How To Scrap A Motorcycle? [The Most Effective Way]

How To Scrap A Motorcycle

Motorcycles are one of the most used and beloved vehicles all over the world. People love riding this vehicle as long as they can. But if your motorcycle gets incapable of giving you the proper service, you need to scrap it. Here, I will let you know how to scrap a motorcycle legally and more comfortably without any hassle.

Scrapping your old or damaged motorcycle is not a lengthy process at all. You just need to do some paperwork and bring the bike to the junkyard. Negotiate with the staff and sell the vehicle at a suitable price. Don’t forget to collect and restore some legal documents. Follow the prescribed guideline properly.

In this article, you will find everything about scrapping your unused roadster. I have described the methods step by step according to my own experience. Hopefully, reading this will help you in your practical scrapping. 

9 Simple Steps You Need To Follow To Scrap A Motorcycle Legally:

You have to follow some effective steps to send your beloved bike to the junkyard to discard it. This will cost you less time and provide you with more scrap value. Here you will find the best way to do this within a few steps. Follow them properly to reduce hassle and make it more comfortable. 

Step-1: Collect Legal Documents

At the very first step to scrap your motorcycle, you need to collect some legal documents. First of all, bring the registration certificate for the bike. Then find out the insurance papers with it. You will also need the ownership document that proves that you are the actual owner of the bike.

Sometimes the Department of Motor Vehicles, popularly known as the DMV office, requires the PUC certificate of your roadster also. So, try to keep the certificate with you when you go to the office. After collecting all these documents, you have to keep them together so that you can find them later easily.

Step-2: Make An Agreement

Before you bring your damaged or unused bike to the junkyard, you must make a contract between you and the staff of the junkyard. Show the staff the state of your motorcycle and offer him your conditions. If he wants to give you a suitable scrap value, sign the agreement paper.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of connections and information about the nearby junkyard in your locality. Try to contact all of them, find out the most acceptable offer, and respond to it. You can manage a contract paper so that if the authorities of the junkyard breach the contract, you can have a remedy.

Step-3: Go To The Scrapyard

When you are done with the agreement made with the staff of your nearby scrapyard, you have to bring the bike to the place. Here, you will have two options. Firstly, if you want to get the damaged vehicle to the junkyard on your own, this will increase the discard value. 

On the other hand, if the authorities of the junkyard offer you that they will bring the bike from your home, this will decrease the value. In this case, the staff will cut a percentage, and this may charge way more than your own cost. So if it is possible, try to bring the motorcycle to the scrapyard yourself. 

Step-4: Collect The Chassis Number

After bringing the discarded two-wheeler to the junkyard, the staff will start scrapping it. But before he starts the process, you must collect the chassis number from him. This chassis number will help you easily submit your legal papers to the DMV office. Additionally, this will work as evidence of your title over the bike while submitting the papers.

Step-5: Submit The Documents

As you have collected the chassis number, your first duty in the junkyard is almost over. Now you need to go to the DMV office to submit all the legal documents you gathered in the first step. Try to keep the documents in a similar shape and attach them with a stapler pin. 

Before submitting the papers to the office, you must remember to attach the chassis number of your junked vehicle with them. Then you must also gain an affidavit from the junkyard authority that your bike will get scrapped. After gathering all these requirements, submit them to the office.

Step-7: Cancel The Registration

Your task in the DMV office is not over yet. You have to cancel the registration of the motorcycle there. This may take a little longer as the DMV officials will obtain your motorcycle clearance from the nearby police station and examine your records with that particular vehicle. 

Then they will transfer the documents to the original RTO office where you had the registration for your motorcycle for the first time. I can assure you that this scenario will make you nostalgic and remind you of the memories with your beloved roadster. Whatever the RTO officials will discard the registration. 

Step-8: Handover The Title

After canceling your motorbike registration, your task in the DMV office is complete. Now you have to get back to the junkyard and hand over the title to the staff of the junkyard. You need to deliver all the papers to them and get the value accurately. 

They can give you the value in cash or bank cheques. Ensure the amount you agreed upon before giving the title paper to the discarding dealers. Because once you have handed over the ownership of the roadster, you don’t have any chance to get it back again as per your agreement.

Step-9: Get A Certificate

Before you leave the place, you must get a certificate from the authorities. The certificate will certify the possible legal duties you had performed earlier. Keep the document of canceled registration and this scrapping certificate with yourself and restore it to a safer place in your house. You may need this paper later.

5 Things You Should Consider Before Scrapping Your Motorcycle

A motorcycle is a vehicle that attaches your emotion and makes you love the thing. You cannot get this undone once you transfer it to the junkyard. So, you should consider the following things before scrapping your roadster so that you don’t regret your decision and blame yourself:

1. Actual Necessity:

First of all, you should be sure enough about the necessity of discarding your beloved two-wheeler. Sometimes, you send the vehicle to the junkyard and discard it. Then you regret that if you could not have done that, your bike might still be your partner on the highway. So, do this scrapping only when you are fully sure about it and have a perfect alternative.

2. The Scrap Value:

When you have fully decided that you are certain about throwing your bike into the junkyard, you must determine the scrap value. You need to have an adequate figure of money so that you don’t regret it later. So negotiate with the staff of the scrapyard and fix a suitable value in exchange for your motorcycle. Then sign a contract paper of agreement with him.

3. The Conditions:

You must consider the conditions that the authorities of the junkyard provide you. Judge the consideration money, requirements of paperwork, and the legal issues you may face later. Then you come up with a decision on whether you will have the roadster junked or not. In this case, you may take and consider the suggestions of your lawyer or any other experienced person.

4. State Of The Bike:

One thing you must be certain about is the state of your motorbike. Check every part and particle of the vehicle and examine it very carefully. Sometimes a simple repair can change the entire outlook and make your roadster run on the highway again in full swing. So before you discard the vehicle, examine first if it can be turned into fit enough to ride again or not. 

5. Your Legal Papers:

After you decide to send your motorcycle to the junkyard, you must maintain the legal issues. Otherwise, your simple mistake can lead you to face legal difficulties later. So, consider the legal papers whether you have them all or not. Get fully prepared in this regard and then go to the DMV office. Don’t try to mismanage any of the documents and fall into legal difficulties. 

6 Effective Tips You Can Follow While Scrapping A Motorcycle Legally

You can easily send or bring your damaged motorcycle to the junkyard to discard it if you follow the aforesaid method step by step. Here, I am portraying some effective tips for you and by following these you will be able to get a quicker result without facing any difficulties. So let’s have a look at them.

Tip-1: Clean The Motorcycle

It will be better if you clean the bike before presenting it to the scrapping authorities. This cleaning will increase the value when you come to a negotiation with the staff. So, try to wash the entire frame of the roadster and dry it properly. You can cut out any of the parts if you need them later. Try to examine the bike and clean it with water.

Tip-2: Fulfill The Papers Carefully

You must fulfill the legal papers very carefully. If you make any mistake while fulfilling the papers, the thieves and the frauds will take the chance and fall you into legal issues later. So, follow every direction of the DMV officials and take your time. Crosscheck the information you provided in the papers carefully and make sure the paper has accurate details.

Tip-3: Keep The Documents

You should keep some particular documents with you after getting your roadster junked. You will have a document related to the cancellation of the registration of your bike. The scrapping authorities will provide you with a certificate also. You must keep these valuable documents in a safe place to avoid any unwanted legal difficulties and keep yourself safe.

Tip-4: Maintain The Time

There are some particular phases of having your unwanted motorcycle fully junked. You need to maintain the time in between very carefully. Submit the papers timely when the DMV office will require them. If you don’t maintain regularity, the DMV officials will be late intentionally to give you the certificate of canceling the registration. 

Tip-5: Negotiate Properly

The basic part of the agreement between you and the junkyard authority is to have a perfect negotiation to have your motorcycle junked properly. For this reason, you must make your conditions clear and present yourself as smartly as possible. Handle the offers from the opposition with a considerable counter condition. Then set an adequate value.

Tip-6: Bring The Bike Yourself

When you have an agreement with the scrapyard party, they will require your damaged bike. If you leave the vehicle with them and they bring it to the junkyard, they will cut a portion from the scrapping value. Sometimes, the workman will charge an extra amount of money. That is why you should bring the bike to the scrapyard yourself.

Related Questions:

How Can You Legally Scrap A Bike In The USA?

In the USA, you have to find a suitable junkyard where you can send your bike to get junked. You must gather your legal papers related to the ownership and registration of your roadster. Then contact the DMV office of the state you live in. Ask for the permission papers and submit papers.

After submitting the required documents, you have to negotiate with the authorities of the junkyard and make an agreement with them. Bring the bike to the place and get your bike junked. After that, you have to attain the scrap value and certificate from the scrapyard. Keep the papers in a safe place and hand over the title of the bike.

How Much Will You Get For Selling Your Bike To A Scrap Dealer?

You can get $100 to $1000 from the scrap dealer for selling your motorbike to him. This cost is called the scrap value of your damaged motorcycle. The value depends on various conditions such as the state of your motorbike and the condition of the dealer.

This amount of money may vary from place to place. If you follow some techniques then you may increase the value. Try to clean the roadster before presenting it to the dealer. Bring the bike to the scrapyard yourself, it will prevent the dealer from deducting a percentage.

Is It Worth It To Scrap A Motorcycle?

It is completely worth it to discard a motorcycle. You are not using that thing for a long day and it is possessing a significant space in your house. Moreover, the bike is not in a proper state to ride anymore and you cannot use it to serve any other purpose.

The best thing about scrapping your bike is that you are getting a considerable amount of money by selling it to the dealer. On the other hand, if you don’t discard it, you won’t get anything from your damaged roadster. So, ultimately, it is better to sell it to a scrap dealer and send it to the scrapyard.

How Long Does It Take To Scrap A Motorcycle?

It takes almost a week altogether to discard a motorcycle completely. The DMV officials will take more than 3 days to issue the certificate of canceling the registration. They need to judge the documents you submitted to the office. You need to spend some more time getting the documents back.

After that, the scrapping authority will give you an affidavit and a piece of paper that will work as evidence. The preparation of this paper will take almost 2 days. Then you need to go to the junkyard and collect the papers. So, you have to spend almost a week getting your bike junked.

Is The Value Of Scrapping The Same For Any Motorcycles?

The value of scrapping any motorcycle is not always the same. It may differ from state to state depending on certain cases. If the condition of your bike is slightly better, the value will increase. Again, if you bring the vehicle to the junkyard, the transfer cost will not be deducted. 

The cost of completing the paperwork also varies from state to state. Besides, if you cut out any part of the vehicle or use it to serve other purposes, you may get a smaller amount of money. But to be honest it does not make a huge difference at all. You may have to lose not more than $100 in this case.

When Should You Scrap Your Motorcycle?

You should have your roadster junked when you cannot use it anymore. Sometimes, your two-wheeler gets damaged due to an unexpected accident or any kind of natural calamity. There are many other reasons for causing damage to your vehicle and leaving it aside.

When you are sure that you don’t need your roadster anymore and you want to make some money from selling it, you can sell it to a discard dealer. But make sure that you have a perfect alternative ready and you don’t have to regret your decision. 

How Can You Complete The Paperworks To Scrap The Motorcycle?

First of all, you need to collect all the documents relating to the motorcycle. Find out the registration certificate first then collect the insurance paper of the vehicle. After that, you need to provide the ownership evidence in the attachment. You may also need the PUC paper so find it out.

Gather all these required documents and staple them together. If it is possible, try to copy them and print them out. You may need them later. Then you have to go to the DMV office and submit the papers. Collect the additional certificates and keep them in a safe place. Your paperwork is done.

Can My Scrap Motorcycle Be Collected?

Yes, in most cases, your scrap motorcycle can be collected. Many scrap metal companies and junkyards offer collection services for scrap motorcycles. Some even offer free collections, depending on the condition and location of the motorcycle.

To arrange for collection, you can contact a reputable scrap metal company or junkyard in your area and provide them with the details of your scrap motorcycle. Details may include information like the brand, model, year, condition, and ownership of the motorcycle. Based on this information, the company can determine the value of the scrap metal and provide you with a quote for the collection.

Final Remarks:

You have to scrap a motorcycle when it is completely damaged and unable to serve you. But you need to maintain the aforesaid steps to get this job done easily. Try to be patient and careful enough to handle the legal issues. You will never face any difficulties to have your roadster junked. Send the bike to the authorities after a suitable negotiation.

However, in this article, I have shared my experience of scrapping my motorcycle. I hope this article has answered all your questions and cleared up your confusion regarding the issue. Happy motorcycling! 

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