How To Become A Motorcycle Racer? [Steps And Considerations]

How To Become A Motorcycle Racer

Becoming a motorcycle racer is a dream of many. The adrenaline rush and the excitement of crossing boundaries in racing are incredible. But is it easy to become a motorcycle racer? No, because racing is not only about riding a motorcycle. It involves techniques and requires mastery and immense practice to become a motorcycle racer. 

Though challenging, any hurdle shouldn’t keep you away from your dream. Hence,  if you have decided to become a motorcycle racer, you must learn it first. Involvement in a consistent process and dedication can make you a good racer. First, you need to master skills and then keep practicing!

Before you start your journey of becoming a racer, I have some suggestions. From years of experience, I have a few tips and guidelines for new racers. Then, keep reading the article. Know the most about how to become a pro racer. 

7 Steps To Become A Professional Motorcycle Racer: Beginners Guide

It is essential to follow a roadmap to learn a skill. The same goes with motorcycle racing. Your journey starts as you dedicate time and effort to get into the process. But without following the right pathway, the process becomes messy. It is like trying to get a college degree without completing school exams! Here is a beginner guide for you. 

Step 1: Get A Motorcycle And Riding Gear

Buy a motorcycle that you are comfortable with. Having complete control over the vehicle is essential to learning to ride. Consequently, it is better not to practice with other motorcycles. You get used to it and learn better when you have a bike. Therefore, go to a seller, try out different models, and get the best one you can handle. You don’t require a heavy or top-notch motorcycle for learning. 

Along with the motorcycle, don’t forget to buy riding gear. Gloves, riding boots, helmets, riding jackets, sunglasses, etc. are necessary for your safety. Therefore, buy the best quality riding gear before you start learning. 

Step 2: Enroll In A Motorcycle Riding Course

Since you want to be a racer, you would need a coach. But before becoming an expert, you have to master basic riding skills. For that, you should enroll in any introductory motorcycle riding course. Various seller companies, as well as clubs, offer such training programs for beginners. Join any of these courses. 

Riding courses would teach you the basics; to ride stably, take turns, use gear, etc. As you become an expert in riding, you can take help from the coach to learn techniques for racing. 

Step 3: Get A Professional Trainer

Once the basic training is done, you are ready for professional training. It may be difficult for a new rider to find a personal trainer. In that case, you can join a racing club. Don’t be shy or afraid of your primary performance! As you ride around expert riders, you will learn better. You would get a coach as well as a team to support you. 

During the professional training, you would finally master the best racing tactics. Learn and observe and become riding tactfully in the key! Challenge yourself and keep exploring new tricks of racing. 

Step 4: Practice With Experts

Learning is never enough! Practice is the key to becoming a skilled and proficient rider. But rather than practicing alone, find a buddy who is an expert in racing. You can understand your feelings when you have an expert riding with you. The expert can advise you, and you can keep improving. 

Keep practicing and challenging your skills until you satisfy yourself. As you become confident enough, you can move to the next step. 

Step 5: Get A License And Sponsor

You would need a separate license for racing. Once you master the skills and prove yourself as an eligible racer, you can apply for the permit. With the license, you won’t be able to participate in any competition. Therefore, you would need to approach the authority, pass the test, and then get the license. 

Simultaneously, you should try to get a sponsor as soon as possible because racing is quite a costly investment. In most cases, you need to invest in taking part in a race. Therefore, it is better to look for sponsorships as soon as you get the license. Build connections with local racers, clubs, and motorcycle companies for support. 

Step 6: Take Part In Local Races

If there are training courses and clubs in your area, there must be races. Take part in these races as frequently as possible. Don’t lose hope if you fail in these races. This is just the beginning. Keep participating in the local races and get noticed by coaches and sponsors. Once you prove your worth gradually, the further would get smooth. 

Coaches would train you, and you would get sponsorships. Besides, you would learn the rules for racing and slowly become the best version of yourself. 

Step 7: Approach Bigger Races

Once you pass the local levels, you can approach the national and international races. Your coach would guide you through. The coach would understand your level of mastery better and take you through the process. 

The process sounds brief, right? But the process may not be as smooth as it sounds. You genuinely require skills and practice to become a professional racer. And for that, following the process is essential. 

7 Things You Should Consider Before Starting Racing Journey

Before you decide to become a racer, you should know a few things. Lack of information can be misleading for new riders. Accordingly, you better understand these considerations before starting your racing journey. 

1. Start As Early As Possible:

The more you age, the more opportunities become limited. Most successful racers are very young. Even sponsors mostly get impressed by young talents. I don’t mean that you can start at a mature age. But the struggle to make a position would be brutal for an aged person. 

2. Racing Is Expensive:

Learning and practicing motorcycle racing can be expensive. It is quite a considerable investment. The investment starts when you buy a motorcycle and gear. Then you invest in training, getting the license, and participating in races. Until an authority sponsors you, racing is expensive. Consider that. 

3. Fitness Is Important:

Even to start, fitness is essential. Riding is not as easy as it may seem. Sitting on the seat, operating the gear and clutch, and making moves need you to be energetic. Flexibility, mobility, and energy are essentials to riding a motorcycle effortlessly. 

4. The Process Is Time-consuming:

Racing is not like vocational training. It is not about a few months or a year. It is a continuous process of learning and practicing. Even the learning process is time-consuming. As a result, you would need to invest enough time and effort to learn and practice racing. 

5. Racing Is A Lifestyle:

Racing is just not about learning and racing in the competition. It should become a part of your lifestyle. You need to change your eating habits, start exercising, and maintain a routine to become a successful racer. As a consequence, you have to make up your mind to change your usual lifestyle when you decide to become a racer. 

6. Learning Never Ends:

Racers never stop getting training. They need to keep learning. It is a consistent process, unlike getting a degree. You have got to explore new tricks, master skills from various coaches, and challenge yourself with new racing techniques. You should be ready to learn ceaselessly if you become a racer.

7. Practice Is The Key:

Never stop practicing. Make a specific routine to practice racing. Besides training, you need to practice by yourself. If you don’t have the mindset and time to practice your racing skills, there is no point in getting into it. Without practice, racing won’t be easy for you. 

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want To Become A Pro Racer

To become a pro racer, you have to take care of some common mistakes. These mistakes often happen naturally due to a lack of knowledge. Have a look at these common mistakes and take note of them. 

1. Poor Diet:

Overeating and having a poor diet can hamper your riding performance. You should follow a strict diet chart suggested by your coach. Even during a ride, you should take 200 calories each hour. You see, you shouldn’t eat less or more than needed. Consult a dietitian and your coach to select a diet schedule. 

2. Not Warming Up:

Without flexing your muscles and warming up, you won’t be able to ride properly. If you directly go out to ride, you won’t feel comfortable. It also maximizes the chances of injury and muscle sprain. So before you go racing or riding, do a warm-up for at least 15- 20 minutes. Cardio and stretching would suffice. 

3. Medium Pace:

It is dangerous to get comfortable in medium-pace racing. Once you are done with training, you should race at the maximum speed you can go. If you compromise the speed, you would struggle to pace up. Hence, keep challenging yourself and try pacing up. Don’t lower the pace. 

4. Lack Of Rest:

If you don’t rest enough, it is impossible to race comfortably. Lack of proper rest would stress your muscles, bones, and brain. Besides appropriate training and diet, you should rest to show the best performance. Sleep for at least 8 hours. In case of injuries, make sure to cure first before riding again. 

5. Racing Without Gear And A Good-Condition Motorcycle:

Without gear, racing is super risky. For this reason, never go out racing without riding gear, even during training. Also, you should practice racing with a motorcycle in good condition. It is hazardous to ride a faulty bike. That is why check the state of the bike before riding and wear riding gear. 

Related Questions:

How Long Does It Take To Become A Professional Motorcycle Racer?

It takes at least 2 to 3 years to become a professional motorcycle racer. It has a specific process to learn and master riding and racing skills. In conscience, it is not a matter of months. Besides, after mastering the racing skills, it takes time to get a license and start racing professionally. With skills, experience matters too to the sponsors and racing authorities. 

Besides all these factors, the learning period varies from person to person. The more you practice, the faster you become a professional rider. 

How Much Money Does A Bike Racer Make?

The salary of the bike racer depends on the level of your expertise. For beginners who have just started, the salary is around $20,000 to $30,000. The best-experienced bike racers can earn about $1,80,000 (vary from state to state).

Riders who are average performers can earn between $40,000 to $50,000 depending on the performance quality. Besides this income, sponsorship helps riders to earn extra. 

How Do You Start A Motorcycle Racing Career?

You need to be adamant and determined to start a motorcycle racing career. Start at an early age to master the skills correctly. You should get proper training from pro racers and coaches to start professionally. Then get involved in a team of racers to be in the aura of racing. Learn new techniques and keep practicing. 

After mastering the skills, you need a license to participate in races. Participate in local races and then go for bigger races. That is how you can start your racing career.

Is Motorcycle Racing Easy? If Not, Why?

Motorcycle racing is one of the most accessible sports activities in practice. Most people find it exciting to ride, which makes them learn it fast. When the rider knows with enthusiasm and determination, motorcycle racing automatically seems easy. 

However, it doesn’t mean you won’t need practice and training. Training and consistent practice are mandatory to make motorcycle racing easy. Also, follow the best techniques and keep learning from a coach to make it simple for yourself. Ultimately, it depends on your dedication to whether it would be easy for you or not. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start Motorcycle Racing?

Motorcycle racing is quite an expensive sports activity. Starting from buying a motorcycle to getting the license, you need to invest in each step. You would need to spend around $2000 to $10,000 to start motorcycle racing. The cost depends on how much you spend on the gear, motorcycle, and training. 

The expenditure would vary on who trains you and how you would want your process to be like. But the minimum you would spend on training is $2000. 

Is Motorcycle Racing Cheaper Than Car Racing?

Motorcycle racing is generally cheaper than car racing. Having a racing car is more expensive than racing a motorcycle. Training for racing a car is also costlier than learning motorcycle racing. Even buying the gear and equipment for motorcycle racing is cheaper than car racing gear. 

Therefore overall, motorcycle racing is way more affordable and cheaper than car racing. 

Summing Up:

I have added all the tips and steps to become a motorcycle racer. I intended to inform you the most so that you make a wise decision. Before starting your racing journey, take notes of the essential things I have mentioned. Make up your mind and think about whether or not to invest in learning motorcycle racing. 

If you are confident and focused, start your journey of becoming a motorcycle racer as soon as possible. My best wishes to you!

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