How To Increase Motorcycle Torque? [3 Different Ways]

How to Increase Motorcycles Torque

Motorcycle manufacturers deliberately reduce engine power for various reasons. However, you can increase the power of the motorcycle as needed if you want. As you increase the torque of your motorcycle, your motorcycle will be more powerful and run faster. However, many motorcycle riders do not know how to increase motorcycle torque.

Increasing the torque of a motorcycle is a more complicated task, but you can also increase the torque slightly in a few simple ways. You can also increase the torque of the motorcycle by installing the spark plug, Ignition Coil, and Cold Air Intake. These changes and installations can give good results for increasing torque.

The cost of increasing the torque of any motorcycle can be high. In this article, I will tell you some of the cheaper options to increase the torque. By adopting these methods, you can increase the torque of the motorcycle at a low cost. Let’s see how to increase the torque cheaply. 

3 Methods To Increase Motorcycle Torque: All Are Practically Proven

It costs a lot to increase the torque of a motorcycle engine, but you can also increase the torque and horsepower of the motorcycle in a few cheap ways. Here are some simple ways to increase torque, but you must follow the steps shown here correctly. Let’s see how to increase the torque of a motorcycle engine cheaply.

Method-1: Replaces The Spark Plug:

An easy way to increase the torque of a motorcycle is to install some very high-quality spark plugs. You can try copper plugs that will provide your motorcycle with high performance. Here I will discuss in a few steps how to replace the spark plug, which will help to increase the torque of your motorcycle.

Step-1: Remove Old Spark Plug

First, remove the old spark plug wire; just pull the cap to avoid connection damage. Carefully attach the spark plug socket to the ratchet. If you simply slip the socket over the plug, it will fit well. Using the ratchet, rotate the plug counterclockwise and remove it by hand

Step-2: Check The Spark Plug

Carefully inspect the spark plug so that it does not contain any oil, black deposits, ash, peat, or other damage. If the plug is intact, the color will usually be gray or yellow and clean and dry. However, if you see the opposite, your plug is damaged and may need to be changed. If the spark plug is exhausted or fouled, it needs to be tuned up. 

Step-3: Gap The New Spark

It needs to be properly spaced to install the new spark plug. Now find the space between the hook-shaped top of the spark plug and the bottom open metal cylinder. If you cannot do this, look for instructions from the motorcycle’s service manual, identify the location, and insert the metal wire or tab. 

Step-4: Install New Spark Plug

To install the new spark plug, secure the seat properly by threading the plug by hand. Tighten the spark plug properly; it is best to use a ratchet. When the process is complete, reset the removed cap of the spark plug and repeat with the remaining plug. 

Method-2: Change Ignition Coil 

If the spark coil of your motorcycle does not work, the ignition coil is needed. It also helps the engine stall more frequently and leads to more low-end torque. If you want to install a new ignition coil to increase the torque of your motorcycle, you can follow the steps below.

Step-1: Prepare Engine 

Before starting work, turn off the ignition switch and remove the ground wire from the battery. Then carefully remove the fuel tank and access the ignition coil. In this case, it is better to remove your motorcycle seat for the convenience of work. 

Step-2: Disconnect The Ignition Coil

The ignition coil has two wires, one of the ignition switches and the other of the ground wire. Cautiously separate every two wires from the ignition coil. Now remove the cover plate rivets with an electric drill to remove the ignition cover plate. Also, remove the gasket along with the ignition cover plate and test some of the old ignition with the help of an ohmmeter.

Step-3: Remove Parts From Front To Rear

If your motorcycle has two ignition coils, change the ignition from front to rear. Many modern motorcycles now have two ignition coils, so start by checking how many there are in your motorcycle. Since the spark plugs connect to its coil, mark each of these glues.

Step-4: Modify Connectors 

Fit the ignition coil to the wire using a right-angle connector. To complete the process, slip the right-angle boot of the ignition onto the wire and push it onto the wire. You need to flatten the wire, so use a cutting plier and needle-nose plier. Open the copper connector and fit it well with the right-angle connector.

Step-5: Connect The Wire 

Bend the connector with the ignition coil wire using a crimping plier or needle-nose plier. Now connect it in such a way that the small “ear” sections are embedded in the ignition coil wire. Finish the connection process and check the connection on both ends of the ignition wire with an ohmmeter.

Step 6: Reinstall The Removed Parts

After successfully replacing the ignition coil, reconnect all the removed parts one by one by using a self-threading screw and locking nuts. When you reset the fuel tank, mount the fuel tank on top of the engine and secure it with mounting bolts. If you remove the motorcycle seat to replace the ignition coil, reinstall it at the end.

Method-3: Tune-Up Engine

Tune is the easiest way to increase engine torque, so you can increase the torque of your motorcycle engine without maintenance or repair. It will unlock the engine’s full power on your motorcycle and add 15-30 horsepower and 20-30 pound-feet of torque. Let’s see how to tune up a motorcycle engine.

Step-1: Remove The Air Cleaner

To tune the engine, I need to remove the air cleaner cover of the motorcycle. With an Allen wrench and a torque wrench, you can easily remove it. Then disconnect the two tubes on top of the air cleaner, which you can do by hand, and remove the backplate with a socket wrench.

Step-2: Heat The Engine

The motorcycle must be kept running for some time to warm up the engine. However, you must start the motorcycle with neutral. When the engine is fully heated, turn off the engine and spray the aerosol carburetor cleaner through the mouth of the carburetor.

Step-3: Turn The Adjuster Screw

Ensure smooth idle of the engine by rotating the idle speed adjuster screw next to the flat head screwdriver and throttle cam. Rotate the screwdriver to reduce and increase idle speed. Then turn the screw of the fuel-air mixture and wait for five seconds; this time, the idle will stabilize.

Step-4: Continue The Turning

Stay to turn the low-speed screw and wait for five seconds for the engine to stumble at each turn. Open the throttle by waiting five seconds for the low-speed screw to turn counterclockwise when the engine stumbles.

Step-5: Repeat Adjustments

Repeat the adjustment on the adjusting screw and the fuel-air mixture screw until the engine is idle at low speed. When opening the throttle, it will respond without stumbling, then turn off the motorcycle engine. Next, reinstall the removed parts of the motorcycle such as the air cleaner backing plate, air cleaner, breathing tube, and air cleaner cover.

5 Advantages Of Increasing The Torque Of The Motorcycle:

Many motorcycle riders are unaware of the benefits of increasing torque as well as increasing engine speed. Although I have shared with you a few simple ways to increase torque above, this discussion will not be of any importance to you if you do not know its benefits. Let’s know the benefits of increasing the torque of the motorcycle!

  1. Your engine will be able to hold a significant load when you increase the torque on your motorcycle.
  1. If you ride a motorcycle with heavy luggage, it becomes difficult to ride on steep roads, but you can easily climb steep slopes if your engine torque is high.
  1. If you increase the torque of your motorcycle, you will be able to ride at full speed without feeling tired.
  1. High torque gives riders the ability to deliver exceptionally low RPM rides as well as great speed.
  1. If you increase the bike’s torque, you do not have to change gears repeatedly. Also able to operate the motorcycle in any situation without the hassle of high fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does Increasing Torque Increase Power?

Although torque and power are two different things, you can increase the power of a motorcycle by increasing the torque. You can only increase the torque in the car by using gears for which you do not have to change gears. We know that torque is a measurable twisting force.

If you want to increase the power of the motorcycle without changing the gearing, increasing the torque is an easy way. With this, you can ride mile after mile with little energy. It also offers many more benefits besides increasing the power; the high torque of the motorcycle will make your ride easier if you want to climb on steep slopes. 

Can You Increase Motorcycles Torque?

Increasing the torque of a motorcycle is quite a complex task that you have to spend a lot of money to do. To do this, you must take the help of a professional mechanic. But if you can’t afford it, there are some inexpensive ways to increase your motorcycle torque.

You can increase motorcycle torque in some simple ways. Increasing the torque means accelerating the rear wheel of the motorcycle more quickly. If you increase torque; you can ride more without feeling tired. You can increase the torque at no cost by using these methods. 

What Does More Torque On A Motorcycle Mean?

More torque on a motorcycle means the rear wheels accelerate faster. Higher torque will give you more powerful performance because the higher the torque on the rear wheel, the faster you can accelerate the wheel. It allows you to ride faster and reach the engine’s maximum RPM quickly.

High torque will make your journey easier when riding a motorcycle on a sloping dry road. If you increase the torque, you will not feel tired due to long-time riding. So, in the end, more torque is a process to increase the power of the motorcycle engine. 

How Much Torque Is Good For Motorcycles?

As a motorcycle rider, I think it’s best not to increase the torque too much, but it is a completely different matter if you are a professional motorcycle rider. However, the power for a regular ride can be between 15 and 200 horsepower. This range of standard horsepower is enough for a full-size motorcycle.

If you want to get comfortable riding without increasing the torque too much, your torque should be 10 to 175 foot-pounds in the ring—the larger the torque number, the stronger the motorcycle’s rev range

How Do You Get Better At Torque?

Although it is important to hire a professional to increase motorcycle torque, there are several ways that you can increase the engine power by increasing the torque yourself. Install a turbo or supercharger if you want to increase your motorcycle torque effectively.

Forced induction increases the engine’s power by forcing air into the engine on the motorcycle. If you rely on torque curves, turbochargers will take time to spool before providing torque benefits. If you want to install a turbo or supercharger on a motorcycle, consult a professional. 


If you are a regular motorcycle rider, you need to know how to increase motorcycle torque. Because by increasing the torque, you can get easy and comfortable riding. Torque increases your engine’s horsepower and gives you a feeling of continuous speed. So, to make the motorcycle faster and more powerful, increase the torque.

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