How To Mount A Backpack On A Motorcycle? [5 Different Ways]

Mount A Backpack On A Motorcycle

Carrying a giant backpack on your back for a 7-day longer trip isn’t a good choice for you personally. Again, you may not feel good wasting your time tying the backpack onto the bike for an hour or more. Here’s the issue that I’m going to focus on.

However, mounting a backpack on a motorcycle relies on what types of bike and installation you choose to add there. Yet some people like to go for luggage; some prefer to use saddlebags, tank bags, etc. 

Among this plenty of options, I discuss here the five most effective backpacks and their mounting strategies so that you can easily understand how to mount a backpack on a motorcycle in different ways.

5 Stereotype Ways To Mount Different Backpacks On Motorcycles:

As I’ve already mentioned previously, today I will discuss five simple ways of mounting a backpack according to the variants. Let us get started. 

Way 1- Mounting Regular Backpack With Straps Or Bungee Cord 

If you have to carry a more oversized, fatty backpack on long trips but don’t have any luggage. Then this is the most relevant solution for you. All you need to collect the key ingredients is a strap or bungee cord. 

Step 1- Things You Need For The Job:

To mount the backpack on your bike with straps, collect these below things altogether:

  • A strap/bungee cord;
  • A polyethylene made rain protector or cover;
  • Your backpack.

Step 2- Keep Your Bike In A Neutral Position: 

Try to keep your bike in a neutral position or keep it straight with the help of a stand. Now, set up the bigger backpack on the backside of your motorbike. Then cover the backpack with a polyethylene-made rain cover for protecting it from any inconvenience. 

Step 3- Bind Them With Straps Or Bungee Cord: 

To bind the backpack to the backside of your motorcycle, you can choose two options. Straps or bungee cords are usually found in many retail shops cheaper. So you can easily buy them. 

Straps :

However, take the backpack if you want to bind them with straps. Keep it reversed against the bike. Then take the strap and make a knot inside the backpack. First, try to make an “X” inside the pack. After that, you will get two sides of the straps. Secure the one side of the strap underneath the bike stand. And also secure the other parts onto the other downsides of the bike. 

Important Notes: 

To bind the pack with straps strongly, be aware of the below things: 

  • Ensure that you don’t overweight the pack, and place the strap over the bike (if you choose to do it with any straps) where you fixed it for securing it.
  • Place the straps and keep your backpack over them. Then make a zigzag or crossing design over the pack. Bind the pack as strong as you can.
  • After that, pass the left side straps under the right and make a knot. Attach it to the seat handle of the bike. 
  • Secure the leftover straps to bike frames.
Bungee Cord: 

Bungee cord is an elastic-made cord usually covered in a woven cotton or polypropylene sheath. For the bungee cord, it is quite an easy-going process. A flexible sheath surrounds the cord, and you will also get two clips at the end of it. Again, those ropes can stretch about 50-60%. So, you can use those cords as much as the backpack size is. 

Now keep your backpack in the same position. Secure the pack with the bungee rope and knot against the bike seat handle. Ensure that the rope will hold the backpack too firmly. Then secure the remaining parts of the rope on the two opposite sides of the bike. 

Step 4- Re-check The Binding Of The Backpack: 

Lastly, check out the binding cord to ensure it securely tightens the pack or not. Then you’re ready to go. 

Way 2- Installing A Bigger Luggage On Motorbike With Strap 

You can use or install the more oversized luggage on the motorbike on our second way. Bigger luggage means you’re comfortable carrying a wide range of commodities at a time. But remember, don’t go this second way if you’re satisfied with our first suggestions. So let’s see how to do that like a pro. 

Step 1- Find A Secure Way Over The Bike:

Find out the secure way over the bike. You should find any empty way that you think is safe for binding your luggage. 

Step 2- Bind The Luggage To The Secure Points Of The Bike:

Now use straps or bungee cord to bind the luggage. It is worth mentioning that you must have found specific points inside the bike. The points might be found either on the frame or in the attachment attached directly to the frame. 

Consequently, bind them with straps or a cord. Then secure the end parts of the cord with the bike handle or downward attachments. 

Step 3- Make Sure About The Weight Distribution:

Weight distribution plays a vital role once you’re done mounting the luggage over the bike. So check it twice and place your stuff evenly inside the luggage. It will prevent you from facing trouble during the driving period. Finally, give a trial ride to ensure that you’re comfortable carrying this more oversized luggage with you on your journey.

Way 3 – Binding With ROK Straps Using Saddlebags 

Using saddlebags, you will need to secure or bind your bigger backpack. Then this way is suitable for you. Saddlebags are usually too soft and comfortable. Again, those saddlebags are well known for distributing weight evenly, and you can carry a pillion easily. 

Step 1- Assemble The Saddlebags At A Secure Point:

Saddles come with a set of two parallel leather-made straps. So it is a holy grail for you to save you from the hassle of installing extra straps. Now, detect a vast area that is perfect for your bag to place. 

Step 2- Embellished The Straps Inside The Central Of The Pack:

Now it’s time to give the backpack an extra push to stick the straps too well. If you have two saddlebags, then hang these two beside your bike. Then tie or mount those both with the straps. 

Step 3- Adjust The Bag’s Height By The Set Of Slots:

This is the best part of this process, and many people admire those bags only for the height adjustment. They come with two pairs of slots. By this, you can set the height according to your will. It also saves your bike from destroying the burning exhaust while you’re driving. Then anchor the bags properly to the bike. You can also use the nylon cord to release a clasp quickly. 

Furthermore, place the leather loops at the corner of the bag to finish the job. That’s it; now you’re ready to go on any of the highway trips. 

Way 4- Mounting With Tank Bags 

There are so many options available for people who use different carriers and choose them according to their needs. More reasonably, if you’re a part-time delivery man or have to carry heavy food or baggage every day. Then this is the beast, and you will need things for yourself. 

Many bike riders personally love this one for its bigger space. Again, those bags won’t get dirty too fast compared to other carriers. So here’s the entire step to mount them on your bike in a proper way. 

Step 1- Keep The Backpack Over The Gas Tank:

In the beginning, keep the backpack over the gas tank. If you have a magnetic gas tank, you will find ample space here to carry your stuff. The magnetic gas tank didn’t need any straps to install or mount onto the bike. 

Next, decide a particular area to bind them tight for the option of strap-on and clamp-on tank backs.

Step 2- Put The Strap Over The Backpack:

Put the strap over the backpack and wrap it entirely. Don’t forget to wrap the entire body and then pack the bike’s head-tube too. 

Now, pass the end part of the strap through the sew-in loops. Afterward, attach the end edges of the straps to the female end connectors. And adjust the remaining top and bottom straps with the male end connectors. Make sure both of these connectors will stick too nicely.  

Step 3- Conceal The Remaining Straps Underneath The Bike’s Frame: 

Unlike the other backpack mounting process, place the remaining straps underneath the bike’s frame. Secure them with as much effort as you can give there. Then check out the weight to be sure that you will bind them correctly. 

Way 5- Installing With Duffle Backpack 

Duffle bags are lengthy tail bags that are usually used for extended adventures. And those bags had extreme power to expand the cargo capacity. So here’s the way you can install the backpack. 

Step 1- Gather The Loop: 

First, gather the three loops that come with a duffle backpack. After finding out the straps, use one for the left side and the other for the right side. Now make a crossing connection or interlink the 3-ropes inside the backpack. 

Step 2- Bind The 3-Loops Altogether & Fasten Them As A Base:

Now try to bind the 3-loops altogether. Then make a strong bond between the 3-loops altogether. Fasten them as a base and make a whole or a circle inside the pack. Make sure that those loops will surround the backpack. But do not overtighten those loops, as you need to free up some space to reach the anchor points. 

Step 3- Make Anchor Points:

Later on, try to make anchor points over the backpack. Because you have already half done the task, and now it’s time to attach it to the bike. 

But here, you need to consider a few things. Before securing the backpack with the bike, try to make anchor points underneath the frame. 

If you kept in mind that anchor points should be stable and 7.5 mm thick, then the carabiners could latch onto them easily. More often than not, you won’t find any secure place to adjust the backpack’s confidentiality. There is the best way for you to buy any designed tube rings.

Those tube rings help you secure the backpack anywhere you wish to bind them to bikes. Now bring one of them, attach it to your backpack. Make a strong bond between the bike and your pack. That’s it, you’re all done. 

Tips To Become A Pro In Mounting A Backpack On a Motorcycle Bike

Below are some tips to make a strong bond with straps to mount any backpack on the motorcycle. By this, you can finish attaching any bigger backpack within a second. 

  • First, keep the backpack over the bike straight.
  • Choose the pack that has good weather protection. If your pack didn’t have additional features like this, then cover the pack with water-resistant zippers. 
  • Comfort-ability is the key to the betterment of your motorcycle riding. So, consider the pack that has enough weight which you can bear without any hassle. 
  • You can use a rake to balance the weight between the backpack and the bike.
  • Avoid filling the pack with unnecessary things. 
  • Make a strong knot to bind the backpack with the motorcycle. 
  • Ensure that the backpack is durable, soft, and load stable. 
  • Secure the backpack with the bike as hard as possible. Give a trail ride before going out for the trips. 
Related Question 

Can You Wear A Backpack While Riding A Motorcycle?

Wearing a backpack during the riding period is not recommended by many experts and professional riders. It’s because most of the time, a rider may lose control over the bike panels for the overweight. Most commonly, you won’t be able to find any suitable backpack that makes you feel comfortable while riding on the highways. 

One of the famous designers of special rider’s backpacks Amanda Chan stated that the average backpacks available in the market are hardly designed to be worn by the bike riders. He also commented that those are often the reason to injure your spine seriously if a rider falls accidentally from the motorbike. Again, a lot of them are not manufactured with breathable fabrics or ergonomic crafts, so they may cause imbalance or discomfort to any rider during the heavy turn-on.

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle With A Backpack? 

You should not put a heavy backpack over the back while you’re riding on a motorcycle. Yet, the backpack is a good option to carry every bag and baggage of your regular life safely and securely. To injure sensitive parts of your body, this kind of backpack is enough alone. 

It’s because of their poor manufacturing design, discomforting fabrics, and tight strap pad that may be hard for you in a long-scheduled journey. Another disadvantage of carrying a backpack on motorcycle riding is balancing issues during a ride. The heavy pack is the culprit of back pain too. 

What Is The Best Way To Mount A Backpack On A Motorcycle? 

The best way to mount a backpack on a motorcycle is by securing it with straps. Just buy some traditional backpack mounting straps. Then prepare your regular backpack with the utensils you require for the trip. 

Load the backpack over the bike seat. Then bind the packs whole with the loops. Pass away those loops one into another for making a zigzag shape. Then secure it to the bike’s frame. Check out the bond to remove any doubt if it will be worn up later or not. 

How Do You Secure A Backpack On Pulsar 200NS Using Bungee Cord? 

To secure the backpack on a pulsar, you need to open the rear seat. The pulsar has a regular protrusion on both sides underneath the seats. Then pop out the bungee cord if you have to carry regular accessories like laptops, traveling utensils, etc. You must fix it over the petrol tank.

For tying the one bungee cord, use your bike’s left leg guard for the one end. And for the right side pillion’s footrest assembly, tie the leftover cord to the other end parts. Here you need to be logistic and apply the same process for tying other cords. But one must know the can when it comes to filling the petrol. It will help you slide the bag slightly to avoid any difficulty.

How To Carry Things On A Backpack While Going Out On A Motorcycle? 

To carry things on a motorcycle, you need to use a backpack. Backpacks in different sizes, designs, and functions will be manufactured to meet your demands. So there, you feel much more comfortable carrying any things on a motorcycle. Another option you might try is known as a tail bag.

Tali bags may be available in a minimal capacity. But those are very pointy shaped to look adorable. Rather than, they provide you with much comfort and relaxation to the worry of stumbling along. 


So this is the overall strategy you can apply for mounting the backpack on a motorcycle. A weighty backpack is sometimes insufficient for your neck, shoulder, and waist. In that case, I didn’t prefer you to wear it for a longer period.

This is why you must follow my thumb rules of how to mount a backpack on a motorcycle differently. They’re straightforward to do and often need less time to do, too. 

Lastly, let me know your personal choice of the backpack to mount onto the motorcycle.

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