Can You Use Fog Lights As DRL?

Can You Use Fog Lights As DRL

As a motorcycle rider, you should have acquaintance on using different types of lights while riding. Nowadays, driving a motorcycle with only headlights isn’t enough to ensure a rider’s proper safety. That’s why fog lights and daytime running lights (DRL) come into motorcycle manufacturers’ brains. 

But there are a few confusions among the riders about the using purposes of these two lights. Some of them think both fog lights and DRL are the same. Then, can you use fog lights as DRL?

First of all, motorcycles’ fog lights and DRL are not the same. Motorcycle riders can’t use all types of fog lights as DRL. But they are allowed to convert their fog lights into DRL under some terms and conditions. Cheap, low-quality fog lights cannot be converted into DRL.   

In this article, I’m going to break down all about the motorcycles’ fog lights and DRL. So, don’t go anywhere without finishing this entire article.

What Are The Differences Between Fog Lights And DRL? (5 Major Differences)

There are some major differences between fog lights and DRL. Below, I point out these differences:

DifferencesFog LightsDRL
What Law Says:Fog lights aren’t mandatory for every motorcycle according to the USA ‘Motor Vehicles Laws’.According to most USA states, to get permission to ride on public roads or highways motorcycles should require a DRL or equivalent.
When To Be Use:Fog lights are used only for unclear and low-visibility weather, such as a fuzzy winter morning. Motorcycle riders generally don’t use it in the clear weather.Motorcycle riders can use DRL in any weather and time. But mandatorily, it must be turned on during the dark hours. That means from sunset to sunrise, you’ve to turn on the DRL while riding your motorcycle. 
Visibility:Fog lights help the motorcycle rider to ride safely in a dim situation where everything is unclear.DRL makes the motorcycle riders visible to the other vehicle’s driver while riding on a dark road or highways.
Colors:Motorcycle fog lights are usually yellow or amber. Some are white too.Motorcycle DRL is always white.
Power/Energy Consume:Motorcycle fog lights consume more power/energy than the DRL.Led DRL are consumed less power/energy than fog lights.

What Tools Do You Require To Manually Convert Fog Lights Into DRL?

To manually converts your motorcycle fog lights into DRL, you need these below tools:

  • Adjustable Spanner.
  • Torx Screwdriver.
  • Flat Screwdriver.
  • Crosspoint Screwdriver.
  • Tape.
  • Glue.

Though you can finish the whole converting procedure with any of these screwdrivers, I recommend keeping all three types of screwdrivers during working because they’re made for different purposes.  

How To Manually Converts Fog Lights Into DRL? (8 Simple Steps)

If your motorcycle only has fog lights, you’re manually able to convert them into the DRL. Motorcycle riders prefer DRL over fog lights because it has the capability of giving good quality light by consuming less power. 

Besides this, DRL has more legal acceptance than fog lights. That’s why riders are keen to convert their fog light into the DRL. Here I discuss 8 simple steps to convert a fog light into DRL manually: 

1. Disassemble Old Fog Light:

The procedure begins by disassembling old fog lights from your motorcycle. Use a crosspoint, flat, or torx screwdriver with the adjustable spanner to disassemble your old fog light. After completely disassembling your old fog light, go for the next steps.

2. Lever Off:

In this step, you require to lever off the plastic cover. For reaching your motorcycle fog light casing, carefully lever off the plastic cover. This step is very important because any silly error can damage the water into the whole procedure. If you don’t understand how to lever off the plastic cover of your motorcycle, then please check the owners’ manual. 

3. Dispel The Casing:

Dispel the casing with a suitable screwdriver, thereafter remove the plug connector. Be careful when you do this.

4. Fix Your Motorcycle Control Unit:

To complete this step, you require glue and double-sided tape. Then open the bonnet and attach the control unit with this tape. Spray the glue on that area to make it more durable.

5. Give Connection:

This is the most critical step where you’re going to connect your control unit with the DLR. First, through the shafts, pull the additional cable towards the installation areas. And then connects the casings together with the adapters and available plugs. 

You also require to do some connecting in the control unit. There connects the positive pole of batteries with the red power cable. After that, in the same way, connect the batteries’ negative pole with the coded wires. The color of these coded cables could be brown or black. Lastly, don’t forget to connect the terminal with the available control cables and the headlights function.

You’ll find useful information about how to connect these parts in the installation manual. But after that, if you feel these connection processes are too complicated, don’t hesitate to take help from an expert.

6. DRL Function:

After completing all of these above steps, now it’s time to fix the DRL function system. Find out the fuse box of your motorcycle for connecting with the ignition. It is also known as multi-meter or manual. Lastly, connect the available adapter piece with the rest of the cable.

7. Check The Switches:

You’re almost done! Just check when you turn on the ignition key and are able to start the DRL function of your motorcycle. If it’s OK, then your job is 95% completed. If it’s not working, nothing to worry about, recheck your connection, and the control unit fixes the issues. During this checking time, it is wise to check the actual fog light once more.

8. Finishing:

We are now reached to the end. Like the earlier steps, with the help of tools, put the casing in their actual position. After fixing the plastic cover, close the bonnet of your motorcycle. Test the DRL by turning on the switch. Hopefully, it’ll provide you with the expected light experience. 

Using Fog Lights As DRL – Will It Pass Inspection?

The answer to this question isn’t specified. It varies according to state laws. Suppose, your state has any specific laws where they mention DRL is needed mandatorily for passing the inspection. In that case, you don’t have any other choice.

But if your state doesn’t require a DRL mandatory, you can pass the inspection using fog lights in these states. There are some conditions, such as it can’t be a cheap priced fog lights and the quality must be up to the mark to pass the inspection. 


I recommend you add both fog lights and DRL in your motorcycles and use them according to the situation requirements for safety reasons. You can also convert your fog light into the DRL. 

Let me know your verdict on both fog lights and DRL by commenting below. Have a safe motorcycle ride.

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