Best Motorcycle Helmets In 2023 [A Detailed Review]

Best Motorcycle Helmets

Do you know how deadly motorcycle accidents are? Approximately 27 times more fatal than car accidents. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Getting a good-grade helmet is the only escape from this harrowing fact. Otherwise, accidents can occur anytime, no matter how many safety inspections you follow. 

If you’re wondering which helmet to choose, you have come to the right place. Below, I will be demonstrating some of the best motorcycle helmets for passengers, which will easily make your ride good to go. 

To clarify your concept, I added a buying guide to show you some core things to consider while buying the helmet. Additionally, you’ll be delivered with a detailed Q&A portion as well. 

However, out of all 10 motorcycle helmets, I suggest you go for the VCAN VX Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet. It weighs less, and at the same time, the release buckles are straightforward to use. Also, the VCAN brand has a magnificent legacy of manufacturing helmets.

Let’s get to the core and learn about your needs for further evaluation. Put your full concentration on the piece, so you don’t miss anything important.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger: A Head-to-head Comparison

If you’re running out of time to read the entire article, I suggest you roll your eyes over the table below. Here, I illustrated more or less all the features of the helmets I discussed in this article.

Products NameHelmet TypeMaterial Safety CertificationsProduct Dimension (Inch)Item Weight(lbs)For Price
AHR Motorcycle Dual Visor Modular Flip up Full Face HelmetFull-FaceABS ShellDOT13.8 x 11.1 x 10.83.5Click Here
ILM Dual Visor Full-Face HelmetFull-FaceABS ShellDOT‎14.76 x 11 x 10.85Click Here
Westt Torque Modular Motorcycle HelmetModularPolycarbonate ShellDOT, ECE‎13.7 x 11.42 x 10.984.40Click Here
LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half HelmetHalf HelmetKinetic Polymer AlloyDOT10 x 10 x 143.1 Click Here
1Storm Full-Face Motorcycle HelmetFull-FaceThermoplastic Alloy ShellDOT, Snell14.7 x 10.9 x 10.84.85Click Here
1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle HelmetDual Sport HelmetThermoplastic Alloy ShellDOT16 x 10.3 x 11.85.09Click Here
VCAN VX Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike HelmetFull-FaceThermoplastic MaterialDOT14.2 x 10.9 x 10.44.49Click Here
GLX Unisex Cruiser Motorcycle Half HelmetHalf HelmetAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneDOT12.75 x 9.8 x 84.43Click Here
YEMA YM-926 Moped Modular HelmetModular HelmetAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneDOT14.2 x 10.6 x 10.63.75Click Here
FreedConn DOT Full Face Motorcycle HelmetFull-FacePremium ABS ShellBQB, CL, DOT16 x 10 x 103Click Here

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Passengers: A Detailed Review

In this portion, I will render you some of the best motorcycle helmets to make your journey more secure than ever before. Carefully go through all the products and read all the details thoroughly, so you don’t miss anything important. Let’s proceed: 

1. AHR Motorcycle Dual Visor Modular Flip up Full Face Helmet

The main thing that confuses motorcycle passengers is the size of helmets. Many people don’t find their desired size. The AHR Motorcycle helmet could make your job more straightforward as it has multiple size variations. 

Features With Benefits: 

Integrated Double Visor: Most of the helmets in the market come with one visor. But this helmet contains two. The front visor is rigid and has excellent shock resistance, while the back visor will provide the user with great eye comfort.

Ergonomic Shape And Design: The design of this helmet is perfect all the way to give user’s an ergonomic vibe. In addition, the most up-to-date and sleek aerodynamic designs were used to construct it. I can guarantee that the user could never question its comfort. 

Color: The user can choose the color by themselves as there are nine color variations. All these colors will increase the aesthetic value of the helmets. And not to mention, the weight is also very light to carry in your head. 

Easy To Flip: While pulling up the visor, users won’t face any complexity. The front visor will flip up quickly with a lot less effort. 


  • Made of durable ABS shell; 
  • Double visors provide comfort in both inner and outer ways; 
  • It consists of six air vents; 
  • Could have been flipped the front part very easily; 
  • Has an ample amount of size variations. 


  • The product isn’t compatible with sunglasses.

2. ILM Dual Visor Full-Face Helmet

This could be the most excellent option if you’re wondering about a top-notch full-face helmet. Additionally, it’s way too lightweight and durable enough to save your head from accidents. Because, in the first place, this helmet consists of six color choices you can choose. 

Features with Benefits:

High-Quality Materials: High-quality ABS shells were used to make this helmet. This material provided the helmet with excellent resistance. You don’t have to worry about its quality and strength while riding. 

Easy To Flip: Despite being a full-face helmet, the visors of this helmet quickly flip up and down. In riding, many people feel suffocating when the visors are turned down. However, this weighs a bit much. 

Quick-Release Straps: In most helmets, quick-release buckles are introduced. This is the strap you use while putting the helmet off your head. If this stops operating, you won’t be able to put the helmet off. In this following helmet, the quick-release buckles function very frequently and help you to slip out of the helmet. 

Perfect Ventilation System: The manufacturers have introduced an excellent ventilation system to make this helmet more beneficial. You will not feel any disturbance wearing it. And no matter what, the perfect ventilation will soothe your ride and mind. 


  • It contains two visors: one inner and one outer;
  • There’s an LED attached to the back portion of the helmet;
  • Comes in with DOT certification;
  • The speaker-friendliness has made communication easier;
  • The inner visor is easy to set up. 


  • In times of delivery, minor or significant scratches could occur. 

3. Westt Torque Modular Motorcycle Helmet 

This could be your great companion if you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet to ride on dirt or off-road. And despite being a modular helmet, the size of this helmet is a bit large. Amongst four size variations, you can choose one for yourself very easily. However, only two color choices are available: black and gold. 

Features with Benefits: 

Versatile Usage: This helmet is made for daily-life usage. The outlook is glamorous and will give you a casual vibe whenever you wear it. But you can still omit your sports-riding purposes with it. 

Safety Certifications: To let you know, this holds both the DOT and ECE safety certifications. This implies if you live in the USA or UK, you’ll be able to wear this helmet. It will provide you with the utmost safety. 

Double Visors: There are a total of two visors in this helmet. The outer visor is completely scratchproof, which will eventually make your ride safe, and in terms of the inner visor, it will give your eyes extreme comfort while riding. 

Lightweight: This helmet weighs only 2kg, which is pretty light for a motorcycle helmet. You can easily carry it in your head, and it will feel like nothing. 


  • Quick-release buckles are very high-functioning; 
  • A sound ventilation system provides the user with more comfort;
  • The chin section can be flipped as well;
  • Easy to sync with mobile or Bluetooth devices;
  • Wide range of size variations. 

Cons :

  • The user manual is not included.

4. LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

At the very first glance, you might confuse it with sports helmets. However, this isn’t a sports helmet. Instead, this is a moderate yet superior half-helmet, enough to improve your ride. 

Features With Benefits: 

Anti-allergic Material: The helmet has been constructed with hypoallergenic textile material. This implies that the helmet will never bother your skin, no matter the scenario. 

Perfect Ventilation: A subtle trait of half-helmet is they hold quite a good amount of ventilation. If you look forward to the one we’re discussing, it will provide you with an outstanding amount of ventilation, which will eventually keep the blood circulation of your head going on. 

Lightweight: Kinetic polymer alloy has been used to make this helmet, which is very light in terms of weight. If weight is your main concern, go for it. 

Removable Visor: Only a single visor comes in with this removable helmet. You can remove the visor and continue riding when you don’t need it. 


  • Doesn’t sit too high and comforts the head adequately; 
  • Lightweight material;
  • The visor can be removed;
  • A good ventilation feature is available; 
  • Release buckles are easy to operate. 


  • The size may create inconvenience. To eliminate that, measure your head shape before ordering and ensure you have ordered the correct size.

5. 1Storm Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet 

In terms of full-face helmets, they often weigh way too much, which causes many inconveniences to the user’s neck. However, in this 1Storm Full-Face Helmet, manufacturers have introduced a lightweight thermoplastic alloy shell that won’t let the users feel the weight. 

Features with Benefits

Easy To Sync: You can easily add your mobile or Bluetooth devices with this helmet and listen to whatever you want while riding. This feature is indeed a savior when it comes to receiving phone calls. 

Vent Openings And Switches: There are multiple vent switches in this helmet. The vent openings are easily accessible through buttons. This implies you will not feel anything problematic regarding airflow while on the road. 

Size Variations: No matter your head shape, the helmet will perfectly fit you as it has excellent size variations. Though, it’s recommended to measure the head shape before you order. 

Removable Interior: In addition to comfort, the interior can also be removed from the shell, and you can wash it with care. 


  • Made of durable and lightweight material; 
  • Airflow and ventilation are top-notch; 
  • The Interior is removable and washable; 
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and mobile devices; 
  • Three shield color options are available; 


  • The return cost is prohibitive. 

6. 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Like the previous one, this helmet also comes from the same manufacturer. But the difference is, the previous one didn’t have any sports helmets. But this one is made for omitting sport-riding purposes. To talk more about this, you will get a very soothing UV finish on the shield of this helmet. 

Features With Benefits:

DOT Approved: 

This is the perfect pick for those living in the United States because it contains the DOT safety certification. Since it is DOT-approved, you will not face any trouble while riding.

Made Of Durable Materials: 

A lightweight and durable thermoplastic alloy shell has been used to construct this helmet. Implies it will make your ride more satisfying than ever, and you will hardly feel any burden on your head. Furthermore, the material is way too durable than plastics or other materials. 

Double Visor: 

The inner visor will protect your eyes from sunlight, and the outer visor will impart excellent shock resistance, which every biker desperately needs while riding. 

Removable Interior: 

The whole inner part of this helmet can be removed. After using it a couple of times, you can remove the interior and wash it for good. 


  • A wide range of sizes is available;
  • Quick-release buckles are easy to operate;
  • Advanced aerodynamics were introduced in designing this helmet;
  • Perfect ventilation and airflow;
  • The Interior can be removed for washing. 


  • Manufacturing defects might occur. 

7. VCAN VX Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

The VCAN brand has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets for the past thirty years, and holds a superior legacy. Keeping the legacy going on, the VX is an addition to their bucket list. It weighs nearly 4 lbs and is very comfortable to wear. 

Features with Benefits:

Lightweight: Having extra weight is the main drawback of any full-face motorcycle helmet. However, for this helmet, the weight is very minimal. You will be lucky enough to make yourself good to go with its weight. 

One-Hand Operation: The quick-release buckles used in this helmet are superior and easy to operate. You can use either of your hands to get off the helmet by releasing the buckles.

Removable Inner Padding: For washing purposes, you can remove the interior of this helmet quite easily. The vent switches have also been added to ensure adequate ventilation. 


  • Various color choices; 
  • DOT safety certification;
  • Trusted manufacturer; 
  • Lightweight and easy to use;
  • Two visors are introduced.


  • Parts might fall apart or break after using the helmet for a long time. 

8. GLX Unisex Cruiser Motorcycle Half Helmet

Till now, I have been discussing men’s motorcycle helmets. But this one is a unisex helmet. As it’s a half helmet, the ventilation of it is top-notch. Along with the ventilation, it has an excellent fabrication, ultimately providing the user with utter comfort. 

Features with Benefits:

Integrated Sun Visor: The visor refrains all UV rays from reaching the rider’s eye and comforts both eyes in times of riding. Adjusting the sun visor is less time-consuming and easy. 

3-Position Shield Mechanism: The shield can be placed in three positions per riders’ requirements. This is a plus for any visor. 

Variation Of Sizes: You can choose the size according to your head shape. From small to extra large, GLX will get you covered every time. 

Easy To Sync: This helmet can be synced with your mobile or Bluetooth devices very efficiently. This feature is a savior for keeping a consistent communication system. 


  • Premium finishes have been applied to the interior;
  • Shields are removable;
  • Lightweight and easy to operate;
  • The quick-release buckles respond very frequently;
  • A wide range of sizes is available.


  • Manufacturing defects might occur.

9. YEMA YM-926 Moped Modular Helmet

I will place this helmet number one in terms of minimalism and sleek design. However, this is as comfortable as its minimalistic design. You can use this helmet for your off-road, dirt-riding purposes as well. 

Features with Benefits:

Advanced Noise Reduction: The latest streamlined design has been followed while manufacturing this helmet. This will provide the user with the utmost noise cancellation facility, and help the rider concentrate fully on the road. 

Adjustable Exhaust Vents: A couple of vents are there that are fully adjustable. In times of riding, these vents will make the air-circulation maximum and help the user’s blood circulation keep going. 

Easy To Flip: The sun shields are easy to flip in this helmet. You will hardly notice any significant difficulties while pulling up the shield. 


  • Advanced aerodynamics has been introduced; 
  • Easy to operate; 
  • Washable interior; 
  • Contains DOT safety certification; 
  • Top-notch noise reduction facility. 


  • The helmet sizes could be more explicit.

10. FreedConn DOT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is the last helmet I got on my bucket list. Out of all helmets, this one provides the most user-friendliness in Bluetooth sync. However, if you consider other parameters, this is one of the most worthy helmets you can have as a user. 

Features with Benefits:

Latest Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 3.0 has been aligned in this helmet. If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth helmets, I suggest you consider this. 

Safety Certifications: This helmet exceeds various safety certifications. If you’re riding in the USA, DOT certification is a lifesaver! Other certifications that deserve special mention are BQB, DOT, and CE.

Customer Service: If you face any inconvenience after purchasing the product, you can contact the manufacturer’s helpline anytime, and they will provide you with a solution. This is one of the most excellent perks of going for this helmet. 


  • Comes in with the latest Bluetooth technology.
  • Perfect noise reduction technology;
  • Three sizes are available; 
  • The package comes with a user manual;
  • Consistent customer service is available; 


  • Manufacturing defects might occur. 

10 Things To Look For Before Buying A Motorcycle Helmet For Passenger

By now, you might have already decided which product you will purchase. However, there are some factors to consider while buying the best motorcycle helmet for passengers. Below I mentioned ten essential things you must look at as a user. If a user purchases the helmet without all these things, the result might be horrible.

1. Visibility: 

In two ways, I can define this very term. One is the type of visibility the user will see inside the helmet. And another is the helmet’s visibility that others will see on the road.

According to Max Mayer’s Law, wearing helmets increases visibility. For this, all a user must select the perfect helmet that can reflect a sufficient amount of light. 

Nonetheless, visibility from the user’s perspective is also a significant thing to consider. If you don’t see things clearly inside the helmet, there is no absolute point in buying it.

Before you buckle things up, make sure that the helmet has top-notch visibility, and only after then, make the purchase. 

2. Safety Certifications:

No matter which types of motorcycle helmets are manufactured, they must need a safety certification before heading towards the production floor. If the product isn’t certified, it’s better not to use it. Here are some notable safety certifications. 

  • DOT:

In the US, a motorcycle helmet must need DOT certification before the product gets its marketability. A single helmet cannot be sold in the marketplace without the DOT.

And the buyer, too, never purchases one without certification. Testing inspectors conduct multiple tests before giving the certificate.

  • ECE:

An ECE-standard helmet is as safe as a DOT standard on the safety scale. The difference lies in the location. As in, the DOT is only applicable in the US whether the ECE is only for European regions.

  • SNELL:

After all, if a buyer decides to be more accurate regarding their helmet’s safety, he can surely get his SNELL certifications through some tests. Point to be noted, this certification is not mandatory for the helmets. 

Here goes the punchline. If your desired helmet comes in without these safety certifications, don’t even dare to buy that. That could risk your precious life, indeed.

3. Comfort: 

The last two key things I mentioned upward are way more than mandatory. But here, the following term takes the cup. Just imagine you are wearing a helmet on your head, constantly bothering you. How would you feel? Not at all good. This is why experts advise testing the helmet’s comfort before purchasing it. 

For testing, you don’t have to contact any testing organization like the previous one. All you need to do is wear the helmet and feel everything yourself. If everything seems alright, you’re good to go. 

Nowadays, almost all helmets are ergonomically designed. This provides the user with utter comfort. However, if anything feels wrong, don’t make yourself purchase that and try another one instead. 

4. Head Shapes:

The requirement for helmets varies with the user’s head shape too. Not everyone has the exact condition of the head. It could be identical to an egg, slightly wide on both ends, and so on. Implies, get yourself the helmet that best matches your head shape. It’s totally up to the user. No one can influence this parameter. 

It’s recommended to measure the head shape before purchasing the helmet. A friend of yours can do this job perfectly, but you. Don’t consider the shape of your face while conducting the measurement. Only the shape of the cranium will be on account. And then select the helmet accordingly. 

5. Noise Management: 

In a world full of digitalization and development, noise reduction and pollution are among the finest things a user skips while talking. If the helmet fails to omit unexpected noises, the user will get baffled in riding times. This might seem very silly, but it could be the reason for significant accidents. 

Furthermore, if the noises inside the helmet are not removed, the rider or passenger will experience disturbance while riding. Implies, noise canceling feature must have been activated for good. 

6. Balance and Weight: 

Keeping the balance of helmets is something worthy enough to mention. In times of driving, all the concentration should be on the road, not on balancing the headwear. However, full-face helmets sometimes create disturbance in terms of keeping balance as they weigh much. But for other categories, balancing is relatively easy. 

Not to mention, weight is another thing to talk about. If you choose a bulky helmet, it will surely make your ride outrageous. You can only escape this problem by selecting a lightweight helmet. Take your preferred one and pick it up. Weight it and ensure you can balance the weight or not. If yes, there will be no problem in buying that. 

7. Camera Mount:

Recently, many people have been riding bikes for adventure, and they love to capture their experiences. Social media and video-sharing websites are inflated by the clips of short bikers’ videos and reels, requiring a motorcycle helmet’s camera mount. 

If the helmet consists of a camera mount, you will be able to put your camera up in there and capture videos. And later on, they can upload them to social media and whatnot. So, according to the need, this is one of the essential things for a motorcycle helmet. However, in another sense, this is optional after all. Only users who prefer these types of features will be fruitful.

8. Anti-fog Shield:

Areas with high moisture and a snowy atmosphere are dangerous for bikers. While riding in these areas, fog and snow often cluster on the helmet’s shield and block the rider’s view. In such environments, accidents occur frequently. Shields that are made of anti-fog elements are safe all the way. Others are ripped off. 

Before you purchase, carefully go through and observe this very thing. That is if the shield is made of anti-fog elements or not. If yes, you’re perfect to go. However, if you don’t ride in areas where dogs or snows cluster, you do not have to go through this.

9. Quick Release Buckles:

After getting done with the helmet, the user only wants a speedy release. The quick-release buckle plays a critical role here. If the buckles are not good-graded, you will have to face a lot of trouble relaxing the helmet.

It will bear nothing but a great inconvenience. Make sure to purchase helmets that come in with D-rings quick release. Because these are very straightforward to release, even wearing gloves. 

However, most of the helmets in the market these days contain nylon buckles that are easy to release. This implies you don’t have to get confused while looking for a good-graded one. All you need to do is to get your eyes on the strength of buckles. Because if it somehow breaks, you will not be able to use the helmet anymore.

10. Sun Visors: 

Sun visors are one of the essential things, at least when talking about a motorcycle helmet. First of all, it provides the rider’s eye with utter comfort. The front visor plays a significant role as it reflects light. It could have been flipped up as well. So, you should look forward to it. And the shock resistance of the front visor is worth it all the way. 

In a nutshell, ensure that the sun visor is top-notch and high-quality, and test if it’s flippable. After that, you recommended making the purchase. 

Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets With Explanation

There are different motorcycle helmets based on the head area it covers. Users can select their desired types according to the purpose they want to omit. Riders who ride on different motorcycles or two-wheelers can also choose by their requirements. Here’s to a detailed elaboration of all the types and their explanations.

  • Full Face Helmet: 

No matter which type of bike you use or what purpose you ride, these full-face helmets will provide you with the possible safety. This type of helmet covers the entire portion of the rider’s face and neck. Due to this reason, this is considered the safest type of all.

The full-face helmet comes with a chin bar. In most cases, when any accident occurs, the chin bar bumps into the obstacle and gets affected in the first place. These consist of the ventilation system, which provides comfort to the user. And the visors are of outstanding quality in these helmets.

  • Modular Helmet: 

Modular helmets are similar to full-face helmets. These helmets weigh less than full-face helmets. But the chin bar and visor could have been flipped up in these helmets, which is why modular helmets are also named “Flip-Up” helmets.

  • Open-Face Helmet: 

There are no added visors in open-face helmets. The entire portion of the rider’s face gets exposed when they put on this helmet. Implies this consists of less safety. Riders who ride scooters and minibikes could redeem the usefulness of it.

In my opinion, motorcycle users should not use it as it doesn’t cover the face. 

  • Half Helmet: 

Half helmets only cover the skull and some portion of the head and expose the neck and face. This provides minimal safety to the users. In terms of airflow, these types of helmets are superior and top-notch. Again, heavyweight bikers should not use this helmet because accidents are way too deadly.

  • Off-Road Helmet: 

You can assume something by reading the name of this helmet type. These helmets cover the ¾ area of the head. This is the best choice if you wish to ride away from the road. Though, for highway usage, I wouldn’t recommend this one. 

  • Dual Sport Helmets: 

As the name says, these helmets mainly apply to riders who used to race or ride bikes for sports. As they are made for sports bikes, a very sturdy amount of safety features is present here. You won’t get anything out of it if you’re an off-road biker or just riding a bike for daily purposes. 

Benefits Of Wearing Helmets When Riding

Based on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services research, motorcycle helmets saved nearly 1900 lives in 2017. It depicts how important wearing a helmet is. Even many countries have different types of laws enforced on riders who don’t wear helmets. Here are some of the benefits you will get from wearing a helmet.

  • A helmet will ensure the utmost safety of a user;
  • As it covers the head and neck, even if you encounter accidents, there will be slight chances of head injury;
  • The inner cushioning of the helmet has been designed in a way that it will make your head safe in every situation;
  • The visors provide maximum eye comfort and protect both the eye from UV rays;
  • Helmets adequately take over vehicular control and make the user more careful while riding.

These are the main perks of wearing a helmet while riding. However, looking for the proper inner cushioning while buying helmets is recommended.

Related Questions: 

What Size Helmet Should You Get For Passengers?

It depends on the user, as the head shape varies from user to user most of the time. But, generally, M and XL-size helmets are more prevalent in riders. However, you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

To be safe, I suggest you go for medium size helmets. Because, for majority bases, this size ideally fits in. Lastly, measure your forehead with an inch of tape before choosing the helmet size. This will provide you with a clear idea of which size to choose. 

Is A Helmet Necessary For Riding A Bike?

Helmets are necessary gear when riding a motorcycle. Whether you’re driving a bicycle or a bike, wearing a helmet is nearly mandatory as it provides your head with the utmost safety. In some ways, it could have been called an “insurance of the head” while riding a bike. Not for safety, in most states, there is a law that must wear helmets when riding.

As it’s not detrimental to be on the safe side, helmets are necessary while riding a bike. Especially when driving on highways, wearing a helmet is a must. 

Which Is The Best Helmet For Passengers?

Like the first question, helmet preference also varies from user to user. If you’re wondering about getting helmets for omitting your daily-life ride purposes, getting yourself a full-face helmet is good as it covers most parts of the head and neck. For dirt and off-road riding purposes, it’s recommended to wear off-road helmets.

However, users out there also prefer lightweight helmets. For this, you can go for a half helmet as well. But no matter your choice, the helmet must omit all your needs. 

What Are The Highest Safety-rated Motorcycle Helmets? 

Amongst all the motorcycle helmet types I discussed above, full-face helmets are the most superior and provide high safety to the user. Along with full-face helmets, modular helmets also provide security, but they don’t cover the neck. 

In terms of riding off-road, nothing can beat the safety performance of an off-road helmet. Carefully observe the manufacturer and the pros and cons before getting a helmet. And you’re good to go! 

Should A Motorcycle Helmet Be Tight?

One of the most important things that a user will require is proper ventilation and airflow while wearing the helmet. A motorcycle helmet should not be tight at all. But when the helmet is tight, the proper ventilation will get disrupted and disturb the rider. 

Another major drawback of wearing a tight helmet is it often blocks users’ view as the visor gets shorter as with the helmet size. Also, users might feel suffocated wearing a tight helmet. This is why it’s always discouraged to choose tight helmets.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Helmet Last?

Typically, motorcycle helmets last more or less 5 years from the date of purchase. However, to some extent, this timeline could have been increased with adequate helmet care. 

Some factors are there that increase the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet. For in, if the rider drives recklessly, the helmet won’t last desired time. Otherwise, you may get excellent service from the helmet you will purchase. Here, maintenance is one of the most useful considerations. 

Should Your Chin Touch The Motorcycle Helmet?

In terms of getting adequate fitting, it’s one of the most noticeable things that your chin should never touch the face shield or any part of the helmet. Doing so indicates that the helmet is too small for you.

This implies you can make a quick fitting test when you’re purchasing. Just put on the helmet and carefully observe if your chin touches the helmet or not. This is another way you can find the perfect helmet size for you. No cap! 

Final Verdict: 

I reached the last segment of this article. Until now, I covered some best motorcycle helmets for passengers you can go for and stated the usefulness of wearing motorcycle helmets. 

The YEMA YM-926 Moped Modular Helmet could be the perfect choice for any biker. It consists of a sleek design, minimal shape, and whatnot. 

If you want any more recommendations, go for VCAN VX Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet for the glamorous legacy of its manufacturer. The FreedConn DOT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is known for its magnificent Bluetooth connectivity and customer support facility. 

I hope you will not get confused while choosing the best helmet for yourself and imply all my suggestions correctly. Till then, best of luck.


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