How To Put Saddlebags On A Motorcycle? [Most Effective Way]

How To Put Saddlebags On A Motorcycle

For tourism purposes, a saddlebag is usually used. Cruisers are the primary users of saddlebags on their motorcycles. In this case, how will you install saddlebags on a motorcycle? Well, that’s up to you.

In general, not all motorcycles are suitable for saddlebags. Cruisers, tourers, cafe racers are suitable ones for saddlebags. They are used to carry additional items necessary for touring. Those who like to travel with their motorcycles, especially the kind of people who carry panniers. It is the smart equipment of choice for motorcycle tourism.

Saddlebag placement is up to the user in all respects. I will guide you through all types of use with appropriate saddlebags. At the end of this article, your decision will be more precise and you will get to know which one is the best for you. 

5 Simple Steps To Put Saddlebags On A Motorcycle: The Best Way

Sometimes a motorcycle can be a difficult option for travel. She cannot take luggage or large carts. In addition, a motorcycle consists of a seat for two people, sometimes just one. This is where saddlebags come into play. Saddlebags can provide ample storage space for a solo rider.

Saddlebags come in a variety of sizes and designs. You need to choose the right one for your bike. From a wide range of options, let’s figure out the installation steps and the right one for you.

Step-1: Pick The Suitable Saddlebags 

Through my years of experience in this industry, I have seen a large number of riders struggle with their choice of saddlebags. They walk away when they don’t find the right thing. Even if they do, they are not happy with their choice. This is a big issue in this case as your choice of saddlebags will depend on the type of bike you ride. In addition to good looks, the right fit is crucial here.

The first mistake they make is selecting the unnecessary saddlebag which doesn’t even sit perfectly on their motorbike. To solve this, notice what kind of bike you are using. What kind of rider you are. 

For example, if you are using a cruiser, you should opt for saddlebags with velcro inserts. Likewise, it is also perfect for a tourer. But what do you do when riding a sport or commuter bike? Use clip-on saddlebags and verify what is comfortable for you. You can attach the bags above or below the saddle. Things may vary by selecting the material of the bags. Clothes are one of the best types of clothes.

Step-2: Positioning Your Motorcycle

To obtain a perfect setup, positioning your motorcycle is significant. Here, by positioning, I am referring to balancing the bike. Simply put the motorcycle on the double stand and start the procedure. Using a rear stand will be great if you have one. 

This step cannot be skipped or taken lightly because when you attach the saddlebags to your motorcycle, they must be perfectly positioned. Any loose connection can cause the bags to slip during the ride. 

Road obstacles can easily make it bumpy. So when you put the motorcycle firmly on the ground, a straight plane is formed that allows you to fix it in a balanced way. Also, the saddlebags do not have any irregular attachments with them.

Step-3: Sizing 

Measurement of the saddlebags is essential because of the size of the saddle. Few motorcycles contain separate back seats. Thus, it is important to buy the correct size. For a whole back seat, you need to measure from the end part of the seat. 

To determine the right size for your motorcycle, measure from the back of the seat to the turn signal. This applies in all conditions. You must keep in mind the gap between your exhaust and the lower end of the bag. Be certain to maintain a fair amount of gap between them. 

Step-4: Attachment Of The Saddlebags

Saddlebags are not an engine to fit in a car. The process is smooth and reliable. Coming to that note, you should be attentive to it. Slight carelessness can harm you too. 

Begin with placing the bags over your seat. During that, select the position correctly according to your comfort. If you have a separate back seat, placing it under is the best option. Secure them to the motorcycle’s frame. Check for any imbalance. Ensure both the bags are leveled to one position. 

Connect the velcro strap on a steady pressure not keeping them dangling. Then, simply connect each end with the provided screws and tightly adjust the push clips. If you were to use regular plastic saddlebags, set them according to its user manual. 

Step-5: Final Adjustments

After fulfilling all the steps correctly, the last one has to be precise. It includes rechecking the saddlebags area, sagging of the bags, and loose connection. Any type of external part can be done by mistake. To remedy this, double-check everything you’ve done. Pay particular attention to the security of the bags. For better verification, turn a little. 

Look for any inconvenience while riding. Brake consecutively to see how far the bags can handle. Don’t be hard on it. If you see any complications, tighten it again. Adjust the size according to your comfort and the task will be accomplished.

Things To Consider Before You Put Saddlebags On A Motorcycle

To finish a procedure, knowing a few elements of it makes it extremely clear. Although many of you don’t even consider the problem you are working with.

Many motorcyclists around the world struggle to find a permanent solution. They fail to correct what they are doing wrong. In most cases, they have no idea there is a reason behind it. The items mentioned below will help you get the exact information you need. After all, it will give you a clear overview of saddlebags and how they should go with motorcycles.

Material Of Saddlebags:

Picking the right material suitable for you is a major issue to look at. Things can get complicated if the proper one is not being used. The reason behind this is because of the conditions of weather you may face.

If you are someone who typically rides in the monsoon, you should pick yourself a hard plastic waterproof saddlebag. Plastic saddlebags will help to keep your storage dry all the time. You can ride with no extra worries. simultaneously, riding in a foggy area also needs properly sealed saddlebags. In a nutshell, the material should be enough to save your storage from any condition. 

You might be riding somewhere boiling and thinking you don’t need any hard shell saddlebags, that is where the case gets different. Weather conditions vary from place to place. Without navigating, facing heavy rainfall can be a big issue. 

Weight Of Saddlebags:

The heavier the weight, the harder it becomes for a rider. A motorcycle is mainly controlled by hands. Thus, when the load is less, the rider’s hands become freer and he maintains balance over time.

Going on a long journey by your motorcycle can get rough. That is exactly the reason why you do have to make sure the saddlebags themselves don’t get heavy. Carrying extra weight with heavy saddlebags can cause extra difficulties. Pick as much light as you can. 

Clever Tips To Put The Right Saddlebags On A Motorcycle:

Tips are always handy to make it more efficient and fast. Therefore, I got some for you. 

  • Use detachable saddlebags. Detachable saddlebags have a feature that allows them to be easily detached when needed. Especially if you are staying somewhere, detachable bags are much more reliable.
  • Place the saddlebags according to the front and the bag. Mistakes like putting the front end at the back and vice versa can happen. Carefully follow the guidelines provided in the user manual.
  • The main position of your saddlebags depends largely on the attachments. Saddlebags supports will keep the bags from falling into the wheel. Use saddlebag supports if you feel less comfortable with the whole process. Those will secure the bags more strongly.
  • There is plenty of waterproof fabric used in saddlebags. It will provide not only waterproofing but also durability. 

By following these tips, not only do you get the right one but a longer outcome for the saddlebags.

Related Questions:

Where Should You Install Your Saddle Bag?

A detachable seat is the best installation option. To make it more reliable for the rider, saddlebags should be placed at the rear of each motorcycle. As a rider, placing bags anywhere creates an imbalance in the vehicle. The saddlebags at the rear ensure the perfect balance during every ride. The rider feels no discomfort.

Placing the two bags on either side allows them to sit perfectly. It also ensures safety while driving. Thanks to this installation, it becomes easier. However, you cannot put the saddlebags on without attaching them. You need to attach them carefully to get a perfect installation. Consider keeping balance on both sides.

How Are Motorcycle Saddlebags Measured?

Saddlebags are external equipment for a motorcycle, and for this external equipment, you need to measure them accurately so that they look good and fit well. To measure the correct size of saddlebags, measure from the rear seat to the turn signal. Specifically, it should be calculated based on the type of bike you use. But the main measurement is from the rear.

Look for saddlebags designed for your type of motorcycle. A large number of selections with the correct measurements can be found in the list of panniers on the market. This will help you select it more easily. Also, note whether your bike has a removable rear saddle or not. Be sure to keep at least 3-4 inches clearance from the exhaust pipe when measuring.

Is Saddlebag Support Necessary? 

The saddlebag is an external part and therefore additional support is required. Motorcycles are not made for saddlebags, saddlebags are made for motorcycles. The other reason is the roads and the speed of the bike. The bags can easily slip. In many situations, they can also fall apart. For this reason, experts recommend using quality bags and guaranteed support.

As you may have already guessed, saddlebag supports are necessary. Mainly for your safety including you and your storage. However, it will make you confident in every ride. 

How Do You Secure Throw-Over Saddlebags?

Throw-over saddlebags are one of the easiest bags to install. Relatively, it’s easier than most other saddlebags. First, attach all the straps of the bags. Properly follow the manual guide instructions. Keep the seat clean. Place it on the rear seat, make an appropriate distance between the center strap. Let it hang down and sit properly with the motorcycle.

Then tie the main strap in the center. Look for an imbalance in weight distribution. After that, let it make a good space with the drain. Connect all side straps to the bike. Don’t just tighten it with constant pressure, adjust it on steady pressure. This way you will be able to secure throw-over saddlebags for your motorcycle.

Why Are Saddlebags On A Motorcycle Necessary? 

As you know, all motorcycles are not the same, it is also a fact that saddlebags are not necessary for every kind of motorcycle. Saddlebags are only essential when you need to carry storage along with your bike.

Motorcycles are not like cars. It doesn’t have a trunk or a frunk. If you choose to carry storage, saddlebags are the only way. Besides motorcycle touring, there is also a large number of motorcyclists who deliver products. Also, if you own a motorcycle and use it for bringing goods home, you can attach saddlebags for carrying it easily. Saddlebags are simple, they can fit more than average. 

How Do You Mount A Hard Saddlebag To A Motorcycle?

Among the many types, a hard case is one of them. The process is almost the same but provides slight protection to the storage space you will be carrying. These saddlebags are perfectly structured by the factory. Simply adapt them to the rear by removing the rear seat. Then fix it with some screws and it will be mounted correctly.

Other than that, apply it exactly as instructed in the manual. This helps to avoid making mistakes or gaps. Hard saddlebags can get tricky at times, so you need to make sure they’re properly attached to the bike frame.

Are Saddlebags Universal For All Kinds Of Motorcycles? 

The main thing is that not all saddlebags are universal. Only saddlebags designed for universal use can be used for all types of motorcycles. Dimensions, shapes, weight, material, and more variety in this case. For example, saddlebags designed for commuter motorcycles cannot be used on cafe racers. However, there are universal saddlebags available in the market. Get yourself one if you have a wide range of motorcycles.

In short, only universal saddlebags can be used in all motorcycles, not just saddlebags. Selecting universal saddlebags is a clever decision that can benefit you and your motorbike. Try using the saddlebags recommended by an expert.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, putting saddlebags on a motorcycle is nowhere complicated. Anywhere from more or less quality is acceptable but not the wrong one. Putting the suitable saddlebags is the main point here.

Anyone can get their saddlebags attached. Applying the right procedure will result in the best conclusion. Just be simple and adjacent to the procedure. 

This article is enclosed with all the essential information that you need to know during the process. Hope it helped to make the right decision. 

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