How To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

How To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes

Motorcycles are one of the most used vehicles all over the world. Even though riding a motorcycle can be challenging, maintaining it is more difficult. To maintain this beloved vehicle properly, you must know how to remove scratches from chrome motorcycle pipes.

You just need to use some necessary tools and materials to complete your mission of removing the scars from chrome motorcycle pipes. Don’t make the process rough and harm yourself along with your bike. Try to use the best available product to make the job done for you.

In this article, I have shared my opinion on how I polish the pipe to rectify the scars on the barrel of my chrome motorcycle. Don’t waste your time, read the dissertation and follow the effective process with patience and proper care. 

8 Steps To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes

As a bike lover, I acknowledge that the scratches on any part of your bike hurt you more than it damages the vehicle itself. That is why you need to pursue effective guidelines to rectify them. Here, the following steps will give you the best ideas for removing scratches from the barrel of your chrome motorbike.

Step-1: Collect Necessary Tools

At the beginning of the mission, your first task is to collect or buy some necessary tools to make the removal process more manageable. Find a suitable metal polisher and a package of scratch remover in the nearby hardware shop and buy them. Bring a nonflammable oil with the items mentioned above.

Then you need to gather a microfiber cloth to clean the surface. Try to find a small bundle of cotton and manage a piece of sandpaper. You may also need a screwdriver and a wrench if you have to detach the barrel from the bike. Lastly, you must wear a pair of hand gloves on both hands.

Step-2: Clean The Surface

After arranging all the required instruments, it is time for you to clear the outer surface of the pipe of your chrome motorcycle. Do not use a single drop of water on the barrel. Grab a soft cloth and gently remove all the dust from the outer part of the pipe. Make sure that the cloth itself is clean enough.

Sometimes, right after you stop the bike’s engine, the barrel may become extremely hot. So, do not touch it at that moment. Leave the bike for at least 2 hours before you start rectifying the scratches on the barrel. You must remember to wear a pair of hand gloves while doing this.

Step-3: Eliminate Burnt Substance

If you are a very unfortunate rider, you may find a blurry scenario on the outer space of the barrel. Sometimes, beginners put their foot on the barrel, and the extremely heated area melts the rubber of their boots. This causes the presence of burnt substances in the area.

These burnt substances are very sticky. You may find it tough to eliminate them with a piece of cotton. Rub the ground anticlockwise and continue the process until it is smooth enough. A certain drop of nonflammable oil may help you do this more efficiently and comfortably.

Step-4: Dry Wash The Barrel

You have to dry wash the barrel of the chrome facilitated bike. Although the whole area of a chrome motorcycle pipe consists of stainless steel, riding the bike frequently can damage this stainless feature of the barrel. For this reason, you have to dry wash the whole formation. 

You can use a microfiber cloth to do this. Insert the cloth into the tiny space between the frame and barrel. Pull the cloth up and grab it down again. Continue this process several times. This cloth will soak all the dust and debris attached to the area.

Step-5: Clean The Heat Shield

The most vital point of the pipe of your chrome motorcycle is the heat shield placed on the top of the barrel. If you ride your bike frequently, this heat shield can turn blue. Sometimes you may find it golden or even black. At this step, you need to clean the heat shield.

You can use a piece of paper to rub it on the shield. Try to bring white-colored paper so that it can gather the stain easily. If the paper does not work properly, you may also use a piece of sandpaper. But in this case, you have to be careful enough so that you don’t make any scar on it.

Step-6: Apply Scratch Remover

You will find a lot of scratch remover produced by various renowned brands in the market. Go to the nearby hardware shop and buy the most suitable one for the barrel of your bike. Almost all of them are the same and do not cost much.

I will always suggest you apply a thin constructed product on the outer part of the barrel. Because the steel of the instrument can get a blurry outlook if you use rough constructions on it, try to find something liquid in form and easily apply it with the help of the cotton you collected earlier.

Step-7: Rub The Metal Polisher

After applying the scratch remover on the surface of the barrel, you need to wait for almost half an hour. Let the liquid do its job completely. Then pour metal polisher on the spotted area where the scratches are. Do not rush in this process because you don’t want to waste the polishing material.

Start rubbing the whole area with a piece of cotton. Try to thicken the piece with a significant amount of cotton so that you can grab it easily. Keep dropping the metal polisher again and again and continue rubbing it with the cotton. If you don’t feel comfortable enough, use a microfiber cloth instead of cotton.

Step-8: Let The Process Set

If the scratch is very hard and deep, you may have to rub the area continuously for even more than half an hour. But you should not lose your patience. When the rubbing process is over, and you are satisfied with the smoothness of the area, you may stop and wait for a while.

After waiting for about an hour, you can spray a thin layer of metal sealer on the barrel. It is not like that you must seal the surface. But it will keep the barrel bright and shining. At this stage, removing the scratches from your chrome motorcycle pipe is done. 

5 Tips You Can Follow To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes

It’s quite normal to have scratches on the pipe of your chrome motorcycle. You can easily remove those scars from that place if you maintain the process I have described above. The following tips will make it quicker and more comfortable for you. Try to follow these tips.

Tip-1: Wear Hand Gloves

Wearing a pair of hand gloves will provide you with two benefits. First of all, it will protect your hand from any external damage. Secondly, as you are working with sloppy materials like metal polisher, shiner, and scratch remover, you may lose your grip. Put on a pair of hand gloves, and they will increase your grip to hold the barrel and polish it nicely

Tip-2: Remove The Pipe

Sometimes you may find it difficult to work with the pipe set on the frame of the chrome bike. In this situation, it will be easier if you detach the barrel from that particular section of the frame. Separating the pipe is not a tough task to do. All you need to do is open the required nuts and bolts of the joints above the heat shield. Use a screwdriver and a wrench to do this part.

Tip-3: Test The Inner Side First

You should never apply any new product to the outer part of the pipe. If the product does not suit the barrel’s standard, this may create more scratches on the area. And if you buy a product that is not accurately suitable for the bike, this may also result negatively. So try to test the product on the inner side of the barrel first.

Tip-4: Apply Non-flammable Oil

You may need to use a nonflammable oil on the surface of the barrel of your chrome motorcycle. Using this type of oil will increase the smoothness of the area. Moreover, oil can also reduce the scars if you apply them perfectly. So, grab a towel and pour the oil on it. Rinse it nicely and start rubbing the towel on the scratch.

Tip-5: Use A Microfiber Cloth 

Microfiber cloths are very common and popular for their structure and nature. If you use a microfiber cloth instead of using a bundle of cotton, this will increase the grip of your wrist, and you will be able to rub the scratched area more comfortably. Moreover, this type of fiber also has a unique feature of soaking dust. So try to use a microfiber cloth while rubbing the area.

5 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Remove Scratches From Motorcycle Pipes

You should never try to do anything that can backfire on you. I mean, never try to use any unknown product or harmful tool on the parts of your vehicle. The steel used in the frame of a chrome motorcycle is very sensitive and you must avoid making the following mistakes while cleaning it.

1. Do Not Use Blades:

Never try a blade or a sharp knife to clean the blurry area of the pipe. People often use blades to recover the blurry area where you may find burnt substances. But believe me, using a blade or a sharp knife may rectify the blurriness of the place immediately, but it will damage the entire stainless steel. Then you will have no option to recover the barrel without replacing it.

2. Avoid Scotch Bright Items:

Scotch bright items or pads are commonly used for cleaning hardware materials. So, you may think that you can also clean the pipe of your chrome motorcycle with these pads. No, never make this particular mistake. This will ruin the shine and softness of the barrel permanently, and you will never be able to recover it unless you replace it.

3. Never Reheat The Surface:

Sometimes, you may reheat the scratched pipe to loosen the scars and make it easy for you to rectify them. No, you have a wrong conception. Reheating the spot may increase the darkness of the pipe and make it difficult for you to recover. It may damage the entire outlook of the barrel and ruin all your efforts. 

4. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals:

Never apply any harsh chemical on the outer side of the barrel. It will cause erosion to the area and destroy the beautiful outlook of the pipe. Using harsh chemicals on the pipe will also discolor the surface of the barrel and create a blurry outlook on it. Sometimes, these chemicals may burn the area and give a blackish appearance to the pipe.

5. Never Expose Underlayments:

You may think that the more you rub the pipe, the better the outcome will be. No, if you rub the surface of the barrel more than it requires, it will damage the shine and bright look of the pipe of your chrome motorcycle. It can expose the underlayments of the pipe, and you will have to replace the whole part of the frame of your bike.

Related Questions:

Can You Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes By Yourself?

You can repair the scratched pipe of your chrome motorcycle easily by yourself. All you need is to clean the surface and rub it with the prescribed metal polishing liquid and scratch remover. First of all, clean the outer part of the pipe with a towel or a microfiber cloth.

Then apply scratch remover on it. You need a bundle of cotton to do the job. After that, you have to rub the area with a metal polishing liquid. Pour the liquid on a clean cloth and start rubbing it. Continue the process until you find a perfect and desired smoothness on the surface.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Scratches from Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

It will cost you around 2 to 3 hours to rectify the scars on the pipe of your chrome motorcycle even if you work very comfortably without any rush. Cleaning the chromium layer of the barrel and setting all the tools will cost you almost half an hour.

Then you have to graze the outer space of the tube with a scratch remover for another 30 minutes. Rubbing the damaged part of the tube will cost you more than half an hour. Although it depends on the type of scars and products you use to rectify them, it won’t take more than 2 to 3 hours to complete the job.

How To Remove Deep Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

If the chromium layer of the smoke discharging tube of your bike gets unwanted deep scars on its body, the first thing you need to do is polish it. The process is almost the same. But in this case, you will have to use a thick scratch remover first on the damaged spot and then rub it.

Sometimes, you may need a piece of sandpaper to recover the deep scratched areas. Rub the sandpaper very carefully. Deep scars are usually very sticky, and you need to rub them more strictly. It may take an extra amount of polishing liquid and cost you more time to rub it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

It may cost you almost $30 to $50 to recover the damaged spot of the scratched chromium-based motorcycle pipe. You need to buy some liquid products such as the scratch remover and metal polishing liquid. These products will cost you $20 to $30. You may also need to buy some essential tools.

The chromium layer on the pipe of your motorbike is the protector of the barrel from where the bike discharges all the smokes. That is why you need to take proper care of it. So do not worry about the cost that you may have to spend. Remove the scratches as early as possible. 

Can You Use Alcohol Or Vinegar To Remove Scratches From Chrome Motorcycle Pipes?

You can use both the rubbing alcohol and vinegar to rectify the scars on the damaged spot of your motorcycle’s chromium-based smoke discharging tube. Rubbing alcohol is a chemical that will cost you an extra amount of money but provide you with a quicker result.

On the other hand, you may find a bottle of vinegar easily in your house, but using vinegar to recover the motorcycle pipe will take more time. Sometimes, you will not have your desired result by using vinegar only. But it will make your rectifying process easier.

How Do You Buff Chrome Motorcycle Pipes After Removing The Scratches?

You can buff the chromium layer of the smoke tube of your bike easily on your own just by using a metal polishing liquid. In this process, you need a microfiber cloth or a clean towel and a bottle of nonflammable oil. You may also need a bundle of cotton or tissue paper to buff the barrel of your bike.

Firstly, you have to spray the non-flammable oil on the whole surface of the tube and clean the area with a bundle of cotton. After that pour the metal polishing liquid on the towel and start rubbing the buffing part. After a while, check if the area is properly buffed. Continue the process until you get the desired pipe.

3 Best Motorcycle Pipes Chrome Scratches Remover For You

Chemical Guys SPI_402_16 is one of the best heavy metal polishing restorers you will find at a cheaper rate in your nearby hardware shops. This is a great product to remove any unwanted scars from a chromium-based metal.

Meguiar’s G19216 Ultimate Polish is getting more popular nowadays because of its pre-waxing glaze-providing feature. It contains nonflammable oil that helps you to achieve a glamorous outlook on your motorcycle pipe.

Flitz Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Paste consist of an industrial-strength polishing feature to remove scratches from the barrel of your bike. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, and nonabrasive product that will protect the chrome pipe of your bike.

Final verdict:

The first rule you must maintain to remove scratches from chrome motorcycle pipes is to be patient and careful about everything on your bike. The earlier instructions need to be followed very carefully and step by step. Try to follow the tips and don’t make any described mistakes.

However, in this article, I have shared all my experiences regarding removing scars from chromium-based motorcycle pipes. Hopefully, this article will answer all of them if you have any questions or confusion regarding this. Happy riding!

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