How To Turn On Hazard Lights On Motorcycles? [An Ultimate Guide]

How To Turn On Hazard Lights On Motorcycles

Are you a passionate biker? Do you have hazard lights on your bike? If your answer is no, then you are lagging behind new-generation bikers. In this article, I am going to discuss hazard lights in detail and give exact instructions on how to turn on hazard lights on your motorcycle. By following my instructions, you can easily install them within minutes.

Many people are not clear about the idea of installing hazard lights and using them properly. Don’t worry! All you need is to follow me and learn when to use and how to use hazard lights properly. Keep patience and be attentive to follow my step-by-step guideline.  

7 Easy Steps to Install Hazard Lights On A Motorcycle:

Installing a hazard light on a bike is not a big deal nowadays. You can fix it from your nearby servicing center by a mechanic or you can do it by yourself. You need not be skilled or trained before.

I would like to share some tips and tricks for installing them easily. All you need is some materials and tools and then you can easily install them. You just have to do it by following some steps:

Step 1- Collecting Materials And Tools:

First of all, you will have to collect some materials which have to be installed with the bike and some tools to fix them.

Tools are:

  • Hazard Lights: There are different types of hazard lights available in shops, and can be purchased through the online market too. It depends on the purpose of using and vehicles where it has to be installed. You just have to make sense of choosing the best one that can solve the purpose perfectly.
  • Switch Button: you can choose a flasher button with adjustable flushing speeds as they are different in type and cost. Some simply connect with power, while some add a separate circuit to connect.
  • Flasher: Flashers will be used as a warning signal. So, it should be visible enough to attract the attention of others. Remember that, It should not be so intense that it can hamper the eyesight of others while passing you.

With all of these screwdrivers, wire, hacksaw blade, insulation tape are also required. All of the above-mentioned tools are common and you can collect them easily. All are available in shops. I think you can overcome the first step easily. Isn’t it? If so, Hurry up and move forward to the next step.

Step 2- Find Out A Switch Area:

You will have to choose a suitable area to place the switch button. As the lights are used in immediate situations, you will have to select such a focused or front position that anyone can easily find out the switch button during an emergency. Then consider the approximate idea about the marked point to put a hole in it.

Step 3- Drilling The Switch Area:

Point out the marked area with a pen or pencil before drilling. Drill the hole carefully so that it can fix the button properly. The hole should not be very large because it may weaken the structure.

Step 4-Fixing The Switch Button:

The hazard switch has three wires. Each wire consists of a power supply and current. Wires need to be connected with the whole system so it requires being long. Don’t worry if your wires are short. It can be extended by connecting one by one extra wire.

Step 5- Attachment With Bike:

If wires are OK, you will have to fix every wire with the bike portion now. Attach every wire according to the position of the stock wire of the individual bike. The middle wire will be connected with the flasher and the right and left with the corresponding indicator.

To avoid accidents, choose a quality full-stock flasher to buy. A weak flasher may burn out someday. Simply connect all three wires to give the 4-light hazard function together.

Step 6- Final Checkup:

After completing the final setup, check the connection. Turn on your bike with the key and then turn on your indicator light. After that, check your hazard light connection by pressing the specific switch button of the hazard light. If all the light starts blinking simultaneously, it can be considered as well set. You can use your button when needed in an emergency.

Step 7- Being Installed Means You’re Done?

Actually, the answer is no. It is equally important to know about when you should turn on your hazard lights and when not. It is a must to explore by all drivers and bikers about the proper use of the hazard light switch button.

Many of them use hazard lights as their parking light without any reason which may lead the other drivers to the wrong perception. Actually, you should turn on your hazard lights only when you want to attract other drivers’ attention, and it should be used for a certain period of time.

Some Tips For You: When Should Hazard Lights Be Turned On?

You should know the following reasons behind turning on your hazard lights:

  •  If you have to stop or park your bike suddenly on the roadside, turn on your hazard light so that other drivers can avoid the roadside where you took place already and maintain a safe distance while passing.
  •  When your bike is in steady condition and you can’t move forward without servicing the vehicle, it is necessary to turn on the hazard light. Other road users will be warned and can also help you to overcome the situation.
  • If you feel that your vehicle is about to crash while driving, turn on your hazard lights as soon as possible. So that people will rush towards you to help.
  • If you have to turn to your opposite side, unfortunately, you can turn on the emergency light to let you go.
  • If you have to pick any emergency call while driving on a highway, you have to stop immediately. In such an emergency, you can turn on hazard lights to alert yourself about your stacked situation.
  • You can turn on hazard lights in the rain if it rains heavily, or if the foggy situation is severe, you can use hazard lights and drive at low speed. Be careful in that case and use visible costumes like colorful helmets and jackets so that you can attract the concentration of driver’s passersby.

Warning For You: Hazard Light Should Not Be Turned On

It has to be kept in mind that you should not turn on your hazard light without any specific reason. Though the biker’s intention is not bad, still it is not wise as it creates confusion.

  • You should not turn on your hazard lights in rain and foggy weather. Sometimes people get confused about whether the vehicles are moving or have been in stacked condition.
  • You should not use these lights while passing any tunnel too. It may confuse others when you take a break. So, accidents may occur due to the blinking light effect.
  • Are you clear about the facts and safety issues behind hazard lights now? I think you have got the point that Hazard light is a must for every vehicle especially on highway roads that should be used wisely to avoid accidents and hazards.
  •  Hazard light reflection is more visible in comparison to headlight or tail light. So, it should not be used for a long time.
  • On the other hand, blinking may disturb others. So never use hazard lights while you are not actually in danger.

Maintaining all the rules and timing is important for all drivers and bikers to avoid unwanted road accidents.

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Some Related Questions:

What Are Hazard Lights?

The blinking light on the back of your bike is called a hazard light or safety light which is used like some other accessories used in vehicles for an emergency. Though they are mostly used parts for the car, they are used in motorcycles too.

Where Is The Hazard Lights Switch Button?

Well, it is easy to find out the switch button because every button has a common hazard lights symbol and is placed on the dashboard frontally. Most of the hazard light buttons have a central triangular shape symbol and they are different in color and shape.

Are There Hazard Lights On Motorcycles?

Nowadays every new generation motorbikes have hazard light facilities available like other accessories. But unfortunately, some bikes need the light to be installed by the bikers themselves. So, try to purchase a new model motorcycle to get hazard lights attached to it.

Do Indicator Lights And Hazard Lights Are The Same?

Some confuse it with highway indicator light. There are differences between highway indicator flashers and hazard lights. Indicator lights are used to inform about the direction through which the vehicles will proceed.

Other drivers can understand whether the bike will turn left or right through the indicator light. Besides, every vehicle had indicator lights but every bike did not have hazard light facilities.

How Long Does It Take To Install Hazard Lights On Your Bike?

It depends on the settings of the lighting system of your bike and the availability of all the necessary tools and materials. If tools are available, it just takes 40 to 50 minutes only.

Why Should You Use Hazard Lights On Motorcycles?

Hazard lights are used to warn other vehicles about the obnoxious condition of your vehicle and to inform others that you are in trouble. So, they can be alarmed about your situation and they can drive with proper precaution while crossing your bike.

Is There Any Law Or Restrictions On Using Hazard Lights?

Most of the new models require safety lights and even safety lights are being installed while manufacturing. Because keeping emergency lights in a vehicle is the law for some countries now.

Each and every driver should know the law to have a flashlight or a red light on the back portion of their vehicle, and they have to follow the rules of using hazard lights strictly, otherwise, the driver will be punished according to the law of individual countries.

Final Verdict:

This is a gross discussion about how to turn on hazard lights on motorcycles with its use as a whole. I have tried to cover everything you need to know about hazard lights as a biker.

Without emergency lights, passing highway roads can get you in trouble anytime. Already, I have cleared it. So, I highly recommend everyone install hazard lights to make your journey hazard-free and safe.

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