BOSS Audio Systems BHD14 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Kit Review

BOSS Audio Systems BHD14 6x9 Saddlebag Speaker Kit Review

Boss Audio Systems is an American go-to brand that initiates its journey with the vision of providing good quality video and audio products. Being a pioneer of audio systems, Boss Audio Systems has led the audio industry with success since 1987. 

This renowned brand promotes BHD14, a 6×9 sized Harley Davidson saddlebag speaker kit for your motorcycle. This saddlebag speaker comprises cones, voice coils, basket, tweeter, and other components to offer you excellent music quality with a multi-color option. 

If you are looking for a Harley Davidson speaker kit for your saddlebag, this product review is for you. In this review article, I am going to share everything that you need to know about the BHD14 6×9 inch saddlebag speaker kit. I have gathered all the information for you about this product after running extensive research.   

Boss Audio Systems BHD14 Speaker: A General Overview 

While being a top-quality saddlebag speaker, the BHD14 speaker kit comes with an exclusive warranty for the ones who will purchase this product from amazon. This Harley Davidson speaker is highly temp-resistant and light in weight while providing longer-time audio playing quality at an affordable price.  

According to the manufacturers, this engineered BHD14 product is capable of providing the best quality performance while offering you a long-lasting sound quality experience to listen to music. The Boss Audio Systems speaker comes with a cut-out template to make your speaker installation easy peasy. 

This saddlebag speaker is specially designed for your street glide motorcycle that comes with exclusive modern features. Saddlebag BHD14 speaker offers you the best music experience with a road glide motorcycle. This brand product is the best fit for the 2014 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited version. 

BHD14 saddlebag speaker kit is a water-resistant speaker. While having a seal and a poly cone in between tweeter and cone, this speaker doesn’t let the water into the saddlebag or voice coil. Moreover, this saddlebag speaker comes with a brand warranty and if you can maintain it well, this speaker will provide you with long-lasting durability. 

Technical Specifications Of BHD14 Saddlebag Speaker:

Before making a purchase BHD14 speaker, you need to take a look at the given table below. The table contains some key specifications of the product that you might be looking for. 

Specifications Parameters 
BrandBoss Audio Systems
Frequency Response 50Hz-20KHz
Speaker TypeFull Range 
Configuration2 Way
Impedance 4-ohm 
Woofer Size 6×9 Inch
Dimensions 10.62” x 7.87” x 4
Weight8.35 lbs
Power300 Watts Per Pair 
Package2 Speakers 

Features Of Boss Audio Systems BHD14 Saddlebag Speaker: 

Whether a product’s sales will go up or not depends on the features that the product comes with. This boss audio system’s BHD14 comes with some exclusive features to provide some benefits. Let’s dive in there!

  • Cone: Harley Davidson speaker kit comes with a cone that helps maintain the loud speaker’s performance. Cone helps to reproduce the vibration of the voice coils to make an audible sound for a better listening experience. 

Being made of polyurethane, this speaker is capable of resisting moisture and water to protect your saddlebag speaker from getting damaged. 

While protecting your BHD14 speaker from moisture and other harmful particles, polyurethane materials would provide your speaker with long-lasting sound quality.   

  • Voice Coils: BHD14 saddlebag speaker has used a voice coil feature that is a wrapped wire coil with a cylinder. This cylinder takes current from the amplifier and this current comes in contact with the speaker’s magnet to react the voice coils by vibrating the cylinder to and pro. Using the cylinder pressure, the speaker’s cone generates sound.

Voice coils are high temp-resistant. This high resistance speaker can endure high temperatures to maintain the speaker’s movement while ensuring long-time music play for the saddlebag speaker. 

  • Basket: A basket is a kind of metal frame that holds the speaker. This saddlebag speaker comes with a stamped basket that offers the saddlebag speaker the best music output to experience good quality music sound for the listeners. 
  • Tweeter: Tweeter provides you with quality sound by improving your audio frequency. This BHD14 speaker kit comes with 1 tweeter per speaker and each speaker has a 2-inch tweeter to ensure your saddlebag speaker’s audio frequency.  
  • Surround Speaker: Having a surround speaker makes your saddlebag speaker’s sound effect better. This surround speaker gives you a real atmosphere of audio listening. This feature is also called the rear effect of the speaker. 
  • Warranty: Harley Davidson speaker for motorcycles comes with an exclusive platinum dealer warranty of 3 years to give an edge to its customers but only for the customers who would like to purchase this product from amazon. 

Besides, while purchasing this product from amazon is affordable, it also offers free-of-cost shipping in real quick time.  So, you should grab this offer before the product is out of stock. 

Pros And Cons Of Boss Audio Systems BHD14 Saddlebag Speaker:

Before purchasing a product as a buyer, the first thing you might be looking for is the positive and negative aspects of the products. Here are some pros and cons of this product below that you should know about. Let’s get into it!


  • Good Quality Saddlebag Speaker
  • Great Sound Quality
  • High Temp Resistant Voice Coils
  • Excellent Music Output
  • Comes With A Limited Warranty
  • Great Deal    
  • Suitable For All Rushmore Road Glide
  • Pretty Easy To Install
  • 300 Watts Of Power


  • Require Adapter 
  • Need to connect the speaker with wire from the radio
  • Will not work on CVO models

Maintenance Tips For BHD14 Saddlebag Speaker Kit:

Speaker degrades over time but if you can maintain the BHD14 speaker properly, it will increase the durability of the speaker. So, here are some maintenance tips that you can follow. Let’s take a look!

  • Firstly, this saddlebag speaker needs low resistance if you can maintain it properly.
  • Secondly, it’s highly recommended for professional installation so that this speaker can provide safe, and effective functionality. 
  • Thirdly, while installing the product, you need to check this product kit whether they come with all components of the speaker including 2-way speakers, speaker grilles, speaker protectors, mounting rings, cable, screw bag, and speaker’s gasket to make your installation easy peasy. 
  • You should make sure the screws are pretty tight to leave no gap in between the joints of the speaker.

Where Can You Find Boss Audio Systems BHD14?

Boss Audio Systems BHD14 saddlebag speaker kit is available in the market. You can find this product in the wholesale electronic shops in the USA. But I’ll recommend you purchase this product from Amazon.

If you buy this product from the USA, you’ll get an exclusive 3-year online warranty. While getting an online dealer limited warranty, you can get this product at a reasonably cheap price with free shipping. 

Final Verdict:

Harley Davidson BHD14 saddlebag speaker depicts its features and specifications above. I hope this product review helps you decide why this product should be the best choice for your saddlebags. 

If you have any confusion, you can leave a comment down below, I’ll get to it soon. To get more insight about the saddlebag speaker kit, stay tuned to our site to read more about speakers. 

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