How To Carry Drinks On A Motorcycle? [A Helpful Guide]

How To Carry Drinks On A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun unless you have something to carry on your motorcycle. The problem is when something like drinks has to be carried on a motorcycle. Then you may ask, how to carry drinks on a motorcycle?

You can carry drinks on a motorcycle in different ways. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a backpack. You can also use many other ways to carry drinks on a motorcycle including Top-Box, Saddlebags, Tank Bag, Top Trunk, and Panniers.

By reading this article, you can learn about the ways of carrying drinks on a motorcycle, and you will also get to learn some tips and suggestions while carrying drinks on a motorcycle. So, let’s get started!

8 Easy Ways To Carry Drinks On A Motorcycle:

You can carry drinks at different times. Maybe use another way to carry drinks. Hopefully, from now on you will be able to carry drinks using your motorcycle. You can carry drinks in any of the following ways.

1. Top-box:

Top-box is big enough to hold drinks. You can make the top box smaller or larger depending on your needs. In addition to keeping drinks inside, you can also keep your helmet. This will protect the top box lock system from being stolen. 

The inside of the top box protects the drink bottle from shaking. No bottle of drink is damaged even if it is shaken. You can put any drink in it. So it’s a great way to keep a top box on your motorcycle to carry drinks.

2. Saddlebags:

The back of your bike must have enough space to hold a pair of saddlebags. So you can keep these saddlebags to carry drinks on the motorcycle. It is capable of carrying more drinks than a top bag. Just make sure the saddlebag fits your bike properly.

Make sure it does not touch the bike’s chain or rear wheels. The big advantage is that you can sit the passengers in the back even after installing the saddlebag. The problem is that there is no lock, so you must take care of the security system.

However, there are ribbons to tie well. You can also keep a top box as well as a pair of saddlebags on either side of the bike. These bags are made of leather, so the bottles of drinks are good. The bags get less shaking as they hang, so the bottles of drinks don’t break.

3. Tank Bag:

Another option to carry drinks on a motorcycle is a tank bag. If your fuel tank is made of metal, you can use it without any hesitation. Although, it can not carry much. You can use it in addition to other items. It is easy to use. While riding, you can open it and take some things and keep some things.

4. Top Trunk:

You can use this top trunk along with a backpack, and saddlebags. It is strong enough and water-resistant. It’s like a suitcase. It is not possible to carry large quantities of drinks. However, it is a good option to carry drinks over long distances. Its lock system is of good quality. If you already have it, you can carry drinks. But don’t buy it just to carry drinks.

5. Panniers:

I think this is one of the best ways to carry drinks on a motorcycle. These panniers tend to be waterproof. You can carry many bottles of drinks inside these panniers. Its lock system is very advanced. If you have to leave your motorcycle in the middle of the road and go somewhere, you can lock it. 

There is no fear of losing drinks from it. Everything has a bad side. The problem with these panniers is that they increase the width of the back of your motorcycle. You have to drive carefully, so drinks don’t get hit by any vehicle from left to right.

Its weight increases with increasing width since you are carrying a lot of drinks together. So, be careful while riding a motorcycle.

6. Built-In Storage:

This is a way for you to carry a fair amount of drinks. PC800 is one of the most available built-in storage in the market. One of the best features of this Built-In Storage is the Integrated Cargo Area. It stays on both sides of your motorcycle.

Built-in storage is very strong so there is no harm in a bottle of drinks. You can also keep important documents in it. It is very good for carrying a regular and small amount of drinks.

7. Backpack:

This is the easiest way to carry drinks on a motorcycle. At the same time, it is the most used method. Although it seems simple, it is not an ideal solution. One of the biggest reasons for this is that all the load of the backpack rests on the rider.

If the journey is long, the rider has a problem. The rider gets tired. Carrying drinks can cause pain in the body, which can make it difficult for you to move later. A good solution is to not have a backpack on your back. You can strap your backpack to the seat or the CC bar.

Another problem with using it is that you can’t carry too many drinks. If the distance is less and the amount of drinks is less, I think the best way for you is to use this backpack.

8. Tied To The Passenger Seat:

If you do not have backpacks, saddlebags, top-boxes, etc. So, a good option for you is to tie the drink bottles in the backseat of the motorcycle. For this, you can use a bungee cord or rock straps. If you have fewer drinks, you can just tie it.

If there are too many bottles of drinks, you can tie them with a net. Using the net allows you to tie more bottles together. Although, there are some problems. There is a possibility of “flop” even after tying in this way. You need to be careful while riding a motorcycle. Make sure that the mounting points of the tied bottles are correct.

8 Things You Should Never Do When Carrying Drinks On A Motorcycle:

The main cause of motorcycle accidents is speed. There are also some things you shouldn’t do while driving. Be aware of the following things that you should never do when carrying a drink on a motorcycle.

1. Ride With Worn-Out Tires: 

Don’t do that, ask yourself if these tires are right for you. Importantly, riding a motorcycle with bald, worn, and low-trade tires is extremely dangerous. This type of tire makes driving harder when the road is wet and you will carry drinks on your motorcycle. At that time, you will not be able to control your motorcycle well. 

2. Avoid Competition: 

If anyone wants to leave you behind let him go. You will not compete with him. Since you are carrying drinks on your motorcycle. Chasing someone in such a situation can be harmful. You have to think you are doing an important job so take a break and let him go.

3. Ride Beyond Your Limits:

You have to remember that you are not on the race track. You need to think about the drinks you have with you. Pay attention to your road and situation. Never exceed the safe speed limit. Your main goal is to reach your destination safely.

4. Riding Under The Influence Of Alcohol: 

It may be fun for you. But the results are not always good. While carrying drinks on your motorcycle, you have to control your bike carefully. If you ride a motorcycle drinking alcohol, you will lose control of the vehicle. Your response time will be reduced.

5. Do Not Pre-Ride Check:

Many people forget this. If you check the Pre-ride in 1 or 2 minutes, you will avoid many problems. After loading drinks on your motorcycle, check that your brakes, fuel, tires, chains, lights, indicators, and suspension are OK.

6. Ride While Asleep Or Tired: 

Normally it is forbidden to ride while sleeping or tired. There you are carrying drinks. Then you have to be more careful. One study found that the amount of accidents caused by drugs is the same as the number of accidents caused by riding while asleep or tired. So rest well, then carry drinks.

7. Uncomfortable Road: 

You are carrying drinks so you should leave the road with debris, gravel, a hole, an oil slick. You do not know what is waiting for you on that road. So it is better to leave this kind of road.

8. Don’t Keep A Tinted Visa For The Night: 

Tinted visas work great to keep your eyes sunburned during the day which makes you feel comfortable while riding a motorcycle. But these are not good for the night. If you wear it at night, you will see oil slicks on the front. Do not use this tinted visa at night to avoid accidents.

Related Questions:

Can Drinks Be Carried By Hanging On The Handlebars Of The Motorcycle?

Of all the methods described above, this is the worst. You should not carry drinks like this. You will not feel comfortable riding a motorcycle.

This bag can get stuck in anything at any time while driving a motorcycle which can result in a fatal accident. You do not do this as a conscious citizen. Don’t be a danger to other people.

How Many Drinks Can Be Carried On A Motorcycle?

I think it depends on your skill and physical ability. Not everyone has the same physical ability. You can carry according to your confidence. It also depends on your motorcycle. If you think the amount of drinks is too much, it is better to carry it in another vehicle.

There is no need to get into an accident to save some money. This article is written to make it safe to carry drinks on your motorcycle.

Can You Attach A Sidecar To Carry Drinks On A Motorcycle?

This depends on several factors. You need to know if your motorcycle is strong enough to pull the sidecar. If its answer is satisfactory, you can attach a sidecar. It also depends on your skills and road conditions. You can’t do this if there are holes in the road. If the sidecar gets stuck in the middle of the road, you will be in danger.

How Do You Know If This Drink Should Be Carried On A Motorcycle?

You will see the size of the accessories that you will use to carry the drinks. Whether it fits your motorcycle. Also, see if there is enough space to carry drinks. Whether it adjusts to your skills and motorcycle. 

After all, if it doesn’t fit, you’re in danger. With this, you need to make sure that it can be released quickly. If it doesn’t, you won’t feel comfortable using it.

Can You Use A Drink Holder To Carry Drinks On A Motorcycle?

You can use a drink holder to carry drinks on a motorcycle. But you have to remember that its size is very small. You can’t carry too many drinks here. You can use it for yourself. You can use it to drink water in the middle of the street which will help you to overcome the fatigue of the path.


Skill is very important in carrying drinks on your motorcycle. The other thing to pay attention to is the focus. Accidents can happen If you don’t pay attention to these two issues. Safety is of paramount importance when driving a motorcycle with drinks.

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