How To Fix A Hole In A Motorcycle Gas Tank? [The Simplest Way]

How To Fix A Hole In A Motorcycle Gas Tank

Holes in motorcycle gas tanks are not a common problem, but sometimes they occur. This might cause you to run out of gas before you reach your destination. A hole could also cause the gas level in your tank to drop below the minimum level required to run your engine, which can lead to engine problems. So it is important to know how to fix a hole in a motorcycle gas tank.

There are several ways to fix a hole in a motorcycle gas tank. However, if you are not a professional, you cannot apply many methods. Because the experience required applying, these are not what an ordinary rider has. So you need to find out a process that is very simple and effective.

In this article, I’ll explain the simplest way to fix a hole in your motorcycle gas tank. By following the procedure, you can fix the holes in the gas tank of your motorcycle at home and make it usable. Let’s get started.

6 Steps To Fix A Hole In A Motorcycle Gas Tank: These Are Too Simple!

Motorcycle gas tanks are more than just a container for gas. They’re also a crucial structural component of your bike. They also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the motorcycle. If you discover a hole in your motorcycle fuel tank, don’t panic. Just follow the steps below.

Step-1: Drain The Gas Tank

The first step in fixing a gas tank is to empty the gas tank. This is because the fuel in the tank during repairs can cause a variety of hazards. There is a risk of serious fire hazards, especially during casting.

So, in the beginning, remove all the fuel in a safe container and clean it if excess gas is released. Do not neglect to do what you need to do to keep your surroundings gasoline-free.

Step-2: Remove The Gas Tank

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles in their various models of motorcycle gas tanks. As the size varies from one model to another, so do the engineering features. However, most of them behave in the same way and the process of separating them is almost the same.

You can remove the gas tank bolts using a simple adjustable wrench. There is usually a mounting bolt in the center of the bottom of the front of the seat, which you can notice easily. You can remove the gas tank from the motorcycle by removing the bolts and separating the mounting bolts.

For some bikes, this can be relatively complicated and you may have to remove the seat to access it. However, if you have any difficulty in understanding, do not be upset but follow the user manual. There you will, of course, get an excellent solution.

Step-3: Find The Hole

If not properly maintained, there is a risk of rust inside the gas tank, and this is most responsible for creating holes in the tank. Normally it is difficult to check inside the gas tank, so in this case, try to check the inside better by using a flashlight. This will allow you to evaluate the actual condition of the inside of the tank.

If there are fine cracks or holes inside, wrap them in rubber bands or plastic. If the holes or cracks are too big, you may need to weld the tank. Here, it would be wise to seek the help of a professional.

Step-4: Prepare The Inside Of The Gas Tank

You may need to use chemicals to remove the rust inside the tank. But before that try to understand if any kind of mechanical removal is required, if necessary remove those carefully. If there are any spots or cracks inside, you need to be extra careful, because cracks can get bigger when you work carelessly.

Pour some ball bearings, nuts, bolts, etc. with 1-2 quart acetone to remove rust on the surface inside the tank. Acetone is very easy to collect and the most common ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone. You can also buy pure acetone from the market.

Now stick the cap on the tank, shake it and rotate it. Make sure that the ball bearing, etc, causes friction with each part of the inner surface of the tank. This will remove the rust as well as create minor scratches to hold the epoxy. After doing this well, empty the tank and let it dry well.

Step-5: Seal Up Your Gas Tank

Mix the gas tank epoxy you bought exactly as instructed. With epoxy, you will have many options, but you must try to buy the best quality. Pour the mixture into the designated area of the gas tank. Place a piece of cling wraps over the holes and make sure it is secure. Keep slashing epoxy around.

Your work is almost done, now dry the tank well. You should dry the tank for 24 hours before filling it with gas.

Step-6: Place The Gas Tank On The Motorcycle

You have completed the gas tank repair. At this stage, it needs to be placed on the motorcycle. But before that, there are some things to keep in mind. Even if this repair process is done carefully, some solid dirt or scratches may fall on the tank.

If this is the case, take steps to remove the dirt or stains and take the necessary steps to remove the scratches. You must complete these before re-installing the gas tank on the motorcycle.

What Causes Hole In A Motorcycle Gas Tank? (The Actual Reasons)

A hole in a motorcycle gas tank can be a serious safety issue because a leaky gas tank can cause a fire. The cause of the hole could be as simple as a small hole in a fuel line, or it could be a larger hole in the tank. Either way, this is an issue that you need to address immediately to avoid serious injury or worse.

Older or more unused motorcycles are more likely to have holes in the gas tank. Here, rust is mainly responsible. If left unused for a long time in a humid environment, dust will accumulate inside the gas tanks. Rust erodes the inside of the tank, at one point causing holes. Similarly, rust can accumulate outside the tank and create holes.

Another major cause of holes in the gas tank is the motorcycle falling. If a motorcycle falls on a piece of rock or sharp metal accidentally, a hole can be formed there. Large holes are easy to find and you can take an initiative for quick fixing, but the problem is exacerbated if there are fine holes, because they are difficult to find and can be complicated to fix.

However, there is no chance to make a hole in the gas tank lightly. You should follow adequate motorcycle maintenance theory when garaging, as well as need to be careful to protect it from accidents.

5 Signs Tell You Whether There May Be A Hole In Your Motorcycle Gas Tank Or Not:

The fine holes in the gas tank are not easily found. However, if you detect some signs, you understand that there is a hole in the gas tank of your motorcycle. These are:

  1. If one part of the fuel system of a motorcycle fails, the entire fuel system may fail, such as a fuel tank, filter, fuel injection line, fuel pump, etc. So if you found a problem with the fuel system of your motorcycle, maybe the hole in the gas tank handles it.
  2. By looking at the fuel gauge, you can easily guess whether there is any hole in the gas tank of the motorcycle. If the fuel gauge goes down automatically, then you understand that the gas tank has leaked.
  3. You can understand a hole in the gas tank by looking at the floor of the garage. If you spot a certain part of the garage floor under the fuel tank getting wet and smelling of fuel when you go out in the morning after parking the motorcycle at night, check for a hole in the fuel tank.
  4. Fine holes can usually be quite difficult to find, and many times you get it difficult to understand that there are holes in the gas tank of a motorcycle. If you often notice that a certain part of the tank is wet and the dust sticks with the tank as sticky, then there is a strong possibility of having a hole.
  5. A strong smell of fuel in the nose is a sign that gas is leaking from somewhere. In this situation, you need to check the fuel tank as soon as possible.

How Do You Find A Hole In A Gas Tank?

If there is a large hole in the gas tank, it is easy to find, because there is a constant flow of fuel. However, to find a fine hole, you may need to separate the gas tank from the motorcycle. The advantage is that you can separate the gas tank from the motorcycle with little effort.

After separating the gas tank, take out all the fuel and store fuel separately and clean and dry the tank thoroughly. Once dry, inspect the inside and outside of the tank well. You can use a flashlight for the convenience of observation.

If you do not find the hole this way, fill the tank halfway with fuel at this stage and observe which part of the fuel comes out. Normally, the area where the fuel comes out will get wet. Now that you have identified the hole, take the necessary steps to repair the gas tank.

What Happens If Your Motorcycle Gas Tank Is Leaking? (Major Problems)

A motorcycle’s gas tank is its reservoir for fuel, holding a certain amount of gas that allows the bike to run. There should not be a problem if the tank is full. If there is a problem, it will be a leak. You may face problems if the gas tank is leaking, like as-

  • Because of non-stop leakage, the fuel in the gas tank decreases. Maybe you left the tank full, but you will see later that the tank has been halved, which is a waste of money.
  • Fuel coming out of the tank can accumulate in closed areas in evaporative form, especially in areas such as garages. When you enter the garage, these can enter the body through inhalation and make you sick.
  • A leaky gas tank can cause you considerable embarrassment. If the gas tank contains any leak and you go out on a motorcycle without noticing, the gas may run out on the path. This causes enough suffering.
  • If there is a gas tank leak, the fuel system of the motorcycle may not work properly. For that reason, many times it’s difficult to start or troublesome to run the motorcycle.
  • Leaky gas tanks can cause small or severe accidents. Excessive heat or a small spark of fire can set a motorcycle on fire, which is extremely dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Flex Seal In The Gas Tank?

Flex Seal is a solution suitable for almost any DIY project indoors or outdoors. It is a liquid rubber sealant coating whose price is relatively low and is available everywhere. As well as you can use flex seals on almost every surface, including wood, metal, tile, concrete, plastic, aluminum, etc. are notable.

But you cannot use a flex seal to fix the hole in the gas tank. Because it is not resistant to corrosive flammable substances like gas or oil. For this reason, all experts recommend refraining from using flex seals in gas tanks.

Can You Repair A Rusty Gas Tank?

Rust is mainly blamed for causing holes in gas tanks. This happens when the motorcycle is usually unused for a long time or is kept in a garage for a long time in a damp place. However, you can easily repair a rusty gas tank.

If there is rust inside the gas tank, first empty the tank and let it dry. You may have to use chemicals in this case, but if you need mechanical removal before that, do it. If there are any spots or cracks inside, you need to be extra careful so that the cracks do not get bigger inadvertently.

Now pour some ball bearings, nuts, bolts, etc. into the tank with 1-2 quart acetone and keep shaking and rotating the tank. This will remove the rust on the inside and create a scratch to hold the epoxy. Once the rust is gone, fix the tank. You can follow the steps described above.

Can You Weld A Hole In A Motorcycle Gas Tank?

Yes, you can weld a hole in the gas tank of a motorcycle if you wish. This is not a very complicated process. You need to use a good, powerful soldering iron to complete the task.

First, remove the rust from the tank using sandpaper. Make sure the tank is dry and does not contain any gasoline when welding; otherwise, there is a risk of an accident. If the hole and its surrounding area are rust-free, apply some flux here.

Now, when the temperature of soldering iron is 800 degrees centigrade, keep on welding using it. Once it hardens after that point, might try to melt it again. After a few repetitions like this, you notice that the hole in the tank is fixed nicely. Now smooth the area using sandpaper. 

Is It Safe To Drive With Holes In Your Motorcycle Gas Tank?

In the above discussion, I have told you what kind of problem can happen if the gas tank of the motorcycle contains a hole. Even then, if this is the case, you need to use the motorcycle in case of emergency. Naturally, you will want to know if it is safe to use the motorcycle while there is a hole.

No, motorcycles should never be used with holes in the gas tank. This is because the gas is highly flammable and if the gas tank contains a hole, fuel is constantly coming out of the tank. Accidents such as fires can also occur because of this leaking fuel.

Could A Leaking Gas Tank Explode?

Many have asked me this question before. Truth be told, this can happen if gasoline vapors come in contact with sparks or heat sources. This is more likely to be the case with motorcycles because many motorcycles use air-cooled engines, which are almost exposed and heat up quickly.

This engine is a significant source of heat from which an explosion or fire can start. Some explosions are small and the chances of damage are low, but sometimes, the damage from the explosion can cause property damage and even death.

Final Verdict

Most cracks or holes in a gas tank are small enough and you can repair it yourself. But it’s best to get the tank professionally repaired if possible. This will ensure that the gas tank is safe to ride on, and will keep your bike running the proper way.

However, in some situations, you may need to do this yourself. I have discussed here how to fix a hole in a motorcycle gas tank easily and mentioned its complications as well. Hope this article helps you.

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