How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance? [Know The Pricing]

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance

As a biker, you should definitely have motorcycle insurance to have the best riding experience. Do you know how much motorcycle insurance is and how to pick the best one?

Motorcycle insurance fee usually varies in the state and some other factors. The average fee for motorcycle insurance ranges between $100 to $1500. Insurance providers offer distinct packages for both experienced and less experienced riders.

Once you register for insurance, there is a monthly fee you need to carry. This will range from $30 to $150. It’s always recommended to get motorcycle insurance to ensure safety for both rider and the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Insurance Fees In The USA: Check Now

There are several reputable insurance providers that have been consistently delivering excellent services for many years. However, motorcycle insurance fees depend on some variables. Here are a few. 


Progressive, GEICO, and Nationwide offer different coverages for motorcyclists. The less the coverage the less the fee. For example, you need to spend around $75 to avail of the liability coverage of Progressive insurance. There is a monthly fee you need to pay to continue the insurance.

The insurance fee varies on the companies as they offer different packages for the riders. Nationwide can be a good choice if you are looking for cheaper insurance options.


This is the only option that can be controlled by the rider. There are different coverage packages offered by insurance providers. You can avail of insurance with minimum coverage. 

When searching for motorcycle insurance, riders commonly seek out comprehensive coverage, medical payments coverage, and collision coverage as key features to meet their needs.

State Wise Cost

Not all states have the same environment for bikers. This is why the insurance fee also varies depending on the state. The state-wise cost mostly depends on road situation, accident rate, and others.  

Here is the average monthly cost of some of the major states in the USA.

StateAverage Insurance Cost Per Month
New York$59
West Virginia$49
New Jersey$54

Rider Experience

The overall cost of motorcycle insurance will vary depending on the rider’s experience. If you are a professional rider with more than 10+ years of experience, there will be less charge for you than a newbie rider. 

For example, the average cost of insurance for a 16-year-old will be around $350 in Los Angeles. Whereas, it will cost only $190 for a 50-year-old regular rider. 

Bike Model

This is another factor that affects the cost of motorcycle insurance. If you are riding an expensive sports bike, you will surely need to pay more than the normal touring bike. 

These are the facts that affect the insurance cost. Motorcycle insurance providers typically conduct an inspection of the bike and charge a fee based on the model and state.

Tips To Choose The Best Motorcycle Insurance: Easy Guide

Well, as you know there are lots of insurance providers for motorcycles. So, here is a guide for you to pick the best one for your motorcycle.

Tip 1: Check The Coverage

Before choosing insurance, it’s important to check the coverage. You may not need all the coverage they offer. By choosing the right coverage option, you will be able to eliminate the extra cost as well.

Tip 2: Know Your Insurance Provider

You should have proper knowledge about the insurance provider you’re going with. First, filter the best insurance providers in your state. Compare their pricing and plans to find out the cheaper one with quality service.

Tip 3: Claiming Process

This one is very important for a biker. If the claiming process is complex, there is no benefit to having motorcycle insurance. The claiming process should be easy and simple. 

Tip 4: Customer Service

You should also check the feedback of the customer service of insurance providers from previous users. This will get you a good idea about the insurance provider and how responsible they are towards the customers.

These are among the main facts you should consider and check while choosing an insurance provider for your motorcycle. As it’s related to expense and compensation, you should be careful while choosing one. 


How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In New York?

The insurance fee for any state depends on the insurance provider and the coverage. However, you can avail of motorcycle insurance in New York at $75 to $202. The cheaper insurance will come with less coverage and features. 

Progressive, GEICO, and Nationwide are among the top motorcycle insurance providers in New York. For complete coverage, you need to spend more than the normal packages. 

What Is The Most Expensive Motorcycle To Insure?

Not all bikes will cost you the same while to insure. You will need to pay more for sport bike insurance. For example, 600cc and 1000cc racing bikes are the most expensive motorcycles to insure.

Apart from the motorcycle model, there are some other factors that affect the overall cost of motorcycle insurance. Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX-14R, and Honda CBR1000RR will top the list of the most expensive bikes to insure.

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without a License?

This actually depends on the insurance provider. It will be very difficult for someone to get insurance without a motorcycle license. A motorcycle license is proof of your expertise. Insurance providers consider it a risk to cover a non-professional biker.

In addition, it will cost you less to get insurance coverage if you are a professional rider with a license. Popular insurance providers may not allow you to insure your bike without a license.

How Does Insurance Work On A Motorcycle?

Motorcycle insurance is basically protection against any damage to the motorcycle and the rider as well. If your motorcycle is under any insurance, you will get compensation for both the bike damage and your injury.

The insurance providers have coverage packages for motorcycles. You need to spend according to the features you are availing. The common insurance coverages are collision coverage, motorist coverage, and more.

How To Claim Motorcycle Insurance?

If you want to claim any insurance features, you need to contact the insurance provider immediately. If you want to claim the collision coverage, you need to submit documentation about the incident with details. 

You may submit photographs and medical documents as well. There will be verification by the insurance provider. Once everything is complete, you will get the compensation as per your coverage.

Final Words

I guess now you know how much motorcycle insurance is. The fee can be reduced by choosing the perfect coverage as a rider. Also, if you are an experienced rider, there will be less fee than a new rider. Make sure to avail the basic coverages such as liability coverage and damage coverage. 


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