Harleys are one of the most extraordinary motorcycles of all time. Hence, for a motorcycle like this, you need something which can fulfill the duty. Here comes the Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS. 

The antigravity battery works just how it sounds, it offers you the best in case of gravity control that is much more significant in high compression Harley. Plus, the use of lithium-ion makes the battery more efficient to use.

Features And Benefits:

Antigravity Batteries are impressive for their design and overall output.

Lithium-Ion-Battery: This is a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. It is lightweight and high-powered. 

Jump Start Technology: The Integrated jump-start technology is used in this battery which is seen for the first time in a motorcycle battery. This technology works just like car batteries. You can help your friend with his battery in critical situations.

Highly Constructed: It comes with a very well-balanced build. Even if you discharge or overcharge, it will not be damaged easily.

Eco-Friendly Design: The battery is eco-friendly for its use of lithium rather than acids or harmful materials.

Protection And Durability: The 4 terminal design makes it heavily protected and durable. Each terminal is made out of developed materials.

Be cognizant of the battery price range. This battery has all the new updated battery technologies, providing you with the best. 


  • Lithium-ion battery,
  • Super lightweight,
  • Correct use of materials,
  • An extra jump-start technology,
  • Eco friendly,
  • Comes with 4 terminal designs.


  • Not for all kinds of Harley.

5. PowerSource Lightning Start Harley FLSTF Fatboy Softail:

By reading the name of it, you can already guess the suitable place for it. Yes, it is made for the famous Harley, Fatboy Softail. With its very impressive terminal, it makes the battery so capable to use. 

It is suitable for high-compression Harley. Without a doubt, the materials made to build this battery provide a smooth flow. The responses are quick and easy. 

Features And Benefits:

Let’s get through the outstanding features with the benefits of it.

Nano Gel Technology: It uses nano gel technology. Nanogel tech helps it to hold water, which is very helpful for any kind of battery. On the other hand, it helps to gradually improve its connectivity so that after long use, it doesn’t get dry.

Starting Power: At most, it is made for the desired starting power it needs. Right after installing the response will be amazing. The voltage supply is quite impressive to fulfill the requirement. 

Higher CCA: With a whopping 500 CCA it can carry out almost all kinds of high-compression motorcycles. 


  • Specifically constructed for Harleys,
  • Safe and secure,
  • Easily adjustable,
  • Creates no extra effort in installing,
  • Lightweight. 


  • Weight management is not good.

6. HDX20L – Harley Davidson, ATV, and UTV Replacement Battery:

ThrottleX has been serving motorcycle batteries for years. HDX20L is just one of them. This specific battery delivers enough output to any highly compressed Harleys. Though it is made for many motorbikes, Harley Davidson is specifically mentioned. 

The patented solid lead female terminal makes it unique through the use of threaded terminal technology. The magnificent heat-sealed cover is heavily optimized. 

Features And Benefits:

The battery’s features match every single output of it. Features are hereunder. 

Updated Cell Composition: Not an average lead-acid technology is seen in this battery. It comes with a newly updated lead-acid battery cell composition.

Consistency: Fits in almost any type of Harley Davidson. You don’t have to care about the sizing. 

Weight Balance: The battery comes with good weight control. So, weight shouldn’t be an issue here. It can easily balance with the motorcycle.

Higher CCA Output: 310 CCA will provide enough power to any kind of high-compression Harley. Don’t need to worry about its duration.

Organized: With the presence of fully charged and maintenance-free technology, the motorcycle start time will look just like a blink of an eye. 


  • Stronger battery,
  • Better CCA,
  • Previously charged technology, Long-lasting,
  • Nano gel technology,
  • Plug-and-play option,
  • Good water management inside.


  • Costs more in general.

7. Chrome Battery Rechargeable YTZ7S Power Sports Battery: 

The YTZ7S chrome battery is just like other sealed batteries available on the market. It is rechargeable with a higher charging capacity. Higher CC motorcycles work fine with this battery. Providing a balanced CCA unit, you can also use it on ATV, UTV, and so on. 

With more power management with keeping the dimensions in line, this battery is highly generated for a quick experience. The user will get no disruptions from it.

Features And Benefits: 

From maintenance-free to high-performance, this battery comes with every beneficial feature. 

Universal Size: YTZ7S Power Sports Battery comes with a universal size solution. This means it has a wide amount of options for a position. It can sit perfectly on any motorbike-like, ATV, UTV, high-compression Harley, and so on. 

AGM Technology: Due to the presence of Absorbed Glass Mat technology, it covers the spill-proofing well. Also, the maintenance is surprisingly low. You can count on this blindly. 

Ready To Install: Plug and play are one of the best features of this chrome battery. It doesn’t require any extra tools or any heavy pieces of equipment, and you can simply place it in without worrying about its charge. 

Recharging Capacity: You don’t have to worry about the charging issue. This battery allows almost 2000 recharging times. That describes how reliable it is. 


  • A good amount of recharging times,
  • Plug-and-play option, Peak performance,
  • AGM technology,
  • Proper supply of voltage,
  • Enough for long use.


  • Difficult to find in many regions.


8. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery:

The Yuasa YUAM320BS battery mostly supplies the right amount of power to Harleys. Along with the specifications, the battery’s construction is done in a systematic way for a high-compression motorcycle. 

Coming with lead-acid battery cell composition, it ensures an accurate sealing of the battery. It will give 18 amps of current every one hour. Also, the acids are made to be absorbed using absorbed glass mat separators.

Features And Benefits:

Very few batteries provide a higher amount of longevity. Thus, you should check its features carefully. 

Water Management: Not a single drop of water is needed. It is built correctly so that it doesn’t require any water throughout its life. 

Superior Cell Composition: The acid used inside it allows the battery to prevent spilling. This feature is important with any kind of high-compression motorcycle. 

Gravity Control: The use of advanced lead-calcium technology makes the best use when it comes to gravity. 


  • No hesitation in adding excess water,
  • Much higher CCA,
  • Good voltage supply,
  • Provides maximum durability.


  • The weight may vary in some motorcycles.

9. ACDelco Gold ATX14LBS 12 Month Warranty Powersports AGM JIS 14L-BS Battery:

ACDelco gold offers high performance with advanced technologies. This battery performs pretty well in starting your motorcycle initially. The ATX14LBS comes with a 1-year warranty. So, using it the user will get a nice service. 

Additionally, it works well in sports conditions stating that it will deliver the essential amount of power to support the full system. Covering up the whole power of the motorcycle, it is a great choice for the high-compression Harley. 

Features And Benefits:

The features that this battery comes with are comparatively better than any other average battery. Let’s find out all of it. 

AGM System: AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology provides an immediate response to the start, which is why your motorcycle will turn on without any hesitation.

Acid Balance: The acid used in this battery is lead acid which is one of the leading materials used in advanced batteries nowadays. 

Properly Boosted: Charging is required when you are going to use it for the first time. This allows the battery to remain free from future problems in maintenance. You just have to put it on a single charge for the first time. 

Top Quality Materials: All the materials applied here are of top quality and it is developed gradually. 


  • Provides a good polarity,
  • Fully maintenance-free,
  • Lead-acid technology,
  • A better start-stop mechanism,
  • Minimizes fuel consumption.


  • Requires a charge in the first place.


By looking at the CCA, you can tell that it is extremely strong for a high-compression Harley. Any high-compression Harley can go smooth with this battery. A much higher included CCA will consider a good amount of power to the engine and this battery will help in keeping power rational.

It will not overpower the engine, the CCA unit is balanced for that. Additionally, it is strong and fast for all its specifications and features. 

Features And Benefits:

Among the service types and dimensions, this one is slightly different. Though it will work just fine with a Harley. Following the features, you will get the full idea. 

Use Of High-Quality Plastic: The use of good quality plastic reduces its weight by providing better efficiency in the weight distribution. The user can verify its place without doing any harm to the battery. 

Excellent Protection: AGM and Lead-acid technology present in this battery unit will benefit you in safety and protection also. 

Wonderful Sizing: The sizing is compatible with most Harley motorcycles. Normal motorcycles having more than average CC is also workable.

Energy Supply: Comes with a whopping 500+ CCA with a much higher power supply. The CCA unit benefits better than any other conventional battery.


  • No extra maintenance is essential,
  • Materials are well advanced,
  • Strong structure,
  • Charged, 
  • Gets you a money-back guarantee.


  • It is heavier than most other batteries,
  • Hard to find in stock.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Battery For High Compression Harley:

What this will do is sure you will know about it and not get caught later. It’s a fact that qualitative research is beneficial for anything that matters to you or makes it your next conversation. It depends on the truth. Be conscious of the issues to consider.

1. Size And Depth:

Every vehicle battery has different sizes and shapes. Each of them is made for different purposes. It varies depending on suitable models and their use. Some updated motorcycles use smaller batteries for more space and better weight distribution.

You need to look at the important factors mentioned here. More on this, check the size of your motorcycle battery. However, you can find it in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Installing the wrong size battery will cause unexpected problems, so be careful with it.

On the other hand, you can also use a smaller battery if that is the only option. What you can do is add some extra stuff to fill in the gaps between them. This will work perfectly.

2. Cold-Cranking Amps:

Cold-Cranking Amps, short for CCA, is a measure of how well a cold engine starts. By now, you know that Harleys are not built for speed or heavy riding, intended for racing or the like. Accordingly, you need to look at the CCA that your motorcycle is capable of.

Motorcycles are not all the same either. You may find similar-looking bikes that are not what you think. Of course, they are made to be ridden. The more CCA, the more powerful the battery. For example, if it’s 300 CCA, that means there are 300 amps in it.

3. Polarity:

If you know well about batteries, then you must know their importance. Although, not only is polarity or batteries, it is really important in any electric-related device. Anywhere, the electron is present, knowing about polarity is a must. 

Now, you might be questioning yourself, what is polarity? Well, in basic terms it is the negative and positive terminals of any electrically flowed device. 

All batteries consist of a negative and positive end. This is also present in the motorcycle batteries too. All batteries don’t have the same polarity range or output. After all, polarity is essential to check. 

4. Voltage:

Voltage is another hugely important factor to consider. As for high-compression Harleys, it is the most significant thing to look at. In simple terms, depending on the pressure, voltage acts. 

To run a high-compressed Harley you need a better voltage supply. Related to that, checking on voltage is indeed a necessity. Another issue to consider is faulty voltage. Faulty voltage can be seen if you are using a really old version of a motorcycle. 

Generally, the old Harleys run at 12V, sometimes less than that. Recently, some bikes need much more to run. High-compression systems need better pressure. The better the pressure it will be, the better it will compress. 

Related Questions

How Much CCA On Battery Does Your High Compression Harley Need?

Well actually regular Harleys can run on 200 CCA but high-compression Harleys need 300+ CCA. If you ride a heavily compressed Harley I would suggest putting in as much CCA as possible. Because the more power you give it, the easier it starts. Don’t overwhelm her either. It may damage some parts. 

First, check the CCA for your vehicle. Next, consider what type of rider you are and what weather conditions you will be driving in. Conditions of weather are a sensitive issue here.

How Long Should A Harley Battery Last?

According to experts, your battery will last much longer than 5 years. On average, people use it for more than 3 years or so. However, if your battery stays good for 3 years or more, you’re good to go. You don’t need to worry about that until it is 5. The batteries that are used are very well built and sufficient to run.

Lithium-Ion, Nano Gel, and AGM batteries last much longer. Besides using a defective damaged battery, you should use a better battery with replacement, it will be expensive but it will be the long-term solution.

When Is The Best Time To Replace A High Compression Harley Battery?

The right time to change any motorcycle battery is between 3.5 to 5 years.

Plus, if your motorcycle struggles to start and you notice the lights dimming in the middle of the road or switches to work properly, you must be concerned about changing its battery. 

A battery can be deformed. Deformed batteries should be replaced immediately. Sometimes, these are the times when you will know that this is the right time to change your battery. 

Final Verdict

The best battery for high-compression Harley depends specifically on you. But among all of them, Antigravity ATX12-HD RE-START Lithium Battery is the best, and MX20L – MOTORCYCLE BATTERY – 500+ CCA is the budget-friendly one. Even though all of them are great to use, these two are more reliable.

Batteries work best when it is handled with care. Also on how you use it and how many years you have had your motorcycle. I hope this article has been a complete guide for you to choose the best battery.

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