How To Unlock Motorcycle Handlebars Without a Key? [15 Ways]

How To Unlock Motorcycle Handlebars Without a Key

Lost your bike handlebars key? Looking for alternative ways to unlock your bike’s handlebars? Don’t be panicked if you have lost your original key. Today I will try to explain to you in detail how to unlock motorcycle handlebars without keys.

Occasionally, there is a need to open the handle of the motorcycle. And there is a separate key to open it. But it is possible to open it without a key if the correct method is known to you.

The handlebars are one of two key contact points which require a specific key.

If you change the handlebars every few years, you will feel comfortable and soothing in riding. So it is important to change it from time to time.

Today I will show you some magical and best possible ways. I hope these will be useful for you. If you want to know, read the whole article patiently. Also, I will discuss how to find out your original key.

15 Effective Ways To Unlock Motorcycle Handlebars Without Key:

Changing the handlebar of a motorcycle, however, is the most important thing to consider. In emergencies, there is a need to unlock the handlebar. Often, unlocking the handlebars without a key is a tough task if you have less knowledge about it. 

That’s why in this guide, I will disclose the handy methods on how to unlock motorcycle handlebars without keys.

Method 1: Use A Safety Pin

In many cases, safety is a real friend to unlock any type of lock. There is no exception for unlocking handlebars with a safety pin. Insert the safety pin instead of the key into the lock and turn it counterclockwise.

This will open the pin if it enters the lock. To protect the safety pin, make sure that the key is equal to or slightly larger. That will make it easier to turn and open.

Caution: Do not rotate the safety pin in such a way that it breaks and stays inside. It will worsen than good. So gently turn the pin into the lock slowly. You can pour some lubricant before inserting the safety pin. It will help to eradicate any jam or rust.

Method 2: Use A Screwdriver And L Key

The bottom of the handlebars of the bike has a few nuts. These can be easily unlocked by hand lightening. In this case, you need to use an L key and screwdriver. Use a screwdriver that can easily get into the nut. I recommend using 5 no. L key and small-sized straight screwdriver.

Because it can be easily inserted through the corners. Before that, you need to have a good idea about the locking technique and mechanism. Here are a few steps to unlock the bike with a screwdriver and key:

  • Start from the right side nuts and slowly go to the left.
  • Slowly rotate the nuts with the L key and tighten the nuts.
  • There are two nuts available on both sides. To open them, you need to use a screwdriver.
  • Push these locks gently and rotate the screwdriver to the right.
  • After pushing gently, the nuts will open automatically.
  • After that, the bike visors will open and pull gently.
  • Now, hold the handle of the bike and shake it hard.
  • In the lower end, there is a nut and you should open the nut.
  • Finally, you can unlock the bike handlebars.

Note: These steps are compatible with all bikes like KTM or Pulsar. 

Caution: Don’t turn the screwdriver so hard. It will damage your finger and you may fall into other injuries. So be careful when you work on internal parts.

Method 3: Use An Old Bic Pen

The Bic pen is also called a biro style pen or plastic pen. This is an effective method when you want to unlock the handle or bike of your bike. It is also an old method of another method called lock-picking method.

In most cases, this is a very effective method for new model bikes if there is a tubular cylinder. Any type of lock can be unlocked instantly by following this technique. In this case, you have to follow the following steps:

  • First, you need a peek-a-boo pen.
  • Now, you have to throw away the stalks from the pen. Only the plastic part that you insert into the cylinder should be considered.
  • Thereafter, you need to hold the plastic part straight and insert it into the lock. It should be inserted in such a way that the top of the pen is well attached to the lock.
  • This time slowly insert the pen inwards until something happens.
  • Finally, gently rotate the pen so that it opens.

Method 4: Unlock By Loosening Sticky Locks

Another effective way to open the handle is to utilize a sticky lock. Many times oil or dust accumulates in the lock and the lock becomes jammed. In this case, it is not possible to open with the key. In this case, you have to complete the following steps:

  • If your bike has a seized lock cylinder, spray it electrically inside the lock.
  • Then insert any key-like object into the lock.
  • Continue the process of entering and exiting a few times in this way.
  • If possible, insert the airlock into the high pressure.
  • As a result, the dust and dirt inside the lock will be removed.
  • Insert the same key-like object again so that the stuck dirt is removed.

Tips: Never turn the key hard. This can cause it to break and get stuck in the ignition lock. Instead, you can use a thin, flattened, and solid material.

Method 5: Use A Locksmith

One of the best ways to unlock your bike is to use a locksmith. It is also very safe and effective. If the above methods do not work, you can try to unlock this method. If you want to unlock the handlebars of your bike without any damage, there is no better way than this.

However, this method is a little useful. But it is also committed to ensuring your desired results.


  • A locksmith can easily and securely open any type of lock.
  • Does not change the internal structure.
  • Able to adopt different strategies for different bikes.
  • It ensures a high-quality lock replacement.

Method 6: Use a Shim

In many cases, the BIC Pen method may not work on many motorcycles. In this case, you can apply the inserting shim method. If you do not have any other options or do not know any method,  this may be your help. In this case, you have to make the shim first.

To make it, you need to keep an empty bottle of drinks in the collection. Then, cut both the upper and lower ends with a sharp scissor. After that, draw on the shape of an ‘M’ and cut it accordingly. Now, fold the top once and the sides to make a V shape. Bend it around the shackle of the lock to make it circular or round.

Here’s How It Works: After you’ve made the shim, now, you need to insert the shim in position and pull the shackle. In most cases, there is a double bolted lock in your motorcycle’s handlebars. Therefore, you need to use double shims.

Method 7: Cut The Lock Off

Only use this method when you have nothing left to do. This will make your work a little harder. But if you want to recover your entire bike, this is the last resort. But before you can do that, you must be skilled and prudent. In this case, you need to have a good idea about all the necessary tools.

If you are skilled enough and have a good idea about all the tools, this may be the right method for you. All you have to do is take a pair of wire cutters or bolt cutters. With it, you can cut your lock. Also, if you use a grinder then you can cut any kind of lock effortlessly.

Caution: You have to wear protective glasses and gloves so that your hands cannot be cut off.

Method 8: Try To Loosen The Stem Connection

When your handlebars get stuck, you should loosen the other nuts and bolts. It will help you to get rid of locking the handles. If the handlebars get stuck and can’t unlock, you can apply this method.

When the stem connection gets loose, the handlebars come out automatically. So try to loosen the stem connection to unlock your handlebars without a key. Also, it is a super easy method.

Method 9: Insert A Allen Key

Many motorcycles or even bicycle riders use this key to unlock handlebars. It is also an easy and effective way to open stuck handlebars immediately. All you have to do is the following:

  • First, take a 6mm Allen key.
  • Now, insert this key on your multi-tool screw on the apex of the handlebar system.
  • After inserting the screw, turn it counterclockwise.
  • Turn the screwdriver hard to pull out the wedge bolt.
  • Finally, the handles will separate and you can remove them easily.

Method 10: Shake The Motorcycle Left To Right

Sounds weird? But this is very common on this occasion. When you lose your bike’s main key or handlebars key, you can shake the motorcycle’s neck left to right and right to left. By doing this, the internal joint will be loosened and the handlebars get unlocked effortlessly.

Method 11: Remove Bar Ends From A Handlebar

This method will work for you to unlock the locked handlebars. Bar ends help to keep the lock much more stable. So when you open the bar ends from the grip, it is much easier to unlock the handlebars.

In this way, you can unlock the handles without removing the gripe. To complete this process follow the instructions:

  • Take a number two Phillips or a JIS screwdriver.
  • Attach the screwdriver to the bar end joint and rotate carefully.
  • Rotate the screwdriver for 2 to 3 minutes or less to take it out.

Method 12: Circle Track Racing Will Work

Circle track racing is a magical method if you utilize it gently. Sometimes this is the last option you have to choose. It is often seen that it does not want to open the lock even with the key. This is probably due to the jam inside the lock. This will help soften the handle.

This method also allows you to unlock the original lock of your motorcycle. However, if any of the previous methods do not work for you, it can work for you. So try and maybe you will get results.

Method 13: Take Off The Ignition

Taking off the ignition is another effective method to open the locked handlebars. Many have resorted to this method and got good results. It is very easy and can be done in a short time. In this case, you should remove the ignition switch first. Many times the handlebars do not want to open due to ignition errors.

So, how do you remove a motorcycle ignition switch? Let’s see:

  • Take your motorcycle on a flat or level surface.
  • Next, disconnect the battery and other additional wires.
  • Remove the pinch bolts and two Allen heads.
  • Use a small screwdriver to unscrew the joint bolts.
  • Then remove the 32 mm nut and washer that holds the triple tree steering.
  • Now, pull it out a little harder.
  • Finally, remove the ignition switch.

Method 14: Use A Dead Blow Hammer

Although this method is a bit risky, you can try it. In this case, other parts of your motorcycle may also be damaged. But with proper use, you can avoid this risk. You need to hit slower where the handlebars are completely jammed. Remember, do not apply force so hard as to damage your steering or other parts. In this way, the hand joint will be slightly softer and you will be able to move it easily.

Method 15: Contact Nearer Local Bike Shop Or Garage

Only use this method when none of your methods work. You can complete the above procedures yourself. This will save you both time and money. But if none of this works, you should contact the nearest bike shop or garage. There is no way to get your bike back on track.

What Should You Do After Losing Your Motorcycle Key?

Although there are often extra keys, they are sometimes not found. In this situation, many people are worried about how to ride their bikes. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t be panicked. You need to find out the solution or search for the key here and there. Below are some tips that will give you some leeway.

  • Look For Alternative Ways

Now you can ride your bike in a variety of ways without a key. Although they are transient methods. When you are in an emergency and your bike is needed, you can resort to alternative methods. For example, you can use the safety pin in this case to start your bike.

  • Search The Key Every Possible Place

Try to remember where you can put the key. In your drawer, pocket, or at your workplace. Search everywhere well. You can even get your key. It may be hidden inside your pocket. So, first of all, you have to do a good search.

  • Go For Duplicate Key

Now it is very easy to make duplicate keys. If you want, you can make one or two duplicate keys and leave them in advance. Or, if you haven’t already, make a new one with the code of the ignition cylinder of your motorcycle.

  • Contact With Experts (If Possible)

If you lose your key, you can go to a bike shop near you and share it with them.  They may give you a solution. Or, somehow take your bike to them. If any model there matches the model of your bike then good luck. And if not, they will advise you on what to do. So contact them without delay.

  • Order A New Key

Creating a new key right away is not easy at all. However, if you have a number, give it to the person who made the key. This will allow them to make the desired key according to the code or number. Or, you can replace the entire ignition cylinder with a new one. Even with this, you can get rid of all these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do You Unlock A Motorcycle Steering Wheel Without Any Key?

The most effective way to unlock the steering wheel is to remove the ignition switch. If you have enough knowledge and skills, you may try this by yourself. If you have less knowledge, you need to take help from an expert or professional. All you have to do is:

  • Take off both upper and lower column panels with a screwdriver.
  • Release the cylinder lock by pressing the ignition lock system down.
  • Set up a new ignition lock system.
  • Finally, reinstall both column panels.

Can You Start A Motorcycle Without A Key?

The simple answer is of course you can. Key is an essential object for any automobile or engine-based vehicle. However, if you lost your original key, you may look for an alternative. If you owned a bike recently and lost your key, you can use a locksmith. Or, you can use the hotwiring method.

If you have an older motorcycle, you can start it by push-starting (bump starting). Here you need a key to turn on the ignition system.


It is necessary to open the bike from time to time for cleaning or servicing. But the handle is sometimes locked in such a way that it cannot be opened without a key. Or, even if the key is lost, there is a risk. 

In today’s article, I have shown you 15 different ways to unlock motorcycle handlebars without keys. I hope these useful methods will work for you in the case of an emergency. 

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