How To Tell If A Motorcycle Fuse Is Blown? [The Supervision]

How To Tell If A Motorcycle Fuse Is Blown

A good fuse is integral to protecting your motorcycle from the electric circuit. No substitute can support a motorcycle’s electrical system like this. It’s needed to cover the frequent damages. Though it is an internal system, you must understand that it must be blown from the outside. 

But how is that? Here I will discuss how to tell even if your bike fuses are damaged or blown. You can find out the damages after a great observation or inspection. Try to get an idea about the symptoms and causes of it. 

After reading the whole article, you will get a clear idea of whether the motorcycle fuses are blown or not. The writing presents the easiest way of supervising and inspecting the wrong fuse. Keep reading and do what I ask you to do here about it.

6 Symptoms That Tell The Motorcycle Fuses Are Blown Out Completely

Without checking, you cannot know whether your bike fuses are wrong. To find out the symptoms, you have to follow a few steps. Try to follow the guidance and make sure what the situation of your bike fuses.

1. If The Headlights Don’t Light Up:

When the fuse, especially for the headlights, is damaged, the headlights will not light up. If the headlights do not light up, they will likely be damaged. In this case, you have to check the fuse to ensure that the headlights are not on for which problem. So, it’s a significant symptom to find blown fuses.

2. Not Working Of Motor:

Since the motor’s fuse is damaged, the operating speed of the motorcycle will be reduced or stopped a lot. Check if the engine is working correctly. If you think there is a problem, check the fuse. So, the motor’s inability to work can be a symptom of a blown fuse.

3. Not Charging Of Battery:

If your battery fuse is damaged, the battery is not charging. If the motorcycle battery does not work, it is expected that other electric accessories will not work. Because if you can’t accept the battery charge, the battery will become useless. Try to quickly identify if the battery fuse is damaged and take the next step.

4. Slow Down The Speed:

The speed is reduced due to the fuse of the motorcycle being broken or damaged. Even the vehicle may suddenly stop speeding during the ride. This is a clear sign that the fuse of your bike is damaged. In this case, it is best not to ride a bike.

5. Time To Start:

Because of the blown fuse, it is never possible to start a motorcycle. If you don’t start even after trying to start the frequency, you must understand that there is a problem with the fuse. So this is a big sign that you can take care of while starting the motorcycle.

6. Other Problems:

A lousy fuse can be responsible for any other functional problem because each electric accessory of the motorcycle depends on the activity of the fuse. So you can check the fuse for any problem. Any functional problem can be a symptom of a damaged fuse.

5 Reasons For blowing The Motorcycle Fuse Quickly

The fuse can be damaged due to some specific reasons. Also, the fuse gets damaged due to using the same fuse for a long time. Try to find out the reasons and solve it as soon as possible. The specific causes of fuse failure are given below:

1. Mismatched Loads of Engine:

One of the first causes of fuse damage is mismatched load in the engine. The engine can take a certain amount of load. If more load is given, the fuse of the motorcycle can be damaged. Because it happens more than once, the fuse also blows. You have to make sure that there is no extra load on the motorcycle. 

2. Failure Of Electronic Accessories:

The motorcycle’s various electronic devices or accessories can fall on the total load fuse if it fails or is damaged. This is an important reason why a fuse blows. Always check if there is an electrical problem. Otherwise, the fuse can be damaged at any time.

3. Overloading Of Engine:

Overloading is one of the significant causes of fuse damage. If any device is damaged, the fuse will be damaged due to overloading. So change it as soon as any device breaks down. This is an excellent reason for your bike fuse to blow. You should be careful about the cause and try to avoid the damage.

4. Electric Short Circuit:

An electric short circuit can happen in your motorcycle engine at any time. It is a worthy cause for blowing your bike fuse. The fuse has two wires connected to it. Due to the circuit, two of them may break. This could be the reason for any short circuit fuse to be damaged.

5. Running At extra Speed:

Riding a bike at extra speed can damage the fuse of the bike. That is why the rate should never be given overload. Running at additional speeds on uneven roads can increase the chances of fuse damage. Therefore, caution should be exercised when riding a bike on bumpy roads.

4 Simple Steps To Check If A Motorcycle Fuses Are Blown:

To examine your motorcycle fuse, you have to follow some easy steps. To check and observe the fuses, know how to look at the excellent and bad fuses. Because you have to understand the condition of your fuses. The simple steps are given below:

Step-1 Turn Off The Motorcycle’s Engine:

First, you have to prepare the motorcycle for working with the engine. You cannot touch the hot machine after the motorcycle engine stops. Wait for the engine to cool down and then start working.

Step-2 Open The Fuse Cover:

Now open the seat of your motorcycle. Open the fuse holder cover at the bottom of the seat. It is the top of the pedal on the right side of the bike. After opening the box, you will see a separate small box with a fuse.

Step-3 Remove The Fuse One By One:

After opening the fuse box, it is time to remove the fuses. If you want, you can open and check all of them or check them. Here you have to use a tool to open the fuse. Anyway, the fuses have to be opened carefully.

Step-4 Check The Fuse:

Now check each fuse to see if it is damaged. If the U shape is broken, you will understand that the fuse has been damaged or blown. In this way, the whole matter has to be identified. And then, you have to change or replace the fuse.

4 Things You Should Do After Recognizing The Fuse Is Blown Out:

After identifying the blown fuses, you have to take steps to replace their fuses. However, it is convenient to know your bike components well beforehand. It will make your work much easier and simpler. Below are the simple steps to replace the fuse:

1. New Fuses:

Since one or more of your fuses are broken, you must install a new good fuse.  For this, collect the number of new fuses that need to be installed. In this case, you must know how to install the fuse, although it is not complicated.

2. Replace The Blown Fuses:

Replace the old ones with new ones. However, after the replacement, check the fuses once again. It should be understood that there is a problem with other motorcycle devices even if it is damaged again. Then quickly take your vehicle to the mechanic.

3. Close The Fuse Box:

After replacing the blown fuses, it’s time to close the fuse case cover. Even though the fuses are properly fixed now, seal the holder cover of your motorcycle. That means the fuse checking is completed now.

4. Fix The Seat:

Now, you have to fix the seat of your motorcycle. You opened the seat of your bike, remember? To open the fuse box cover, you have to remove the seat. Now, fix the seat correctly.

Related Questions:

How Do You Check A Fuse Without Removing It?

You will need a multimeter to check the fuses without removing them all. And you can also have a set of pliers because you might need to remove the dodgy one on your multimeter and set it correctly. Now, you can start your testing. 

When you touch the pliers on the bits points, you see on the monitor 9/10 amp. That means it starts to show the reading of the fuse bits. When the multimeter monitor doesn’t show any reading, the fuse is not working. 

A fuse has two bits which are the point of the multimeter terminals. The bits are the checking point of the fuses. So, you can check the fuses in this way without removing them all.

How To Find The Major Fuse Of A Motorcycle?

Each fuse has a fuse cover box on a motorcycle. You can find the fuse case inside the battery. To check the fuses, you have to know the location of your vehicle’s fuse. 

You have to open the seat in the motorcycle case and then find the battery. You can get the fuse holder on the right side of the battery. Open the fuse holder cover. And you will get the holder box this way.

What Causes The Fuse Of Motorcycles To Blow?

The leading cause of the fuses blowing is the short circuit for the engine’s extra power. This is the most common and important cause of blowing the fuses. Moreover, failure of any device or mismatched electric accessories is also the cause of the blown fuses. 

Besides, overloading of the engine is a worthy cause to blow or damage it. You have to be careful about damaging the fuses. Try to understand the symptoms and check the fuses—the leading cause of the blown fuses in a short circuit of power exceeding.

How Do You Understand When The Fuses Are Bad But Not Blown?

You will need a test light to tell you that a fuse is terrible but not blown. Open the fuse holder cover. With the test side of your testing light, you would touch the power and if it lights up. That means now it is okay. You would want to put the ignition on first. 

The circuit is suitable if you see the fuse lights up and the other end lights up. If you come up with a fuse that doesn’t light up, no one ends, and on the other end, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad fuse. That could be a circuit that’s getting power. So, you can check and test for what goes on.

Can A Fuse Be Partially Blown?

You may be surprised by hearing that a fuse can be partially blown. Sometimes, you can observe that the fuses are partially blown. If it happens, it is tough to recognize the blow. Because the symptoms of the blown fuses are not apparent. 

You have to check it with a test light or a multimeter. Then, you have to replace the bad or blown one. In whatever way, you have to know about the partially blown fuses. Otherwise, you will not understand what and when you should do it.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Fuse Last?

A fuse can last for about a couple of years. But the bulb of the fuses is not lasting for years. It is a central problem of a fuse. You can use a fuse for a few months, but its bulb can be damaged. It depends on the other electronic device to last the bulb. 

Though the fuses last for so long, you can face the problem of the bulb of fuses on your motorcycle. Try to find out the problem of damaging the bulb and take steps.

How Do You Tell If A Fuse Is Blown Without A Multimeter?

Without a multimeter, you can check the fuses with a test light. It is an excellent method to check the fuses. When you notice the test light lights up after touching the two points of the bits, the fuses are good. If the test light doesn’t light up, the fuses are damaged or blown.

The other checking option is the connection of the electric wire. You can check this process. Keep a wire usually beside the fuse. And another wire was just on the side of the fuse. When you get the fuse well, it lights up. 

Final Touch:

The checking process is not complicated. Testing it is pretty straightforward. Knowing the symptoms of the blown fuses is the best way to check it. It’s essential to replace the lousy fuse immediately because it causes great harm to the other devices. The motorcycle’s performance depends much on it.

So, you should make sure the fuses are all okay. By following my whole guidance, you can do the work properly. I hope you are clear about telling me that the motorcycle fuses are blown. Don’t hesitate to comment here about any of you.

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