10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Weights [Best Reviews of 2023]

Best Motorcycle Wheel Weights

Is motorcycling your passion? Do you know that for good motorcycle performance, the wheels you use must be appropriate? Why? A good wheel ensures safe and smooth riding and excellent performance.

And for a good wheel, you need good wheel weights. A good wheel weight can help take the motorcycling experience to the next level. Wheel weight is a component used to balance a wheel and tire assembly. It’s one of the most vital components of vehicle wheels.

They are used to manage the wheels’ overall weight distribution to tackle any imbalance. But what kind of wheel weights is ideal for you? In this article, I will describe the ten best motorcycle wheel weights

If you are busy and need more time to read the full article, let’s try a quick solution. I will recommend EZISOE Wheel Weights for its overall performance. It has excellent stability, is easy to use, and is flexible. 

Best Motorcycle Wheel Weights: A Head-to-head Comparison

The right type of wheel weight depends on your type of wheels. Both clip-on and adhesive wheel weights are available in various materials. Still, generally, the common materials used for wheel weights are- Steel or zinc. Different wheel weights come with other features.

Wheel WeightsManufacturerMaterialProduct Dimensions (Inches)Item Weight(Ounces)ColorFor Price
CKAuto Wheel WeightsCKAutoSteel or Lead5.63 x 2.13 x 0.8713.1‎Black or GrayClick Here
ACCRETION Adhesive Wheel Weights‎‎Accretion‎Aluminum ‎8.3 x 1.8 x 0.2‎10.4Black or GrayClick Here
YIZBAP Wheel Weights‎‎Rying‎‎Zinc‎‎7.91 x 3.43 x 1.69 4.64 ‎BlackClick Here
StanceMagic Wheel Weights‎StanceMagicSteel‎‎6 x 3 x 67.2 Black or GrayClick Here
Gallardo Tire Products Wheel Weights‎Gallardo Tire Products‎Steel‎1 x 2 x 1 5.7GrayClick Here
Hornet Tire Wheel Weight‎Veteran Tire and Rubber‎Steel‎‎8 x 2 x 1  ‎‎0.634GrayClick Here
EZISOE Wheel Weights ‎‎EOTHSteel‎‎7.95 x 7.05 x 1.26‎4.44GrayClick Here
Motion Pro Black Steel Wheel Weight‎Motion Pro‎Motion ProSteel9.5 x 4.75 x 0.5‎15.1‎BlackClick Here
Pit Posse Wheel WeightPit PosseAluminum‎16 x 13 x 31.316Black Click Here
Aain Wheel WeightsAainSteel‎6.3 x 5 x 1.7 8.8GrayClick Here

10 Best Motorcycle Wheel Weights: Details Review

Wheel Weight is used to balance a wheel and tire assembly. It is used to manage your wheels’ overall weight distribution to tackle any imbalance. Now you may wonder what type of weights you should buy for motorcycles. Don’t worry. Here are some of the best consequences you can buy for precious motorcycles. 

1. CKAuto Wheel Weights: Best For Anti-Corrosion

Balancing a vehicle’s wheels is crucial for maintaining its safety and functionality. Incorrectly balanced wheels can result in vibration, poor handling, and premature tire wear. To keep wheels balanced, you must use wheel weights. CKAuto Adhesive Stick-on Wheel Weights have excellent features for keeping the wheel balanced.

Features With Benefits:

Quality Materials: 

auto wheel weight is manufactured with high-quality products. It comes with suitable materials which are lead-free and accepted in every state in the USA.

US White Tape: 

The four-season tape in the United States has a significant paper backing designed for superficial peeling.


The weights have a surface layer that has been electro-galvanized for the best corrosion resistance. They have premium materials and exacting tolerance requirements, which assures accuracy. 

First of all, in the outer surface of the wheel weights, manufacturers use electro-galvanization. After that, they apply a multilayered and Omni-dimension plastic spraying method.


  • Sticks very well;
  • Looks much better on wheels;
  • Easy to use;
  • Have adequate adhesion.


  • Poor adhesive.

2. ACCRETION Adhesive Wheel Weights: Best For Versatility 

ACCRETION brings the best gray wheel weights for your automobiles. This wheel weight comes with strong and double-sided tape. It is a must-buy for customers who want the best wheel weights at a reasonably low price.

Features With Benefits:

Comes With Boxes: 

ACCRETION Wheel Weight comes with strong USA-made white double-sided tape. The gray Weight weighs 5.6 lbs, and is available in a beautiful gray box with 180 pcs. The package contains 30 strips of weights and has 180 segments, each containing 6 components. Each piece weighs ½ oz. 

Gray Plastic Powder Coating

The surface of the weight is wholly treated with a gray plastic powder coating. Furthermore, the product is made to prevent rust and corrosion and provide a smooth application for automobiles.


The wheel weight is exceptionally suitable for all types of automobiles—ideal for different vehicles. People can also use it in hobbies and crafts. Please check compatibility and model number before purchasing.


ACCRETION Wheel Weight is designed to withstand any weather conditions. The robust and comprehensive tape holds any weight securely and won’t come out even in extreme conditions.


  • Great for pinewood derby cars;
  • Excellent for multi-purpose;
  • Easy to Use;
  • Low Profile.


  • Doesn’t stick to aluminum wheels;
  • Not suitable for dirt bikes. 

3. YIZBAP Wheel Weights: Best For Adding Or Removing Weights 

For adding or subtracting weights from your wheels for new tires or updating the current ones, YIZBAP Wheel Weights will be a perfect choice. YIZBAP wheel weights are budget-friendly. This fantastic product is a must-buy for customers looking to improve automobile performance.

Features With Benefits:

Galvanized Layer: 

YIZBAP Wheel Weights are manufactured with the best quality steel, a solid black adhesive tape backing, and yellow paper. It is perfect for automobile wheels. The weight is treated with a galvanized layer to resist corrosion and rust, improve automobile performance, and be tested to meet quality standards.

Suitable For Any Weather Conditions: 

The product is carefully designed to withstand any weather conditions. Adhesive holds weight securely and won’t come off in extreme conditions. Designed segments allow for more effortless contouring of the wheel shape when installed. 


YIZBAP Wheel Weights are designed to be lead-free to meet environmental safety concerns. It meets the required criteria of protection laws in 50 US states.


  • Durable;
  • Excellent Adhesion;
  • Reasonable;
  • Easy to Use.


  • A bit sticky.

4. StanceMagic Wheel Weights: Best For Compatibility

StanceMagic brings you the best wheel weights for your precious automobiles in terms of compatibility. This spectacular product by StanceMagic is, no doubt, a great choice for customers looking for multiple features. 

Features With Benefits:

Splendid Specifications: 

StanceMagic Wheel Weight comes with ¼ oz. Stick on black adhesive tape. The weight weighs 12 oz., is available in 48 pcs, and comes with a beautiful packet. Each packet contains 8 segments per strip and 6 strips per box. Don’t forget to measure the wheel width and diameter before purchasing.

Excellent Compatibility: 

The Wheel Weight is exceptionally suitable for different types of automobiles. Helpful in balancing the wheels of cars, trucks, and SUVs. It fits perfectly with some ATVs and UTVs. 

Zinc-plated Steel: 

StanceMagic Wheel Weights are manufactured with the best quality zinc-plated Steel to improve automobile performance. In addition, the product has been carefully designed to prevent corrosion and rust and provide a smooth application.


The weight is solid yet flexible enough to contour any wheel shape and size. Users can easily manage this product under any conditions. You do not need to face much hassle while working on it.


  • Excellent for multi-purpose;
  • Smooth;
  • Long Lasting;
  • Low Profile.  


  • Not budget-friendly;
  • Weak adhesive tape.

5. Gallardo Tire Products Wheel Weights: Best For Long Lasting

Gallardo Tire Products wheel weights will be a perfect choice if you are looking for long-lasting wheel weights. This fantastic product by Gallardo is user-friendly and smooth to operate.

Features With Benefits:

OEM Quality Standards: 

The wheel weight has been manufactured with the best Steel and meets the OEM quality standards. In addition to improving automobile performance, providing good grip and traction, saving fuel, and prolonging tire life, the product has been designed to be non-toxic and anti-corrosive. 

Long Lasting: 

Various materials manufacture these wheel weights, making them durable and accurate. Because of this, the weights are both long-lasting and eco-friendly. A multilayer plastic spraying process is applied to the surface layer to prevent corrosion before first electroplating it to help prevent decay. 


A higher level of performance leads to an improved level of safety. Maintaining Gallardo Tire Products wheel weights properly will reduce your chances of experiencing problems while riding. 


  • Easy to use;
  • Durable;
  • Great for adjusting musical instruments;
  • Excellent grip. 


  • Detaches from the automobile. 

6. Hornet Tire Wheel Weight: Best For User-friendly

Hornet Tire Wheel Weight comes with ¼ oz. It is available in a 48-pcs packet containing 4 strips of 12 Weights. Each ¼ oz. Weighs 0.75 X 0.50 inches. 

Features With Benefits:


Riders can save a lot of money with this product since they won’t have to go to the shop to have their wheels examined or balanced as often. It’s user-friendly, and plenty of tutorials are accessible online to assist newcomers in getting started.


Reliability and durability are closely related. Because it is robust and durable, Hornet wheel weights will last a long time. Hornet Tire Wheel Weights are manufactured with the best quality Zinc and come with a solid adhesive. The importance is coated with gray powder to prevent corrosion and rust. 

Easy To Maintain: 

Riders who frequently travel on bad roads will find this product very helpful. They will only have to drive to the nearest repair to maintain their wheels and balance for its feature.


  • Easy to install;
  • Perfect for re-balancing musical instruments;
  • Fairly cheap;
  • Great for N-scale freight and passenger cars.


  • Sometimes stick to the surface;
  • The adhesive dries in a short time.

7. EZISOE Wheel Weights: Best For Stability

The EZISOE Adhesive Wheel Weight is ideal if you’re searching for a weight to keep your car in good running order. This excellent wheel weight is going to make the user’s journey smooth. 

Features With Benefits:


When attached, a wheel’s shape can be easily traced with the help of an assortment of stick-on wheel weights with a gray polymer powder coating for the best rust resistance.

Enhances Stability: 

Using EZISOE wheel weights can help to enhance stability, especially when cycling on downhill mountain bike trails. This is because the extra weight helps to counterbalance the bike and rider, making it less likely to tip over.

Makes Driving Easy: 

EZISOE wheel weights are a popular way to make driving easier, particularly downhill mountain biking and cycling. They are designed to help keep your wheels from slipping and provide extra traction. Many people find that they make driving on slippery surfaces much easier.


  • Easy to peel;
  • Durable zinc coating;
  • Flexible;
  • Lead-free.


  • Not quite big;
  • May contain white adhesive. 

8. Motion Pro Black Steel Wheel Weight: Best For Enhancing Handles

Motion Pro Black Steel Wheel Weight is a perfect choice for those looking for a small, lightweight, and well-balanced wheel balanced. This product is reasonable and handy for every type of customer. 

Features With Benefits:

Enhances Handling: 

Users can improve handling with the Motion Pro Black Steel wheel weights, which provide additional mass around the diameter of the wheel. This extra weight contributes to the wheel’s already impressive level of stability & helps in preventing it from wobbling.

Helps Extend the Life of Tires: 

Increasing the weight of the wheels helps to disperse the force generated by the impact of terrain, reducing the amount of tire wear.


The solid material of this product makes it durable and long-lasting. 


  • Great balance;
  • Lightweight;
  • Nice adjustment;
  • Easy to use.


  • Not sticky.

9. Pit Posse Professional Wheel Weights: Best For Traction

Pit Posse Professional wheel weights force the wheels into the ground. It allows the tires’ treads to better grip the surface underneath you, whether dirt, grass, gravel, or something else. 

Features With Benefits:

Additional Traction: 

The primary advantage that Pit Posse Professional wheel weights provide to the vehicle is the enhancement of the vehicle’s traction. A car needs to have a good amount of traction. This will help you maintain control of the vehicle. Gaining a better grip helps one travel quicker and reduces the risk of the tires spinning out. 

Lower Center Of Gravity: 

Additionally, Pit Posse wheel weights add mass to the vehicle’s undercarriage, which helps to bring down the vehicle’s center of gravity. When riding a bike, this can assist one to feel both safer and more at ease with the experience.

It is highly improbable that such an occurrence occurs if a set of wheel weights is used to bring down the vehicle’s center of gravity.

Weight Quantity: 

When looking for a wheel’s weight, it is essential to consider its total weight. Mountain bikes can have their prices affected by factors such as the wheel weight itself.

Heavier wheels are more difficult to steer and manage when traveling over rough places. Pit Posse wheel weights are well-balanced and easy to control. 


  • Versatile;
  • Quality Materials;
  • Excellent Design;
  • Reasonable.


  • Not durable.

10. Aain Wheel Weights: Best For Excellent Balance

Again wheel weights have robust construction and, in most cases, cover the valve stems, shielding them from the effects of an occurrence of this kind. There are some other attractive features as follows. 

Features With Benefits:

Excellent Balance: 

Wheels tend to lose their equilibrium over time, which is why having them balanced regularly is essential. Several factors can contribute to uneven tire wear, including the bike’s weight distribution, road conditions, and tread wear.

This can then lead to more uneven tread wear. Again wheel weights give excellent balance to make the journey smooth. 

Protection For The Valve Stems: 

Again Wheel weights are a good investment if you own a vehicle with the tire valve stems on the outer area of the tires since this will protect them from becoming damaged. 


In addition to being durable and rust-resistant, this material is flexible enough to conform to the wheel’s shape when installed, ensuring a good fit.


  • Super-strength adhesive;
  • Long-lasting balance;
  • Quality Materials.


  • The box needs to be better.

7 Things To Consider Before Buying Wheel Weights: Buyer’s Guide

Without wheel weights, your wheels will be out of balance, and your vehicle will become unstable at high speeds. Good vehicles use higher-performance tires, so you need a wheel that provides good grip, traction, and handling. But before buying wheel weights, you need to keep some factors in mind as follows:

1. Features: 

When picking a product, it is necessary to consider its features carefully, particularly if you have certain requirements. For instance, flexible, long-lasting, well-sticking, quality materials, anti-corrosion, etc., indicate a wheel weight to be good. 

Verify that all of its vital features are operating well. Be sure that all of its characteristics meet your requirements to avoid being let down in the future. Otherwise, you run the danger of wasting money on functionalities that you don’t require. 

Before going out and buying a wheel weight, ensure you have a good understanding of the features and specifications that are essential to you. The greater the number of features your acquisition possesses, the more the buying price will be [1].

2. Product Quality: 

The quality of the product is a key factor to consider before making any purchase. This is because the quality of the product will influence how long the product will last and the fact of a reasonable return on your investment. A wheel weight of poor quality might fail after a few months of service. 

For it to be useful to you over many years, it has to be durable and dependable. Find out whether the product has any problems, and see if experts or other consumers have given it poor ratings. If you are hesitant, read any customer reviews posted online, or you can talk to some of your friends who have used these items already.

3. Durability: 

When looking for a wheel weight, durability needs to be one of your primary concerns. As a consequence, look for products that will provide a satisfactory return on your investment. Save your money on something other than a product that won’t succeed easily and will only leave you feeling sorry for yourself.

4. Brand: 

Another factor to consider when choosing a wheel weight is the brand’s reputation for supplying high-quality items at reasonable pricing. Most of the time, a quality brand gives quality service.

But, sometimes, an underrated brand can prove an excellent service too. So, choose a brand wisely. Read specifications and customer reviews. 

5. Warranty: 

Find a brand that provides a minimum of a one-year warranty on all its products. Make sure you can get any damage repaired or replaced without paying additional fees.

Take into consideration purchasing one that comes with an extended warranty. It will provide you peace of mind if there is an issue because you know that it can be fixed for free or at a reduced cost, no matter what.

6. Price: 

Ensure its price is appropriate to avoid overspending on the wheel weight. Research properly which manufacturer will give you the maximum output with minimum cost. Sometimes expensive items can not work in the long run. 

7. Customer Review: 

Before using a product, it is difficult to determine the product’s quality. For that reason, analyzing customer reviews is a great idea. You can easily know everything about the product quality, service, and how long it lasts.  

Purposes Of Using Motorcycle Wheel Weights

In most cases, the weight of a vehicle’s wheels adds to its total weight. It will be more challenging for bigger vehicles to accelerate quickly and to slow down when necessary. Imbalanced wheels cause disorientation, trembling, and a decrease in mileage. Now, I tell you the purposes of using motorcycle wheel weights.

  • Balancing The Wheel: 

When balancing wheels and tires, wheel weight is important. It is made from pliable metals like Steel and zinc with polymer coatings. Furthermore, the tire has wheel weights to balance its aggregate imbalance. Employing wheel weights makes it possible to address any imbalance by balancing the overall weight distribution of the wheels.

When wheels are correctly balanced, centrifugal forces acting on the center of the vehicle’s axle can contain. However, even with modern manufacturing techniques, weight imbalances are challenging to prevent. 

When you drive more, weight imbalances cause bouncing, shaking, and other issues. Indeed, balanced tires increase overall safety and comfort while preserving tire life and saving fuel.

  • Changing The Wheel’s Density: 

The amount of resistance required for anything to change density is known as rotational inertia. For wheels, a motor wheel with higher rotational inertia requires more force to begin rotating than a wheel with lower rotational inertia. Also, the weight of the wheel has a direct impact on rotational inertia. However, it’s more complex than saying slower automobile = heavier wheel.

The way wheel weight is distributed during wheel manufacturing can have a significant impact on rotational inertia. Weight centered closer to the hub has a significantly lower rotational inertia than weight centered on the rim or lip.

Besides, a wheel weight can distribute the mass to make an impact over the velocity of the vehicle’s wheels. For this reason, wheel weights can help to change the wheel’s density [2].

  • Boost The Vehicle’s Speed: 

Though bigger vehicles require more effort to accelerate and decelerate, reducing wheel weight also implies reducing the car’s unsprung weight. The complete consequence of that alteration is complicated by physics, but in the end, it makes it simpler for the suspension to function properly.

A car with lighter wheels, especially one designed for bends, will have better handling in speed when the driver is in the driver’s seat. In tests, drivers who reduced their wheel weight by 12 pounds observed significant gains in their lap times.

  • Reducing The Fuel Consumption: 

Wheel weight is a rotating mass; thus, how it affects fuel economy needs to be clarified. If you frequently drive in cities and make a lot of stops and starts each day, reducing the weight of the wheels can improve the gas mileage. Every time it stops or slows down while driving, expend all that extra energy to restart the vehicle.

On the other hand, if the vehicle mostly drives on highways, it won’t likely notice a difference. Once heavy wheels are moving, maintaining them at highway speeds requires far less effort from your car. Reducing the weight of the wheels can be a great first step if the driver wants to boost performance or gas mileage.

  • Providing An Easy Control: 

Inertia plays a significant role in getting something to stop and trying to make something move. It brings a full round to the equation’s “changing velocity” component. Also, a negative shift in velocity shows results when slamming on the brakes.

Related Questions

Are All Wheel Weights The Same?

All the wheel weights are different in weight. If the tires and tubes are the same size and brand, they will have around the same weight. Otherwise, all the wheels always weigh differently.

The front and back parts of the wheels are different in size and other measurements. It naturally means that they also weigh differently. Furthermore, some racing cars and speedy vehicles contain 14′′/350 mm wide rear tires and 4′′/100 mm wide front tires. These vehicles are mainly front-wheeled. 

What Are The Most Common Wheel Weights?

Lead, Steel, or zinc are the most common wheel weights nowadays. These wheel weights come in sticky or clip-on varieties. Besides, state requirements, environmental considerations, material costs, and product fitting allow these wheel weights to use in most vehicles.

Since lead is more pliable and denser than zinc and Steel, it has been used to make wheel weights for many years. Zinc wheel weights are cast, just like lead wheel weights. It gives the wheel a more sculpted appearance. Besides, steel wheel weights are also evolving into a health and safety industry standard.

What Percent Of Wheel Weights Are Lead?

Lead wheel weights typically comprise a 95 percent lead and a 5% antimony (another metal) alloy. About 80% of automobiles and trucks include wheel weights to balance the wheels. Since the 1930s, manufacturers have been using lead to create wheel weights. Lead wheel balance weights are one of the main lead sources. 

Furthermore, many cars and trucks on the road today employ these weights. They often tumble off tires. Moreover, this lead percentage is validating according to most vehicles due to state restrictions, environmental concerns, material prices, and product fitment.

Can You Use Hammer On Weights On Aluminum Wheels?

For aluminum wheel balancing, don’t use a hammer. It causes rust and harms the rim. You can use a stick in this situation. Ideally, the wheel’s extreme inside and outside corners are the best places to mount the sensor. However, a hammer can damage the rotation permanently.

The side-to-side wobble of a rolling tire can counter the weights for applying a “couple force”. Because the weight must remain behind the spokes, you have lost the outside and another two to three inches. For this reason, using a hammer on aluminum wheels isn’t safe for the tires.

What Are the Differences Between Lead And Zinc Weights?

The materials used to make the zinc and lead wheel weights differ the most. The two materials are very unlike one another. Additionally, the lead ones will have the sign Pb on them, while the zinc weights will have the symbol Zn. These symbols are visible above the surface of importance.

These two wheel weights have vastly different densities. Lead has a thickness of 11.34 g/cm, and zinc has a density of 7.14 g/cm. Sometimes the density of the material is used in place of the chemical symbol in the weights. Additionally, you can see a significant change in the hue of their bodies.

Can You Put Wheel Weights On The Inside?

The wheel can be balanced by technicians using two sticky weights, clip-on weights, or both. A clip-on weight can attach to the inside flange without using adhesive. However, an adhesive weight is the sole option for the outer plane. Unless your car has directional tires inside and outside, generally, it doesn’t matter. 

The appropriate weight will be established when the wheel surface becomes well-cleaned. Besides, the wheel-weight strip’s backing needs to be removed this time. And finally, the weight should remain in the middle of the imbalance point. To ensure secure contact with the rim, apply pressure.


Best motorcycle wheel weights help maintain performance for a long time. It also helps to keep less fuel usage. Many weight options are available, but the best wheel weights will help improve vehicle performance and save money in the long run. 

However, If you ask me for my final recommendation, I will suggest EZISOE Wheel Weights for its unique specifications. But, if you prefer to avoid many hassles and looking for something easy to use, go for Hornet Tire Wheel Weight. For versatility, do not think twice about buying ACCRETION Adhesive Wheel Weights

I hope you get some crucial information from this article. Now, you know everything about wheel weights. It’s time to find the suitable one for you and enjoy the ride!


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