How To Mount A Motorcycle? [Most Productive Ways] 

How To Mount Motorcycle

Mounting a motorcycle is common for motorcyclists. It helps you to maintain balance while riding a motorcycle on the highway road. But, do you know how to mount a motorcycle? If you are looking for the answer, you have landed at the right place. 

Simply getting on a motorbike is not possible, because riding a motorbike is about balance. It can be difficult for beginners, but it will become smooth depending on the practice. Having the proper knowledge and skills to mount a motorcycle will make your job easy. 

This article will show you the most productive ways to mount a motorcycle using the right techniques. So, let’s get inside!

6 Productive Ways To Mount A Motorcycle:

Generally, motorcyclists only use one way to mount a motorcycle. A typical motorcyclist does not choose different ways to mount his vehicle. I have productive means according to each case that applies to off-road, stunts, and more.

1. Regular Mount: 

This is the most common way for motorcyclists all over the world. However, some think it’s the only way up and in some cases, it’s true. Individuals do not know the different ways. That being said, quickly learn to do it most regularly.

Keeping the motorcycle engine shut down is the first step. It is because if you keep the engine on, any wrong step can drag the vehicle outwards. Be sure to hold the front brake tight enough. Now, always be on the left side just where the kickstand is. Raise your right leg and simply swing it over. Then, simply just stand on both feet by applying the same amount of pressure. 

Later you have to just hold your handlebars straight. Remember not to let go of your front brake. To slide up your stand, tilt your motorcycle to the right side when the pressure is on the right foot. This is the most convenient and common way for any kind of motorcyclist to mount. To dismount, slightly reverse the process. 

2. Mount From The Right Side:

The process of regular mount applies here too. Keeping your engine shut down must be done in the very first place. While you are standing on the right side, press the motorcycle a little bit on the right side. 

But this time squeeze the front brake, and instead of swinging your leg to the right, swing it to the left. And you will be all done. 

Mounting from the right side is the main standard way to mount any kind of motorcycle. But what if you have to mount it from the right side? Well, that is viable too.

Large bags attached to your motorcycle can be trouble. Physical problems or any other type of problems may appear too. Therefore, mounting from the right side is another easy process to follow. 

Be aware the kickstand is raised. Also, keep your handlebars straight all the time. Only let go of your front brake when you are completely balanced with the bike. Otherwise, you may lose balance. 

3. Cowboy Mount:

Begin holding your front brake. Instead of standing beside your bike, stand on the footpeg with one leg. Allow your other leg to swing over on the other footpeg without touching the ground. All of this should be done while engaging the brake. 

It can be done from both sides. The left side is preferable. Be careful about the balance. Any sort of imbalance can make the motorcycle fall. 

The cowboy mount is one of the most productive ways to saddle up in a dirty situation. Not all motorcyclists ride on clean roads. Suppose there is a large amount of dirt where you parked your motorcycle and you cannot get in. 

You can say this applies to those who drive off-road. This provides security for you as well. You can be benefitted from this technique which is slightly different from others.

4. Mount Heavy Motorcycles:

First, you have to choose to stand on the left side. Both feet should be on the ground. Slide up your kickstand and hold the handlebars by the brake. Adjust your front wheel to the right side. This will allow positioning the motorcycle to lean perfectly towards you by creating some space. 

Hold the motorcycle balance at the same time. Afterward, by pushing the motorcycle into you, stand on one foot and then swing your right leg. 

Motorcycles can be heavy or light. It depends on the type of motorcycle you are using. Off-road bikes often seem heavy. Being heavy has its other uses which is a different topic. Doesn’t matter if you are tall or not, it always makes the job done if practiced well. 

Remember to swing it after standing on one foot. This process is very reliable on heavy motorcycles. It requires no hard force, smoothly you can mount any heavy motorcycle by applying this technique. 

5. Mount Your Motorcycle While On The Run: 

Holding the handlebars, keep your leg on the footpeg while keeping the other leg on the ground. Verify the motorcycle is on gear with the stand being raised. Then, the next step is to get the balance of the motorcycle. Slowly approach the front by pushing the throttle. While running slow, make sure the motorcycle is getting its balance as well as move your leg off the ground. Then swing the leg over.

Apart from being a diverse amount of motorcycles, types of motorcyclists vary too. All motorcyclists are not the same. Individuals choose stunt riding, dirt biking, cruising, and the list goes on.

Among them, a group motorcyclist is always seen mounting while running. Becoming a master of this method can help you in many ways. This will save time and reduce your energy. 

This method is not ordinary. Therefore, it should be done under certain conditions. It can get sketchy sometimes. Overall it is helpful for people with an average height. 

6. Mount With Double Stand:

Initially, hold the backrest tightly with your right hand and the left handle with your left hand. Push the motorcycle with the right hand according to the direction where you want to go. Give a hard push until the double stand is raised. 

After that, hold the front brake. Bear in mind to hold the handlebars with both hands. Place your right leg. This way you will get your motorcycle mounted if it is on a double stand. 

A double stand is another type of stand available on almost all motorcycles. Using a double stand is necessary sometimes, but it gets a little complicated on the mounting method. 

This helps to stand the bike in a straight position firmly on the ground. Although, many of you might not know the right procedure for it.  Be easy with all the methods you apply. 

If you push it too hard, the double stand can get damaged. Go easy on everything. Do not apply this technique on heavy motorcycles if you are a beginner. If you can balance it, you can proceed further. 

5 Things To Be Mindful Of Before You Mount A Motorcycle:

To get rid of some unexpected trouble, you need to be aware of some things to get complete acknowledgment of that process. Below are the things a motorcyclist needs to be mindful of.

  • Balance is the main skill to ride a bike. Practice your motorcycle balance as much as you can. More weight helps handle the balance at ease. That is why during mounting it gets harder to keep the balance. 
  • Do know that while practicing the mount methods, falling from your motorbike is completely normal. Practice is the main key factor here. 
  • Practicing the right time of your braking will provide the desired output. Be mindful of the control of braking. 
  • Appropriate movement of hands and legs results in how you are mounting your motorcycle. 
  • Always keep the engine of the motorcycle off. When the engine is on, a slight throttle can make a serious situation. It applies to all sorts of motorcyclists. 

The above-mentioned things will help you to be secure about the whole issue with full knowledge of how to get better on each step. Consider these issues in mind and you are good to go. 

Related Questions

What Side Are You Supposed To Mount A Motorcycle?

The most common way of mounting is from the left side. It is the most reliable site for all types of motorcyclists, where the kickstand is present. Mounting from the left is easy as the rider can easily push the bike and raise the side stand.

In addition, many even consider the left side as the main page. Situations may vary in this case. A side stand on the right side can be a problem for mounting from the right. After all, you should always choose the lighter side, which helps in every situation and everywhere.

How To Mount A Motorcycle As A Passenger?

Let your rider sit in the first step. Make sure the rider has full grip and balance of the motorcycle. Now before you step in, communicate with your rider if he is ready to let you mount. Once he indicates that he is ready, hold the rider’s shoulder and then step your foot on the footpeg. 

Just like that, swing your leg over to the right. Do not apply too much pressure on the rider. Keep in mind that your balance is vital here too. Always communicate with the rider and only mount when he tells you to. 

How Should A Beginner Motorcycle Be Mounted?

Steadily hold the motorcycle on the left side. When the front brake is on hold, move your leg to the other side of the vehicle and sit properly. Lift the side while keeping the whole balance of the bike. Be straightforward about your position. Keep your hands and legs active with every step.

Look for the footpegs being lifted up or not. If it is raised, slide it down and then go for the next step. Be smooth in every step. Try to stay calm during hard situations.

Final Verdict

Mounting a motorcycle takes a lot of practice and more balancing exercises with your bike. Without mastering the balance, you can’t help yourself with a better mount.

Lastly, I hope this article provides the best ways to mount a motorcycle. Engage all the steps correctly as said, ignore being rough, and always be steady on it.

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