Can You Buy A Motorcycle Directly From The Manufacturer? [Explained]

Can You Buy A Motorcycle Directly From The Manufacturer

Bikers always want to get the best bike for their ride. Manufacturers produce motorcycles in the factory and then deliver them around the country. So, can you buy a motorcycle directly from the manufacturer?

It’s not possible to purchase a motorcycle directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturer sells their bikes through the dealership. This model is applicable to almost every city or country. Establishing factories in every part of a country is nearly impossible for manufacturers.

There is nothing to worry about as you will get the authentic and unused bike from the dealership. Before purchasing a new bike, you may also check for authorized dealerships of a manufacturer. 

Why You Can’t Buy A Motorcycle Directly From The Manufacturer: Check Now

Manufacturers don’t directly sell motorcycles to consumers because of some barriers. Here are the reasons in detail.  

1. Country Rule

In every country, the automotive industry is subject to regulations governing the construction of factories and the marketing and sales of products. The EU and US encourage manufacturers to sell products through dealerships. 

2. Dealership 

It’s not possible for manufacturers to reach every corner of a country as the motorcycles are produced in the factory. To reach the customers, they need to have factories in every region. This is why, dealers are the best option for manufacturers to reach the customers. 

It won’t be possible for manufacturers to establish so many factories around the country. The dealership option allows them to showcase their products to the customers. 

3. Customer Service

If you are selling a product, you should have customer service as well. It will be quite tough for the manufacturers to provide customer service. This will add a huge expense to the manufacturer. Dealerships made it easier by providing quality service with trained staff.

Advantages Of Buying Motorcycle From Dealerships: Check Now

Well, you should not be worried as there are no options to purchase a motorcycle from the manufacturer. There are some advantages of purchasing motorcycles from dealerships.

1. Availability Of Models

Authorized dealerships are always equipped with all the new and old models. There will be a wide range of models that may help you to pick one if you are confused to choose one. Also, they sell the latest models very quickly in the showroom.

2. Expert Guidance

You will get expert guidance and recommendation while purchasing a motorcycle from the dealerships. There will be experts who can guide you to pick the one that matches your requirements.

3. After Sales Service

This is definitely the best advantage of purchasing motorcycles from dealerships. You will always get top-class servicing from dealerships. This will help your bike to maintain the same performance for years.

4. Financial Assist

Some of the dealerships offer payment in installments with 0% interest. This helps to get a bike by just paying half or even less of the total amount. Dealerships want you to get the ride without any delay.

Now you know the common advantages of purchasing motorcycles from dealerships. You just need to find the authorized dealerships of your desired brand and that’s all.  

Things One Should Consider Before Buying A New Motorcycle: Read Now

Before purchasing a motorcycle, there are so many things that you should check. Here are some points that will help you to pick the best motorcycle.


You should get a solid idea about motorcycle engines before purchasing one. The indicator for motorcycle engines is cubic centimeters in short CC. If you prefer fuel-efficient performance, go for the smaller engine sizes. A larger engine is recommended if you prefer power and performance.


This is obviously one of the important factors to be considered while purchasing a motorcycle. You may check the seating arrangement, height, and other to ensure it will be comfortable for you to ride that bike. 


There are so many motorcycle brands around the world. You should consider the brand and model reputation while purchasing one. Check the reviews of users to know more about the pros and cons of any bike. 


You should pick a motorcycle according to your purpose. There are various styles of motorcycle available, each designed to serve specific purposes. Cruiser, sport, adventure, and other styles of motorcycles are among the most popular. 

These are among the main points that one can consider while purchasing a motorcycle. There are some other factors as well. You should consider the budget as well. As there will be some additional costs with the bike such as insurance and maintenance.


How To Know If A Bike In Showroom Is Brand New From Factory?

You can find out if the bike in the showroom is brand new or not by checking some facts. The easier trick is checking the odometer. A brand-new bike will show 1-3km on the odometer. You can also check the mudguards and lower part of the bike as well.

They will be totally clean if the bike is unused. Check the other parts as well to ensure there are no marks on the motorcycle.

What Documents Are Needed To Buy A Motorcycle?

It’s easier to purchase a new bike than a used bike. There are fewer documents required if you are planning to buy a brand-new bike. You should have a valid driver’s license to buy a motorcycle. 

Once you complete the purchase, you should have different documents depending on the state’s requirements. Some common documents are vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and title transfer paperwork.

How To Order A Motorcycle From The Factory?

Well, manufacturers don’t sell motorcycles from the factory. They sell the products through dealerships. You may check the manufacturer’s site to find out the authorized dealership of the manufacturer. 

This will help you to get authentic parts and the best customer service if required. The automotive industry typically uses dealerships as a means to expand their customer reach across the entire country.

Do You Need A License To Buy A Motorcycle In Texas?

It’s possible to purchase a motorcycle in Texas without a driving license. Once you complete purchasing, get a driving license as soon as possible. First of all, register the bike with the state. 

Before riding the bike on the road, make sure you have the license with you. You should have a class M driving license to operate a motorcycle on public roads. This is applicable to almost every state.

Is It Safe To Purchase Motorcycles from Dealerships?

It’s totally safe and recommended to purchase a motorcycle from a dealer. They get the product directly from the manufacturer and sell them in their showroom. You just need to find the authorized dealer from the manufacturer’s website. 

If there is no list of authorized dealers in the site, contact the manufacturer to ensure about the authorized dealerships. Buying a motorcycle from authorized dealers will let you have professional after-service for any issue.

Final Words

I guess you are no more confused about whether you can buy a motorcycle directly from the manufacturer or not. You will surely get the brand new motorcycle from dealerships as they import the bikes from the factory. In addition, they offer excellent customer service with authentic parts. So, don’t get confused about this issue. 


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