How To Change A Valve Stem On A Motorcycle?

How To Change A Valve Stem On A Motorcycle

Changing a valve stem is extremely important as it is an air intake opening for a motorcycle tire. A broken valve stem can cause serious issues if it is not changed after a certain period. So, how do you change a valve stem on a motorcycle?

Changing a valve stem on a motorcycle is not new to motorcycle riders. Being a motorcyclist, I’ve experienced changing my motorcycle valve stem in the middle of the highway. It is a complicated process to change a valve stem if you are a rookie in this business. To know the easy-peasy process that I have applied, stick to the article. 

The replacement of the valve stem is as easy as pie. Here in this article, I will try to cover up every bit of it. Also, you will get a complete idea of how to change it quicker than before. It is effortless and requires no mechanics at all. 

5 Steps To Change A Valve Stem On A Motorcycle:

The valve stem regulates the air pressure in the tires. The stem can easily break if the tire is overinflated. Here are some helpful steps for replacing the valve stem. These are beneficial in every situation. However, it does not require heavy equipment. You can finish alone.

Step-1: Preparation

While it doesn’t require many arrangements, having all the essentials close at hand is a plus. You can reach an outcome without the help of a professional or any mechanic. As a preparation to get started with the process, you need to collect the basic tools beforehand, such as clamps, lubricating oil, pliers, and the replacement valve stem.

Clamps to hold the tire are the type of clamp you have to apply here. These clamps are available on amazon. The rest of the tools are specifically the ones as said. 

Step-2: Separating The Tire From The Rim

Firstly, do not use any pointy equipment on the separation of tires. Without taking the whole wheel out, simply divide the tire with the help of the clamp. Release all the air and make sure the tire is void. Also, position the clamp where the valve stem is. Do remember, that the clamp should be under steady pressure.

This step is a delicate step to apply. The valves are located in the body of the rim, not in the rim. You need to separate the seal of the tire to get it.

Some individuals use screwdrivers to isolate the tire. Some even completely take the whole wheel out and get their job done. This type of work is not expected. 

Step-3: Changing Of Valve Stem

Initially, remove the old valve stem. Do not lose the nut in the tire. It can create an imbalance in the tire. Then, pull any other pieces left from the valve. Clean the valve stem area.

Changing the valve stem is just a walk in the park. It depends on how you are administering it. Just act together with the procedure. 

Check your new valve stem properly. Look for any dents or leaks in the stem. Select your valve stem as recommended by the manufacturer. The application of dissimilar valve stems may not be correct.

Use some lube oil on the valve. This will increase the potential to push it easily. You can use liquid soap instead. With the help of pliers, place it in the right place. Hearing a pop will make sure it is in its right position. 

Step-4: Re-assembling The Wheel

To fully complete the process, you need to reassemble the wheel. Once you have replaced the valve stem, slowly remove the clamp to put the tire back in its place. Apply the right amount of pressure and notice if it is working or not. 

Now, some complications can arise during this operation. After inserting the valve stem, troubles can be seen. In this case, insulate the valve to preserve the seal. This allows a large amount of air to flow from your compressor to the tire. The cable is sealed, and the air will return immediately after removing the compressor. 

Step-5: Search For Any Complications

After finishing the whole process, still, some may be left behind. Mechanical things are not simple. It is hard to reposition anything after it has unfolded. Therefore, inspect your wheel and all the components correctly. See if any spot is missed. Examine if there is any kind of leak. In case you feel uncomfortable, take it to a professional mechanic. 

The above steps are the simple steps to easily change the valve stem of a tubeless tire. In addition, it is the overall process. 

What Happens If You Don’t Change A Valve Stem On A Motorcycle?

Motorcycles seen nowadays are primarily tubeless. Tubeless tires are relatively handled well. Whether you use an old or a new one, you may have to replace the valve stem over time. Noticing a broken valve stem can be a hard thing to do. Approximately, many riders often notice not getting the maximum psi as it should be. This issue comes out hugely after a long time and which is why it needs to be replaced at the right time. 

Similarly, keeping a valve stem for a long time can cause an accident while riding a motorcycle. After all, it guarantees the air pressure and seal of the bead.

4 Tips To Change A Valve Stem More Efficiently:

Having tips and tricks makes work more systematic. The tips hereunder are some to make your replacement like a child’s play. 


Use all the equipment in a uniform process. The result will carry no bumps and excellent sealing.


Always carry a magnet in case you drop a nut. Losing nuts while changing a valve stem can be a mess. The magnet will help you collect the nut.


After clamping the tire, clean the area where the valve stem position is. Once it is cleaned, the new valve stem will be ready to install.


Check the tire pressure only when the tire is sealed properly. 

Related Questions

Can You Change a Motorcycle Valve Stem Without Removing The Tire?

You need to remove the tire first to get to the valve changing art. In certain conditions, changing the valve stem without removing the tire is also workable. 

The main challenge here is to change the valve stem. Only when the outer part is broken, a replacement can be done without removing the tire. Simply extract the old valve with a plier. Then, apply a new valve stem. Confirm the seal is done correctly

How Do You Remove A Valve Stem Without Breaking Beads?

To make a perfect balance, beads come into play. Beads are often tricky while replacing valve stems. A little drawback can break the bead which may cause an imbalance. Tools that are needed are a valve stem extractor, pushrod, and a cone-shaped pipe. 

Push in the valve stem extractor and mildly remove the valve stem. Next, lubricate the new valve stem. Attach it to the pushrod and insert the rod with the valve stem in the cone-shaped pipe. Place the narrow end in the valve stem area and press down as hard as you can.

Press until you hear a sound. Thereafter, unscrew the valve stem from the pushrod. Place it correctly in its accurate place and you will be able to complete it without harming the bead.

Can You Change A Valve Stem By Yourself?

An urgent replacement is needed now and then. You can change it by yourself plus, it is not so difficult to do. Just get along with the correct stuff, the problem will resolve by itself. 

Start with a tool kit. Having an emergency tool kit works like a lifesaver for your commutation. Fortunately, this is a good trick to follow. It includes portable pliers, screwdrivers, a valve stem puller, and everything else. Lock and remove the valve stem without removing the wheels. You can also identify if the valve stem is working or not. Be sure of the replacement kit.

Is Changing The Valve Stem The Same In Tubeless And Tubed Tire Motorcycles? 

Tubeless tires are advanced structures of the tire. It fulfills the tire with a certain amount of tire pressure instead of using the tube. Each one is different from the other. It concentrates on the same method of extraction of the valve stem. The main difference here is the tube. The rest of the structure is all the same. 

The tubeless tire contains the valve stem in the rim. For that specific reason, you can easily change the valve stem without any extra replacements. The valve stem in a tubed tire is mainly attached to the tube likewise the change of a tubeless tire. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Valve Stem?

The valve stem doesn’t cost more than $20. Since it is a very small part of the motorcycle, the replacement is very cheap. Sometimes it costs less than $10. If you buy a valve stem, you can replace it yourself, but you need to be sure you follow the right guidelines.

You can also get it done by the mechanics at the shop. It will cost you a bit more then. Using too cheap a valve stem can be a problem. Stay alert to spending less on low-quality products. Try to borrow good-quality ones.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Valve Stem?

Replacing a valve stem doesn’t take an unrelenting amount of time. On average, you can complete the process within half an hour. Depending on your skills, it sometimes takes less than 10 minutes. Using the right tools is also important as professional tools will get the job done much faster.

But, being a beginner can take a good time by figuring out the whole process. A skilled mechanic will be of help if you feel like taking longer than usual. The process is overall very rapid.

How Can You Tell If A Valve Stem Is Bad?

A valve stem can only be bad when it is causing problems in your motorcycle. Defect valve stems are often hard to find. What you can do is, take a closer look at it with the help of a torch, and notice if you hear any air going out or anything noisy. You may find some air leaking out of its surface which means it is gone for good. Use a lighter in front of the stem and see if it blows the fire. 

A bad valve stem also crashes the motorcycle. You will feel a certain amount of less acceleration while on the run. This can happen because of the less pressure in the air. Testing the psi of the tire is another way to check. It can be helpful to notice the issue more cautiously. 

How Do You Remove A Valve Stem Core Without Tools?

A valve stem core is a tiny particle present in the valve stem. It is so tiny that one can easily lose it. Removing a valve stem core is not possible because of its size and shape. Being thin in length requires tools to execute it from the stem. 

Pliers can remove it too. Do not proceed to remove it without any tools. You may break the component. A different kind of valve stem core removal tool is available, but removing without tools is not practical in this case. 

How Do You Fix A Leaky Valve Stem On A Motorcycle?

Leaky valve stems can be fixed by simply extracting the Schrader valve from the stem. Usually, the Schrader valve passes the air when it is damaged. The Schrader valve extraction tool will help you replace it with a new one. Firstly, using the tool, screw the old valve and replace it with the new one by applying the same step. The leaky valve stem should be fixed properly. 

Your valve stem can be as good as new, but you may find some leaks. This is where you should replace the Schrader valve. Having said that, it might not be the same case each time. Full damage to the valve stem can also be the case. Remove the whole valve stem on that case. 

How Long Do Valve Stems Last?

The average life expectancy of a valve stem is long. Minimum lasts 5 years only if it is correctly handled. It lasts longer than most of the components in a motorcycle. People don’t feel the need to change for years. 

Taking care of your motorcycle can bring longevity to the valve stem. Experts recommend changing the valve stems when the tires are getting changed.  It helps to make the wheel balance. 

What Causes A Valve Stem To Leak?

There can be a lot of possible reasons causing a valve stem to leak. A valve stem replacement is essential because of its leak. The valve stem is the closed gate of the air pressure inside the tire. It causes its resistance capability to decrease from time to time. That is why it gets leaked. Being exposed to many weather conditions and running miles after miles, a leak is commonly seen. 

How Do You Remove A Valve Stem With TPMS?

Tpms is the tire sensor that is located inside the tire. Removing the valve stem with TPMS is similar to the process of removing the valve stem. Break the bead by using the tools. Adding extra weights is also workable to break it. Pull out the valve stem and then using a hex bolt remover execute the tire sensor. Then, gradually put it back on.

Final Verdict

In summary, changing a valve stem on a motorcycle is one of the easiest problems to solve. The process should never be overlooked thinking that it is easy. A good motorcyclist should look at all major components as well as the valve stem. It might not be perfect, but all the methods and discussions provided above are genuine. 

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