How To Fix Bent Motorcycle Handlebars? [The Ultimate Solution]

Motorcycles are sensitive types of vehicles, and you need to take care of them properly. The handlebars of a motorcycle are the most effective parts, as you direct it with them. So when they are misaligned or bent, you need to know how to fix bent motorcycle handlebars. 

Generally, the handlebars of a motorcycle are constructionally solid. They don’t get bent easily. But if somehow the handlebars of your bike get turned, or they are not correctly aligned, it will create a tremendous discomfort for you to ride it. For this reason, you should fix them as early as possible.

However, I have been riding motorcycles for a long time and have faced this type of problem. In this article, I will portray the methods of fixing the handlebars easily. So, let’s have a look.

9 Steps To Fix The Bent Motorcycle Handlebars: The Easiest Way

Once the handlebars of your roadster are misaligned or bent, you will automatically feel the discomfort of riding the vehicle, and this will notify you when to repair it. You can fix the problem effortlessly by maintaining the following simple steps in your private garage.

Step 1: Necessary Tools

You need to collect some necessary tools to fix the bent handle of your motorcycle. First of all, set a stand for your bike. Then you need a cargo rope or a cargo strap to tie the handles. You need a broad and portable wrench to loosen the screws of the bike. After that, you need a measuring tape. 

It could be better if you could collect a caliper to measure the distance between the handlebars and the holder. You have to set a parallel board where you will place the handles to align them. After collecting all these tools, you can start fixing the problem with the handles of your motorcycle.

Step 2: Stand The Motorcycle

First, you have to stand your motorcycle on a stand board. There are various types of bike stands available on the market. The size, shape, and class may differ depending on your motorcycle type. Buy a suitable one and place the bike on the board. 

If you cannot buy an adequate bike stand for your motorcycle, try to take a little help from your partner. Tell him to sit on the bike and hold it tight so that it doesn’t move. Stand the bike on both stands and let your partner grip it with his legs. Hopefully, the roadster will not move easily.

Step 3: Measure The Gaps

After standing the motorcycle tightly, you have to measure the gaps between the handlebars and the handle holder. Check the alignment of them very carefully with your eyes first. If it seems parallel, you need to use a measuring tool there to read the accurate measurement of the gaps.

You can use a caliper measuring scale to calculate the alignment. Hold the handlebars of your bike straight, and then lift the scale parallel to the holder. The scale will show you the actual measurements. By this reading, you will know the actual amount of how much you need to bend the handle to fix it.

Step 4: Tie The Cargo Strap

At this step, you need to tie a robust and flexible cargo strap with the handhelds of your roadster and attach it to an immovable object. Try to attach the strap to a strong tree or the pole of your garage.

If you don’t find a cargo strap, you can also do the job with a strong rope. Just make sure that the rope is strong enough to hold your motorcycle and doesn’t get torn apart.

Step 5: Align The Handlebars

When the bike’s handlebars are tightly tied, you have to align them by pulling them in the opposite direction of the bent or damaged part. Pull slow and steadily to ensure an absolute alignment. Measure the gaps now and check whether you need to pull more or not. 

If pulling the handles in the opposite direction works out and fixes the problem, then you can start your roadster and have a test drive. But if this method does not work out, you need to align the handles again.

Step 6: Remove The Handlebars

As the pulling method did not work, now you have to remove the handles from the holder of your bike. Here comes the utility of the wide-faced wrench. Slowly loosen the screws of the handlebar. Then remove it from the top and keep it aside. Clean the holder of the scooter and remove the grips also.

Step 7: Spot The Misaligned Part

After removing the handles from your motorcycle, you need to place them on a parallel board. Ensure that the board or the sheet is equal to the floor and fit enough to have a measurement. Then you will notice a gap between the board and a particular side of the handles.

Grab the middle part of the handlebar and press it to the board. You can use a heavy object to do this. Then examine the place of the handlebar to have a spot where you need to align it. There must be a gap in one corner of the handle. That is the misaligned handlebar of your bike, and you are to fix it.

Step 8: Bend The Handlebars

Once you spot the misaligned handle of your motorcycle, you need to bend it in the opposite direction to fix this and make it aligned again. You should never use a hammer or any heavy object to do this. Just press the side with your wrists. Keep the bending process slow and measure the gaps simultaneously by repeating the process above. 

Step 9: Set The Handlebars Again

When there is no gap between the flat board and the corner of the handle, you may stop bending it. If two sides of the handlebar are equally placed on the board, the handles are accurately aligned. Then you have to reset the handlebars to the holder. Tighten the screws of the holder with the help of a wrench. After that, prepare your motorcycle for a test drive.

6 Signs That Tell Motorcycle Handlebars Are Bent

You will feel the effects of your motorcycle’s misaligned or bent handlebars while riding it. The vehicle will send you specific signs when the handlebars are not in the proper position. Here I will show you what kind of signs I have noticed in my entire bike riding experience when the handlebars of my motorcycle are bent or misplaced.

1. Pulls On A Particular Direction

A bent or damaged handlebar will pull the motorcycle in a particular direction. So when you ride the scooter, you will feel the pressure of pulling it aside. If the right handle is misaligned, the bike will tend to run to the right side, and if the left one has a problem, it will go to the left side of the road quickly. It can cause unwanted fractions to your motorcycle and damage it.

2. Vibration In the Handlebars

You will feel a vibration in your hand while riding the scooter if the handlebars are misaligned or bent. The imbalanced situation between the holder and the handles creates a fraction between them, which keeps shaking. So if you feel this kind of vibration inside your wrist, you can be sure of the misalignment of the handlebars, and you need to fix them.

3. Unnecessary Sound

The fraction between the holder and the handle creates an unnecessary sound while turning your bike to a particular side. If the right handle of your scooter is bent, you will hear the sound while moving the bike to the right side of the road.

On the other hand, if the left one is misaligned, you can hear the sound by pulling it to the left side of the road. This sound also gives you a notification about fixing the bent handles of your scooter.

4. Difficult To Steer

When the handlebars of your motorcycle are not in a good situation, you will find it difficult to steer them while running the bike. It can prevent you from turning your roadster quickly from one side of the road to the other one. When you feel such a huge discomfort moving the motorcycle, you have to align the handlebars and fix these kinds of issues.

5. Uneven Bouncy Handlebars

As the placement of the handlebars is not properly equal or aligned, the vibration between the holder and the handlebars will create an uneven bounce. You will feel the bounce inside your wrist while riding it. That is a sign of bent handlebars, which can cause serious damage to the front wheel of your roadster. For this reason, you have to align them as early as possible. 

6. Crooked Position

When the handle of your motorbike is bent or misaligned, you will see the position of the handlebars as a crooked one. Just keep your head above the front wheel, and focus on the center part of the handles then you will see an unusual situation there. Try to find a parallel marking there and compare the position of the handle with it. You will see the wrong position of the handlebars.

Dangers Of Riding With The Bent Handlebars Of A Motorcycle

Riding your motorcycle with bent or mispositioned handlebars can be very dangerous sometimes. If you don’t have the proper control over your motorcycle, you can cause serious damage to the vehicle, and most importantly, you can harm yourself. However, the following things can happen if you are unfortunate enough:

1. Unwanted Accident:

Riding a motorcycle is a sensitive task. You need to be careful about the proper placement of every particular part of your bike. Otherwise, any unwanted situation can happen.

The same goes with a bent or damaged handlebar. If the handlebars of your motorcycle are not adequate, you will not be able to turn your roadster according to your wish.

You will face a huge discomfort and difficulty in moving your motorcycle to the required side of the road. Imagine the situation, a huge loaded truck is coming from your opposite direction, and you cannot move your bike on time.

To avoid such horrible situations, you must fix the handlebars as early as possible.

2. Difficult Acceleration:

The vibration and shaking of the handles of your motorbike will make it difficult for you to accelerate the vehicle. The inbuilt acceleration system will not work properly.

You will face the fraction between the holder and handlebars negatively. Thus, this problem will restrict the movement of your motorcycle. 

3. Unstable Riding Experience:

The handlebars of your motorcycle are the main parts to control the whole system of the vehicle. If they do not work correctly, you will never enjoy riding your roadster. You should have to be very cautious while depending on it.

The roadster’s acceleration, movement, direction, and control will not work properly. Facing these kinds of difficulties and discomforts will destroy the experience of riding your motorcycle. 

4. Decreases Fuel Efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of your bike is one of the most concerning concepts about the vehicle. A bent handlebar affects the acceleration system of your bike in a negative sense.

This can cost you a more incredible amount of fuel and decrease fuel efficiency. You will never be able to calculate the actual fuel consumption rate of the vehicle, which will cost a lot of money from your pocket.

5. Unprotected Tires:

You should always be protective about your tires because they are the actual performers of your roadster that you can watch and observe from the outside. Bent handlebars cause serious damage to the front wheel and the tire

The outer part of the tire gets an extra fraction with the road and creates a huge amount of heat. That can damage the tire by making it thinner day by day. That means the tires are unprotected when your handlebars are misaligned. 

6. Damages To The Vehicle:

Having bent or misaligned handles of a motorcycle can damage the whole vehicle at once. The outlook of the bike can get damaged by having a fraction of immovable objects near the road. Sometimes you will not be able to repair it but replace the whole system. 

An unwanted and unexpected accident can cost you a new bike. In addition, this may also harm the inbuilt systems of the engine. As you know, if the engine is harmed, the whole function of the motorcycle will get affected by this.

Related Questions:

How Do You Check Your Handlebar Alignment?

You can check the alignment of the handlebars easily at your home by yourself. You need to collect a bike stand and a measuring tape or a caliper scale. First of all, place the bike on the stand very tightly to not move. Then keep the handles of the bike straight. You can tie them with a strong rope.

After having a suitable position, make sure the wheels are correctly aligned. That will help you to check the alignment of the handlebar. Then go straight above the front wheel. Place a measuring tape on both the corners of the handles. Measure if there is any gap there. Thus you can check the alignment of the handlebars.

How Do You Know If The Handlebars of Your Bike Needs An Alignment?

The handlebars of your motorbike will give you some notifications if they are out of alignment. First of all, you will face some difficulties and discomforts in your wrist while riding it. There can be a slightly noticeable vibration in the handlebars.

It will be difficult for you to accelerate the bike and control its movement. The bouncy situation will create more difficulties in directing the movement of the front wheel. Then you may hear an unnatural sound while turning the bike. The handlebars may pull your bike in one particular direction while riding the bike.

Is It Safe To Straighten Motorcycle Alloy Handlebars?

It is almost safe to straighten motorcycle alloy handlebars. The metallic formation of the alloy handles will let you bend them easily. But sometimes, if you pressure the system, it can get damaged permanently. 

You should be very careful while repairing the handholds so that it does not get any unexpected and irreparable scars. But ultimately, if you maintain proper rules and do the job with patience, straightening a scooter alloy handlebar is safe.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bent Handlebar Of A Motorcycle?

From the starting point of repairing the structure of your handlebars, it will never cost you more than $30 to $50. You just need to buy some necessary tools. Sometimes you may find your garage also. That could save you some money. 

In that case, all you need is to buy a scooter stand. So the cost will also depend on the price of the stand in the market of your locality. That is all. Utilize the force of your hand and fix the damaged handlebars.

How Do You Center The Motorcycle Handlebars?

This is one of the simplest tasks to repair your bike. Firstly, you need to remove the handlebars from the holders of your motorcycle. If the position of the handles is placed correctly, you have to place them in the right position. Then check the alignment by keeping a measuring tape on both sides. 

After that, you need to divide the measurement by two. The result is the center point of the handlebar. Mark the place. Rearrange the whole system and reset the handles on the holder by keeping the significant part at the center zone of the holder. The handlebars are set in the center of your motorcycle. 

How Long Does It Take To Fix Bent Handlebars Of A Motorcycle?

Fixing a bent, damaged, or misaligned handlebar of a scooter will cost you almost an hour. But when you have to remove the handles, and after repairing them, you need to reset them, the time measurement can get longer. It will also depend on the ability of your eyes and hands. The sharper you work, the faster the fixation will be. In case you take an assistant to help you, you can fix it more quickly.

Final Words:

The handlebars of a motorcycle are the key part of driving it properly. Properly aligned handlebars make your scooter stable and deliver an enjoyable ride. On the other hand, if the handlebars are bent, they can cause you an unexpected accident, damage the motorcycle and surprise you with a horrible experience. 

You can fix the handlebars very easily at your home on your own. So try not to be late and cause further damage to your scooter. Follow the suggestions mentioned above and fix them. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Happy riding!

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