How Long Do Motorcycles Last?

How Long Do Motorcycles Last

Being a motorcycle owner is like a dream for many people. Some of them are ready to spend all of their savings to purchase a brand new motorcycle. My friends treat me as an opinion leader on motorcycle-related things because of my vast experiences. From them, the most asking question I get is, how long do motorcycles last?

The lasting period of a motorcycle depends on a few factors such as the quality of brands, usage, and maintenance. With a new motorcycle, you can ride between 50,000-1,00,000 miles. In the calculation of the year, it lasts for around 12-15 years. Proper maintenance will be the key for extending the lifespan of a motorcycle.

With this massive investment, we all expect a long-term service from our newly purchased motorcycle. But because of the lack of exact knowledge, many riders can’t use their motorcycle for a more extended period. 

In this article, I’m going to discuss those factors which kill the motorcycle’s lifespan. And in the last, I’ll share 4 simple tips that will help you increase your motorcycle’s lifespan. Hence, don’t escape without finishing this entire article.

What Factors Are Affecting Your Motorcycle’s Lifespan?

Several factors can be affecting your motorcycle’s lifespan. As a result, you won’t be able to use your motorcycle for the expected number of years. I think every owner should be careful about the factors that cause to reduce the lifespan of their motorcycles. Below, I have described these factors briefly:

1. Keeping Motorcycle Direct Under The Sun:

Most of the owners are not sincere about where to keep their motorcycle. They just keep it outside the room and think it’s OK. But it’s not OK because keeping your motorcycle direct under the sun will fade the motorcycle’s color. So, find a shaded garage to keep your motorcycle.

2. Come To The Touch Of Water Or Snow:

If your motorcycle somehow comes to the touch of water or snow, it’ll surely kill the lifespan of your motorcycle. Especially in the rainy season and winter, your motorcycle often comes to the touch of water or snow. But if you don’t wipe them properly, then rust will quickly damage your motorcycle.

3. Unprofessional Riding:

Many riders purchase motorcycles without learning how to ride them appropriately. As a result, they fail to avoid crashing or hitting while riding their motorcycles. When an unprofessional rider rides his/her motorcycle on the roads or highways, it increases the risk of accidents. An accident badly damages your motorcycle with permanent wear and tears on it.

4. Rough Driving:

On the roads, with a motorcycle, many riders lose their sense, they only up the speed during riding. Some of them often do illegal motorcycle stunting on the public road. This type of rough driving can damage various parts such as brakes, clutch, tires, etc. of your motorcycle. 

At the same time, rough driving also increases the risk of serious accidents. So, be humble and don’t be too ambitious while riding your motorcycle on a busy road or highway.

5. Wrong Use Of Brakes:

During riding a motorcycle, you need to use different types of braking according to the situations and tracks. For example, you are required to use both clutch and brakes to stop your motorcycle in an emergency. In the same way, you should use engine braking while riding on a steep track. 

But when you wrongly use your motorcycle brakes in such situations, it’ll not only increase the risk of accidents but also damage the lifespan of your motorcycle. Before using motorcycle brakes, make sure you use them in the right way. I’ve already written an article on the proper use of brakes, read this and follow my suggestions to use your motorcycle for a longer period of time.

How To Make Your Motorcycle Last A Lifetime? (4 Simple Tips) 

You need to invest a massive amount for purchasing a brand new motorcycle, so simply you want to use it as long as possible. But due to lack of care, many people lose their motorcycles’ performance capability within a few years or months. But those who take proper care of their motorcycle can comfortably use it for a long time. 

Here I share such 4 simple tips on how to make your motorcycle last a lifetime. Personally, I follow these 4 tips and highly recommend you to also follow these:

1. Avoid Crashing And Hitting:

Using your motorcycle for a more extended period, you must avoid crashing and hitting other vehicles on the roads. Crashing and hitting both badly damage your motorcycle. It also makes permanent wear and tears on your motorcycle. 

As a result, the color will fade, different parts will lose their performance capability, and finally, it decreases the lifespan of your motorcycle. You can’t overcome these damages by repairing your motorcycle. So, ride your motorcycle carefully to avoid any crashes or hitting.

2. Store Your Motorcycle In A Right Place:

It’s crucial to store your motorcycle in such a place where dirt, water, moisture can’t attack. Riders who don’t use their motorcycle daily need to store it properly. At the same time, you should have different plans to store your motorcycle in different seasons.

In summer, don’t keep your motorcycle directly under the sun, in the winter save it from the snow, and in the rainy season make sure that it’ll not come in the touch of water. You require a shaded garage and a proper cover if you want to store your motorcycle for a couple of months. Don’t forget to clean your motorcycle before storing it for a longer period.

3. Ensure Regular Maintenance Of Your Motorcycle:

To get a longer-lasting service out of your favorite motorcycle, you should properly maintain it on a regular basis. Change your oil after a few rides. Regularly check all mechanical parts of your motorcycle. If you find anything wrong, quickly visit a professional motor mechanic to repair it. Instantly change the parts that need to be replaced. 

As you have read, regular maintenance is very important to ensureyour motorcycle lasts long. But for doing that, you definitely know how to do that systematically because wrong ways can damage various parts of a motorcycle. Don’t be tensed, I’ve already written an article on the right way to maintain a motorcycle. Read this article by clicking here to get the most out of your motorcycle. 

4. Don’t Be Lazy:

My friend Nick bought a brand new motorcycle in 2018. The motorcycle didn’t have any problems, but Nick had a problem. He was too lazy, that’s why he didn’t clean his motorcycle regularly. Now in 2021, Nick’s motorcycle is almost losing its performance quality.

Now, you may ask why I tell you the story of Nick. Because I want to warn you about the importance of regular cleaning for your motorcycle. You should clean it whenever you return from a ride. Check the tire, remove the dirt, clean the air filter, wash your motorcycle and dry it completely by following the owners’ manual.  

How Long Does A Motorcycle License Last?

In the USA, any person above 18 years can apply for a motorcycle license. And through an examination process, few are selected among the applicants for issuing motorcycle licenses. A motorcycle license is valid for one year. After passing the year, you must renew it.

How Long Do Motorcycle Tiers Last?

Your motorcycle tiers’ lasting period depends on which surface you ride, how much pressure you have given to them, and obviously the maintaining. Though, as usual, motorcycle tires last for 5 years, you can use them for around 8-10 years with proper maintenance and care.  

How Long Does A Motorcycle Battery Last?

The lasting period of a motorcycle battery depends on factors like the using hours, battery capability, maintenance, and others. But generally, on average, a motorcycle battery lasts around 4-5 years. After that, you need to change your motorcycle battery.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Engine Last?

Without any breakdowns or major accidents, a motorcycle engine easily lasts between 12-15 years. You can ride more than 1,00,000 miles with your motorcycle engine. After this particular period, your motorcycle engine starts to gradually lose its performance capability. But remember, proper maintenance will help you increase the lifespan of your motorcycle engine.


To use a motorcycle for a more extended period, you should be careful about its regular maintenance. Let me know in the comment box what motorcycle-related topics you want to read next on my website?

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