Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without A License? [Explained]

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without A License

Having motorcycle insurance is quite a must for a responsible rider. If you just got a new bike, make sure to get the insurance and the license as well. However, can you get motorcycle insurance without a license?

Most insurance providers don’t provide insurance without a license. It’s quite risky to cover a rider who doesn’t have a license. Insurance providers use a license to get details about the rider. Also, insurance offers suitable coverage to the rider by checking the experience and age of the rider.

It’s quite easy and hassle-free to get the license and the insurance for an experienced rider. If you know how to ride a bike, just apply for the license first. Once your license is ready, you can avail insurance immediately.

Why Insurance Company Asks For License: Check Facts

Insurance companies typically request a driver’s license not only for the purpose of verification but also to fulfill additional purposes and considerations. Here are the detailed reasons. 


The first and most important factor why an insurance provider asks for a driving license is safety. A driving license is an indicator that the rider is experienced and knows how to ride a bike. It will be a mess for insurance providers to cover unlicensed or unskilled riders.

Check Rider History

Driving licenses help insurance providers to know more about the riding skill of the riders by checking the rider’s history. This makes it simpler for the insurance provider to determine the appropriate coverages to offer to a customer.

Cost Estimation

As you know, experienced riders pay less than new riders for insurance. So, a driving license is also required to calculate the total cost you need to pay for the insurance. This is a proof of your experience.

Coverage Eligibility

Insurance providers offer different coverage packages to the riders. This varies based on the experience of the rider. A driving license helps insurance companies to find the best deal or coverage for the rider.

Easy Steps To Get A Motorcycle License: Read Now

If you are a skilled rider, there will be no problem getting a motorcycle license in the USA. Though there are individual DMVs for states, the procedure is quite the same. Here are the steps that you need to pass to get your license.

Visit DMV Website

First, you need to visit the DMV website of your state and check the instructions they provided for the license seekers. Usually, there will be a learner guide that you need to study before sitting for the test.

Gather Your Documents

Before applying for the test, you should collect the required documents. You will need to provide proof of age, identification, and residence. Detailed information about the documents will be available on the state’s DMV website.

Go For The Test

Now, you need to apply and sit for the test. The application can be done online. You will need to sit for both a written and a ride test. The written test will check your basic knowledge about driving and traffic rules whereas the driving test will check your skill.

Get Your License

If you pass the test, some states provide a temporary driving license immediately after the test. When the final license is ready you will get the class M license. 

While the specific procedures for obtaining a driver’s license can vary among different states, the general process remains fairly consistent. 


Who Are The Best Insurance Providers In The USA?

Once you have the motorcycle license ready, you may now apply for insurance. There are a couple of insurance providers who have been serving riders for years.  Nationwide, Progressive and GEICO are among the top insurance providers in the country.
They offer different coverage packages to the riders. You may first check their packages to choose the best one for you. Make sure to choose the basic coverage to get the best service within your budget.

Can You Register A Motorcycle Without A License In California?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles in short DMV has specific guidelines to register your motorcycle. This guideline should be followed by anyone who bought a new motorcycle, scooter, or any motor-driven cycle. 
For this registration, the first thing you will need is the California Certificate of Title. Then you are required to submit Proof of Insurance. The last document you need to submit is a driving license. So, it’s not possible to register a motorcycle without a license in California. 

Do You Need Insurance For A 125cc?

Well, it’s recommended to have both motorcycle insurance and a driving license while driving 125cc. This is because 125cc is almost a fully-powered motorcycle regardless of its engine capacity. 
Riders may assume there are different regulations for engine capacity. In the USA. You are allowed to drive any motorcycle that is equipped with an engine of 49cc or higher.

What’s The Penalty For Driving Without A License?

The penalty for driving without a license depends on the state. However, driving without a license is considered a traffic rule violation in most states as per their traffic law. 
For example, in California driving without a license can charge you a $1000 court fine or even a penalty of six months in jail. So, violating this traffic rule will suffer you for sure.

What Are The Typical Requirements For Obtaining Motorcycle Insurance?

The requirement for obtaining motorcycle insurance may vary depending on the state. However, there are some common documents that will be asked for by almost every insurance provider.
The registration certificate of the bike and details of the driving license are two of the most vital documents asked for while obtaining motorcycle insurance.  Insurance providers may ask for additional documents such as Proof Of Address and Photographs as well. 

Can You Get Insurance With A Permit In NY?

Some insurance providers allow the rider to insure their bike with a learner’s permit. This requirement can be fulfilled if the motorcycle is registered under the rider’s name.
Whether it’s in New York or any other state, it’s always recommended to have a driving license for getting motorcycle insurance. Thus, there will be no further formalities if you have these documents.

Final Words

I guess now you know whether you can get motorcycle insurance without a license or not. You should first get the license from your state DMV. This won’t take much time or hassle. Just get the license and contact an insurance provider who is providing quality service for a long time. Driving a motorcycle while holding a valid license and having insurance coverage brings lots of benefits for a rider.


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