How Much Does A Motorcycle Cost? [Know Everything At Once]

How Much Does A Motorcycle Cost

Are you new in the motorcycle field and don’t know how much a motorcycle costs on average? If yes, you have come to the right place. I am here to make your journey easier. 

The cost of a good-grade motorcycle typically starts from $7000 and ends at $30000. In some situations, the price may inflate more than $30000. High-end luxury and touring bikes are the ones that cost this much. Also, the additional part and gear add up to additional costs. 

Besides these, many factors influence the price of the motorcycle. In this article, I will make you dive deep into those factors. Let’s get started without further ado.

How Much A Motorcycle Costs: Core Info You Should Know Before Buying 

Whenever a buyer pops up at a motorcycle shop, the classic ambiance of the motorcycles perplexes his mind and often leads to making the wrong decisions. However, in most cases, the buyer only thinks about the price tag attached to the motorcycle while buying. Whether it needs a lot of consideration while buying. 

Below, I will provide a gross cost you might endure while purchasing your desired bike. However, the price range might vary from motorcycle to motorcycle as the price is always up and down. 

First and foremost, the actual price of the motorcycle. It depends on which type of motorcycle you are going to choose. If you choose an entry-level bike, the cost will be as reasonable as $5000-$7000. Mid-budgeted ones cost roughly $10000-$15000, and thus the cost increases.

Now, assuming you purchased a motorcycle. The primary thing you need now is the license to drive it. Getting a motorcycle license in the USA costs $200-$300. However, there are a few factors that can increase this range, for instance, the driver’s age, bike, state, and so on. 

Maintenance is one of the most important things you must do to maintain your motorcycle’s quality. You can keep the budget in the $500-$1000 range depending on the bike and the intensity of use. 

In my opinion, you do not need more than $1000 to get things done here. However, you must need frequent servicing and protective gear like a helmet, gloves, and equipment right after you start riding the bike. To get done with all these, you must keep a separate budget. 

Insurance is another thing that you need to keep in mind. It’s entirely okay to drive a motorcycle without insurance. But having at least one safety insurance is good. You may pay $721 in the USA to get motorcycle insurance. However, depending on your state, this price may differ. Click to know more about the insurance policy. [1]

In terms of insurance, you can even customize the policy on your own. Here goes the detail. [2]

Here goes a gross cost you may endure while purchasing a new motorcycle.

Maintenance $500-$1000
Motorcycle $2000-$10000

Things That Affect Much To Motorcycle Costs: Know In Details

Apparently, many factors affect the cost of a motorcycle. Below are the terms that affect motorcycle prices, so you can streamline your purchasing process and save a few bucks. If you’re up for buying a new motorcycle, you should consider these terms below.

  • Types Of Motorcycles: 

In the first place, you have to make sure which type of motorcycle you want to purchase. You can go for standard bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, and so on! The price of a motorcycle is directly related to the type you want to purchase. 

  • Size of Motorcycle:  

As with the type, size also matters regarding motorcycle pricing. There are multiple sizes available in the market. The most popular three sizes are full-size, mid-size, and mini motorcycles. You can go for any of the sizes that best match your preference but no matter what, the price would increase with the size. 

  • Motorcycle Brand: 

The brand value increases the product price drastically. In terms of motorcycles, you have to pay more than the average if you want to purchase well-known brands. All the brands have their features and specifications.

  • The Location: 

When you’re purchasing a motorcycle, the location also matters a lot. For example, in rural areas, you may get a motorcycle at a low price. Whether in urban places, the same bike will cost you more. Before purchasing, be aware of the location first. Because it will end up affecting the cost directly. 

  • Types Of Transmission: 

While getting yourself a motorcycle, you can choose the type of transmission. Though, each type consists of its perks and drawbacks. But every time, the price changes with the change of transmission. There are so many transmission choices that you can select as a user. For example, automatic transmission, manual transmission, etc.

3 Types Of Motorcycles And Their Buying Costs: 

The cost of a motorcycle typically depends on its type. To be more precise, the price varies with changing the style. You may go for an entry-level bike if you’re just starting.

Or, you can give a shot to high-end bikes to fulfill proper aesthetics and luxury. With all these, the price will vary immensely. Here are some motorcycle types from which you can select your preferred one. 

1. Entry-Level Bikes: 

Picking up an entry-level bike is the most common practice of a beginner motorcyclist. Rarely it provides the user with a superficial aesthetic, and the design of this motorcycle isn’t that eye-catchy. These bikes are made to serve why motorcycles are made. 

This implies that an entry-level bike would be the perfect pick if you’re a beginner just starting and looking for a motorcycle. Around $6000, you will be lucky enough to get a good-grade entry-level motorcycle. However, this range is not suitable for touring bikes. Here are some examples:

Motorcycle TypesBrandApproximate Price Range
Standard MotorcyclesKTM$5500
Sport MotorcyclesKawasaki$5000
Cruiser MotorcyclesHonda$4500

2. Mid-Level Bikes: 

Mid-range bikes are superior to entry-level ones and provide users with many more features and benefits. Also, as these motorcycles have more features, the price is slightly higher. Suppose you’re looking for motorcycles that can provide moderately high performance. In that case, you can purchase one of these mid-ranged bikes. 

Regarding the pricing, your budget should have at least $10000-$15000. The bike’s performance won’t be superior if you go below this range. If you’re an experienced motorcycle rider, I think you will get the best deal purchasing a mid-range motorcycle. Here goes a list of some popular branded motorcycles to give you a gross demonstration:

Motorcycle TypesBrandApproximate Price Range
Standard MotorcyclesYamaha$7000
Sport MotorcyclesDucati$13000
Cruiser MotorcyclesHerley Davidson$13500
Honda Rebel 500$6,199+-

3. High-End Bikes: 

This special category of bike is not for all. You should select this category if you want some luxury along with performance. In most cases, touring motorcycles are considered high-end motorcycles. An entry-level touring motorcycle costs nearly $17000. Makes sense, isn’t it? 

You might have already thought of the quality it provides, right? Exactly! Along with the top-notch performance, these bikes impart an elegant aesthetic. The eye-catching ambiance of these motorcycles will make an illusion in buyers’ eyes and make their purchase for sure. Prices for these motorcycles range from $15000 to $30000. Here goes a generic list regarding the price: 

Motorcycle TypesBrandApproximate Price Range
Street MotorcyclesBMW$15000
Touring MotorcyclesHonda$27500
Honda Gold Wing Tour$28,500+-
Cruiser MotorcyclesHerley-Davidson$20000
Suzuki Boulevard S40$5,799+-

This is the end of the discussion. Now, I will demonstrate a brief chart showing the average pricing of motorcycles from various prominent brands. For gathering ideas, you can roll your eyes over the below chart:

Brand NameAverage Price

Related Question:

Why Do Different Motorcycles Cost Differently?

The cost of motorcycles depends on their usability and types. You’ll also notice that the price and usability differ when you switch types. However, many factors affect the cost of motorcycles, for example, the engine, transmission, size, etc.

To reduce cost, you can filter things out while purchasing a motorcycle, such as choosing a minimal shape, manual engine, and other specific things that save your budget. Going for larger ones would make your budget bulkier than ever before.

How Do You Save Money When Buying A Motorcycle?

To save money, purchasing a used motorcycle is the smartest and most budget-friendly option. You can easily get a good-grade used motorcycle for around a few hundred dollars. Whether a branded one costs almost $5000-$10000. 

Nonetheless, except for the purchase price, you can also save some bucks while purchasing other necessary equipment. For example, helmets, gear, and accessories. But do not set too low ones. Doing such can make your motorcycle riding experience worse.

What Is The Price Of A Good Motorcycle?

An average quality motorcycle costs around $5000-$10000. The price range mostly depends on the motorcycle type, engine size, transmission rate, and other important factors. Though, the superior quality motorcycle costs way more than the mentioned price range. 

Going for the used ones is the safest option to reduce the budget. In some significantly less budget, you can purchase good-grade used motorcycles. But you must keep the key considerations in your mind while buying. 

How Much Is The Cheapest Motorcycle?

It depends on your usability and why you’re up for purchasing a motorcycle. The fact is, motorcycle price depends on the type and some other important parameters. As these parameters change, the price also goes up or down. 

To give you a clearer idea, you can easily get yourself a motorcycle for around $500-$2000. It’s the cheapest option you can ever take. If you go below this range, the quality won’t be good. However, you can increase the budget a little more to be safe. 


As I have demonstrated some of the most common motorcycle types and their costs, I have guided you with motorcycle costs. It’s now become pretty effortless for you to understand how things work when purchasing a motorcycle. 

If you still find things complicated, re-read the article again. And don’t hesitate to redirect your friends and mates to this article, those in need.


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