How Often Should You Wash Your Motorcycle?

How Often Should You Wash Your Motorcycle

Do you have the proper idea about how often you should wash your motorcycle? And what are the things you need to remember while washing your bike? 

If you want to maintain the healthy cleanliness of your motorcycle, it’s suggested to wash this at least once every week. But, there would also be some people who hardly drive their bikes. In regard to that, the maximum count to wash motorcycles would be twice every week. 

Keep reading this article. Here I’ll explain all these interesting facts and tips to give your motorcycle the perfect wash every time. 

Can I Wash My Motorcycle Daily With Just Water?

No motorcycles would need daily washes unless you’re not a daily rider who drives across muddy roads.

Washing the bike daily with just water will undoubtedly make your bike clean, dust-free, and fresh. The messy and frequent riders are allowed to give their motorcycle gentle streams with water every day. Don’t use any polishes, soap regularly. Just some water and cotton wipes would be enough for regular motorcycle cleansing. 

But if you’re generally washing your motorcycle everyday with water, in the long run, it might make the bike look more faded. If you use the heavy water flow regularly, it might create some crucial defects to your vehicle. Also, this will certainly deduct your motorcycle service life.

So, no matter how obsessive you’re, avoid washing your motorcycle regularly. This will not only waste water but also damage your bike. Cleaning the motorcycle once a week in the right way is the wisest decision one could make.

How Often Should I Polish My Motorcycle?

Well, polishing the bike is a necessary step to maintain your motorcycle appearance and keep metal quality better. To protect your motorcycle body from rusting, you must give good polishes to your motorcycle.

So, make sure you’re polishing your motorcycle at least once a month. If you’re a frequent traveler and often deal with dirt, debris, and muds,  it would be better to polish after every week.

Trust me, polishing works like therapy for motorcycles. If you search in the market, you’ll get several types and brands of polishers. Pick your best one and get regular polishes done. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Daily Motorcycle Washing and Polishing?

Washing and polishing a motorcycle daily is never a good idea. The proper washes take quite a lot of time and effort. Besides, daily wash can cause several side effects.

Such as:

  • The plastic parts of your motorcycle might appear grey by daily wash.
  • Metal parts of the motorcycle can develop rust by daily watering.
  • In the long run, this rusting will create damages to the vital parts of your motorcycle and it might cause defects.
  • Washing too often can make the lubricant do displaced and mess the grease points on the engine. 

These are the reasons you should avoid daily washes. It would kill so much time and energy as well. In the long run, your vehicle will suffer. 

Can I Wash My Motorcycle At Car Wash?

Washing your motorcycle at a car wash is never a good idea. If you don’t know, they use heavy water flow at car washes that might damage the motorcycle body. 

Though most people find it a good idea to wash a motorcycle at the car wash, Not everyone has got enough time or energy to clean a bike regularly. But breaking all the pros and cons, it’s not safe for your bike. The high pressure used at car wash might cause electrical damage, discoloration, and others. 

So, it’s a better idea to make a few times to wash your motorcycle correctly at home. You won’t get to watch a car wash if they’re doing all the procedures right or not. So, take a hand or do your motorcycle wash every week at home. 

What Soap Can I Use to Wash My Motorcycle? 

If you want to wash your motorcycle in the right way, make sure you’ve got the right ingredients together. Warm water and a mild car washing soap are the most exotic combinations to shine and clean your motorcycle. 

You might get various numbers of car washing soap in the market. Pick one soap that is free of all harmful chemicals for the motorcycle body. Generally, these soaps come both in spray and liquid form. So, anyone can choose whichever they would like. 

You’ll be surprised to know that a mild shampoo/ regular dishwasher can be used as unique alternatives for car washing soaps. Your car body needs to be cleaned. So anything that contains gentle and germ-killing ingredients is enough to make your car shine like new. 

What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Motorcycle For A Long Time?

If you want to expand the motorcycle service life, maintenance is a highlighted thing to follow. And washing the motorcycle regularly is a vital part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

1. Harms Your Impression:

Ignoring regular cleansing of your bike can harm your impression. After all, driving a filthy motorcycle is good for nothing.

2. Creates Junks:

People who avoid cleaning weeks after weeks might notice junks stuck in the motorcycle engine. This will cause harsh driving with every drive.

3. Weighs Heavy:

Wastes can get stuck in various parts of the bike and make them turn to weigh exceptionally heavily.

4. Harsh driving:

You might also catch issues while changing the gears because of skipping washes. The chain/ engine might also create harsh noise while driving. 

According to the driving frequency and need, everyone should give washes. This will provide your motorcycle with longer life. If you’re expecting a shiny appearance along with trouble-free performance, you must provide washes regularly.

8 Things You Should Keep In Your Mind While Washing A Motorcycle: 

Washing the motorcycle every week is enough for daily riders. No one would like to see or ride some filthy vehicle. After all, this will carry your image and persona.

Besides, some people hold a great obsession with their motorcycles. They should also follow every week’s one wash rule. Every time you wash your motorcycle, make sure you’re following the to-do and not-to-do list. 

Here I’ve researched and made a list of 8 Things that You Should Keep Your Mind While Washing A Motorcycle:

1Use a 100% microfiber cloth and a soft toothbrush to wash or wipe your motorcycle
2Wash your motorcycle in a cold and shaded place
3Avoid washing your car while the engine/ any pipe is hot
4Remove all the parts of your motorcycle that might get ruined because of water. AS: GPS, 
5Avoid high pressure of water while washing your bike. 
6Don’t scrub excessively your motorcycle body parts while cleaning.
7You need to soak your motorcycle properly after every wash
8Clean the chain of your motorcycle before you clean with the other parts. 

These few things would keep you safe from causing any damages to your bike wash. 

Final Words

This article has explained How often you should wash your motorcycle, tips, and other top asked facts. Hopefully, the information was a great help towards your motorcycle’s longer lifespan.

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