How To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In The Winter? [5 Ways]

How To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In The Winter

If I am not mistaken, you are concerned about the safety of your motorcycle in the winter. And most probably you are now thinking about how to keep your motorcycle warm in the winter. Believe me, it’s so simple and easy to do. But for that, you have to know the exact method. 

Over time, I’ve tried different methods to keep my motorcycle warm in the winter season. Today I’m going to tell you the secret strategy to keep your motorcycle warm during the cold days. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed.

In this post, I’m going to discuss 5 different ways along with some tips about how to keep your motorcycle warm in winter. Read the whole article to be an expert on this.

5 Different Ways To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In The Winter: 

Among the many methods, the best 5 methods are described below. You can keep your motorcycle warm in winter by following any one method:

Way-1: Use Engine Block Heater

In a cold country, engine block heaters are very much needed for motorcycles. Motorcycle engines cannot function properly when the temperature drops significantly. It is important to use an engine block heater at temperatures that are lower than -18 ° C or 0 ° F. 

The main function of an engine block heater is to warm the coolant of your motorcycle. No matter how hostile the outdoor climate is, the block heater protects the coolant from freezing. The engine block heater of a motorcycle is usually a small rectangle. 

The block heater has a cable connection that you can connect to a 220 to a 240-volt source.  It must be connected to an AC current source. You can use the block heater with a motorcycle engine. The heater provides warmth to all the parts around the motorcycle engine. 

You can also use the block heater in fuel tanks, oil pans, and carburetors. The engine can be started easily by using the block heater next to the carburetor. If you race on a motorcycle, you can use the block heater under the oil pan. The pre-heating of the oil reduces friction in the cylinder.

Way-2: Use Garage Overhead Heater

I think to keep your motorcycle warm in the winter, a garage overhead heater is the best. This will not only keep your motorcycle warm but also keep the whole garage warm. Garage heaters provide the necessary heat but it is not expensive. 

If you have a garage heater installed, you can also spend quality time here in winter. The garage heater will keep the motorcycle warm without any damage to your motorcycle. Install the heater in the coldest parts of your motorcycle’s garage. 

You can use a thermometer to determine the coldest part of the garage. Make sure there is no combustible material right in front of the heater. Keep the heater as high as possible in a large space. However, heaters should be placed 7 feet above the floor and 4 inches below the ceiling. 

But if your garage is small, you can keep the heater near the floor. You can use the NewAir-G56 portable garage heater on the floor. However, make sure that the heater is not hit by anything.

Way-3: Use Motorcycle Winter Blanket

If you want to drive a motorcycle in winter, you can use a winter blanket on your motorcycle. A winter blanket will keep your motorcycle warm from cold weather. These are quite popular as they are cheap. 

Wrap the blanket around the carburetor of the motorcycle. This will keep your motorcycle engine warm. Your motorcycle will start up easily. Use thick and heavy blankets. Thick blankets can hold more heat. 

However, do not use your winter blanket. This will make the blanket dirty and unsuitable for future use.

Way-4: Heat Up With A Motorcycle Cover

The motorcycle cover is great for outdoor use. This will protect your motorcycle from dust. In addition, you will be protected from the cold. However, ordinary motorcycle covers are not very hot. A UK company is currently producing heated covers. 

You can use a cover to keep your motorcycle warm in the winter. You can buy this heated cover for almost USD 150 including the shipping cost. The temperature can be set on this cover. You can set the temperature as needed. 

It does not create moisture in the inner part of the cover, so the damage caused by condensation is protected. The big advantage of the cover is that you only have to cover the motorcycle. You don’t have to worry about the whole garage.

Way-5: Blow On The Engine With A Small Electric Heater

Blow into your motorcycle engine with a small electric heater to keep the motorcycle warm. However, this method does not have to be done every day. You can do this in the winter when you decide to drive a motorcycle. 

Blow hot air towards the engine with the electric heater. The engine will take about 20 minutes to warm up. Then you can start your motorcycle effortlessly. Your motorcycle is full of combustible fuel so do not use large electric heaters.

8 Useful Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In The Winter: 

The following tips will help keep your motorcycle warm. You can apply these tips to any motorcycle.

Tip-1: Use Oil Heater

Add a Wolverine heater to your motorcycle’s engine. This will protect your motorcycle from getting cold. Wolverine oil heaters dissipate heat throughout the motorcycle’s engine. It keeps the fuel of the motorcycle hot. As a result, there is no problem starting the engine in winter.

Tip-2: Keep The Motorcycle In The Garage

Your garage is the perfect place to keep your motorcycle warm in winter. Your garage will be such that no air will enter at random. Prevent ventilation in the garage in winter, it will keep your motorcycle warm.

Tip-3: Regularly Warm-Up Your Motorcycle

During the long winter, you may not drive a motorcycle. But you should warm up regularly to keep the motorcycle warm. The other parts of the motorcycle will be active for warm-up. This will not cause any special damage to your motorcycle in winter.

Tip-4: Charge And Discharge Motorcycle Battery

In winter, the battery of the motorcycle is more damaged. Your motorcycle battery was active before storing the motorcycle. After winter, you noticed that the battery had been damaged. Charge and discharge the motorcycle battery to prevent this problem.

Tip-5: Use The Fuel Stabilizer

Use a fuel stabilizer to save your motorcycle in the winter. Fuel Stabilizer will keep your motorcycle’s fuel and fuel line good. After placing the fuel stabilizer in the tank, start the motorcycle for some time. This will allow the fuel stabilizer to work better.

Tip-6: Use Synthetic Wax

You should always take care of your motorcycle. As winter is an unfavorable environment, more care should be taken during this time. After cleaning the motorcycle, you can use synthetic wax on it. This will keep your motorcycle warm. It is better not to use other wax.

Tip-7: Use Lubricant On Moving Parts

Use lubricant on your motorcycle’s chain drive, control, pivot point, and cable. This will protect the motorcycle from winter damage. Use lubricant to protect the parts from corrosion after storage. Warm up the motorcycle before using the lubricant. Then scrub well and apply lubricant.

Tip-8: Change Oil

Keep the tank full to keep your motorcycle warm in the winter. Be sure to use a fuel stabilizer once the tank is full. The fuel line will be good and will be moisture-free. Also change the brake, clutch, and transmission fluid.

3 Types Of Garage Heaters Are Used To Keep Motorcycles Warm In Winter:

Three kinds of heaters are commonly used for motorcycle garages. Natural gas, propane, and electric heaters are available depending on fuel consumption. Which one is right for you depends on how big your garage is. Here are more details: 

1. Electric Heater:

You can also use electric heaters at home. This is the most favored heater. There is no smoke in the use of electric heaters. So these are suitable for small spaces. You can use this electric heater to heat 500 to 600 square feet of space. This heater is light in weight but compact.

2. Propane Gas Heater:

Electric heaters cannot produce as much heat as propane heaters. A propane gas heater is suitable for spaces up to the 4500-square feet. Propane heaters have corrosion preventive casing and high solid paint so they are durable. However, the risk of fire is high and should be used with caution.

3. Gas Heater:

Gas heaters are very powerful and durable. The gas heater is connected to your gas line. You can use gas heaters to heat more than 4500 square feet. The garage should have ventilation to avoid destruction.

Related Questions About To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In Winter:

Can You Keep Your Block Heater On All Night To Keep The Motorcycle Warm?

There is no special benefit to keeping it plugged in all night. The temperature of your motorcycle continues to rise as soon as you plug in the block heater. After three hours, it reaches the maximum temperature. From then on, the temperature stays the same but the current continues to be wasted. The block heater consumes 0.4kWh-1.0 kWh of energy. So there is no need to keep the block heater on all night to keep the motorcycle warm.

Can You Store Your Motorcycle Without The Battery In The Winter?

The winter is the most damaging season for motorcycle batteries. So it is a good idea to remove the battery before storing the motorcycle. You can keep the battery in a place where the temperature does not fluctuate. 

If you do not want to take off the battery, occasionally start on the motorcycle. But keep in mind that the time to start a motorcycle is less than a month.

What Happens If You Don’t Warm Up Your Motorcycle In Winter?

In winter, when the temperature is -17.8 ° C or 0 ° F, the viscosity of the fuel decreases. This results in a negative impact on the piston and the engine cylinder. Cold pistons subjected to extreme temperatures and friction before being warmed up can quickly expand and scuff. And ultimately it affects the lifespan of your motorcycle.

Is A Cozy Bike Cover Suitable To Keep Your Motorcycle Warm In The Winter?

Keeping the motorcycle in a damp place results in rust and later erosion. As well as adverse effects on fuel lines, batteries, and engines. If you do not have a heated garage or keep the motorcycle in a damp place, a Cozy bike cover is for you.

Cozy bike cover with premium fleece line. It operates at low voltage. A cozy bike cover can be controlled thermostatically. After riding the motorcycle, dry it well and fit the bike cover. Then set the temperature to suit the weather. However, it is better to set a low temperature for long storage.

How Much Time Does It Take To Warm Up A Motorcycle In Winter?

Generally, it takes about 10-15 minutes to warm up a motorcycle in winter. However, if some motorcycles warm-up for 5 minutes, they reach the desired temperature. The heating time of the motorcycle depends on the weather. 

If the engine temperature of the motorcycle is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off the warm-up. However, if you have a garage heater, you should not warm up regularly.

Final Verdict:

How to keep your motorcycle warm in the winter sometimes depends on the weather. If it’s very cold, you should arrange to keep your entire garage warm. As a result, every part of the motorcycle will be good. 

Remember that, you don’t need the above methods to keep your motorcycle warm in summer. In summer, you should just try to protect your motorcycle from dust.

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