How To Load A Motorcycle In A Truck Without A Ramp? [3 Easy Ways]

How To Load A Motorcycle In A Truck Without A Ramp

Transporting your bike isn’t always an easy task. And considering you don’t have a ramp, for now, this task might be a little bit risky, however, it’s not impossible. Though there are several possible ways to load a motorcycle in a truck without a ramp, you need to choose the right and the perfect method for yourself. 

In my years of experience, I can say without using a ramp transporting can be a little bit tough. But it’s not so hard to do it in other ways without using a ramp. There are a lot of things you can use as an alternative to the ramp. All you need to take care of are some safety factors and you’ll be good to carry!

3 Ways To Load Your Motorcycle In A Truck Without A Ramp:

Considering the fact you don’t have a ramp for now, or you aren’t willing to spend on buying one, you can use various methods to transport your motorcycle. While I’ve been loading my motorcycle for about so many years, sometimes I have come across such a situation also.

So, I have come up with the 3 best ways to load a motorcycle in a truck without a ramp. Here I’m going to discuss the 3 safest & easiest ways to load your motorcycle without a ramp:

Way 1: Nature Is The Best Giver

Now if you’re loading your bike without a ramp, you might be thinking of using something else. But to your wonder, nature can be helpful in this. Hills, driveway, loading decks, etc can help you load. 

If you have a hill available to you, use that. I am not talking about those high heels you go for climbing. It’s just a high thing which is kind of the height of a truck bed.

To use the hill first place the loading truck in front of it. Now compare the heights of the hill and truck bed. If they are exact or nearly the same, you’re in luck! All you need to do is place your bike at the top of the hill, gently move it while holding the handles tightly. Open your truck bed and move the bike into it. 

If those two heights don’t match, no worries. Use something to match the heights. If your hill is a little bit lower than the truck bed, use a box in between them. When you move your bike from the hill, the box will help you to keep pace with the bed’s height. 

On the other hand, if your hill is too high than the truck, I will advise you not to use that hill.

Way 2: Lift It Yourself

Okay, so you don’t have any hills available. No worries. You can still transport your bike without a ramp.

If you’re strong enough and able to bear the weight of your bike, you can use your potential. 

To load the bike all by yourself, you  need to:

  • Position your bike’s handle to the left so that they don’t roll.
  • Hold the right handle and axle tightly and lift your bike. Lift the front tires in the truck bed. 
  • Rest for a little bit but make sure you’re still standing in the same position. Hold your bike as strong as you can. One single slip and your bike will flip creating a lot of damage. 
  •  Now while holding the right handles and axle, lift your bike again and put the middle part on the bed. Make sure you lift it in such a way that your bike’s skid plate and engine case both are on the truck bed.
  • At last lift your back tires. Im.this way you can move your whole bike using your energy.  

This method is convenient to those who have a light bike or are physically strong enough. Also while doing this, be careful about your back. A little callousness can cost you a lifetime of back pain.

Way 3: Make Your Ramp

If none of the ways seems good, you can use this last universal method. Now you don’t have a ramp with you, make a ramp by yourself instead. Use a hard wooden piece or a deck. 

Check if your ramp will be strong enough to hold your bike. Compare the width and check that your bike fits in properly. If you find everything suitable, you are free to use your ramp.

How Do You Load A Motorcycle Into A Truck By Yourself?

There are several methods to load a bike by yourself. Among all those variations, I am talking about two ways that work best for me whenever I need to load all by myself.

  • Use Ramps: 

Ramps are the safest ways to load a bike either by yourself or with the help of others. Ramps are the best choice if you want a safe load. And if you’re loading all by yourself, the safest is the best. 

Use at least two ramps when you load on your own. Place them side by side making a slope. When you put the ramp ends in the truck bed, there is a slight chance they might slip. So for extra caution, secure your ramps with straps after placing. Now take your bike on one ramp and you need to stand on the other. Start your bike and slowly move it up to the slope.

When your bike reaches the truck bed, hold your handles real tight and move them into the truck. After placing your bike in the truck, it’s time to secure it so that it doesn’t move. You can use a handlebar harness to secure the front of your bike. It’s not so necessary but extra protection is always good. 

But the most essential part is to secure your bike with straps. Use a minimum of 2 or more straps to tie your bike to the truck- one to secure the back tires and the other to tie the rear. 

  • Do It On Your Own:

Considering you don’t have a ramp, still you can load your bike by yourself. It all needs your strength to lift it and put it in the truck. Above I have explained how you can put your motorcycle into a truck using your energy. 

But take note that this process might be a little bit risky as you might hurt your back or your bike while doing this.

How To Load And Unload A Motorcycle Into A Truck?

To load or unload a motorcycle is the same thing, just a little bit vice versa. If you can load a motorcycle, you can also upload using the exact process.

To load a bike:

  • You can use ramps for the sake of the bike’s safety. 
  • If you’re not willing to spend on ramps, you can use a nearby hill, driveway, or loading deck as an alternative. 
  • Trailers are also very good as they are very low and they are very compatible with your truck bed. Using a trailer is very easy as its low height decreases gravitational force when you’re moving your bike above.
  • Lifting the bike into the truck can be another way. But not always convenient to all. 

Can You Load Your Bike Into A Pickup Truck?

It’s possible if both of them are compatible. However, there are some factors you need to check before loading your bike into a pickup:

  • Measure both the bike and pickup length and width. Compare them and see if your bike will fit in or not. 
  • Pick-ups are not always so high which makes it tough to load. So try to keep the angle of your ramp. For this, you can use a driveway or a lower place to place your truck in there. Make sure your ramp is 6 inches above the ground. 

3 Tips For Loading Your Motorcycle Without A Ramp:

Here are my personal 4 tips for loading your motorcycle without a ramp:

Tip 1: Whenever you’re loading your bike, set the emergency brake of your truck. Now even the truck is moving while loading, it won’t start slipping.

Tip 2: If you have the option to choose a truck or borrow one, try to select one with a large bed.

Tip 3: If your truck’s tailgate is movable, remove it. In this way, you can easily load your bike without hurting anyone or anything. 

What Can You Use As A Motorcycle Ramp?

Not always you need a factory-made ramp. You can make them yourself or just use something around you as an alternative to motorcycle ramps. If you have a wooden piece available, just shape it in length and breadth, and then you can use it as a ramp. As I have discussed above, nearby hills, driveways, etc as a ramp works pretty well too. 

Now if you don’t have any of these natural things available, I would recommend buying a ramp for yourself. Investing in ramps is worth every penny. You will need them every now and then. So for a longer course, I would say it’s best to buy a ramp as they will always come in handy whenever you will need to load your bike.

Final Verdict:

While loading your motorcycle, many forget to check their own safety. So at first, make sure of that. Then you can move on to the loading part. Just follow the steps perfectly and loading will be at your fingertips.

If you have more queries on this, leave a comment below. I will get back to you soon. Also, roam around our site to clarify more queries. Wish you all a happy ride!

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