How To Keep A Motorcycle Helmet From Getting Stolen?

How To Keep A Motorcycle Helmet From Getting Stolen

A helmet is one of your motorcycle’s most essential and precious items. Whenever a thief steals the head protector of your roadster, it hurts and creates a hassle for you to find it again. You need to know how to keep a motorcycle helmet from getting stolen.

If you are lucky enough, you could find the lost helmet. Otherwise, you have to buy a newer one. For this reason, before the headgear gets stolen, take necessary steps to keep it safe and secured from the thief. You can maximize the security of the headset very easily. 

By the way, I have the bitter experience of getting the helmet of my roadster stolen. I started following some ideas from that moment to protect my motorcycle helmet. In this article, I will share everything that can help you. So let’s get going.

7 Ways For Keeping A Motorcycle Helmet From Getting Stolen:

Some particular ways are very effective in keeping a motorcycle helmet from getting stolen. I like to use a helmet lock with the frame of my bike. But you can secure the head protector by maintaining any of the following ways.

1. Carry The Helmet:

The easiest way to protect your bike headgear is to carry it wherever you go. Simply grab the open area of the chin part of the wearing and take it to where you are going. This carrying habit will protect the helmet from the thief and keep it safe from other external damage. 

Sometimes you may think that people will find it ridiculous to carry the object all the time, but believe me, nothing matters. Let others laugh, and take care of your motorcycle helmet with your hand. Moreover, if you carry the device on your own, it will save your money from buying a lock. It doesn’t cost you anything.

2. Secure In A Backpack:

Try to carry a backpack that can easily hold your bike’s headgear. Nowadays, people worldwide are using various backpacks specially made for having a helmet. 

A motorcycle helmet backpack will not cost you more than $30 to $50. Thus, choose a backpack that fits the size of your helmet and wear it when you are not riding a bike.

3. Use A Helmet Lock:

A helmet latch is one of the most effective ways to latch the headset to your bike’s frame. People have been using this stuff quite a lot in recent days. These kinds of locks are cheap, sustainable, and flexible. You can fit them anywhere in the frame of your motorcycle and attach them to the headgear. The process of latching the headpiece with this latch is straightforward. 

Just pull up the moveable side of the latch and insert it in the suitable space of the motorcycle’s frame. Try to find a strong point of the vehicle which is very resistant. Now grab the headset and open the face. Then let the latch get into the chin space of the helmet. Safeguard it with the key. Keep the key safe. Your head protector is ultimately protected now.

4. Try A Gunlock:

A gunlock is an alternative to the locks available on the market. Using a gunlock is a little bit complicated but more than adequate. Gunlocks are way more robust than the other types of locks. A gunlock should be the ultimate choice if you have a luxurious headgear for your roadster and are ready to spend enough money to protect it.

5. Lock With A Cable:

A simple bicycle cable lock can safeguard the head protector of your motorbike very easily. This safeguard material is very much affordable and easy to find. In addition, you can use this cable wherever you want. The latching process is also straightforward. Just grab the headgear, attach the safeguard into the chin space and latch it with the body part of the bike.

6. Bolt Lock Security:

Bolt lock security is a cylinder-shaped latch and tiny in size. You can attach this safeguard permanently to any part of the body of your motorcycle. It is effortless to install. There is a key to open the latch. This safeguard has a collection of versatile designs and extraordinary features that will keep the helmet of your bike safe and increase its overall beauty.

7. Attach To The Chain Lock:

There must be an automatic chain clasp system on your bike. If you don’t find any of the above methods suitable for you, you may try attaching the belts of the headgear with the chain lock of your bike. Although it is not safe for the helmet to be connected to its belt with the part of the safeguard, it will protect the device from getting stolen. Try this one only if you are unable to manage proper protection.

Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Helmets To Be Stolen: 

From my experience, I can assure you that, most of the time, people lose the precious headpiece of their motorcycle because of their unconsciousness and laziness in carrying it. If you love this valuable part of your roadster, try to avoid making the following mistakes, your helmet will never be stolen.

  • Leaving Unlocked:

Never leave the headpiece unlocked on the seat of the bike. Leaving the device like this means inviting the thief to steal it. This is a terrible habit, and most of the time, the headgears are getting robbed. But in case you have to leave it unlocked for a moment, try to keep it in front of your eyes and don’t go far. Stay in the range of your bike to catch the stealer immediately. 

  • Not Carrying A Backpack:

If you carry a simple portable backpack, you can take the head protector whenever you need to leave the vehicle. The armor for your head will be with you, and the rustler will never steal that. So, according to my observation, if you cannot manage a safeguard, carry a backpack because not carrying a backpack is also a reason for getting the helmet stolen.

  • Not Using Any Lock System: 

A safeguard for the helmet is always the most effective and fruitful device to keep the headset from getting stolen. But people do not want to spend a little bit of money and lose their beloved armor at the end of the day. 

Installing and using a clasp is an effortless task. Additionally, it will increase the safety of the headgear in a meaningful manner. Not using any latch is one of the biggest mistakes in inviting the thief to steal the headset.

  • Disabling The Alarm:

Sometimes people disable the alarm of their motorcycle. As a result, if anyone touches the vehicle, the owner cannot hear any sound, and nothing happens. But if you keep the alarm system on, whenever someone tries to steal the headpiece, the alarm will notify you and keep the headpiece safe. So try not to disable the alarming feature.

  • Choosing A Wrong Parking Area:

One of the most common mistakes is parking your roadster in the wrong place. Try to place the vehicle where the security system is enough and adequate. If possible, always keep your vehicle where a CCTV camera is set all day long naturally. Park your scooter in a place where everyone can see it.

6 Tips For Getting Your Stolen Motorcycle Helmet Back: Try Your Luck

It is not impossible to get the stolen motorcycle helmet back. In this era of modern technology, you can do whatever you want. All you need is to follow proper guidelines and utilize the best of your ability. However, keep the following tips in mind. If you are lucky enough, these can help you get your beloved armor back.

Tip-1: Let The Police Know

The general rule of losing anything is you have to inform the nearby police station immediately. Call the police station and give them every detail of your headpiece. Try to go to the office and show them a photo of the stolen headpiece. 

Issue a general diary and keep a continuous connection with the office. They will let you know immediately if they find your headgear. But don’t stop here. Go to the next step.

Tip-2: Find Any Witness

Try to inspect the whole area where you had your bike parked. Ask every nearby person about the place and give them a brief description of your headpiece. 

They will give you directions if any of them have seen the thief or your headpiece. If the almighty blesses you, you can find the thief very close and catch him by running with your bike.

Tip-3: Call Your Friends

The ultimate truth is that you cannot do this searching thing properly alone. So call your friends as soon as you can and gather them in a place. Split into two or three groups and investigate the nearby spots individually. This will lessen your workload and pressure and increase the possibility of getting your stolen headpiece back.

Tip-4: Search In The Neighborhood

If you find out very quickly that the head armor of your scooter has been stolen, you can be sure that the thief has not gone so far. Search in the local area immediately, and I am sure that you will find someone grabbing your special headgear in his hand. So do not get panicked and nervous. Try to investigate your neighborhood first.

Tip-5: Check The Online Shops

Nowadays, the rustlers, stealers, and even thieves use online shops as their marketplace. The accessibility of the online shops is easy, and the stealer can hide his identification easily there. 

That is why they choose this kind of platform to sell stolen things. Keep searching the online shops every day, and you may find your stolen helmet there. Then you have to report it to the police to get it back legally.

Tip-6: Search In The Local Market

Try to search for the stolen headpiece of your scooter in the local market every day. If the thief lives in your area, he must sell the things in the local market. 

Keep your eyes open. You may find your precious headpiece if you are lucky enough. Try to maintain a good relationship with a regular person in the market and tell him to inform you immediately if he finds any headpiece like yours.

Related Questions:

Should You Carry Your Motorcycle Helmet With You?

You can carry the helmet with you if you don’t have anything to safeguard it with the bike’s frame. On the other hand, when you have a proper safeguard for keeping it safe, then you don’t have to carry it. 

Just clasp the belt of the headgear with a substantial part of the bike, then leave it there. Sometimes, it is quite impossible to carry this head armor everywhere. So it would be better if you could manage a lock and keep it safe. 

How Do You Lock The Helmet Of Your Motorcycle?

There are several ways to clasp the helmet of your motorcycle. You have to attach a portable clasp to the body of your bike. Then you need to insert the removable part of the clasp into the chin space of the headpiece. Pull the part from another site and join it to the latch. 

Although the latching process varies from lock to lock, you have to use a key to safeguard it most of the time. So keep the key in a protected area so don’t lose it. You can use digital locks to ensure the helmet of your roadster also. In this case, you need to set a pin code and remember it. Type the code for every time you unlock.

Where Should You Attach Your Helmet To?

You can attach the helmet to the handlebars of your bike and safeguard it with a cable clamp. But the best option is to use the passenger pegs of the vehicle. If you ride a scooter, you can keep the headgear under the body seat. You can use the neck of the handlebars as a great place to hang and tie the headpiece with.

It will depend on the type of your motorcycle. You must remember to find a robust and suitable place to attach the clasp first. If your latch is set correctly, your head protector will have a proper safeguard then. Most portable helmet locks are thin in shape, so you will find it easier to attach them anywhere on your motorcycle. 

How Do You Lock A Harley Davidson Helmet?

Locking a Harley Davidson helmet is simple, and you can do it easily by yourself. First of all, remove the outside nuts of the clasp. Then grab the headset of the bike and open the face. Insert the front part of the latch in the chin space and attach it to the neck of the bike. Tighten the bolts with a wrench. This is how you can clasp the helmet of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

What Do You Do With A Motorcycle Helmet When Parked? 

When you park the motorcycle in a suitable place, the first thing you need to do with the headset is latch it. You can use any kind of helmet locker available on the market. Make sure the belt of the headset is tight enough and safeguards it. Keep the system’s key in a safe place or attach it to the keyring of your motorcycle’s key. 

Another thing you can do is to carry the headgear with you. You can take this thing in your hand or use a backpack to do this. If you cannot carry or lock the helmet, try not to go away from your scooter and watch the headset. Whatever you do, ensure that no thief can steal the beautiful headpiece of your roadster.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Locks Effective?

Motorcycle helmet locks are most of the time effective. You need to make sure that you have bought a suitable one for your headset. For this reason, check the capacity of the safeguard system by running some fruitful tests on the latch. You can buy a variety of locks and try them individually on your headset. 

Try to break or unlock them without a key. Attempt cutting them with a sharp tool. Hammer the joints of the locks. Try to cut the thin part of the lockout. Then judge the safeguard facility of the locks. Select the best one for your bike. Attach it to the body or frame of the bike and keep your headset safe.

Can A Helmet Be Stolen If Locked On Your Bike?

A helmet can be stolen even if you have locked it in on your bike. Sometimes thieves use a very sharp blade to cut the metallic part of the latch. But it is a lengthy process. A stealer cannot do this at once.

He will try to cut the latch only when he finds the helmet and the bike alone for a very long time and starts cutting the belt slowly. So, try to check the safeguard system of the device every day before and after you use it.

Which Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Available In The Market?

ToolWRX Helmet Lock is one of the best and most updated helmet locks available on the market right now. This modern latch does not need a key to open it. You can operate the whole latching system using a pin code as your password. All you need is to remember several three digits.

The tiny dial pad of this quality product will provide you with the numbers. You need to wrap the latch around the headgear of your roadster and dial the numbers. No one on the earth will be able to unlock it except you. Moreover, this beautiful device is a cost-friendly and much-needed product for your motorcycle.

Final Verdict:

You have to maintain an effective way to keep a motorcycle helmet from getting stolen. It is not a challenging task to do. All you need is to lock or carry the headpiece regularly, especially when you are not around your motorcycle. Don’t make any silly mistakes by leaving the headgear unlocked on the seat of your roadster.

However, in this article, I have portrayed all the possible ways to keep your motorcycle head armor safe. And this article is all enough for you if you have read it carefully. Keep the head protector on and ride the bike safely. Happy riding.

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