How much does a pit bike cost

How much does a pit bike cost

A new pit bike can cost you from $350 to $1,400. The cost depends on the motor and how powerful the engine is. Although it’s almost similar to a dirt bike, it is not anywhere near compared to the speed.

Moreover, you may find a huge difference between the construction of pit bikes and dirt bikes. The cheaper pit bikes are ideal for kids. And because of having slower speed, parents feel safe for their children.

There’s a lot more thing that impacts the cost of pit bikes. So, my suggestion is to stay tuned and know more about pit bike pricing.

The average cost of a pit bike

The average cost of pit bikes ranges from $500 to $800. A pit bike is a trail and motocross racing bike. But the lightweight and compact design make it a good one for a newbie. It doesn’t produce much speed.

Therefore, it’s easy to control by the young riders. As you have already known that the cost depends on the pit bike engine and motor. Pit bikes engines typically come with 50cc to 150cc motors. You will hardly see any dirt bikes with such motors.

The highest speed you will get from a pit bike is 40 mph. The less powerful the motor is, the less speed it will produce. For kids, a pit bike producing 18 to 25 mph speed is ideal.

What’s the cost of a pit bike

A pit bike is a motocross, trail bike with low speed and less powerful motor. You can get one spending as low as $350. However, the most expensive one won’t cost you more than $1,400.

You need to know how powerful the engine is to decide whether it’s worth the price or not. Check out the following chart for more details regarding the engine and price.

Pit bike enginePrice
40cc to 50cc$350 to $450
60cc to 70cc$500 to $700
80cc to 90cc$700 to $800
110cc$850 to $1,000
125cc$1,000 to $1,200
150cc$1,200 to $1,400

Even if you purchase the most powerful pit bike, the young riders can control it. The engine doesn’t produce much power that takes the vehicle out of control. It’s one reason why people take it as a racing toy than a racing bike.

Are used pit bikes worth it

Yes, why not? But you need to ensure the bike is in good condition. A used bike means it’s been already in use for the last few weeks, months, or years. And you never know how well the owner has taken care of it.

The main concern about buying a used bike is that whether you are getting this for a kid or adult? Kids need safety, which may not be there on the used bike. However, you will find safety and fluent speed in that same bike for an adult rider.

If you are worried about the cost, you need to know that a used pit bike can reduce the cost to half as well. However, how much reductions of the cost will there depend on the bike’s condition.

Why pit bikes are so cheap  

If you compare pit bikes to dirt bikes, you may find a few identical features. However, it’s the cheapest option if your money is a concern. Inspecting these two types of bikes closely, you can see the differences.

  • Pit bikes have lightweight and compact designs.
  • The engines are less powerful.
  • Speed remains within 40 mph for better control.
  • These bikes are safer than dirt bikes.
  • Smaller tires than dirt bikes.

The most noticeable difference between pit bikes and dirt bikes is the body construction. Although both of these bikes are made of terrain conditions, the pit bike is the lighter one. The frame is made of lightweight material.

Because of the lightweight and compact design, it becomes much convenient for young riders to handle it. However, the lightweight design also has a downgrade that leads it to break the frame.

You may see the difference from the outside, but the main reason for the pit bike being a cheaper trail bike is the engine type. You will hardly find any slow dirt bikes like pit bikes. The majority of pit bikes have 50cc to 150cc engines.

The typical speed of a pit bike ranges from 20 to 25 mph. However, the most speedy one won’t go over 40 mph. This lower speedy engine and controlled speed make it a cheaper one compared to dirt bikes.

However, safety is related to the speed of the bike as well. Controlled speed means a safer ride for young riders. The thing is, dirt bike produces higher speed that making them ideal for experienced riders.

Another thing that lessens the cost of pit bikes is the smaller tires. Basically, pit bikes have 14 inches front tires and 12 inches rear tires. All these things impact the pricing and make pit bikeway a cheaper option.

Two-stroke vs. four-stroke pit bikes

In terms of speed, a two-stroke pit stays on top compared to a four-stroke bike. Two-stroke bikes are lightweight than four-stroke bikes, which makes them convenient to control. The young bike riding learners can easily work on two-stroke bikes.

A two-stroke bike is cheap and after buying, it requires less maintenance. The lesser maintenance service saves a lot of dollars for the users too. However, you may notice a few vibrations on the two-stroke models.

On the other hand, four-stroke pit bikes produce adequate traction on the terrains. Unlike two-stroke bikes, you don’t have to mix gas on four-stroke bikes. But the problem is that the four-stroke pit bike is comparatively more complicated.

It also needs proper maintenance, which may not be a good thing for inexperienced riders.

Final words

Which pit bike you need depends on your preference, but you must decide what you actually need. The price of pit bikes can go down to $350 as well as go up to $1,400. The price can vary depending on the user.

Now let’s sum up things quickly to ease the buying process.

  • The cheapest bike will cost $350.
  • You may have to spend $1,400 on the most expensive one.
  • The highest speed won’t go over 40 mph.
  • Both two-stroke and four-stroke bikes are available.
  • Safe for young riders.

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