How Safe Are Modular Motorcycle Helmets? [An In-Depth Discussion]

How Safe Are Modular Motorcycle Helmets

No matter what type of helmet you wear, it is the most crucial equipment to ride safely. Riding safeness mostly depends on what types of helmets you wear. In today’s article, I am going to reveal how safe modular motorcycle helmets are.

The quick and easy answer is, yes they are safe to wear while riding your motorcycle. A high-quality and standard modular motorcycle helmet is safer and very effective as well. 

If comfortability, breathability, and sight view are your priority, you can go for traditional flip-up helmets. Read this in-depth discussion about modular helmets if you are hesitant about choosing the right helmet. However, to know more about this, read the article from beginning to end.

8 Reasons That Tell Why Modular Motorcycle Helmets Are Safer: 

Many riders or buyers speak up about the size and weight of flip-up helmets. But in my point of view, this larger size helps to cover up the face and protects it from harmful objects. There are plenty of issues to prove that modular helmets are safe and protective.

In this section, I am going to tell you some crucial benefits and issues that clarify how safe modular motorcycle helmets are. A Bluetooth version of the modular motorcycle helmet is also available. So let’s go to the in-depth discussion.

Reason 1: Standard Shell Size And Weight

Whether you’re riding in warm conditions or cold conditions, flip-up helmets offer a better experience. The shell size is standard and helps to cover your face easily. For this, there is no dangerous issue. For its respectable weight, it perfectly adapts the face surface and never moves. As a result, it will protect your face even if you have a serious accident.

As helmets are the most crucial safety equipment, don’t compromise about choosing the best. So pick a helmet that has a standard size and weight.

Reason 2: Built-in Tinted Sun Visors

Most modulator helmets are made of an integrated sun visor. Suppose, you are riding in hot and warm conditions where the sun gives its highest heat; in that case, you might decide to stop riding, right?

But it is not happening anymore. This helmet is made with unique integrated sun visors which will protect you from UV rays. So you can see the road without facing UV rays.

Reason 3:  Approved by ECE 22.05

Approval and certification are needed when a trust issue comes up. However, the modular helmets are approved and certified by ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). This commission approved only protective and effective helmets. So there is no doubt about its safety.

Reason 4: Standard Head Coverage

Modular or flip-up helmets come with the perfect head shape. For this, it can easily adjust to the head tightly. Furthermore, having a full head covering protects against severe pain. Another great thing is that you can wear eyeglasses effortlessly despite wearing a modular helmet.

As the head is the main part of the body, the safety of the head is more crucial. This helmet covers the whole head area. So it is safe enough to wear.

Reason 5: Firmly Placed In The Exact Place

Placement is another great deal when choosing a helmet. To ensure optimum safety, it is significant to wear such a helmet that is firmly placed. If the helmet isn’t fixed to the head firmly, there is a chance to commit an accident. 

Likewise, you can’t ride with confidence and safety. But the flip-up helmet is attached to the head firmly. This is why you can ride your motorcycle with the utmost speed.

Reason 6: Breathable And Convenient

There is sufficient open space on the face surfaces in this helmet. In addition, it incorporates a hinge system with a flexible button. This feature allows you to lift the chin bar easily. Moreover, the benefits of having a lifting chin-bar are that it increases ease and convenience. You can take in fresh air even while wearing this.

Also, you can drink water or tea just by flipping the chin bar up. So, you never get tired of riding your bike. As a result, the risk of accidents will be greatly reduced.

Reason 7: Hybrid Microphone Enable

With a modular helmet, you can wear a microphone for better sound quality. It helps you to hear the other vehicles’ sounds easily. Also, you can communicate with your partners and have more fun. So you can ride hassle-free. Most importantly, in most modular helmets, there is an eye-protective glass that protects your eyes from dust and micro-particle.

Reason 8: Great Ventilation

No matter what the condition is, this helmet gives you extra peace. You can enjoy the fresh air while riding in warm conditions. Also, there are anti-fog and anti-scratch benefits that allow you to ride in a foggy environment.

Modular VS Full-Face Helmets: Debate And Confusion

Here is a comparison table that shows the in-depth distinction between modular VS full-face helmets.

Modular or Flip-up Motorcycle HelmetFull-face Motorcycle Helmet
It is specially designed for those who are looking for optimum comfort and a flexible ride.The full-face version is the perfect choice for those who are looking for optimum safety and are crazy riders.
With this kind of helmet, you can communicate with your partners or others face-to-face without taking off the helmet.With this helmet, you can communicate as well but you need to take off the helmet.
You can lift the chin bar when you need to take fresh air and enjoy the side view.You can’t do the same thing as modular while riding.
The chin bar of modular helmets is not integrated. It means you can lift it up and down whenever you need.The chin bar of this type of helmet is permanent (integrated). So you can’t replace it. This is why it is stronger than its counterparts.

Pros And Cons Of Modular Motorcycle Helmets:

Everything on earth has its ups and downs. So there is no exception on this helmet. Among the many good aspects, there are some limitations too. Now, take a look at the pros and cons of modular helmets.

Advantages Of Modular Motorcycle Helmets:

Here are the advantages and pros of motorcycle modular helmets:

  • A unique and Perfect version of luxury and smart riders.
  • Great and mind-blowing for all types of conditions.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Drinking water or tea or coffee even while wearing this helmet is easy.
  • UV-protected sun visors enable you to ride hassle-free.

Limitations Of Modular Motorcycle Helmets:

These are only a few cons and limitations of modular motorcycle helmets:

  • The chin bar of this helmet is lifted. So there is a big chance of getting seriously injured.
  • Many modular helmets have an automated ups and downs button that opens the chin bar in times of danger.

What Are The 5 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets?

So after reading this article, you may have decided to buy a modular helmet. But now the question is, which should you buy? Don’t worry.

 Now, I am going to share with you the 5 best and most affordable modular helmets. All of the 5 helmets work superbly.

Name Of Modular Motorcycle HelmetsPrice Ranges
Scorpion EXO-Tech$116.79 to $450
Roof Boxer V8$150 to $300
Nolan N100-5 Plus$190 to $450
Duke II $50 to $250
Schuberth E1$140 to $400

Are Modular Helmets Safer Than Full Faces?

There is no doubt that modular helmets are safer. In many cases, they even outperform full-face helmets in terms of safety. If the flip-up helmets are made with high-quality material, they provide you with better safety and security.

There is a hinged chin bar and automatic lock button in this helmet. So you can feel and enjoy fresh air, drink a cup of tea or water by pressing the lock button.

Are Modular Helmets Safe In A Crash?

The answer is yes. A modular helmet provides better protection while committing an accident or frontal collision. There is flipping and an easy move-on chin bar that you can move up and down easily. When you are in a dangerous situation or leaning forward, the chin bar automatically comes up.

So your face and head are out of danger. It varies but most of the time, it will protect you. 

Are Modular Helmets DOT Approved?

Of course, yes. The modular helmets are DOT (Department Of Transportation) that ensure reliability. Generally, a helmet is considered standard only if it’s approved by DOT and ECE. In the USA, there is no doubt that modular helmets are DOT approved.

Is Modular Helmet Good?

There are lots of modular helmets in different types and categories. Some of them are fantastic and safer. Don’t think, others do not. For example, there are chin bar options available on every modular helmet.

In many helmets, the chin bar ups and downs automatically. But in many modular helmets, the chin bar doesn’t move even in a serious accident.

Final Verdict

So far, I’ve put some crucial opinions about how safe modular motorcycle helmets are and why. In recent times, the most hesitating and confusing issue is choosing the right helmet. Among all types of helmets, at present, the demand for modular helmets is increasing day by day.

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