How To Find An Electrical Short On A Motorcycle? [Quick Guide]

How To Find An Electrical Short On A Motorcycle

Electrical shorts are the typical short circuits on a motorcycle. To find an electrical short on a motorcycle, you have to be consistent. This can occur due to poor cable management or insufficient electron flow. An electrical short can be extremely dangerous for your motorcycle. 

Motorcycling has been a passion of mine since my student days. From that moment on, I encountered almost every possible difficulty with it. The electrical short circuit is one of them. It’s a very tiresome issue to find, but practicing the whole process several times will help you investigate correctly.

Each step requires strict attention in addition to safety. This article will give you full instructions on how to find it. As an experienced motorcyclist, I will accompany you through all of this. Let’s jump to the steps first.

9 Steps To Find An Electrical Short On A Motorcycle: Most Effective Way

Electrical shorts behave like a rat in a cave. Finding something hiding in a cave requires precise steps. Trying to find it without any effective way will waste your valuable time. In addition, it will leave you with no result. Allow me to introduce you to some productive steps to find it. 

Step-1: Necessary Equipment

Equipment is the primary step of all. Without properly picking the right tools, you won’t be able to track down the electrical short you are looking for. In fact, it is impossible to find any shorts without the necessary tools. Hereunder are the tools that you need:

  • Good quality multimeter;
  • Circuit tester screwdriver;
  • Motorcycle repairing tools;
  • Allen keys;
  • Wrench;
  • Electrical tape.

Step-2: Separate All The Body Parts Of The Motorcycle

Before proceeding to locate the electrical short, you must isolate the body panels including the headlights, taillights, gauges, kits, and any other additional body panels. Starting with the headlight, gently pull it out of position and disconnect all wiring connections.

Apply the same method to the other parts as well. Remove the fuel tank and if you have a sportbike, make sure you remove all the kits. It is also necessary to remove the seat as there is a lot to examine underneath.

After all visible body panels have been removed, the next step is to remove the interior brackets. Many mounts inside the motorcycle also need to be separated. So make sure your motorcycle is completely naked.

Keep in mind you have to have your motorcycle only with its frame and wires, otherwise, you cannot proceed further. It will be risky for your motorcycle including you. 

Step-3: Check The Headlight Wiring 

Headlight wiring is one of the most prone electrical short areas of a motorcycle. That is why it needs to be examined giving proper attention to detail. Using the multimeter, you are going to step to find the electrical short you are looking for. 

By isolating the headlight from its location you will see many different wires hanging out the back. Don’t get confused with this. First, set the multimeter to continuity mode, which is ohms mode. 

If you then connect the black and red terminals, you will get a near-zero reading.

Allow the end of the black and red wires of the multimeter to get connected with the two ends of the wires of the headlight housing. 

The connection doesn’t have to be with any specific wires. If you get a reading coles to zero again, you can consider that there is continuity in the wires.

The number close to zero ensures that the wires are okay and no electrical short is going on in that circuit. After finishing the task, cover the wires with electrical tape as there will be no chance of getting any extra shorts. 

Step-4: Test The Wiring Of The Battery Section

Typically the battery has a positive and negative end. Check your battery’s health. First of all, check if it is supplying the desired output. Right after that, connect the wires with the multimeter. Observe it multiple times. Make sure the area is clean during the process. 

Assure all the metal consisting parts are smooth. It cannot make the flow of electrons in the correct order if it is corroded. This is how you will get the reading of the battery section. Plus, do check the other wires related to it. 

The battery compartment of the motorcycle is one of the difficult problems when it comes to wiring. Thus you have to take every step very patiently. Finding the electrical short cannot be achieved on the first try, you have to check it multiple times because its wiring is a little bit complex. 

Step-5: Inspect The Main Fuse

The main fuse is generally located in the middle of every motorcycle. Check the main fuse also with the help of a multimeter. Attach both ends of the terminal to the wires of the fuse. 

Look for any uncertainty in the reading meter. If you notice any glitch or the number is far away from zero, you should know that this is an issue to take care of. Enable the multimeter on ohms mode and check it again. 

No sign of continuity means it has an electrical short which needs to be fixed. It is important to know that the main fuse is the mother of the entire circuit of your motorcycle. Since it is one of the vital electrical wirings, the significance is huge for other electrical wirings.

Step-6: Ensure The Connectors Are Corrosion Free

All the connectors that are present in your motorcycle have to be smooth with no rust. Rust will block the flow of current in many cases. It is seen that people couldn’t find any electrical short even after examining the whole electrical wiring of the motorcycle. You can easily make a pass without noticing your corroded connector. 

This connector can typically drive into many shorts. Besides all of that, a corrosion-free connector can carry the process smoothly. As a result, make it corrosion free if it is noticed. 

Step-7: Examine All The Ground Wires

The wires that are connected to make a safe completion of an electrical circuit are typically known as the ground wires. These wires protect all the main electrical joints to prevent any damage. That is why you should check your ground wires if they are accurately connected or not. 

Any kind of breach of the grounded wires can cause a short in the wiring. Check the wire’s resistance correctly with the help of the multimeter. The light bulb technique is one of the popular ways to do it. Also, you can check it with the continuity mode too. 

Step-8: Verify The CDI Coil Wiring

Capacitor-Discharge Ignition, known as CDI works so as not to misfire the engine of your motorcycle. The motorcycle’s engine needs a spark which is developed with the help of a CDI coil. This coil eliminates the misfiring that is not acceptable for your engine. 

The wiring of the CDI coil must be verified correctly. Many electrical shorts are seen with the misfiring issue. Because of its poor wiring, it can easily cause an electrical short which needs to be inspected by the multimeter. 

The use of multimeters is substantial in this sector. You should be aware of all the units and do not leave until the unit is completely checked. 

You might get a little confused at the wiring of it but it’s easy to do. Make sure you are working with the wires only. Avoid touching other electrical brackets. However, check if there is any type of odd management of wires. 

Step-9: Plug Each Wire Correctly

After you have ensured all the wiring is properly, now it’s time to ensure all the plugs of your motorcycle. Besides the wiring, a lot really depends on the plugs in the motorcycle. Lose plug connections can increase the tendency of electrical shorts. 

The multimeter will give you a reading of the continuity of it, but the correction of plugs cannot be determined with it. Inspect the entire motorcycle. Check every plug attentively. Remember, anything that gets avoided can cause problems in the future. 

These are all the steps you need to follow to find an electrical short in your motorcycle. Nonetheless, you can proceed with the steps randomly, but you have to maintain the guidelines. 

5 Quick Tips To Find An Electrical Short On Your Motorcycle: 

Electrical shorts are really hard to find for some individuals. Not every motorcyclist is a mechanic or a specialist. Some of you are new to this and which is why I have come up with some tips to help you through the whole process. Although this applies to all kinds of motorcyclists. 

Tip-1: The number one tip as a specialist I want to inform you is, to learn your motorcycle as much as you can. By that, I mean, know every detail about your motorcycle. This trick gives a boost throughout the whole process. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to catch it easily. 

Tip-2: Each motorcycle doesn’t contain the same circuit board. Circuits get an upgrade over time, and it gets changed very often. As a result, knowing the circuit of the motorcycle you are working with is a nice trick to apply. It will help to get an overall blueprint of the electrical short areas you are looking for. 

Tip-3: Know where each component is located in your motorcycle.  Years after years the components are changing. If you go without having any idea where the vital parts are located, you will face difficulties throughout the entire process. 

Tip-4: Electrical shorts are a sensitive issue on a motorcycle. Finding one can be difficult and risky. Getting an expert mechanic will make the job easier for you. No risk of doing any harm to your motorcycle can be achieved, and you can learn from the mechanic too. It is safe for you along with your motorcycle. 

Tip-5: Consistency is the main factor here. Knowing that being steady in this process is the best tip so far. Every step you are applying is either related to wires or electricity. Also, you don’t want to be done without finding any solution you are looking for. That is why you need to remain consistent as much as you can. 

The above-mentioned tips work as a lifesaver most of the time. You can get a better outcome following these tips. 

Related Questions

How Is A Motorcycle Electrical Problem Diagnosed?

A motorcycle electrical problem is diagnosed typically with a multimeter. The multimeter reads the flow of current going through the circuit of your current. It also shows how much resistance is going on. You can check individually in each part of the wiring. 

The multimeter also displays all the voltage supply going on. You can identify simply with the help of a multimeter. It is a simple device that works well for diagnosing electrical problems in your motorcycle.

How To Find An Electrical Leak On Your Motorcycle?

Just a normal tester is needed to find an electrical leak. First, make sure all the electrical connections of your motorcycle are turned off. Step to the battery compartment after removing the seat or where it is located. Slightly release the negative terminal. 

Attach the alligator clip to the negative terminal you just released. And then if you see the light on the electrical wire testing screwdriver, it means there is a leak somewhere in the system.  

How Do You Check The Ground On Your Motorcycle?

Attaching the alligator clip to the positive terminal of the battery of the motorcycle, you can inspect the ground. Notice if the tester lights up when you are touching it with the frame of the motorcycle. 

The ground is well only when the light is seen. If there is a glitch on it, you can say that part has not a good ground for it. Moreover check all the units including the engine, body, suspension, and so on.

How Do You Find A Short In A Wire On Your Motorcycle?

Shorts in a wire can easily be detected by using a multimeter. It can also be discoverable physically by looking at it. If you see any signs of an odd smell like the bad appearance of the covering, or any kind of situation (which doesn’t look normal), there is a possibility of being short in the wire. By observing the voltage reading, you can determine the short as well.

Final Verdict:

To find an electrical short in a motorcycle, you just have to be sure about each step you are applying. The process is not simple because it takes attention to time and knowledge of each component. Being a complex process, it requires enough time to find the electrical short. 

This article has attempted to state the best steps to take when finding electrical shorts. Therefore, strictly following the steps will get the job done.

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