How To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle [Excellent Tricks]

How To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle

Carrying flowers on a motorcycle may be difficult if you don’t use any tool as a carrier. Your hands are not free to pick flowers on a motorcycle. While riding, you have to keep your eyes on the road and focus on driving.  

However, you need to arrange the flowers in a certain way on a motorcycle. It’s not difficult to carry flowers while driving. You can handle it in an easy and fun way with some good ideas. 

Several interesting ways to carry flowers on a motorcycle will be discussed here. Hope you get the perfect solution to this situation. By following the instructions, you can find the perfect enough way for you. So let’s take a look at the ways to carry flowers on a motorcycle.

5 Great Ways To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle: Most Common 

Here I have discussed in detail the interesting ways you can carry flowers on your motorcycle. You choose what you think is perfect and convenient. Then follow the instructions and prepare to apply the way in your case.

1. Carrying In Backpack:

Since you will be busy driving while riding a motorcycle, you need a backpack to carry other things. It is a perfect tool for carrying flowers also. If you want to take a flower bucket, you can carry a backpack for it. Carrying flowers in a backpack is very easy and safe.  It is safe for a whole bouquet of flowers. 

However, if there are a bunch of flowers, you can take a backpack. If you carry a bag then there is nothing to worry about the extra care for carrying flowers. For flower stalks, the whole flower may not be inserted in the backpack. Therefore you can cut the stalks. Or keep the backpack cover open. Interestingly, you can surprise someone by carrying flowers in the backpack. 

Another advantage is that the strong wind, rain, or storm while riding a motorcycle will not harm your flowers. Maybe because of the speed of the motorcycle the wind can get strong. So the backpack is perfect for carrying your flowers as a trick. And as a result, you don’t have any extra hassle with the flowers.

2. Motorcycle Front Basket:

Amazingly, you are carrying flowers in a basket in front of the bike. You will often notice that the riders are carrying something in a basket in front of the motorcycle. Carrying flowers makes your bike amazing to look at. In this basket in front of the bike, you can carry a lot more. So arranging a basket will not be in vain. It is most convenient and profitable to carry flowers in a basket on a motorcycle.

Buy according to the type of basket you want to use. The price of the basket will be determined according to the material.  Consider the aspects that will enhance the beauty of your bike. It is better to choose a strong basket at once to carry other things. 

If you have to carry flowers regularly then install a simple design 8-10 inch deep basket of cane or bamboo.  It can be used for other purposes and will maintain the traditional beauty of the bike. But sometimes it can cause you difficulties. Carrying a large bouquet can cause you to lose sight of the road ahead. But if the flower stalks are cut short, there will be no problem.

3. Motorcycle Rear Basket:

The basket on the back of the motorcycle is mainly used for carrying heavy items. However, you can also use it for carrying flowers. This is why knitted baskets are most perfect. Carrying flowers in this backside basket will not be a hindrance to your eyes. It will not be in front of the eyes and hinder your focus.

I think it is best to install a rear basket to carry a bouquet. Because with one basket you get the opportunity to carry the things heavy, light or anything you need. Try to use a rear basket in a way that can be easily installed. 

A simple design knitted basket can further enhance the beauty of the bike. As a carrier, the rear basket is used for anything to carry. So, It’s a great trick to use a rear basket for carrying flowers on your motorcycle.

4. Motorcycle Rear Rack:

There is already a rack on the back of your motorcycle. It is a very useful rack for a motorcycle owner. You are using this rack for various urgent purposes. It is possible to carry a lot of things through this rack. This rack is very helpful for you to carry anything. 

You can tie any big thing on it. It can be a huge support for carrying flowers. The rack is a strong carrier that holds a thing tightly. Holding it tightly can damage the flower stalks. But you can use it technically. So, it can work as a flower carrier on your motorcycle.

5. Trailer Installing:

Do you have any idea how to attach a basket or trailer? You can install a rack or a basket for using it as a carrier. You can use all the things that need to be carried. But if you want to install or attach a basket for carrying flowers only, you should use a simply designed knitting basket. You can attach a trailer for the job also.

To install a trailer on the back of the bike, you need to use the tools properly. Install it in a way that does not interfere with driving or sitting in the back seat of your motorcycle. The trailer cover keeps the flowers fresh and vibrant. 

Other Traditional Ways To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle: 

There are other ways to do this which are easier and more effective. The ways are mentioned below:

  • There is a belt on the back seat of the bike, you can tie a bouquet there. You can easily carry flowers in this way without any tools. However, the flower stalks can be slightly damaged due to the pressure of the belt.  
  • You can take the bouquet in the space between the two handles of the motorcycle. Put the flower branch inside and turn the flowers towards you. The bike will look gorgeous and the flowers are also safe in front of your eyes. Point to be noted that the flowers may not be fixed, it may ruin your driving attention.  
  • If someone is sitting in your back seat, you can give him the responsibility to carry. Because he has no responsibility for driving. So you can carry flowers through him.

Best Tips You Can Follow To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle

If you follow some tips for carrying flowers on a motorcycle, the task may be easier for you.  


Trim the flower stalks in a way that maintains beauty and hides in baskets or trailers. 


Before choosing any tools, consider the type, color, and carrier of your motorcycle.  


Frequently installing can seem like a hassle, so choose a tool that can carry anything.


You need to use a knitter basket that is 10-11 inches deep. Because for carrying any flower bouquet, the measuring is perfect. So, try to keep the measurement around it.


Trim the lower leaves of the flower stalk. Wrap and cover in a way so that the flower will be moist. This is the best trick to keep flowers fresh.

Related Questions To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle

What Is The Best Way To Carry Flowers On A Motorcycle?

All of the above ways are excellent to carry flowers on a motorcycle. Choose the type, convenience, and fits of your motorcycle that you think is most perfect enough. Pick a path considering whether you want to carry flowers on the back or front of the motorcycle.  However, using the trailer is safe for flowers from all sides.  

The trailer will keep the flowers fresh in a cool environment.  Excessive sun exposure on the road will not harm the flowers. In addition, even if it rains, the flowers are damaged which will not happen if you use the trailer.  So, consider the environment and safety with your choice and decide the best way.

What Things Should Be Considered Before Determining The Tools To Carry Flowers?

Choose the type, convenience, and fits of your motorcycle that you think is most perfect enough. The things that should be considered before determining the tools to carry flowers on your motorcycle are given below:

  • Check which method is applicable and convenient with the type of your bike.
  • Think about how you love to carry flowers and feel aesthetic. 
  • Think about the importance of carrying flowers safely. 
  • Consider how easy the installation process is for you.  
  • Consider simple methods and readily available tools to verify which way you need.

Advantages Of Carrying Flower In Front And Rear Basket Of A Motorcycle:

Below I point out some of the advantages of carrying flowers in both the front and rear basket of a motorcycle:

Motorcycle Front Basket:

The advantages of carrying flowers in a front basket on a motorcycle are given below:

  • Flowers in the front basket of the motorcycle create a gorgeous look.  
  • It will enhance the decoration of the bike.  
  • The flowers in front of your eyes will achieve your satisfaction.  
  • The bike will attract aesthetic attention.

Motorcycle Rear Basket:

The advantages of carrying flowers in the rear basket on a motorcycle are given below:

  • The flowers in the rear basket create aesthetic spirits.  
  • Large bouquets can be annoying in front of the eyes, so the rear basket is perfect in this case. 
  • Carrying other heavy items and flowers can be used for two purposes simultaneously.

Disadvantages Of Carrying Flower In Front And Rear Basket Of A Motorcycle:

These are the disadvantages of carrying flowers in both the front and rear basket of a motorcycle

Motorcycle Front Basket:

Carrying flowers in a basket set up in front can be uncomfortable for you. There may be more: 

  • You may be prevented from focusing on the front. 
  • The flowers in front may become dull in the sun and wind.  
  • If it rains or storms, the flowers will not be good in the open.

Motorcycle Rear Basket:

The rear basket also has many disadvantages for carrying flowers on the back of the motorcycle. Those are:

  • The flowers will be behind your eyes.  
  • Can be damaged by sun or rain.  
  • Seating in the back seat can be messy.

How Do You Protect Flowers From Rain Or Storm?

You can’t save flowers from sun, rain, or storms in all ways. That’s why you have to choose the safe ways. For example, the trailer. The trailer cover is the perfect tool to keep your flower perfectly safe and fresh. It is effective enough and you will feel comfortable using it. 

Also, you can protect it from sun, rain, or storm when you carry the flower in the backpack. If the length of the flower is smaller than this, it is not possible to hide it completely inside. Therefore, it is best to use a trailer on the backside.

Final Verdict 

No matter which way you carry the flower, it should not be a hindrance to riding the bike. In particular, the beauty of the bike should be carried in such a way that it is not spoiled.  Also, the freshness aspect of the flower is considered.

Making a flower carrier is a fun job if you can present it incredibly. Be sure to comment on which strategy you have chosen to carry flowers on your motorcycle.

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