How To Jump Start A Harley Davidson? [Complete Guideline]

If the battery of Harley Davidson is dead, it needs a jumpstart. There are so many things you should follow to get a perfect jumpstart. Do you know, how to jump start a Harley Davidson?

To jump-start a Harley, it’s required to use a vehicle with a 12v battery. Make sure the battery is completely charged. Connect the vehicles using jumper cables. The battery of the donor vehicle will boost the dead battery of Harley Davidson.

It’s not possible to get the required battery boost without a perfect connection. This article will guide you to revive the dead battery of your Harley Davidson.

4 Easy Steps To Jump Start A Harley Davidson: Check Now

The overall procedure of jumpstarting a Harley Davidson is quite the same as the other bikes. Here is a detailed instruction for each step.

Step 1:  Prepare the Vehicles

For jumpstarting, you need to first bring the Harley Davidson and the other vehicle close. Choose an open area to complete this operation. As they will be connected through jumper cables, you should park the vehicles together so the wire gets a better connection.

Step 2: Connect the Jumper Cable

Get a jumper cable to make the connection. This is the most important step for a jumpstart. 

First, connect one positive terminal of the jumper cable to the positive terminal(red clamps) of the Harley Davidson battery and the other positive terminal to the donor vehicle’s battery.

Now, it’s time to connect the negative terminals(black clamps). Connect one negative terminal of the jumper cable to the negative terminal of the Donor vehicle’s battery and the other terminal to any unpainted metal of the Harley Davidson bike.

Make sure the connection is done properly. Any wrong connection of the jumper cables can damage the vehicle’s electric components.

Jumper Cable ClampsConnecting Points
Red Clamp 01Harley Davidson Battery +
Red Clamp 02Donor Battery +
Black Clamp 01Donor Battery –
Black Clamp 02Harley Davidson Metal(unpainted)

Step 3: Run the Donor Vehicle

Now, start the donor vehicle whether it’s a car or motorcycle. You need to keep the power on for a couple of minutes. The time required in this step depends on the condition of Harley Davidson’s battery. 

After 10-20 minutes, you may now try to start the Harley Davidson. The motorcycle will start if the battery got a boost and the jumpstarting procedure was done properly.  

Step 4: Disconnect the Batteries

Once you succeed to jumpstart your Harley Davidson, you are now required to disconnect the jumper cables. This is as important as the connection. You should disconnect the clamps in reverse order.

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3 Battery Care Tips for Harley Davidson Bike: Read Now

If you own a Harley Davidson, take proper care of it to make sure the battery is not dying anytime soon. Here are some common tips that will help you to extend the battery life. 

Tips 1: Battery Charge

It’s always recommended to keep the battery charged all the time. If the battery is left unused for a long time, it will discharge and may get dead as well. If you are using a battery charger or tender, use that’s recommended by the manufacturer.

Tips 2: Clean the Terminals

You should regularly clean the terminals of the battery to prevent them from corrosion and damage. Use a wire brush or soft cloth and clean the terminals. This will help the battery to get charged properly.

Tips 3: Fluid Level

The fluid level should be checked regularly. Check the fluid level to ensure there is enough distilled water on the battery. Add fluids to the battery if they are below the level. 


Can You Jumpstart A Harley Davidson With A Car Battery?

It’s required to use a charged battery to jumpstart a dead battery. You can jumpstart a Harley Davidson using a motorcycle or car’s battery. Get a battery with at least 12 volts and a negative-to-ground connection if you want to start a Harley Davidson using a car battery.

The process of jumpstarting a Harley Davidson using the car’s battery is exactly the same as the motorcycles. Just make sure, you’re using quality jumper cables in this process. 

Is It Bad To Jump-Start A Harley Davidson?

Jump-Starting is a standard procedure for starting a motorcycle if the battery is dead or loses its charge. JumpStart is not bad only if you use ideal jumper cables and battery to let your Harley Davidson get charged.

While jump-starting a motorcycle, you should follow the proper instructions and connections. Any wrong connection of the jumper cables will lead to serious damage to the battery and the other electrical components as well.

What Type Of Jumper Cables Do I Need To Jump-Start A Harley Davidson?

As you are trying to jumpstart Harley Davidson, you shouldn’t use ordinary jumper cables in this case. Make sure you use quality jumper cables that have smaller clamps that will fit well in the battery terminals.

Also, check the insulation and the sturdiness of the jumper cables to prevent any damage during the jumpstart. It’s recommended to get a jumper cable that is long enough to cover both the motorcycle easily.

How Many Volts Does It Take To Start A Harley?

During jumpstart, the battery should produce enough voltage to provide a boost to the dead battery. For this, you need to get a battery with at least 12 volts as Harley Davidson bikes usually come with 12v batteries. 

Before starting the jumpstart process, make sure the other battery is fully charged to boost the dead battery. Otherwise, it won’t be able to generate enough power for the start.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Dead Harley Battery?

The time required to charge a dead battery depends on the battery’s condition. Sometimes, the dead battery gets the boost within minutes of the jumpstart process. It will usually require 10-20 minutes to charge a dead Harley Davidson bike.

Once you connect both batteries, you should start the working bike to let the dead battery get a boost from the dead battery.

Final Words

I guess now you know how to jump start a Harley Davidson. The procedure is quite easy. One thing you should be careful about is the connection and disconnection of jumper cables. Make sure you are following the sequence as mentioned in this article.


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