10 Best Motorcycle Security Chains: Make Your Motorcycle Safe

Best Motorcycle Security Chains

Motorcycles are one of the most valuable investments. It is easy for transportation and at the same time does not take much. But the comparatively small size of this vehicle makes it significantly easier for a thief to try and steal it. So, to ensure the safety of your motorcycle, the best equipment is the security chain.

With so many options on the market, how can one choose the best security chain for your motorcycle? Different chains have helpful features, making choosing the one for you even harder.

So, to help you choose, I am here today with the 10 best motorcycle security chains, and you can choose any of them. Some are heavy, and some are lengthy. Moreover, some have a unique sensor, and some have an anti-rust coating.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of reading all these, I will give you two of the best options: the first one is the YOHOOLYO alarm disc lock. This one has a built-in motion sensor and alarm system, which are very hard to find with other chains. Also, its small size makes it easier for you to carry.

Besides these two, other great motorcycle chains have the best features. Read ahead and find out which security chain works best for your motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Security Chain: Brief Comparison At A Glance

A quick analysis of the best motorcycle security chains with distinct features can help find the suitable chain quickly. So, go through the table below to get the finest security chain.

Best Motorcycle Security ChainLock SystemMaterialResistant ToDimension (Inch)Weight(Pound)Price
YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc LockCylindrical PinAluminumWater And Rust3 x 2.8 x 1 inches0.7 PoundsClick Here
ABUS Hardened Steel Square Security Chain for BikesSquare LinksSteelRust And Corrosion13 x 6 x 4 inches19 PoundsClick Here
BIGLUFU Motorcycle Heavy Duty Chain LocksU-LockZincFriction And Erosion10.43 x 4.37 x 4.29 inches11.65 PoundsClick Here
OKG Heavy Duty Hexagonal Chain LockDual LatchBoron-Manganese Complex  Rust47.2 x 4.33 x 0.47 inches10.8 PoundsClick Here
INTEKIN Motorcycle Chain Disc LockU-LockCopperMoisture And Dust9.8 x 6.5 x 3.11 inches7.5 PoundsClick Here
Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc LockRing BoltManganeseRust12 x 10 x 4 inches15 PoundsClick Here
Kryptonite New York Chain & Evolution Disc LockCylindrical And Dual LatchManganeseErosion10.51 x 4.72 x 4.17 inches9 PoundsClick Here
Trimax Combo Set – Super Chain & Disc U-LockU-LockChromiumCorrosion17 x 13 x 13 inches8.9 PoundsClick Here
VULCAN Security Chain and Lock KitSquare LinksZincRust And Corrosion12.68 x 7.05 x 3.74 inches10.06 PoundsClick Here
ONGUARD Beast Chain LockX4 U-Lock And Disc LockTitaniumAbrasion15.7 x 10 x 3 inches4.41 PoundsClick Here

10 Best Motorcycle Security Chains With Their Best Features

An excellent quality security chain is crucial to keep your motorcycle safe. There are lots of options in a market to buy from. But seeing so many chains with many features can be overwhelming. So, to reduce inconvenience, here is a list of the 10 best motorcycle security you can get.

1. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock: Best Within Budget

This security chain has a built-in motion detector and alarm system, making it excellent for extra safety. Compact in size, it can be carried anywhere.

Features With Benefits:

Constructed With Great Material: This motorcycle lock is made from aluminum which means it is well-built and long-lasting. Aluminum is malleable, does not rust, and is water resistant. Moreover, even if there is any corrosion, aluminum can refurnish itself. So, rest assured that your lock will not suffer any threatening damages soon.

Also, since it is hard to break, it will take anyone a long time to damage it, and within that time, the rider can catch the person with ill intent.

Special Lock System: It has a cylindrical pin lock of seven millimeters in length, which makes it possible to rotate this lock at any angle. So, there is no need to get into any unique position to lock, unlock, or do other work with this lock.

High Powered Sound: This YOOHOLYO motorcycle lock can go off at as high as 110db if it senses any alarm meaning it is as loud as a jackhammer. Hence, even if the rider is not standing near it, they can still hear if someone is trying to steal or harm your motorcycle. Furthermore, this sound can scare any perpetrator away.

Great Motion Detector: It can detect any movement near it and alarm people within five seconds. That means the rider can reach your motorcycle fast enough to free and save it from harm.


  • Does not use lots of power, so do not need to go through lots of batteries;
  • Easy to lock and unlock so anyone can use it;
  • Fits with almost all motorcycles;
  • Comes within affordable budget;
  • Fantastic built-in anti-theft technology.


  • The security wire is relatively tiny and flimsy.

2.  ABUS Hardened Steel Square Security Chain for Bikes: Best For Heavy-Duty Motorcycles

This is one of the heaviest motorcycle security chains. Just one look will make a thief run away. With its square-shaped chains, ABUS has created this security chain, one of the highest security systems for any motorcycle.

Features With Benefits:

Strong Square Links: Their motorcycle lock chain is made in a unique rectangular or half-square shape. This quadrangle chain link makes cutting with typical stealing devices almost impossible.

Thick Strong Metal: This ABUS steel motorcycle lock has a 9/16″ thickness and ¾” width, making it a pretty secure lock as it needs massive force to damage.

Being made from steel, the second most robust metal in the world makes this chain-lock extra secure from both thief and environmental damage.

Multi-Purpose Usage: This is a lock made to secure many types of valuable possessions. Its shape and size make it easier to lock anything. This motorcycle chain link can secure bikes, gates, cargo, fences, properties, generators, and four-wheelers, among other things.

High-Quality Cover: ABUS bike locks a premium synthetic nylon cover to cushion the metal of your chain. No matter how roughly someone uses their bike lock, your bike and lock will go through minimal to no scratches. As a result, riders can use it for a long time, making this chain cost-effective.

Best Technology Applied: ABUS makes their bike chain lock using the finest mechanism you can think of. They use quality machinery to create and give their customer the safest and most secure motorcycle chain, which is the case for this one.


  • Looks intimidating, so thieves think twice before touching it;
  • Chain sock dries very quickly;
  • Enormous in size and very thick;
  • Very easy to use by anyone;
  • Less stress due to lack of theft threats.


  • Can be heavy to carry.

3. BIGLUFU Motorcycle Heavy Duty Chain Locks: Best For Securing Multiple Bikes At Once

This is one of the longest motorcycle security chains. Using this chain, you can protect more than one bike. It is also straightforward to use despite its weight.

Features With Benefits:

Withstand High Pressure: This motorcycle security chain is made of the most substantial manganese steel making it almost impossible to destroy. Due to being so thick and robust, it can withstand great force and high pressure.

Friction Proof and Erosion Resistant: BIGLUFU bike chain comes with a sleeve made from  synthetic nylon. This sleeve can get through any wear and tear without damaging much. As a result, your bike and bike security lock do not go through any scratches or damages caused by air or water.

Anti-Theft Chain Lock: The lock of this motorcycle chain is made from one of the highest-grade zinc metals, with foolproof keys and a tubular design. All these features make the lock sturdy and substantial, which makes it quite impossible for a thief to break this system.

Lengthy Chain: Anyone can bind and lock up to four motorcycles using this security chain. This might be your security chain if you are an owner or live in a home with multiple motorcycles.

Multifunctional Security Chain: With a lock system, this chain can lock any vehicle, gates, boxes, fences, or other valuable items. So, people can use this lock and chain to secure a property that can be stolen or broken into.


  • Easy locking and unlocking system;
  • Have a sturdy U-lock system;
  • Thick metal and harder for thieves to cut;
  • Comes with multiple keys.


  • Does not come with an alarm.

4. OKG Heavy Duty Hexagonal Chain Lock: Best For Easy Locking And Unlocking

The hexagonal shape of this OKG chain will give you maximum motorcycle security. This chain is tough to break. No matter how much a thief tries, it will be almost impossible for them to damage.

Features With Benefits:

Small Interior Span: The links of this security chain for a motorcycle do not give a lot of room for a thief to insert their bolt cropper and cut it. So, there is very little chance for your motorcycle or security chain to get stolen.

Three-Stage Heat Treatment: The OKG Heavy Duty motorbike security chain has been made of boron-manganese metal by heating, soaking, and cooling to eliminate any possibility of rust generation. No matter how rough the rider uses this chain, it will last very long with minimal damage.

Anti-Theft Lock And Key: It has a lock with a high-grade metal covering, a dual latching system, and a key with a helpful ergonomic outline. These features have made this chain resistant to cutters, saw, drill, and pulling.

Reduced Load Bearing: Suppose the rider wants to ride somewhere and takes their bike without riding it. In that case, they can easily connect it to their four-wheeler and bring it anywhere with minimal load. An effective twisted locking system increases the flexibility of this chain, so you can tie your motorcycle to anything using this chain.

Velcro Chain Sleeve: The link covers come out and attach easily with a straightforward fastening system. Therefore, users can effortlessly remove the chain cover if they want to show off your security chain.

Moreover, since this sock is made from synthetic material, you can use your security chain in any weather without worrying about your chain suffering from any damage.


  • Can lock both tires of a motorcycle because of the cinch lock system;
  • Able to take tons of force with little harm;
  • Even angle grinding could not cut the links;
  • Locks up very quickly and easily, even with massive size;
  • Theft-deterrent look.


  • The fabric cover gets loose;
  • The lock gets stuck sometimes.

5. INTEKIN Motorcycle Chain Disc Lock: Best For Rust Resistance

This INTEKIN motorcycle chain uses a particular polyvinyl chloride coat to prevent decay. This means the rider can use it for a long time. Moreover, it has multiple applications, as it can be used to lock gates, fences, ladders, boxes, etc.

Beneficial Features: 

Anti-Resistant Lock: Occasionally, keys get stuck inside lock mechanisms and are hard to remove, which wastes a lot of time and may even damage the lock. A cylindrical key with pure-grade copper is provided with this INTEKIN motorbike security chain. Due to the use of the same materials, the key will never get stuck inside the key, and the user can easily lock and unlock them.

Small Inner Width Lock: The lock of this motorcycle security chain is made from high-grade manganese metal that has been treated with heat and has very little space inside. So, no matter how hard the thieves try to cut or destroy the lock with top-quality tools, they will never be able to bring any damage to it.

Poly Vinyl Chloride Cover: This security chain has a U-shaped lock, a PVC coating, and steel carbon material. All these features have made this lock resistant to rust and corrosion caused by moisture and dust.

Vast Utilization: Like many motorcycle security chains, this link can lock gates, fences, ladders, four-wheelers, trailers, all-terrain vehicles, power stations, toolboxes, and many more. As a result, by using this lock, you can secure almost all of your valuable properties.

Nylon Chain Cover: The wrapper used on this motorcycle security chain will always protect your bike and chain from scraping or decay. This shield also protects the chain from all kinds of rough weather.


  • Easy to store;
  • Alarmingly massive size for thieves;
  • Great for locking e-motorbikes;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Comes with three keys.


  • Locking and unlocking can be tricky.

6. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock: Best For Intimidating Thieves

It is one of the thickest motorcycle security chains. The heavy look of this is enough to make a thief avoid this motorcycle. However, due to its weight, you will need an extra sack to carry this chain.

Features with Benefits:

Three-Phase Heating Therapy: Due to the three heating stages and solidified manganese metal, it will be hard for anyone to damage this security chain. This chain is sturdy and long-lasting, so you get your money’s worth.

Twist And Fasten System: It has a chain covering of synthetic nylon material with a Velcro mechanism. In any instance, if it gets wet or dirty due to weather or environmental demand, you can easily remove and clean this sheath.

Furthermore, this shield is made to protect both your motorcycle and security chain from constant grazing.

Ring Bolt Lock: This chain lock uses a disk system to clasp the lock, which provides maximum security to the user as it can be tough to break through this structure.

Reinforced Steel Lever: Kryptonite uses a strong metal bar with an elliptical shape, making it extra secure and sturdy. This feature makes it very difficult for a perpetrator to break this lock and is also patented.

Double Block: This security chain for bikes has a double locking system. As a result, this chain and lock can endure heavy force without damage.

Cylindrical Key and Circular lock: The circular key and disc-shaped lock give the locking system extra strength. Consequently, no matter how much force anyone uses to pull this lock, it will never unlatch.

Lightened Key: Kryptonite provides three keys with the security link for motorcycles, one of which has the lightning feature. This means the key is easily detectable at night, and darkness will not cause veiling.


  • Key rotates smoothly;
  • Perfect for heavy-duty bikes;
  • Stations motorbike without any scope to move;
  • Can secure more than one motorcycle at a time.


  • Can get rusted if it comes into contact with moisture;
  • Sometimes the light does not work due to bad wiring.

7. Kryptonite New York Chain & Evolution Disc Lock: Best For Additional Security

The cylindrical key of this chain will give the user optimum security. The shape of this key and the keyhole ensures that other than the user, nobody can open it.

Features With Benefits: 

Strong Steel Shaft: To make your motorbike extraordinarily secure and the chain and lock sturdy, Kryptonite has implemented a sturdy metal bar with an oval shape. In addition to being patented, this feature makes it incredibly challenging for a criminal to break this lock.

Extremely Strong Material: These motorbike security bonds are made from solid manganese with three phases of heat applied. This implementation makes this chain durable and sturdy.

Nylon Chain Cover: Kryptonite makes the cover of its security chain with the best quality synthetic nylon. As a result, the surface does not readily tear or get damaged and can protect your bike and chain from scraping for a long time.

Cylindrical Lock-Key System: The circular key and disc-shaped lock provide a more muscular locking system. This lock will never unfasten, no matter how much force a thief applies.

Two Deadbolts: This double-locking technique on the bike security chain allows it to withstand tremendous force without damage.

VELCRO System: The chain covering uses a loop and hook system. Hence, you can easily remove and reattach the cover on the chain.


  • Heavyweight that works wonderfully to spoil a thief’s plan;
  • Makes loud noise when handled, so you will know if anyone touched your bike without your knowledge;
  • Perfect for everyday use;
  • Comes with a U lock which is hard to break;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Provides you with peace of mind.


  • The key can get stuck inside the lock;
  • Difficult to lug around.

8. Trimax Combo Set – Super Chain & Disc U-Lock: Best For Combination Locking

This Trimax chain has the feature of a U-lock, which is one of the best locks. Due to its weight and shape, it is tough to even budge this U-lock. So, it will work as a thief deterrent.

Features With Benefits:

Hexagon Formation Links: This Trimax motorcycle security chain has links in a hexagonal form, which has been treated with three heat stages to make it a superior chain. The hexagonal shape and the treatment with triple heat work together to make it strong so that no thief can try and break the chain.

U-shaped Locks: The best and strongest locks for any motorcycle security chain are the U-locks. With its short but intense cable and U-lock, this Trimax security chain is one of the best choices for your bike if you want your motorbike to stand firm.

Multifaceted Application: This security chain is not only for a motorcycle. Users can use it on their trucks, all-terrain vehicles, trailers, gates, fences, ladders, building tools, and many more. Therefore, the rider is getting lots of security from just one chain.

Nylon Cushion: Like many other security chains, this one also comes with a synthetic cover to give padding between your chain and motorcycle. This will prevent any scratching from the constant grazing between them. It will also prevent moisture from locking between your chain and bike.

Anti-Corrosion Material: This security chain for motorcycles by Trimax is made from high-grade chromium, which blocks all kinds of rust and corrosion caused by oxidation. As a result, you can use this chain for a long time without any decaying.


  • Straightforward locking mechanism;
  • Gives the user a sense of security;
  • Similar to a slipknot;
  • Well-built lock;
  • Can chain up to three motorbikes.


  • The lock can stop working if faces blow;
  • Difficult to carry around.

9. VULCAN Security Chain and Lock Kit: Best For High Crime Area

This security chain has a unique square shape, a great feature to keep thieves at bay. The zinc protection layer helps this chain to last for a long time.

Features With Benefits:

Square Link For Extra Strength: VULCAN has given a square shape to its chain links. This shape makes it harder for thieves to cut through because there is no place to grip. Only an acetylene torch can destroy this chain in the absence of keys.

Solid Brass Lock: The lock of this security chain is made from state-of-the-art brass with a unique shape. These characteristics work together to make it impossible for thieves to cut this lock with any standard stealing tools.

Zinc Protection Layer: The chain and lock of this VULCAN product have been electroplated to prevent rusting and corrosion. Hence, anyone can use this beast of a chain for a long time.

Multi-dimensional Utilization: VULCAN security chain is not for motorcycles only. People can use this to protect their houses, gates, fences, cycles, scooters, four-wheel vehicles, trailers, all-terrain vehicles, ladders, power stations, and many more.

Lifetime Guarantee: VULCAN gives a time guarantee on all their security chains. If a thief makes scratches while trying to cut it, they will give a new one. Ultimately, the user gets all their money’s worth.


  • Perfect for high crime areas;
  • Keep the possessions safe;
  • Can withstand tons of force;
  • Keeps rider stress-free;
  • Can chain multiple motorcycles.


  • A bit expensive.

10 .ONGUARD Beast Chain Lock: Best For Heavy-duty Bikes

This is a unique security chain made from titanium. If you want a security chain that is both strong and lightweight, this is the best choice.

Features With Benefits:

X4 U-Lock Chain: One of the best locks for motorcycle chains is the U-lock. It is both sturdy and durable at the same time. It is tough to break for a person without a key.

Titanium Link Chain: Titanium is an excellent material for any security items. They are stronger than steel but weigh much less. A chain link made from titanium is tough to cut open.

Disc Lock: Along with the U-lock system, this chain can also be used as a disc lock. Thieves are less likely to break and steal a motorcycle with a disc lock than any other lock.

Protective Cover: ONGUARD has used a synthetic nylon cover on top of its chain. This works as a cushion between the motorcycle body and the chain body. Thus, there is no scrapping or damage due to rough rides.


  • Perfect for heavy-duty bikes;
  • Can pull heavy vehicles;
  • Simple locking and unlocking mechanism;
  • Comparatively compact size;
  • Works excellent as a thief deterrent.


  • A bit pricey;
  • Strenuous to carry around.

8 Things To Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Security Chain: Buyer’s Guide

You must do more than go to an auto mechanic or retail shop and buy a motorcycle security chain. Before buying anything, people research that and find which one is the best for them. The same is valid for motorcycle security chains. Before someone buys one, they need to consider a few things.

1. Type Of Lock: 

People can find different types of motorcycle security chains in a shop. But if someone does not know the features of the chains, they might buy the wrong one. Because of that, learn about different types of locks and decide which one you need to buy.

Disc Locks: 

Disc locks might be compact in size, but they do not lack any strength at all. Do not ignore them by looking at their dimensions. They can secure your motorcycle in a way that some massive-sized locks cannot. Due to their size, riders can carry disc locks anywhere they want.

However, people should always be careful about where the lock is placed. Most thieves try to break any motorcycle security chain lock using a hammer. As a consequence, try to position it in a hard-reached place on the disc of your motorcycle brake. Or else, the criminals will be able to open your lock with enough effort.

One thing you need to do if you use disc locks is buying one that has an alarm system. This alarm will work in two ways: keep the thieves away and give you a signal as soon as someone tries to break your lock. If you cannot find a disc lock with a built-in alarm system, get one separately and then sit it up with your lock. This way, you will get the best security a disc lock can provide.

Cable Locks: 

Cable locks have many applications. People can use them on motorcycles, bicycles, gates, fences, doors, tool boxes, and many more. They also have the highest flexibility among all the security chains, so the user can move it in any direction and secure their bike.

They are made using very lightweight metal, so you can carry this lock anywhere you need. However, since they are not very thick, you need to take extra security measures to ensure your motorcycle’s safety. Get a shackle or disc lock and attach them to your cable lock. In doing so, you will get the optimum security from cable locks, even with their frailness compared with other locks.

Cable locks are perfect if the operator plans to detour just a short distance since they are easy to carry. They can just put their motorcycle at rest for a short time and secure it using this lock. As it is easy to lock and unlock, it will not take much time.

Shackle Locks Or D Locks: 

D lock is the best if the motorcycle resides in a high crime rate area. These are made of the most intricate metal, so cutting them through or breaking them is almost impossible, bestowing the driver with the highest level of security.

D locks are effortless to lock and unlock. The reason behind this is that they come in varieties of sizes. No matter the motorcycle’s size, one can always find one that best fits your vehicle. Use the D lock that matches the motorcycle’s reference best because that will be the hardest to break.

These locks have a dual locking-up system and can rotate in every direction. So, the operator can unlock or lock the shackle from any position they are sitting in.

However, since they are massive, D locks are hefty to lug around. The mobilize might need a sack to carry it around.

Chain Locks: 

Chain locks are the best locks for your motorcycle security. They do not lack in quality, size, or strength. These locks are made using the strongest and thickest metals and can withstand high pressure. Chain locks’ massive size is enough to keep the thieves at bay.

You need a stationary object or a ground anchor to secure your motorcycle with a chain lock. Attach one side to your bike and the other to an immovable body for optimum security. The lock can be attached to the vehicle’s wheel if you do not find any stationary objects.

But in this case, it is better to tie the lock to the rear wheel than the front wheel. This is because the lock is easier to unlock, and the chain is easier to remove from the back wheel than the front wheel.

But you must remember that since chain locks are made from heavy metal, they are tough to carry. So, keep this lock in a bag and tie the bag to your back seat.

2. Size: 

You must ensure that a motorcycle security chain size is the best for your motorcycle. A thief can easily destroy your security chain and steal your bike if it does not fit your motorbike and is the wrong length or width.

First, find out the measure of your motorcycle, then select the best size security chain. If the chain’s size is 13mm or 20mm when it should be 16 mm, it will be effortless for a thief to cut open the security chain and steal the bike.

So, be mindful and research before buying a security chain for a motorcycle.

3. Shape And Size Of Chain Cross-Section: 

Most of the tools found in the market are made to cut round cross-sections. They cannot cut anything with a quadrangle shape. So, make sure to buy a chain that has rectangular or hexagonal cross-sections.

The bigger your chain’s cross-section is, the more powerful your chain will be. The best size for a cross-section is 8mm to 14mm

4. Material Of The Chain: 

The best material for your motorcycle chain would be steel, manganese, aluminum, and chromium. Not all steel has the same strength. Some are very powerful, and some break from a minimum pressure. There are motorcycle chains made from other materials. But before buying them, it is crucial to get an idea about their strength.

5. Chain Loops: 

Make sure to buy the chain with one long end. This mismatch in the size of the ends makes sure that there is no space between them and that the lock is secured correctly.

6. Chain Sleeve: 

Some motorcycle chains have a sleeve on them, and some don’t. Accordingly, buy the chain that has a protective fabric on it. This cover works as padding to protect your chain and motorcycle from scrapping. They are usually made from synthetic nylon.

7. Budget: 

Budget is the most important thing a rider needs to consider while buying a motorcycle security chain or anything. We always have an amount we can spend on a specific thing, and the same is for motorcycle security chains. The budget could increase by $20 to $25, but not more.

For this reason, find out what the budget is. Then research the best motorcycle security chain one can buy within that amount. If you find one that matches your budget and requirement, check its rating. Check the chain’s Sold Security badge; if the rank is gold, go for that chain.

Reasons Why Motorcycle Security Chain Is Important

If someone owns something valuable, they are supposed to keep it safe. That’s how everything works. But if there are still some uncertainties, maybe I can convince you why a motorcycle security chain is an absolute must.

  • To Save From Thieves: 

Last year, about 52,000 motorcycles were stolen in America. Now imagine how unsafe it is to leave a bike unchained. Hence, you must get a security chain for your motorcycle. Police advise everyone to spend at least 10% to 15% of their motorcycle’s price for safety.

A security chain is one of the best investments for securing motorcycles. Getting a heft chain will prevent thieves from even trying to steal the bike. So, there is no question about the bike getting stolen.

  • Lowers Insurance: 

Nobody wants to spend a massive amount of money on their motorcycle insurance. A motorcycle is already expensive enough as it is. This is why spending a huge amount on insurance will increase the cost tremendously.

One of the best ways to decrease the insurance rate is to take extra measures to secure the motorcycle. Using a security chain for motorcycles will lower the insurance rate proportionally.

  •  Protects Prized Possession: 

A motorcycle is not a cheap thing. People spend their life savings on buying a bike. If somehow it faces any damage, it will cost a lot of money to repair the bike. Now, if it gets stolen, there is no guarantee that people will be able to buy a motorcycle for a second time.

So, using a security chain will not only keep the motorcycle free from most of the damage but also prevent theft.

  • No Hassle For Commute: 

For those who use motorcycles for their daily commute, there will be no way for them to travel if it gets stolen. Sure, some might be able to get a bus, but only some cities have an accommodating public transport system. Thus, it is better to get a functional security chain for motorcycles.

  • To Give You Piece Of Mind: 

I do not need to describe how important peace of mind is. Without it, nobody will ever accomplish anything. If someone has an unsafe valuable item, they will always worry about its safety.

Take reasonable measures to keep your motorcycle safe. You will rest knowing that nobody can steal or damage it.

4 Tips To Use A Motorcycle Security Chain For Optimal Security

Suppose someone wants maximum security for their motorcycle. In that case, they need to know how to use a motorcycle chain in the best possible way. Otherwise, there will be an expenditure of a huge amount of money, but it will all be in vain. To help everyone out, below is a guide on making sure your motorcycle is safest using a motorcycle security chain.

Tip 1: Use The Lock Properly

Always make sure the lock has been clasped properly. Sometimes people are in a hurry and do not adequately rotate their keys inside the lock. Now your bike is not secure anymore. A thief can come and steal your bike.

Insert the key into the lock properly and rotate it smoothly. If the lock gets clasped, you will hear a sound or feel it in your key. But sometimes, people use too much force when using their key with their lock.

This causes the lock to become non-functional. So, always ensure that you are not forcing the key too much.

Tip 2: Keep Your Chain Suspended

If your motorcycle security chain touches the ground, it will be easier for thieves to break it. Make sure that your chain is always hanging. Because suspended chains are much harder to break.

Tip 3: Tie The Chain To The Back Wheel

Never tie your chain on the motorcycle’s front wheel. Front wheels are easier to remove than back wheels. If a thief wants, he will get rid of the front wheel. Therefore, always attach your chain to the rear wheels.

Tip 4: Find The Best Chain And Lock

Always use a motorcycle security chain and lock with a motion detection and alarm system. These two devices will immensely increase the safety and security of your motorcycle.

You can buy them separately if your security chain has no alarm or motion sensor device. Then once you have them in your hand, set them up with your security chain.

Never get a chain that is too big or too small for your motorcycle. Buy the chain that matches and fits with your bike precisely. Because chains larger or smaller than the required amount are always accessible for thieves to break.

Related Questions:

What Type Of Chain Is Best For Security?

Your chain should absolutely fit your motorbike. Otherwise, there is no point in buying it. But there are a few things everyone should abide by when getting their chain. The motorcycle security chain should have a diameter of 16mm or above. Anything less than that is easier for thieves to break.

Make sure the chain has a thick, hefty, and strong lock with a U-lock or D-lock system. These locks are quite unbreakable. Moreover, chains and locks made of steel, manganese, aluminum, chromium, or titanium are a great choice. They are rust and abrasion-resistant, so the chain lasts a long time.

Which Lock Is Best For The Motorcycle?

It depends on your needs. Every lock has its own beneficial feature. Depending on how often and where you use your motorcycle, you can get a cable lock, shackle lock, chain lock, or disc lock.

But to get maximum security, it is better to use a combination of the lock. Like a cable lock with a shackle lock. Or a disc lock with a chain lock. 

What Are The Differences Between A Chain And D Lock?

Both chain locks and D locks have their own key features. There are some differences between them too. D locks are compact in size and lightweight, whereas chain locks are lengthy and quite heavy. Due to the difference in their size, the number of bikes they can secure differs.

A D lock can secure only one bike. The chain lock can protect multiple motorcycles at once. D locks are cheaper than chain locks. This is mainly due to their size, length, and weight differences.

Are O-Ring Chains Better?

This depends on the size and power of the motorcycle. O-ring chains are the best choice if the bike is more prominent and influential. But if the motorcycle is cheaper with less strength, non-O-rings can be used as a more affordable alternative.

In that case, firstly, find out what the size and capacity of the motorcycle are. Then find the best chain within the budget.

How Long Do Motorcycle Chains Last?

This really depends on how the chain is utilized. A motorcycle chain can easily last from 16000 miles to 20000 miles without complications. If the motorcycle does not go through any rough riding, the chain can even last for 25000 miles.

If the motorcycle always goes through rough riding and thieves attack the chain multiple times, then surely it will only last for a short time as the smooth riding one.

How Often Should I Tighten My Motorcycle Chain?

A motorcycle chain needs tightening every 500 to 600 miles. The chain you notify by itself when it requires a chain. It will make a whirring sound when someone starts the motorcycle. At that point, the rider will know they need to tighten the chain.

So, riders need to always be mindful of their mileage. They can face accidents if they have crossed the maximum miles but have not tightened the chain.

Final Suggestion: 

Security chains are one of the best investments for a motorcycle. Without any security, it will undoubtedly get stolen. Therefore, it is high time for everyone to find and get the best motorcycle security chain for their own and their motorcycle’s benefit.

Suppose you want a security chain that is compact and comes with a built-in motion detector and alarm system. In that case, YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock is the best choice for you. It is easy to use, comes with the best security technologies, and is easy to carry around.

For those who want their security chain’s outlook to work as a blocker, their best choice is Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock. This lock is easy to use and provides excellent security.

Its massive thickness and length stop thieves from even attempting to break it. However, due to its weight, you will need an extra pouch to transport it. Now, it is time to decide which security chain is the perfect fit for you.


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