How To Get A Motorcycle Home After Buying It? [5 Solutions]

How To Get A Motorcycle Home After Buying It

Just bought a new motorcycle? Or, maybe you are planning to get one? Congratulations and cheers to that! But now I know what you are going to ask. How would you take the motorcycle home just after purchasing it? Okay, I do understand that it is a big issue. Especially the people who are not used to handling a personal vehicle may get puzzled and confused. 

Even when I got my new motorcycle, a lot of queries jumbled up in my mind. I was confused about whether to ride it home or take help from someone. If I want help, who is going to assist me? So I realize you might have such confusion too. But no need to worry. I am right here to help you out with this. 

In this article, I will mention 5 different ways of taking your motorcycle home from the showroom or seller. Whether you are a new rider or not a rider at all, you are going to get solutions here. For all inexperienced motorcycle owners, this is the article for taking the motorcycle home. 

So keep reading!

5 Ways To Get A Motorcycle Home After Buying It: Choose The Suitable One

In this part, I will talk about five different ways of taking the motorcycle home. You can pick up the solution that is suitable for you. As everyone won’t be comfortable with riding the motorcycle home, they would need some alternatives to take it home. Also, if you know riding a motorcycle, you may get an easy way out. 

Basically, I will discuss different aspects of each solution so that you can understand which method is easier for you. Without further discussion, let’s move to the main part. 

Here are five ways of taking a motorcycle home: 

Way 1- Ride The Motorcycle Home: 

Let’s start with the basic and easiest way out. Riding the motorcycle home is possibly the first thing that would come to your mind if you know riding a motorcycle. It is also the cost-efficient and the most enjoyable way of taking your brand new motorcycle home. I mean who doesn’t want to experience the excitement of riding their motorcycle just after getting it in hand!

So, if you know how to ride a motorcycle and are confident about your skills, you can ride it yourself home. But there are some factors that you must consider. Here are these considerations: 

  • You should wear riding gear for safety. If you don’t have riding gear already, you should at least put on a helmet. This is not only for safety but against the law as well (in most states); 
  • You should not ride a motorcycle if you don’t have a driving license. Without a driving license, you can get caught by the traffic police; 
  • Having insurance is preferred before riding the motorcycle. It is mandatory to have insurance in some states before riding a motorcycle. Take care of other documents as well;
  • If a number and license plate of the motorcycle is mandatory, obtain that before riding the motorcycle home;
  • Consider the traffic and the route before riding. If you are not an expert, you should not go on the highway. Or if you still ride it, go with someone who can follow you or help you out in riding;

Way 2- Ride The Motorcycle Home With A Pro Rider: 

If you are not an experienced and confident rider, you can take help from your friend or a known rider. Make sure that the rider is an expert, can handle the motorcycle model you are buying, and has a driving license. 

You can also ask the dealer to ride the motorcycle home. Just like you get a delivery from the electronic appliance showrooms, you can ask the seller to provide you with a rider who can take the motorcycle home.

The rider may charge money for this or can ask for the return fare. So yes, taking help from an experienced rider is a good option. 

Way 3- Take Help From The Seller: 

If you haven’t found an experienced rider and have no other way of taking the motorcycle home, you can always ask the seller. Sellers or dealers generally arrange for a rider to take the new motorcycle home. If you ask the seller, he can send an employee to ride the motorcycle. Some dealers cover the cost while others can charge a return fare for this. 

If riding the motorcycle is not an option, the dealer or seller can arrange delivery. Usually, most professional dealers would have their own delivery services. In that case, they may deliver the motorcycle for free. However, a private seller may charge for delivering the motorcycle home. But the entire arrangement would be done by the seller only. So that is an advantage even if you need to pay them.

Way 4- Rent A Pickup Or Trailer:

If riding the motorcycle home is not your choice, you have to pick up the motorcycle and drop it at your door. For that, you don’t need to rely on the seller or dealer. You can contact a nearby pickup or trailer renting company and they can pick and drop your motorcycle home. 

Renting a trailer is very affordable and easy. In fact, picking, loading, and dropping the motorcycle is easy with a trailer as it has an outer platform. However, if you want an alternative, a pickup van is a good option for carrying the motorcycle. But this may cost a little more than renting a trailer. 

Way 5- Walk The Motorcycle Home: 

If you live around the commercial area, you may not need any help or pickup to carry your motorcycle home. You can simply walk the brand new motorcycle home. No need to know to ride or ask for help. This is definitely a time-saving as well as a cost-effective option if your home is nearby the showroom. 

If you are buying from a private seller, you can also ask him to ride the motorcycle home whenever he is free. You can go and choose the motorcycle and the seller can drop it off anytime; be it by riding or walking. That would depend on your understanding of the seller. 

So you have five options to take your motorcycle home after purchasing it. You can choose the one that suits you the best. 

7 Tips If You Ride A Motorcycle Home: Know Before Riding

People who ride a motorcycle generally prefer to ride the new beast home! I do understand the thrill and charm of riding the new motorcycle. But you need to be cautious about a few things if you want to ride it. Note that you need to follow certain rules and ensure a few factors before you ride the motorcycle. 

Here are my tips if you ride a motorcycle home: 

Tip-1: Plan A Route 

Before you start riding the motorcycle. No matter how good you ride, you would need time to adapt to the new one. So choose the roads you will take. I would advise you to select simple and straight roads. Don’t try out shortcuts or new roads on your first ride and choose the route according to your comforts.

Tip-2: Don’t Ride During The Rush Hour

If you are new to the motorcycle or a new rider, you should not ride on a busy road. In that case, choose the hours when the rush is minimal. If it is a weekend, you should ride in the early morning. On other days, ride it around 12 to 5 p.m during office hours. This ensures safety and peace of mind.

Tip-3: Fill The Tank

Before you go for your first ride. This is essential that you can’t miss out on. Check the indicator and if the tank is not full, fill it to ensure that you reach it without any hassle. Though the dealer is likely to provide you with a full tank, you should check it before riding.

Tip-4: Check The Required Documents And Wear Safety Gear

The document may vary from state to state. But you should have a driving license and the legal ownership documents of the motorcycle. Other papers like insurance, license papers, etc. should be kept before riding.

Know the law of your state to be on the safe side. Apart from that, you should at least wear a helmet for your personal safety. Wearing the complete gear is even better.

Tip-5: Learn The Basics To Operate The Motorcycle

As different motorcycles have different setups, you should ask the seller and know about the controls. Starting from using the indicator to adjusting the mirrors, do all these before you ride. Clear your doubts and check the controls to have a tension-free ride.

Tip-6: Get Used To The Clutches And Brakes

You should get familiar with these two as your balance and safety depend on these. Ride the motorcycle forward and backward, roll the clutch and press the brake just to become comfortable with it. If you are a rider, you would take a few minutes to get a good grip of the clutch and brake.

Tip-7: Discover The Friction Zone Of The Motorcycle

To do this, loosen the clutch grip and adjust the speed to find out the friction zone. The friction zone is when there is a complete engagement of the clutch to move the motorcycle forward. So you should find it out for a safe and smooth ride.

Keep these tips in mind to have a smooth and enjoyable ride with your new motorcycle. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can You Drive A New Purchased Motorcycle Home? 

If you are an experienced rider, you can definitely consider driving the new motorcycle home. But for that, you would also need proper documents. You should have the purchasing bill that shows that it belongs to you.

Besides, having a driving license and insurance would be necessary for riding a motorcycle in most states. If you have all these, you can surely ride a newly purchased motorcycle home.

What To Do After Buying A Motorcycle? 

Before you take the motorcycle home, you have several other things to do. It is better to do all these formalities before taking them home for your convenience. Here is a list of things you should do after buying a motorcycle: 

  • The first thing is to buy a helmet and other necessary gear. You have to buy these anyway so do it as soon as possible; 
  • Issuing and getting insurance is the next thing to do. Don’t miss out on this as this is illegal in some areas;
  • Check the license and warranty papers before taking your motorcycle. These documents are important to ensure your ownership;

These are the basic things to do after buying a motorcycle. 

How Do You Transport A Motorcycle From A Dealer? 

If you are buying a motorcycle from a dealer, you can transport it home in many ways. Some are listed below: 

  • If you are a rider and have the documents, ride the motorcycle home; 
  • Ask the dealer to give a home delivery;
  • Rent a pickup van or trailer to transport the motorcycle from the dealer to home;
  • Contact a motorcycle shipping company to get a delivery;

These are the simplest ways to transport the motorcycle from the dealer to home. 

Can You Ride Your New Motorcycle Without A Number Plate?

It is illegal in most states to ride a motorcycle without a number plate. Without a number plate, your motorcycle is not recognized which is why it is not the right thing to do.

Even if you don’t get a permanent number plate, a temporary registration number should be provided to the new motorcycle. So before you leave the shop, know how to obtain the registration number and then ride the new motorcycle. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get A Motorcycle Home? 

If you are finding a cost-efficient and affordable way of transporting the motorcycle home, you may like the options below: 

  • Ride the motorcycle home. You can ride it by yourself or ask a friend or family member to ride the bike home; 
  • You can walk the motorcycle home; 
  • Some dealers offer free home delivery of the motorcycle; 
  • Renting a trailer is also a cost-effective way to transport the motorcycle home;

These are some cheapest ways of getting a motorcycle home. 

Final Thoughts: 

There are a lot of ways to get a motorcycle home as you can see in the article. Now, your task is to handpick the best way of transporting the motorcycle home. 

So get ready to bring your new beast home!

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