How To Seafoam A Motorcycle Carburetor? [2 Different Ways]

How To Seafoam A Motorcycle Carburetor

An essential part of maintaining a motorcycle is cleaning the carburetor. You can clean a motorcycle carburetor in several ways. However, an easy way to clean the carburetor is to use seafoam. But many do not know how to seafoam a motorcycle carburetor. So, here I will discuss this so that you can clean carburetors using seafoam.

When you notice that your motorcycle is not running smoothly, it is time to clean your carburetor. Refill the fuel tank completely and add 1 ounce of seafoam per gallon to clean the carburetor. Then shake the motorcycle a little and mix fuel and seafoam, and do a test ride for an hour compactly. As a result, you will see thick white smoke, which means seafoam is cleaning your carburetor.

Regular cleaning of the carburetor can make your motorcycle run smoothly for a long time. Experts recommend cleaning the carburetor regularly. Here I will discuss how to clean the carburetor using seafoam in two ways without separating it from the engine. 

2 Easy Ways To Seafoam A Motorcycle Carburetor:

It is a very popular material for cleaning the carburetors of motorcycles. Seafoam helps keep the carburetor clean, but the best way to clean it is with a carb cleaner.

Anyway, the 2 methods I will tell you about here will help you keep the motorcycle carburetor clean and long-lasting. Let’s learn without further ado! 

Method 1: Seafoam With Fuel

An easy way to use seafoam on a motorcycle is to combine it with fuel. It can easily eliminate dirt from the carburetor. Seafoam and fuel can be mixed to clean your motorcycle when it isn’t running smoothly as before. However, let me know the whole process so that your work becomes more accessible.  

Step-1: Refill your fuel tank

First, refill your motorcycle’s fuel tank so that no part of the tank is left empty.

Be sure to use the usual motorcycle fuel.

Step- 2 Add Seafoam

After filling the fuel tank, seafoam should be added to it. Fuel and seafoam can be

mixed earlier by pouring them into the tank. So, it is required to mix 1

an ounce of seafoam with every gallon of fuel.

Step-3: Shake Your Motorcycle

Once seafoam has been added to the fuel tank, the tank’s lid must be closed and the motorcycle shaken for a few seconds. As a result, seafoam will blend well with motorcycle fuel.

Step-4: Take A Test Ride

In this stage, you need to take a test ride for more than one hour, then test the motorcycle curb again. Seafoam removes dirt from the carburetor during riding by releasing bushy white smoke.

Step-5: Complete The Cycle And Check Engine

The engine must be kept running for a minimum of one hour for the carburetor to be completely clean. So turn on the motorcycle engine and wait to finish and ensure that it is enhanced. This process of cleaning should be repeated several times for the best results.

Method 2: Seafoam With Engine Oil

Now we will know another way to seafoam motorcycle carburetors. For this process, you need to mix seafoam and fuel. This is much easier than the first process, but it slowly removes dirt and debris from the carburetor. So let us know what to do to complete the second process.

Step-1: Pour Seafoam 

First, it is required to take away the cap of the fuel tank and pour the seafoam directly. One ounce of sea foam is needed for every gallon of fuel depending on the fuel in your tank. Use a straw to pour oil into the tank.

Step-2: Take A Test Ride

After pouring seafoam into the engine, the engine should be kept running for some time. You can take an experimental ride that helps clean your carburetor.

Step-3: Monitor The Oil Turns 

After applying seafoam in the oil tank, it should be monitored daily. As soon as fuel becomes black color, then change it with fresh fuel, and repeat this process if necessary. 

9 Tips To Use Seafoam In A Motorcycle Carburetor:

While using seafoam in a motorcycle carburetor is not a difficult task, a few tips will make your job easier. Here are a few tips that will help you apply seafoam to your carburetor as well as clean it thoroughly.


If you wish, you can remove the carburetor bowl and use seafoam to clean it. To do this, remove the bowl, mix in half the amount of fuel and seafoam, and let the mixture rest until it is finished. Then leave it overnight with 100% seam in it, and the next day drain and deactivate the bowls by adding 8 to 9 capful seaweed to the tank.


The fuel tank must be refilled entirely to clean the carburetor. If you do not fill the tank, the seafoam will not be able to enter the entire carburetor, so it will take a long time to complete the cleaning work.


If you remove the carburetor and apply seafoam, you must thoroughly clean and reinstall all parts of the carburetor. This will allow your motorcycle to ride more smoothly and will last longer.


If you ride the motorcycle regularly, you should clean the carburetor using seafoam at least once after 6 months, in addition to proper maintenance. If you do not clean the carburetor for a long time, your motorcycle will become uneven, and the stability of the engine will be reduced.


Using one ounce of seafoam per gallon of fuel is recommended to clean the motorcycle carburetor. However, you can increase the amount of seafoam and use two ounces. It works faster and is better to use a little more seafoam.


Although I’ve talked about adding seafoam to fuel in one way or another, you can add two different ingredients. Although it is easy to mix seafoam directly into the fuel tank, you can also make a mixer with fuel and seafoam in a container.


If you use seafoam without removing motorcycle parts, you need to take a test drive to keep the engine running for at least an hour after refilling the mixture in the fuel tank. Shake the motorcycle a little and go riding.


Although seafoam cannot do much for a motorcycle engine, keeping it on a motorcycle for long is not advisable. Therefore, the fuel should be cleaned within a few hours using the seafoam motorcycle; for best results, use it one hour before changing the oil.


Many people think that it is better to use only seafoam to clean the carburetor, but this is not true. Seafoam carburetor debris cannot be removed entirely, so first clean the carburetor using a carb cleaner and pour seafoam into the fuel tank one hour before changing the oil. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Does Seafoam Help Motorcycle Carbs?

With Seafoam, You can clean and ride the motorcycle carburetor smoothly. If you use cheap gas, you may run into the problem of carbohydrates being ‘gummed up.’ However, seafoam will help you clean carburetors and other motorcycle parts while keeping you away from such issues.

After several days of riding, the motorcycle started to move roughly. The reason for this problem is that it is time to clean the dirt and debris from your carburetor. You can make the carburetor clean and durable by adding one ounce of seafoam to each tank of fuel by refilling the fuel tank completely to solve the problem.

Do Seafoam Deeply Clean Motorcycle Carburetors?

Although seafoam helps keep the carburetor tidy, it cannot deep clean it like a carb cleaner. Seafoam cannot clean a gummed-up carb, so you need to use a good quality carb cleaner.

However, once you have cleaned the carburetor with a carb cleaner, use seafoam as preventive maintenance to prevent it from getting dirty again. Once the engine is started by combining seafoam with fuel, the carburetor will dissolve the seafoam residue in the tank when the fuel is pulled.

Can You Put Seafoam On A Motorcycle?

Putting seafoam in a motorcycle does not cause much harm to the motorcycle, as it is a mixture of naphtha and alcohol. However, seafoam mixed fuels should be changed soon, so use seafoam one hour before the oil change. Seafoam is great for keeping your motorcycle carburetor clean, as well as for cleaning internal rings and other engine parts.

When seafoam is used in the fuel tank of a motorcycle, it removes fuel water and moisture. It also helps to remove the energy-snatching buildup of the motorcycle’s fuel system, injectors, and valves. Experts recommend using only 1/3 of the seafoam per fill-up on the motorcycle. 

What Are The Uses Of Seafoam For Motorcycles?

Seafoam helps keep the carburetor clean but not clean it. Carburetor light dirt can be cleaned with it, but debris cannot be removed. However, using seafoam can make your carburetor more durable.

Regular riding motorcycles should use seafoam a minimum of twice a year, which will smooth your riding. You can also use seafoam to clean different parts of the motorcycle. Overall, seafoam is a very important element for maintaining a motorcycle. 

How To Seafoam A Motorcycle Carburetor Without Removing It?

You can seafoam the motorcycle carburetor both with and without disassembly. All you have to do is use a compressed air gun if you want to clean the carburetor without disassembling it. To seafoam the carburetor, wash the motorcycle thoroughly.

After cleaning, carefully remove the air filter with filter cleaner or compressed air. Clean the sealing areas to remove the dirt. Then carefully apply seafoam on the top tray to clean and float. Finally, you have to start the journey by reassembling the removed strong parts.

How Do You Put Seafoam In A Carburetor?

Seafoam works exceptionally well to keep the carburetor clean. Also, you can use it to clean various parts of a motorcycle. There are many ways to apply seafoam to a carburetor, but the easiest way is to put straw around the neck of a carburetor and spray it with the whole hand. This process may take you four to five minutes to complete.

You can also use a mixture of seafoam in a container with fuel or engine oil. However, you may have to spend a little more time doing it. However, in the process you do the work, you need to quickly change the seafoam fuel carrier.

Will Seafoam Unclog A Carburetor?

Seafoam is an essential component of motorcycle maintenance that is capable of unclogging carburetors. It works according to a carb cleaner. However, I recommend applying seafoam as soon as the problem is detected; otherwise, it may have to be removed and cleaned manually.

Seafoam is also very easy to use, so it has become quite popular with all motorcycle riders. If you apply it to your motorcycle carburetor only twice a year, your carburetor may be more durable. It is also quite effective in unclogging the carburetor. 

How Much Seafoam Is Too Much For A Motorcycle Carburetor?

Seafoam carburetors work well for cleaning, but excessive use can damage the engine, as these are made from refined petroleum. You can use two ounces of seafoam for a maximum of one gallon of fuel. More than two ounces of seafoam would be too much for a carburetor.

Although it is recommended to use one ounce of seafoam per gallon of fuel to clean the motorcycle carburetor, you can increase the amount slightly if you wish. You can increase the amount of seafoam to two ounces to work faster.

How Often Should You Seafoam Motorcycle Carburetors?

We usually do not clean the carburetor until it gives uneven riding. As soon as we feel the monsoon while riding, we think the carburetor is clean, now is not the time to clean. However, this is not correct, you need to seafoam the motorcycle carburetor at least twice a year.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t ridden your motorcycle for a while, foam its carburetor thoroughly before use. Seafoam will keep your carburetor clean and smooth for a long time.


In this article, I have discussed how to seafoam a motorcycle carburetor which is essential for all motorcycle riders to know. Because keeping the carburetor clean is an important part of motorcycle maintenance.

If you clean the carburetor properly every six months, your carburetor will be longer, and the motorcycle will be more comfortable to ride. However, if you think you can clean the carburetor only if you notice uneven driving, it can damage your motorcycle engine.

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