How To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage?

How To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage

It is important to have a garage to store a motorcycle safely. However, as a motorcycle rider, I could not afford to build a garage. Then I started thinking about how to store a motorcycle without a garage. Eventually, I found several alternative solutions to store my motorcycle. 

There are many options for storing motorcycles without garages. Many people buy a storage unit at a low cost and store motorcycles. If your motorcycle is small, you can also store it indoors. However, it is better to use a storage cover for storing motorcycles without a garage for a long time. 

Although garages are great for storing motorcycles, you can also store them in other ways. Here you can recognize some of the cheap alternatives to motorcycle storage. I will discuss some cheap storage options to make your motorcycle storage easier. Also, you can find some important tips here that will help you store a motorcycle without a garage. 

7 Cheaper Way To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage:

I don’t think you need a garage to store a motorcycle as a motorcycle rider. You can create a place to store motorcycles in your home, which will work better than a garage. 

Below I will discuss the motorcycle storage options that will keep your motorcycle safe. 

Way-1: Motorcycle Storage Covers

You can store your motorcycle using a storage cover, one of the basic storage options. You can pick one of the variations of storage options conferring to your needs.

The two most common options in motorcycle storage cover are heavy weather-resistant style and light travel style. A heavy weather-resistant style storage cover can be used to protect your motorcycle from harsh weather like rain or snow.

Lightweight storage covers can protect your motorcycle from dust and dirt. If you want to store the motorcycle for a short time, a light storage cover is suitable for you. The weather-resistant storage cover is the best choice for winter and long-term storage. You can choose a storage cover with a cable and lock to store the motorcycle more securely. 

Way-2: Portable Garages

Another popular option for storing motorcycles is the portable motorcycle garage. This can protect your motorcycle from snow and rain. Portable motorcycle garages are light in weight, so you can carry them anywhere. Also, these are quite easy to assemble and separate, so you can easily get a sustainable shelter in a few minutes to the immediate need.

Buy a portable motorcycle garage from the online market with models of 6 ‘x 10’ x 6.5 ‘shades. This portable garage also has an all-steel frame and DuPont powder-coated finish. A portable garage has space up to six feet wide, perfect for storing motorcycles.

It has a triple-layer mesh translucent cover that is waterproof so that you can place it anywhere in any weather. This is also able to cover your motorcycle completely without touching it. 

Way-3: Carport Storage

You can store your motorcycle in a carport. This is a motorcycle storage option for which you do not have to spend any money. You can easily store the motorcycle inside the carport. Your motorcycle will be safe here since it is a part of you.

This will keep your motorcycle away from the sun and rain as well as protect it from theft. You can also store motorcycles for a long time at the carport, but you must use a motorcycle cover for one.

As a result of keeping it covered, dust and dirt cannot accumulate on the motorcycle. To store the motorcycle in the carport for a long time, clean it well and then store it.

Way-4: Storage Shed 

Who cannot afford to build a motorcycle garage, can store the motorcycle by building a storage shed. Spending some money to build a storage shed is cheaper than building a garage. You can store the motorcycle by setting up a storage shed in your garden or indoors. The storage shed is one of the options for storing the motorcycle safely.

If you have a shed in your home, you can store motorcycles there. You can use this shed to store the motorcycle for a long time. For long-term or winter storage, I recommend using a motorcycle cover.  

Way-5: Bring It Inside

A small size motorcycle can be stored safely to house indoors. It can be the safest place to store a motorcycle indoors. This will protect your bike from sun and rain just as much as it will protect it from being stolen. Most small motorcycles are stored indoors, making it a bit of a hassle for larger motorcycles.

If your home has sufficient space, you can safely store a large motorcycle indoors. However, it may not be appropriate for long-standing storage. This is because when the motorcycle has to be stored indoors, it will be difficult to move. Repeatedly, the motorcycle can be damaged after getting stuck on the floor. 

Way-6: Use A Storage Unit

You can buy a storage unit to store the motorcycle safely. Buying a storage unit costs less than building a garage. This can be a great option for the long-term storage of your motorcycle, which is completely sealed. As a result, your motorcycle is protected from all outdoor elements.

However, if you want to store the motorcycle for a short time, it is not suitable for you. Garage doors are constantly opened and closed, so the motorcycle can be damaged by exposure to various elements and insects, which is not the case with storage units. Store units can protect your motorcycle from all weather. 

Way-7: Motorcycle Dealerships

Some motorcycle dealerships offer their buyers a special program through which they can store the motorcycle they have purchased. It is reasonable to store a motorcycle for a long time at the dealership program. Winter storage can be reasonable, contingent on the brand. This is an option most suitable for winter storage.

This storage option is great for keeping your motorcycle safe in the winter. If you want to store the motorcycle near the dealership, you have to store it following all the storage tips. Since you will store the motorcycle in the long run, you must use a light-style motorcycle cover. Also, in case of storing at the dealership, I suggest monitoring the motorcycle every few days. 

7 Tips To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage

It is usually stored when there is no need for motorcycle riding. So, during this time, the motorcycle engines are off for a long time, which can harm the motorcycle. But you have to follow approximately vital tips when you store without a motorcycle garage. 

Here are some important tips I am going to share with you, and I hope you will stay with me.

Tips-1: When storing the motorcycle, store its fuel tank empty. When the fuel tank is not emptied and stored, the gasoline will break down, and such fuel lines may also be damaged.

Tip-2: To store the motorcycle in a storage shed or storage unit, you must cover the motorcycle with a light cover. Storing in the open for a long time can accumulate dust and dirt on the motorcycle.

Tips-3: Do not forget to lock the way you store the motorcycle. This will add extra security to the motorcycle when you lock and store it.

Tips-4: Always store the motorcycle in a place where it can easily catch your eye. After buying a storage shed or portable garage, try to place it in front of your house.

Tips-5: Since storing a motorcycle does not allow it to run for long periods, tire leaks can occur slowly due to temperature fluctuations during this time. Make sure that your motorcycle tires are inflated properly before storage.

Tips-6: Use a battery tender to ensure the safety of the motorcycle before storing it. However, if it is already attached to your motorcycle, it is unnecessary to repeat. It is ready for the riding season even after long storage due to the use of a battery tender.

Tips-7: There is a risk of corrosion inside the fuel tank due to prolonged use. So when storing motorcycles, use a fuel stabilizer that will help keep your motorcycle’s gasoline from leaking and gumming.

Frequently Asked Question:

Can You Store Motorcycles Without A Garage?

Many people think that a garage is necessary for storing motorcycles, which is completely wrong. When you have no ability for a garage, you can store the motorcycle in a few different ways. Currently, various types of cover are accessible on the market for storing motorcycles which are great for short-term storage.

Getting a low-cost garage alternative, buy a storage unit or a portable garage. Many people store small motorcycles indoors. Also, if you have a storage shed or carport storage in your house, you can store motorcycles in it. 

How To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage In The Summer?

Keeping a motorcycle in storage for a short time does not cause any serious safety issues. Summer is usually the time when motorcycles are stored for a long time. At this time, you can use a battery tender and add some fuel stabilizer to store them safely.

Keeping away harmful UV rays is important to keep the motorcycle safe in summer. So, to store the motorcycle at this time, you must cover it with a heavy-duty motorcycle cover. Don’t fear too much about storing the motorcycle in spring or fall.

How To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage In The Winter?

Most riders store motorcycles in the winter, as the weather conditions are not helpful to riding. The best option for storing motorcycles without a garage in winter is a storage unit. It is completely sealed after keeping a unique storage motorcycle so that its door is not opened repeatedly. 

Even after storing the motorcycle in the storage unit for a long time, the insects cannot do any damage to the motorcycle. Even in winter, you need to use a battery tender to store the motorcycle and add a fuel stabilizer. You must also empty the fuel tank of the motorcycle. The way you store the motorcycle must be covered with a light motorcycle cover. 

How To Keep Your Motorcycle Secure Without A Garage?

To keep the motorcycle secure, use a storage cover with cables and locks. However, a store cover alone is not enough for long-term storage, and for that, you need to buy a storage unit. A storage unit is sealed and is not opened repeatedly, so the motorcycle stays safe.

But if you have carport storage or a stored shed in your house, you can use it for storage. Since your motorcycle will be at home in this process, it will be quite secure. However, the process in which you store the motorcycle must be locked and stored. 

Is It Safe To Store A Motorcycle Without A Garage?

Although a garage is a good way to store a motorcycle safely, you can safely store a motorcycle without a garage. If you buy a storage unit and store the motorcycle, it will keep your assets safe for a long time. 

Many set up a storage shed in their home to store motorcycles. Also, if you have enough space inside your car, you can safely keep the motorcycle there. So even if you do not have a garage, you can safely store the motorcycle. 


Hopefully, now you will not have any worries about storing motorcycles. Because here, I have discussed several options on how to store a motorcycle without a garage. Almost all of the ways I’ve talked about storing motorcycles here are pretty cheap storage options.

You can choose any one option according to the weather and the size of the motorcycle to store your motorcycle. However, to store a motorcycle without a garage, you must remember the tips given above.

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