10 Best Motorcycle Windshield Extension Review And Useful Guide

Best Motorcycle Windshield Extension

Do you feel tired or uncomfortable while going for a long ride or even on the city road? The reasons behind this experience are wind pressure, a sudden splash of heavy wind, tiny insects, dirt, and pebbles.

Almost every motorbike has a windshield, but riders prefer to extend their extension. The riders often feel pain in their neck, shoulder, and head. A windshield extension can solve such physical problems.

In the market, people can get different types of windshield extensions. They come in various sizes and designs. However, sometimes these varieties will make customers confused.

In today’s article, I am going to provide a list of the top 10 best windshield extension reviews, including price, size, height, and compatibility. You need to fix an extension over the existing motorbike windshield to enjoy hassle-free and wound-free riding.

Before buying any extension, you must have basic knowledge about extensions. Otherwise, you will buy the extension which is not suitable for your existing windshield.

In this article, I am going to share mindful research on choosing and selecting the best option for windshield extensions. I will also describe the benefits, affordability, pros, and cons.

However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the full article, you should select the Mottoparty Motorcycle Windshield Extension. It is suitable for any bike. Even if you are a café-racer, this extension will give you a more enjoyable journey.

10 Best Windshield Extensions: A Head-to-Head Comparison

A head-to-head comparison gives you an idea of each product with specific features. It will provide a quick review of these 10 best windshield extensions. Below, I will discuss each item in detail after this brief comparison.

Windshield ExtensionsColorDimensionsInstallation TypeWeightPrice
Mottoparty Motorcycle Windshield ExtensionTransparent/ Smoke1-  365mm 2- 285mmMulti-angle Adjustment, Folding & locking13.4 ounceCheck here
Justech Motorcycle WindshieldTransparent/ Clear11.85х5.47х2.05 inchesAdjustment protection14.4 ounceCheck here
DUILIU Motorcycle Windshield ExtensionClear/ Smoke1- 370mm, 2- 290mmAdjustment universal13.4 ounceCheck here
HOZAN Clear Lens Extension White27х13CM Adjustment universal12.8 ouncesCheck here
Gold fire Motorcycle Windshield ExtensionClear, Smoke1- 275mmAdjustment universal13.4 ounceCheck here
LANQIAN Motorcycle Adjustable Windshield ExtensionTransparent/Black/Brown1-295mm, 2-368mmAdjustment universal14.1 ounceCheck here
EVGATSAUTO Motorcycle Windshield ExtensionPopular Gray85mmAdjustment universal11.3 ounceCheck here
Coolsheep Motorcycle Adjustable Windshield ExtensionTransparent210mmMulti-angle Adjustment, Folding mechanism14.4Check here
HTTMT WCO- Adjustable Clip-on Windshield ExtensionGray/Ash/Tint275mmAdjustment universal15.9 ounceCheck here
HONGK HKMOTO- Adjustable Clip-on Windshield ExtensionTint275mmAdjustment universal Check here

10 Best Motorcycle Windshield Extensions: Review And Comparison

Below, I will discuss the major details of the best windshield extensions. These factors are price, durability, fittings, functionality, and level of protection. Moreover, I have researched genuine feedback from the users.

1. Motoparty Motorcycle Windshield Extension: Best For All Types Of Motorbikes

Are you searching for an extension suitable for types of bikes with full protection coverage? Then Motoparty windshield extension is the best option. With all research and reviews collected from users, the highest thumbs-up votes have been given to this extension. 

Features With Benefits:

Adjustable State:

This can be fitted with an up-down vertical range and easily adjusted with different height angles. Also, it can be easily removable and adjustable.

Upgraded Locking Mechanism:

It comes with one more pair of locking screws. For a long but smooth drive, users can replace the locking screw.

Noise Cancelation:

Full protection from wind speed and noise. Helmet buffeting is also reduced. It allows the biker to concentrate on the road without any disturbance. 

Value Of Money:

This is the best windshield extension anybody can get at this price. This extension will provide a stylish look and proper protection within a limited amount of money. 


  • Long-term use;
  • Hassle-free installation;
  • Stable and long-term easy use;
  • Noise and trembling-free helmet use;
  • Can be installed on any bike with a windscreen;
  • Affordable for everybody.


  • Few people find the installation a little bit confusing;
  • Plastic material might be a weak point.

2. Justech Universal Motorcycle Windshield: Best For Clear Vision

For the second position, I recommend Justech Universal Motorcycle Windshield. It will protect you from heavy wind and sand. This extension comes with a smoke color, gives the experience of a sound-free journey, and is best suitable for Kawasaki BMW Triumph.

Features With Benefits:

Distracting Wind: 

It is specially built to provide the bikers with the feeling of safety from heavy wind and unexpected sand.

High-Definition Transparency:  

Provides a clear and transparent vision. Bikers don’t need to pressure their eyes to see beyond this extension.

Long Durability: 

One of the best cost-effective extensions. It is super durable and needs a little maintenance. 


  • Suitable and safe for heavy wind atmosphere;
  • No risk of bending or flexing at high speed;
  • Effective in reducing noise and for helmet buffeting;
  • More sturdy and inexpensive than other fancy branded products;
  • Protecting the chest from getting cold wind attacks;
  • Comes with 18 Months Warranty. 


  • For some bikes, it might be a little bit heavy;
  • Clumsy for the tall windscreen.

3. DUILU Motorcycle Windshield Extension: Best Quality-Full Material

Are you fond of long tours? Then this windshield extension is your friend. Especially protects your chest from the heavy wind on the highway. Another significant feature of this, it is suitable for almost all kinds of motorcycles.

Features With Benefits:


While on a long journey, this extension will improve your journey experience. Keeping your helmet in the right place will make you less exhausted.

No Risk Of Any Injury: 

While leaving the road, the spoiler mechanism makes it super easy to remove the spoiler, and the clearance does not cause any risk of injury to the area.

Find No Hassle In Setting It Up

The hardware is completely adjustable for installation. According to the vehicle, the consumer can select any size or color to fit in their motorcycle. 


  • Can be fixed installation within a few minutes;
  • Great quality and durability at a budget-friendly price;
  • Instantly lessen the buffering of the helmet;
  • Materials and hardware are well manufactured;
  • Can watch the side mirrors without any distraction caused by the wind;
  • On the highway with a high-speed helmet stays in place and quiet.


  • Instruction within the product might not be helpful.

4. HOZAN Clear Lens Adjustable Universal Motorcycle Extension Windshield: Best For Small Motorcycles

I will put the HOZAN Clear Lens Adjustable Universal Windshield extension in the fourth position. It’s slightly pricy compared to others on the list. In heavy rain, people like the extension. Hozan motorcycle extension windshield ensures rain won’t hurt the biker’s vision.

Features With Benefits:

Adjustable In Small Bikes: 

This extension is suitable especially for small bikes. Need not break or bend the existing windshield.

Useful In Different Weather: 

No matter whether the weather is sunny, cloudy, windy, or rainy. Bikers can enjoy their journey with this extension.

Stainless Steel Built Clip: 

Unlike other extensions, this one comes with a stainless steel maintenance clip, which is more durable than plastic.


  • Fits any bike effortlessly;
  • Comes in two colors and sizes;
  • Stainless steel gives long-lasting durability;
  • People with long torsos find it comfortable;
  • Pitch can be adjusted;
  • Noise-free riding on highways or in the city area. 


  • Sometimes the spoiler can create more vibration in heavy wind and speed.  

5. Gold fire Universal Motorcycle Windshield Extension: Best For Tall Rider

The Gold fire Universal Motorcycle Windshield Extension would be your best choice if you prefer a low-price extension. People who occasionally use an extension while driving on a highway can purchase this extension. 

Features With Benefits:

High-Quality Material

Built with high-quality acrylic material. Perfectly shining improved quality CNC Aluminum. No risk of scratch. 

Flexible Fittings

It is universally adjusted with any existing windshield. Do not require any drilling or bending of the extension. 

Sturdy And Clear

Most bikers appreciate its thickness and clear look. It is a see-through extension that provides no dopey vision.

Suitable For Tall People

This extension will be an assistant for those who are tall. Its larger shape allows them to enjoy the ride.

Get Rid Of Physical Pain: 

It will protect the rider from the wind. Therefore headaches, neck pain, or coldness from wind can easily be eliminated.


  • A wind deflector and noise-free riding;
  • The helmet visor can be opened;
  • A clear view of both sideways;
  • Comes with gloves to vanishing the fingerprint;
  • Protect from small insects and pebbles;
  • Suitable for any bike of any brand. 


  • No instruction guide would be a problem for a novice.

6. LANQIAN Motorcycle Adjustable Windshield Extension: Best For The Potholes Roads

This windshield extension will allow you to balance the direction of roadways if you frequently ride on uneven roads. For getting the experience of a smooth journey, this extension is the best. I recommend this extension for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki Kawasaki, BMW Aprilia Ducati, and Harley Buell Victory. 

Features With Benefits:

Suitable For Existing Windshield

The adjustable clip-on system fits with the existing windscreen. It doesn’t require drilling the existing windshield. This is why you don’t need to face any hassle when fitting. 

Create Balance In Roadways

For rough roads and potholes, bikers can easily adjust this extension to get a clear view and avail of a no-disturbed journey.

Adjustable According To Height

Regardless of the height of the road or the rider himself, this extension can be adjusted as needed.

Protects Chest And Head From Strong Wind: 

When the weather is crucial, rainy, or windy, it will provide full coverage from the attack of heavy wind or rain.


  • Suitable for various heightened people; 
  • Gives a stylish look to the motorbike;
  • Soft rubber spacer will create no harm or scratch in the original windshield;
  • Comes in two different sizes and colors;
  • Hassles-free rides on uneven roads.


  • Some people don’t like plastic-built material. 

7. EVGATSAUTO Motorcycle Windshield Extension: Best For Long-Speedy Journey

People who can increase their budget a little bit can easily afford this new EVGATSAUTO Motorcycle Windshield Extension. This will provide a polished and smart look with Tawny color. EVGATSAUTO extension is suitable for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and other motorcycles.

Features With Benefits:

Comfortable Movement And Adjustment

The screen of the extension arms provides increased space for movement. Its fittings require no height barrier. 

Filtering Of Noise And Litter

No shaking feelings on the head. This will keep your helmet safe and calm. Even at high speed, it will clean your face and head from dirt and small insects.

Hassle-Free Installation

Soft rubber gaskets won’t let your original windshield be scratched or destroyed. Also, the installation process is quite easy.  


  • Can enjoy the high speedy journey full of confidence as sideways can be seen easily;
  • Enjoyable and durable for both On and off-road;
  • The locking mechanism is worth this price, and no chance of falling off during the journey;
  • Protection is provided from heavy wind, noise, and dirt;
  • Keep the helmet in position without trembling.


  • Not a readable manual of instruction.

8. Coolsheep Motorcycle Adjustable Windshield Extension: Best For Folding Mechanism

In the last three, I will consider Coolsheep motorcycle adjustable windshield extension as a cost-effective product. It is built for almost every kind of motorbike with an existing windshield. However, this smoke-colored windshield extension would be perfect for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki BMW, and KTM Aprilia Ducati.

Features With Benefits:

Simple Folding Mechanism

It can be easily removable and adjustable. The folding technique is quite highly technical and easy to apply.

No Drilling And Scratch

The spacer is surrounded by soft rubber. There are no chances to get any destruction of the existing windshield. Moreover, no need to drill that might injure you.

Perfect Protection

The height of this extension is super satisfactory. You can feel safe off-road at high speed. The height of the rider will cause no problem. 


  • Perfectly fine for tall people;
  • Noise cancellation is super effective;
  • Reduce helmet pounding;
  • Stylish look brings to motorbikes;
  • Budget-friendly.


  • May take more time from other same categories to install.

9. Httmt WCO- Adjustable Clip-On Windshield Extension: Best For Exterior Design

In the second last best, I will suggest HTTMT WCO- Adjustable Clip-on windshield Extension. This extension can be used in Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki BMW KTM. The exterior is made with aluminum which most bikers like to have. Yet, it is built to use any motorbike with an existing windshield screen.

Features With Benefits:

Wind Buffering control: 

For daily use, it is way too perfect for reducing the attack of heavy wind, dirt, and pebbles. Protects from natural hazards. 

Professional advice:

This model needs professional installation if required. Though modification won’t be necessary.

Durable Material: 

The HTTMT WCO Adjustable Clip-on Windshield Extension material is quality-full acrylic and aluminum, which is preferable in most cases.


  • Perfect for city roads;
  • The off-road journey would be pleasant without any extra care;
  • Noise cancellation and wind buffering controlled;
  • Long-lasting and durable if maintained perfectly;
  • The extension is well-worked if the existing windshield is strong;
  • Comes in clear color.


  • Sometimes extension slips off if the temperature is higher than usual.

10. Hongk Hkmoto- Adjustable Clip-On Windshield Extension: Best For a Smart Look

Last but not least, I suggest you try HONGK- Adjustable Clip-on Windshield Extension. People can easily get used to this extension for office commutes to regular journeys. There is no such exceptional feature of this extension. Still, it is worth buying for regular use. 

Feature With Benefits:

Enough Height

This extension will give you the perfect size, so the head and neck will stay out of wind attack. Suitable for people of all heights. 

Makes Stylish

This acrylic made extension will highlight your steady-looking motorbikes. Accentuates the whole appearance of the old bike.  

Long Lasting Within Budget

This extension comes with quality-full material that can easily fit your budget and is perfectly durable. 


  • Budget effective for middle-class people;
  • Can get assistance from the brand if any requirement is provided;
  • Low chance of blowing away in high wind. The clip is durable;
  • Make lessen the Helmet defending;
  • Comes in a popular tint color.


  • Some bikers don’t prefer the plastic body of this extension. 

Things To Look For Before Buying Motorcycle Windshield Extension

There are some significant factors involved when choosing a windshield extension for motorbikes. The crucial factors are height, material, types, easy installation, maintenance, and durability. Here, I will describe in detail which major issues you should consider before buying an extension of the windshield. 

1. Shield Quality:

Most windshield extensions are acrylic. It is better in most cases than any traditional glass screen. The acrylic windshield extension is resistant to any scratches. If any happens, you can polish the screen and get a new look with less effort.

However, there are some extensions made of polycarbonate. Which is better than acrylic. Nevertheless, it is a little bit more pricey than acrylic. This material should be selected if you plan to go beyond your budget. 

2. Shield Height: 

It is a major issue to consider when you go for an extension. In general, the windshield extension shouldn’t exceed the height of the nose. You have to choose the windshield extension according to your height.

The height of the extension should not be too tall as well as not too low. Remember that the wind won’t cross the helmet if the extension is too short and low. As a result, it will not protect anything, wind, or dirt.   

3. Strong Installing Tools: 

Good extensions require a minimum amount of care. Ensuring the lock and screws are positioned is enough for the best windshield extensions. The locking system, clips, and screws should be well-shaped and quality full.

These items are responsible for holding the extension over the existing windshield. If these items fall out easily or are broken, that extension is not worth buying. 

4. Easy Removal: 

Some bikers drive both off-road and on city roads. They love to ride on the highway at high speed and commute to daily work. And in both cases, they might prefer two different extensions. 

One is small for the daily run, and the other is a large extension used when the journey is long and speedy. Therefore, an easy removal extension is a must. Otherwise, it will cause you more time and hassles.  

5. Proper Protection: 

The significant problem for a biker without an extension is helmet buffeting, which creates lots of noise. As a result, riders end up with an uncomfortable journey experience. That is why when going to buy an extension, you must keep this thing in mind.

The best windshield extension will provide a quiet ride, reduce helmet buffeting, and ensure a pleasant ride. If the extension fails to provide those, you should not consider that windshield extension. 

6. Types Of Windshield Extension:

Based on the types of rides and motorcycles, three types of windshields are available in the market.

Sports: Racing and sports motorcycles need sports windshield extensions. There is a special hump in the middle of the extension.

Standard: They are designed for the regular use of motorcycles. There are a variety of colors and comparatively larger sizes than Sports windshields.

Touring: These are taller and wider than any other windshield. Specially designed to protect from wind pressure on a long journey. 

7. Maintenance: 

Scratch over the body of the windshield extension is one of the major problems. The extension should be scratch resistant for a clear view. Though there will be some scratch.

In a well-built extension, scratches can be removed only by washing with mild soap or shampoo. A cotton cloth or sponge should be used while washing the extension. Weekly one wash is enough for the best windshield extensions. 

Reasons Why Motorcycle Windshield Extensions Should Be Used

The main reason for using windshield extensions is to get protection from a natural force. In my writing below, I will describe the practical reasons why motorcycle wind stand extensions should be used. 

  • Avoid The Disturbances Of Natural Force:

When you run the bike at a minimum speed, you would experience that the wind speed is quite strong, and you face hurdles in singing on the road. Only by installing a full-quality extension over the windshield can you earn a dirtiness-free ride that will make you feel happy in your journey.

  • Physical Pain Reduced:

There is a term in bike riding called helmet rattling when the strong wind hits you so hard. It is absolutely creating an uncomfortable situation while riding. Moreover, if the journey is long and on a highway, a biker may get a headache, body pain, and neck pain. Only a good windshield extension will prevent this physical trouble.

  • Lessen The Noise: 

Even if you wear a good quality helmet, the wind will create so much noise that sometimes bikers cannot concentrate on the road properly. A windshield extension reduces this noise as it bends the wind over your helmet. As a result, sometimes bikers can listen to the radio and get a clear vision on both sides. 

  • Affordable And Stylish: 

I have seen that most bikers like to enhance the look of motorbikes. And adding a windshield extension will instantly give your bike an extraordinarily stylish look. These items are quite cost-effective and budget friendly. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks on purchasing. 

How To Install A Motorcycle Wind Stand Extension

One can easily install a windshield extension by reading the package’s manual guide. However, there are some steps to follow in the installation process. 

Step 1: Read the manual carefully once you open the packaging. The manufacturer may be given some special instructions which one should follow.

Step 2: Check whether all the hardware is in a good position. If you find any parts of the extension missing or broken, return that extension immediately.

Step 3: Assemble the upper mount with bolt, barrel, and knob. Make sure it is tightened only by hand.

Step 4: Install the handlebar clamps and barrels. Based on the motorcycle’s design, it may be positioned on the front or rear.

Step 5: After the extension is attached, adjust it according to your preference. Make sure for a test drive to find any discomfort.

For those new to the extension, read the manual or watch a Youtube video before installing the extension. 

Related Questions:

What Is The Proper Height For A Motorcycle Windshield?

The perfect height of an extension depends on two factors. To configure the perfect height of the windshield extension, sit on the bike with the shield fixed, and ask someone to measure out from it to a spot ahead. The extension should be fixed a little bit low from eye level, where the rider can see the road clearly. Note that the spot should not be ahead more than 20 feet.

One is the rider’s height, and the second is the height of the existing windshield. The extension must not install too high above the existing windshield. Positioning it too low won’t provide the rider with these facilities. Also, fixing the extension too low will help the rider nothing.

Is The Motorcycle Wind Stand Extension Worth It?

Getting hurt by wind and tiny stones on a long journey is one of the common experiences for a rider. Riders prefer to install an extension over their existing windshield to avoid such accidents and for physical security motorcycles.

As there will be no helmet shaking, riders can enjoy the journey. 

The wind creates pressure and carries thousands of germs, dirt, debris, and insects. By spending a little money, you can avail yourself of the protection. All options are cost-effective and durable for an extended period. I mentioned the best windshield extensions, which will not cost you a fortune.

How Do You Blackout A Motorcycle Windshield?

Many motorcycle shops can do that perfectly. You can do it at home by taking ideas from the internet. It is necessary to wash the motorcycle windshield properly with soap before blackening or tinting it. Then dry it thoroughly. Soup water will not allow sticking the color on the windshield. Find a paint roller according to the size of the windshield.

Put the tint or color on the windshield. Make sure it is positioned in the right place. Otherwise, it will ruin the windshield. Wait to dry completely. Do not run the bike while the tint is still wet. It will catch the litter. It is advised to study a little before painting the windshield fully black. Because it will create a barrier in see-through while riding. 

Can A Motorcycle Windshield Be Too Tall?

The primary purpose of a windshield extension is to protect your chest, eyes, and head from wind, rain, dirt, and a sudden splash of pebbles. While buying any windshield extension, bikers should check the height by sitting on the bike. The extension used by a six-fit tall rider may not be suitable for a five-foot-tall person.

Therefore, the taller windshield will not support you with this benefit because it will create troubles in your vision on the road. You have to look through the windshield, which will not provide you with smooth and clear vision. Besides, too short windshield extensions will not deliver any assistance for which you will buy one.

Can You Reshape A Motorcycle Windshield?

Most of the best motorcycle windshield extensions can be reshaped by cutting down with a tool. There are a variety of sizes available on windshield extensions in the market. Reshaping depends on the rider’s preference. Some riders prefer it, and some aren’t. Due to the taste, riders can crop or reshape their windshield.

After cutting down the extension according to your desired level of vision, go for a test ride. Though I recommend not modifying the extension. I have discussed all the budget-friendly best motorcycle windshield extensions beforehand. You can easily pick any other option if you find any disturbances in the existing.

Does A Motorcycle Windshield Reduce Wind Noise?

A well-built extension can minimize wired sound and offer a smooth journey. Using a windshield extension, wind can be bent over helmets. Wind splashes bend in the right direction when the helmet is in the right place. In this way, helmet buffeting can be prevented. No matter what type of ride you prefer, longer or shorter, continuous wind pressure will make you tired on your journey. 

The best motorcycle windshield extension creates a barrier between the rider and the wind. A perfect windshield extension distracts the wind over the head of the rider. The extension creates a bubble around the driver, and the bubbles help lessen the wind’s noise. Thus, wind sound gets minimized.

Final Verdict: 

In the end, I can tell that windshield extension is not just a stylish tool. It is one of the most important gadgets that provides rider safety. The windshield mentioned above is the best motorcycle windshield extension in the current market. 

The Motoparty Motorcycle Windshield Extension will be the best choice for any motorbike. This extension will provide you with the highest safety in the minimum budget. Also, users have provided a good amount of positive reviews.

Besides, I have mentioned another extension, DUILU Motorcycle Windshield Extension. Which is also a trustworthy extension. It will not cross your budget and is suitable for any journey. This article lets people get an idea of the best motorcycle windshield extensions.

The buying guide will lead to the answers to any possible questions when a potential customer decides to buy a windshield extension.


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