How To Register A Motorcycle In PA? [Detailed Guide]

How To Register A Motorcycle In PA

Registering a motorcycle in PA is a great problem for people who have recently moved from their old state. Again, it can be a bigger issue if you have currently purchased a new bike or your age is under 15-16. So, people in PA often ask a common question, how to register a motorcycle in PA?

In PA, motorcycle registration is quite intimidating. But, if you go through the right process, registering a motorcycle is easy peasy. Before moving to the process, you need to collect some important things, including a driving license, PA application form, valid identification number, and many more to facilitate the registration process. 

To understand the process more clearly,  get an overall idea from my personal experience and research about how to register a motorcycle in PA, and many more that I attached throughout the article. 

4 Formal Ways To Cover Up The Newbie Motorcycle Registration On PA 

As a newbie, you may be unaware of the fact of registering your motorcycle. But it is obligatory to register the bike on PA within 20-days. And the bike registration committee will never give you the second chance for this. In that case, you need a valid driving license from PA. Correspondingly, you may search about this. Don’t worry, I have attached the below steps to get the license faster.

Way-1: By Achieving The Pennsylvania Driving License 

As I’ve assumed above that you need the recommended and legal Pennsylvania driving license before going through the main process. It is really easy to get a Pennsylvania resident’s driving license. Just do the following steps one by one. 

Step-1: Process Of Getting a Driving License 

First, you need to fill up the application form which was delivered by the DL-180 app. You will get this App from the Google play store or any Apple Store to run it on both iOS or P.C. Then, do the below process periodically. 

  • Download the app and print it. Remember that, Pennsylvania driving residents’ committee will give permission only to the new driver or those whose license has expired more than 6-months. But the permission will be granted only to those 21 years of age or older.
  • Afterward, you need to do a medical check-up by any registered nurse, physician, or chiropractor. And you must be aware that you have filled out the DL-180 form completely. 
  • If you’re 18 years of age or younger than this, the form must be completed through your parents.
  • Now, the main task to get a driving license is to add it to your nearest location. It would be better to take help from any driver’s license centers nearby. 
  • You have to bring some required documentation with you including proof of identity, social security card, and 2 proofs of residency (only for people around 18+). 
  • The other acceptable documents will be found on the other side named DL-180. 
  • After completing all the tasks, there are some expenditures that you have to pay. In general, it takes $30.50-$35.50 for the money order. Keep note that, you cannot pay via credit cards or cash. 
  • The other thing you have to consider here is to pass eye screening. And your eye power must be at least 20/40 in one eye or without wearing glasses.
  • A driver must pass out the 18 multiple choice questions and answers. For instance, Pennsylvania traffic laws, road signs, safe driving, etc. 
  • After that, you will get a driving license for one year. And you need to keep it up for extended periods. 

Step-2: Get The Proof Of Your Vehicle Identification Number

In this second step, you need to add here the proof of the vehicle identification number. To get it, you need to trace or photograph the VIN on your own. Otherwise, you can collect the VIN verification from any certified mechanic or notary officials. 

Step-3: Provide Some Important Evidence To The PennDot Office

Once you have completed, submit the above manifestation to the nearest office. The final task for you is to provide them to the Pennsylvania officials. Along with this, you need to submit the following evidence to the PennDot office too. 

  • Your motorcycle valid title (out of state) 
  • PA motorcycles insurance paper
  • The identity number of the Motorcycle VIN
  • Application form of lease information (if you’ve leased vehicles) 
  • Payment receipt of the vehicle license fees and taxes

Way-2: Registered Process For Dealer Based Motorcycle In PA

A dealer-based motorcycle offers you a ready-made registration process. Most of the dealers will include the dealership for their customers. By this, one can take an idea from the overall purchase price.  

One of the great advantages of this registered dealer will deliver you effortless advantages. You don’t need to afford them or bring them from anywhere. The manufacturer will provide this to you as a bonus. On the other hand, if someone wants to finish the dealership, he/she needs to confirm with the dealer. Here, an individual does not need to follow any additional steps. The dealership will confirm your cancellation via email. 

Way-3: Registration Process Of Motorcycle In PA For Private Purchase 

When you purchase any private motorcycle, you must register it by yourself. Along with these, an individual has to visit the nearest local PennDOT office with the seller to complete the registration fee. In the meantime, you have to carry this fellowship with you. 

  • The motorcycle’s current title. It is the mandatory thing you must carry. And be aware of the fact that you have to collect the signatures of the buyer, and it should be in the legal form delivered by the PennDot agent. 
  • A completed Vat & Tax return application form for Registration (including the reference from MV-4ST). You may be in a dilemma to mess it up with another application form. For your kind information, this sort of form is only available at your local PennDot office. 
  • A piece of legal evidence and proof of Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance company. You can collect it from your local advisory official. 
  • Collect the AND notarized motor vehicle verification number of fair market value. It’s only applicable if you purchased the bike from any vehicle verification of fair market value and the issuing Agent from MV-3. 
  • The regulatory taxes and registration fees.  

It is worth mentioning to you that if your motorcycle didn’t have any valid stickers. You must have collected it within 10 days from the purchasing date. Thus, you can do the registration of your private motorcycle. 

Way-4: Registration Process Without Title In PA

My fourth ambition is to show you the process of registering a motorcycle if you don’t have any title. You may not get a title for purchasing a second-hand bike, maybe you got a bike without the permission of the state, or you may have excess but change the state for any reason. Whatever the reasons are, you need to follow the below process step by step to get the official registration. 

Step-1: Get The Previous Dealer Opinion If You Buy A Second-Hand Vehicle 

Before finalizing your purchase, ask your dealer to give you a duplicate title. The dealer will confirm the matter about what procedures you have to do for getting it. He might be given you a duplicate dealing form to complete. And then you will get temporary permission to use this on your bike.

Step-2: Get The Previous Buyer Excess As Motorcycle Title For Out Of State

It is quite natural that after purchasing any motorcycle, you have to wait for longer to get the excess of a new title. In that case, if your bike is from out of state, you need to get the excess from the previous owner. You can request him/her to give you a duplicate title in that state. Then get the excess registration and fulfill all the requirements. 

Step-3: Transfer The Previous State Registration To Your State

If you recently changed your state, you need to replace it in your present state. In this situation, a person has to send an email for an online registration application to a state such as Vermont. Vermont is an official website that helps you a lot in this regard. To get the form, first, you need to click on their official web address. Afterward, you need to complete all the requirements they ask you to do. After that, you will be able to transfer your registration number to your state. 

Way-5: Motorcycle Registration In PA Without A License 

Without a license, I don’t mean that you can drive a motorcycle in your state safely. This process is only for the kid riders who are in their 18 or above then this age. You can get a permit in PA to ride on the motorcycle without a license of your own. But you need to take help from your parents.

That means a rider can use his/her parent’s driving license in this case. Again, the worst part of getting permission without any legal license is that the insurers will sell you the coverage with a higher premium. Especially, if you’re not eligible for driving on the highway roads on a motorcycle yet. 

How To Get A Motorcycle Inspection License In PA? 

A motorcycle inspection license is related to the PA registration. That’s why you need to get a certified safety inspector. Anyway, to get a motorcycle inspection license, you must be at least 18 years of age. You also need a valid driver’s license. Then, the attended PennDot approved certification courses are also obligatory for this term. A participant should have successfully passed out these courses to get the inspection license in PA. Those courses also include some prescribed tests, motorcycle speed tests, riding tests, etc.

The Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes In PA

If you want to get legal permission from the PA authority, you must spend a good amount on this. The registration fee and taxes for the motorcycle in PA are quite different from any heavy-duty vehicle. For 1 motorcycle registration, you have to pay $21 in cash, which is more sustainable than the car. Again, it will be doubled if you want to get the registration for two years, the cost may be around $40-42. 

Besides this, if you have a vertical motorcycle plate then the cost may rise higher which is about $23. The personalization fee will take you about $12. And for the plate transfer, the cost will be $9 or more. 

Correspondingly, a user also has to pay for this which I’m attached below.

Sales tax: 6% of the motorcycle purchase price (except the residents of), 

  • For Allegheny, County-you has to pay 7% of the purchase price.
  • For Philadelphia country- 8% of the purchase price.

Related Question – 

Can You Register A Motorcycle Without A  License, QLD? 

For the Queensland driver’s license or another issue card, issued by the department of transport and main Road, you will need to gather some specific things. First, you need to search for the ID card. For example, if you’re living in Australia, it may require an Australian birth certificate, credit or debit card, and a medicare card.

Afterward, you have to pay for the recommended tax and fees that are relevant to the vehicle and states. Afterward, you will get temporary permission to drive a motorcycle without a license. 

Can You Register A Motorcycle Online PA? 

In the process of registering a motorcycle in an online PA, you need to register the plate number first. Afterward, you must collect your motorcycle title number and insurance information. 

Besides this, you need to collect the motorcycle bike’s odometer reading. If you have a valid credit card and a painter, you need to attach this to your requirements. Then the authority will show the taxes and other requirements that you have to pay. At the end of this, you will be allowed to print a script as well as to grant permission for registration fees, taxes, etc.

What Does It Mean About The Smallest Legal Number Plate For a Motorcycle?

Motorcycles the smallest legal number is referred to as the size of the motorbike number plates. It will be needed during the registration time. If you don’t have this number, it will be great trouble for you in further ways.

There are thousands of digits and numbers included with the legal plates. The smallest digit will appear in two rows. There you will find 9’×6.5′ (228 mm×164 mm) digits. Again, some numbers will be included with 7.6’×6.5′ (194 mm×164 mm) for the 7-digit registrations. It may vary depending on the vehicle’s models and types. 

Do Motorcycles Need Inspection In PA? 

The motorcycle needs inspection strictly even though you do not belong to Pennsylvania states. The PA state always requires an annual inspection of all motorcycles between May and October. 

Again, from November to April, you can freely ride on the motorcycle without any inspection. There is no restriction anywhere in the state.

Can You Ride Alone With A Motorcycle Permit In PA? 

These things require some additional facts. The first thing is, if you’re not already licensed to operate any of the classes of vehicle, you need to be accompanied by a licensed motorcycle.

The second fact is that you have to belong to any of the drivers with legal evidence with the motorcycle. It’s because you may not be permitted to ride on your own. But if the driver has this license, you can accompany him for a few months until you’re not having the right of granting the license. 

Do You Need An Appointment For A Motorcycle Permission Test In PA? 

If you’re a new learner, the motorcycle register in PA will take a little test of your vehicle. There are obligatory steps that everyone needs to be taking. To operate a motorcycle with registration, each one has to pass this test successfully. Once you are ready to take your skill test, you can schedule an appointment with them. 

Besides, the PennDots driving license centers will provide this procedure for riders’ safety and security. And a user can find this in the program opens profile in A new Window. 

Do Motorcycles Need Mufflers In PA For Registration Issues? 

A motorcycle rider needs to be equipped with a muffler or other efficient noise suppressing systems. This is a vital thing before asking for any motorcycle registration for the working orders and the constant operations. But PA authorities don’t consider this to their legal terms while you’re a newbie about registering issues. 

As the exhaust system will not be equipped with a cutout, bypass, or any similar device. A muffler doesn’t show any of the obligations about these external repairs.

Final Wrap 

Learning how to register a motorcycle in PA is mandatory for everyone, from the new shifted individual to transfer. Because, without a legal certificate or registration, you can’t ride your motorcycle into the state of Pennsylvania. The process that I have described above doesn’t seem to be complicated. 

If I summarize them in short, here is all you need to do, just go to any notary. Take the form, fill up all the requirements, and pay the tax and fees. And you won the legal rights to ride the motorcycle over the PA roads.

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