How To Remove A Dent From A Motorcycle Gas Tank Without Changing Its Shape and Paint?

How to remove a dent from a motorcycle gas tank

It is the most annoying thing to see a dent in your motorcycle gas tank, isn’t it? You may notice one small scratch or hole on your motorcycle gas tank. So now you want to fix the issue, right? To keep you in mind, I am going to share some effective methods of how to remove a dent from a motorcycle gas tank.

Basically but surely, you can’t deny the perfect shape of a gas tank. Why? Because it is the upper part of the bike’s body. Naturally, it should look awesome and error-free. Nowadays, almost every rider may face a dent issue in his motorcycle. But many people don’t know the right ways to solve this problem properly.

However, if you like them, keep reading this article.  Here I am going to show how you can easily get rid of this problem without removing the paint.

16 Methods To Remove A Dent From A Motorcycle Gas Tank: Effective Ways

It is common to have dents on the gas tank. It usually happens in the event of an accident or collision with something. But this is not a great problem. The problem is in fixing this issue. But many of us don’t know how to remove a dent from a motorcycle gas tank effectively and easily.

In today’s article, you’re going to see the 16 different best methods to take out or expel this issue well-handed.

Method 1- Remove The Gas Tank From The Motorcycle

First of all, you need to extract the fuel tank from the motorcycle body. But be careful when you remove the tank. It may damage your fuel system or other internal parts. However, don’t repair or complete the dent removal action keeping the gas tank in the motorcycle.

Method 2- Identify The Dent Area Cautiously

The second and crucial thing is to identify the dent of a motorcycle. It is mandatory to look deeply where the problem exactly occurs. If you fail to identify the hole or dent, you can’t take it out. You may notice a giant dent but there may be some small dents as well.

So, I recommend you search all the small to larger dents first. Check the gas tank rotating it from left to right. It helps you to complete the job faster and safer.

Method 3- Burn The Fuel Tank Gas

The 3rd most important recommendation is to make sure the fuel tank is completely empty. If you don’t know the process how to empty a motorcycle gas tank check out the article How To Clean Old Gas Out Of Motorcycle Tanks. I urge you to check deeply. If there is even a little amount of gas inside the tank, it causes lots of harm. So be cautious here.

To burn all the gas that exists inside, you need to set out the fire and throw the fire inside. When the flame goes out, you need to understand the gas is out. Or, you can use a high-pressure gas line to free the gas. By doing this, the gas will burn completely and you can work risk-free.

Method 4- Use Old Inner Tube And Valve Stem Remover

This method is very simple and basic. The required material is also available. It is a paintless dent repair method and effective as well. What materials are needed to complete this action?

  • An Inner Tube: The inner tube must be old but make sure you can go a few miles of this.
  • Clear Tubing;
  • A Valve stem remover;
  • Wooden stick;
  • A plier;
  • Scissors and
  • A Screwdriver.

To do this action properly, you need to go through:

  • Remove the valve stem from the old tube.
  • Then take the plastic tubing and thread it on the valve stick. Turn on the valve and thread this tube tightly. Get the tube in the red zones. Make sure the plastic tubing is like quarter-inch ID tubing.
  • At this point, take the scissor to cut the inner tube, and fold it. Don’t worry if folding is not perfect.
  • Now take a baling wire and wrap it tightly around the wrap. Here you can use pliers to tighten strongly. Afterward, you need to cut the remaining parts. Likewise, band the next side the same as before.
  • Finally, take the wrapped tube and enter it into the tank. Here you can use a wooden stick to enter the whole tube evenly. After that, create pressure as high as you can.

Method 5- Use Seen on TV Product

Well, here some special tools are required. You need a bridge-like tool, fuel tank sticks, hot glue, a glue gun, and a soaked applicator. Now, heat the glue gun to soften the glue. Then put the glue in the soaked applicator. After that, put the soaked applicator on the dent’s area for 3 to 5 minutes.

At this point, use a bridged tool to take out the soaked applicator. And do it repeatedly so that the dent is removed entirely. Remember, doing this process once or twice will not yield the expected results. Therefore, you need to continue this process with patience.

Method 6- Use Plunger

I think this is the easiest method to take out any dents- be it small or medium. It works like a magnet. Whenever you need to fix the dent issue, you can apply this method.

The only thing you need to do is splash some water in the plunger and dent area. Then set the plunger onto the damaged area. After that push it slightly hard until it removes. You may find it full of fun here.

Method 7- Use Dent Pulling Pin And Glue Stick

Another simple method is to expel a dent by pulling a pin and glue stick. Now heat the glue stick and soak the pulling pin in the hot glue. At this moment, stick the glued pin directly onto the dent surface and take it for a while. Make sure the glued pin sticks securely.

Now, take a piece of pipe. It should be larger than the ding center. Then take a pair of metric vice grips. You can use the pipe’s side as a lever and clamp the upper part of the pin with grips. Now pull down the pin end of the vice grips. After removing the glued pin, you might see the dent disappear.

Method 8- Use Epoxy Puller Process

To complete this process, you need to remove the dent area’s paint. Here you need diamond cutting paper and a little bit of primer. At this point, you need to take a sanding diamond paper and make a sanding disc (round-shaped). Now, cut the paper according to the disc.

At this stage, take some assembly tape and a small rod to secure the paper’s exact position. After that, chuck it up with a power drill to get the job done quickly. After removing the paint, rub the area with Methyl Ethyl Acetone with fresh paper to enhance stickiness.

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Now, mix equal amounts of part A and part B Nichol Town Custom epoxy or body filler until it looks uniform in color. Afterward, spread the mixture slightly over the dents. Make sure the mixture is equally overlapped. Now you need to set the pulling pins and keep them for about 3 hours. Lastly, use a slide hammer to take out the epoxy pins.

Method 9- Use Dent Removal Tools

There are lots of dents removal tools available nowadays. They are reliable and effective as well. The significant dent removal equipment is: suction cup, glue dent puller, glue gun, and monsters glued. These all tools are a highly effective solution if you want to remove dents without damaging the paint. Please note, it may take lots of time and effort. If you have enough time in your hand and patience, you are ready to go.

Method 10- Use Boiling Water

If you are a busy customer and don’t have enough time to waste, you can try this method. Warm or slightly hot water works better to vanish the hole of the plastic or tank. You need to pour hot water on the damaged areas. It helps to expand and flexible the plastic so that you can pop it out easily.

After pouring hot water for a while, you need to pour some cold or normal water to curtail the plastic. Keep in mind, the heat lasts a very short span of time. So you need to be quick and well-handed.

Method 11- Use Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

This process might take some time but get your job done successfully. Here you need to use a little bit of science. But the process is as simple as you imagine. To fix dent with compressed air and hair-dryer, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Heat the damaged surface by using a hair-dryer or a heat gun: You can use a hair-dryer. Because it is readily available in every house and safe to work on. Otherwise, you can go for a heat gun to work faster. However, don’t be in a hurry. Keep the process very slow. Otherwise, it will affect the paint.
  • Apply cold compressed air: Once the dented area is hot enough, time to apply cold compressed air till the surface gets frozen.

Method 12- Use A Large Metal Rod Or Heat Gun And Electric Tape

There is a special metal rod to expel the dent. Or you can use a long screwdriver by covering its head with an electric tap. Before doing that, make sure you warm the affected areas with hot water or a heat gun. By heating, the plastic expands and becomes flexible.

After that, enter the metal rod and slowly push the rod. Don’t heat the surface heavily. Occasionally, the top will be lightly struck with a rubber or soft-headed hammer. Otherwise, it will damage other parts. 

Method 13- Use Simple Blood Pressure Cuff

Another simplest method is to use a simple blood pressure cuff. It is available to your local EMS service. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about that. You need to enter the cuff in the tank. And then pump the pressure at a high rate. Keep pumping until it swells the dent.

Method 14- Use Dry Ice

Using dry ice to fix the issue is not as satisfactory on a motorcycle as on a car. But it is an effective method to repair dents from a car. Yet you can try this on a motorcycle. If you have a plastic tank instead of a steel tank. So are you ready? To do list:

First, you need to take a fresh towel and keep the dry ice over it. Then wrap the ice with the towel. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves. Now, place the covered-ice top of the dent. Keep it over the affected area for about 20 minutes or more.

Every now and then, check the area and make sure the metal is cold. When the surface is cold enough, move the ice gently. If you don’t see significant changes, you need to do this for an hour.

Method 15 – Put The Suction Cup

If you have a shallow dent, the suction cup works fine. The suction cup is a high-rated dent tool. It is used to repair dents easily. Here you need the following things: a 4 ½” dent puller suction cup, microfiber, and some Windex. Now, you need to spray a little bit of Windex on the suction cup.

This time, attach the cup to the affected area, push down, clamp it, and pull out with full strength. If you have a small dent try using a small puller cup.

Method 16- Put A Water Bottle Inside The Tank

Don’t understand what I am talking about? Don’t be in a hurry. This is effective but not much. But still, you can try this to take out the dent easily. You can get your job done by putting the water bottle inside. Before putting it on, you need to pop out the water bottle.

Now, punch a hole in the bottle’s cap and make sure there’s no gas. This time, take a high-pressure gas tube and hold it in the mouth of the bottle. Continue this process of gasification until the bottle is completely swollen. When it is completely hollow and comes close to the dent, the hole will be removed.

6 Things To Consider Before Starting The Dent Removing Process:

So, you are planning to remove the dent from your motorcycle gas tank, right? Great decision. But before preparing yourself, you need to know something extra.

There are some common but mandatory issues that should be considered before going ahead. In this section, I am going to highlight 6 vital issues to get the job done safely and conveniently.

1. Keep Required Tools With You

The precondition of taking out a dent completely is to make sure you have all the necessary tools. There are lots of special and readily available tools. The required tools are:

  • An inner tube
  • Clear tubing
  • A valve stem remover
  • Spray bottle
  • Wooden stick
  • Safety goggles
  • Hand gloves
  • Sticky additives (glue)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Methyl Ethyl Acetone
  • Glue gun
  • Dent puller suction cup
  • Seen on TV products, etc.

So, make sure you have these materials in your hand, and go for the next step.

2. Choose A Larger Area To Work On

If you have adequate space in your working area, it will be convenient for work efficiently. Suppose, you are going to remove the dent using bridged-like tools. So here you need to pull it hard. And there is a chance of falling backward with the pull.

Therefore, if there is not enough space in the back, you have a huge chance of getting injured. Hence, I strongly recommend making sure you have a larger space.

3. Never Use Body Filler On Deep Dents

To remove deep dents, you need to take help from an expert or use special tools. Don’t be a fool and don’t use body filler in that case. It harms your tank’s painting and causes waves. Here you can use a hammer with hot glue on the head part.

4. Make Sure There Is No Gas

Working with gas inside the tank can cause great damage to your body. Furthermore, this gas harms your working place and may cause serious injury. So before going to remove, make sure the tank contains no gas.

5. Hire A Masterman Or An Experienced Fellow

Most of the time, you may fail to remove the dent. So what do you do now? At this moment, you can hire an expert or a man who has adequate knowledge. It will be better to get the job done by an expert. Because he knows many formulas and methods.

Moreover, if you have less knowledge about it, you may increase damage instead of repairing it. So it is better to call a masterman or experienced fellow.

6. Make Sure the Garage Has Certificate

So you are going to take your gas tank to the garage. Now choosing a reliable and quality garage is tough. So how do you understand which garage is better? There is a simple way. Check their reputation and make sure they have professionalism. Also, you may ask them to show their necessary documents or certificate.

How Do You Get A Dent Out Of A Bike Gas Tank? [5 Simple Steps]

Whether you are going to resolve the problem of the dents or test the fuel pump. It is necessary to eliminate the gas tank. This is why knowing the exact tips and tricks is obligatory. Here I am going to mention 5 common steps to do it. There may also be some requirements. It varies from bike to bike.

Step-1: Keep Your Motorcycle In Stable Position

What does it mean? It means to secure your bike in a firm or exact position. When you’re going to remove your gas tank, it may move left to right. It can hamper your work ethic. Therefore, choose a solid place or ground to work.

Step-2: Empty The Fuel

Make sure you have no fuel inside the fuel tank. You can use a matchstick or other has removal objects to completely empty the gas. However, by removing the gas, you will work safely and risk-free.

Step-3: Remove The Seat

It is good to remove the seat but not mandatory. If you want to work comfortably and happily, you can extract the seat. Otherwise, if you are experienced enough and get older to do it, you don’t have to worry.

Step-4: Separate Clear Gas Line

Disconnecting any lines that are related to the fuel system is crucial. If you don’t, you will face a problem. Usually, this line is located under the main tank. Why do you need to disconnect? Because this line transfers and pressurizes the fuel. So make sure the clear gas lines or other related hoses are removed.

Step-5: Disjoint The Key Fuse

The final requirement is to deviate from the main fuse. Do this so that you can work with maximum security and reliability. If you don’t find out the fuse location, see the user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Reliable To Fix The Dent Issue By A Professional?

It is the final treatment you would go through. When you fail to remove a dent applying the above methods, you can go for this. It might be safer but expensive too.

If the dents are small in shape, it is easy to handle. But if the dents are giant, however, you can’t remove them by hand. In this case, you need to go to a garage or complete this by an expert.

Can You Remove Dents Without Damaging Original Painting?

Absolutely, you can. Needless to say, there are some methods that require taking off the paint of the dent’s area. But still, the maximum methods don’t require taking off the paint. You can easily remove the dent without removing the original paint.

If you use dent removal tools, you can remove holes without ruining your painting. For instance, the paintless methods are using a plunger, suction cup, simple blood pressure cuff, and compressed air processes.

How Do You Fix The Dent Problems If You Have A Harley Davison Gas Tank?

The Harley Davison gas tank is a gorgeous one. But if it gets damaged or can see any dents, it hurts a lot. So how do you repair dent from a Harley Davison tank? Here you go:

  1. You need some silver touch-up paint to set up a Harley Davison tank.
  2. Adjust the tank head with the Wiesse system set up for mounting.
  3. Down inside the tank with special paintless dent repair tools.
  4. Now, pressurize slowly to the backside. Make sure you’re using a heat gun to identify the shallowness and sharpness.
  5. Using a hammer and knock-down. Do it for a while.
  6. If it doesn’t work efficiently, call an expert.


It looks filthy or disturbing to have any dents on the motorcycle gas tank. If you like to keep your motorcycle gas tank in the exact shape, go through the above methods. These 16 methods on how to remove a dent from a motorcycle gas tank help you out and make your tank like before. I’ve put in maximum methods so that you can remove annoying dents effortlessly.

Some methods may take several hours and some are quick. Likewise, some methods are easy and some are slightly boring. But if you keep patience, you can easily get your job done. 

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