How To Wire A Push Button Start On A Motorcycle? [Best Way]

How To Wire A Push Button Start On A Motorcycle

Have you ever considered wiring the push button on your motorcycle? Whenever you feel the need for it, a question naturally arises and that is how to wire a push-button start on a motorcycle.

Well, the push button of the motorcycle is an important part that allows you to easily start and even control your bike. You may not consider push buttons to be an exciting part of a motorcycle, but they are essential for a variety of reasons.

Although the pushbuttons are small in size, they have considerable functionality. A biker should know where the controls are and how to do the wiring. However, in this article, I am going to provide you with detailed instructions on how to wire a push-button start on a motorcycle. So, stay tuned till the end.

8 Quick Steps To Wire A Push Button Start On A Motorcycle:

A motorcycle push button wire requires a lengthy process. This is a complex project, so if you are not skilled, you may need to seek expert help to avoid unwanted damage. As a driver, you should learn this subject if you want to avoid some costs. The steps are as follows:

Step- 1: Collect The Equipment

The first step in any technical work is to gather the necessary tools that will help you move your work forward. The tools you will need to do the job are push button switches, Sharpie Marker, 6mm to 10mm drill bit (according to wiring), Soldering Iron, Electric Drill, Thread locker, 3mm Allen Key, and Water Seal Silicone or Marine Adhesive. 

You may not have all the tools. In that case, keep in touch with someone you know who may have them. So why delay when your bike is with you and the tools you need? Proceed to the next step.

Step- 2: Install The Required Features To Fit Push Button

In this step, install the necessary features like Handgrip, Install throttle, Clutch, and Front brake perch to wire push button wire. Open the place where the pushbuttons were attached, see if there is any problem with the wires behind it.

If you notice any inconsistencies, set the new push-button you have. After removing the old push buttons, prepare the space for comfortable use.

Step- 3: Mark The Place Where To Drill

If the push button needs to be replaced, go for this step now. Collect push buttons from switch blocks. Anyway, mark the area with the Sharpie Marker where you want to drill and set the push buttons. You should install it in a comfortable place that is easy to use.

You know that push buttons are for instant use. If you have previous push buttons and they are out of your reach, you can re-install them at a convenient place during wiring.

Step- 4: Drill The Holes

Now you have to drill a hole where you want to place the push button. You know you have to drill two holes for the push button because there are two buttons in red and blue. You may usually need to drill from 6mm to 10mm depending on the cable demand.

Do not drill larger or smaller than the buttons. You need to decide in advance the size of your buttons and how much it will take. Also, make sure to make two holes at the right distance.

Step- 5: Solder Your Switches

It is recommended that you complete the soldering of your switches before installing wiring on the switches. In this case, hold the push button on the vice with a soldering iron at limited heat. Be careful to keep the heat at a tolerable level or it could damage the inside of the switch.

Excessive heat can reduce the efficiency of your switch and you may need to replace it too soon. Use the cable until the boundary joins and reaches the termination point.

Step- 6: Test The Screw

Since your pushbuttons are small, the screw holes will naturally be smaller. It comes with limited tolerance. So before screwing, you need to make sure that you can do it, otherwise, it can be damaged.

In the beginning, use the smallest solder joint possible to test the ability to screw on the push button. Once confirmed, you can use the rest of the joints.

Step- 7: Fit The Push Button

Once the screw is checked, be prepared to fit the push button. To protect the pushbuttons from ground shorts, a heat curtail boiler must be used on all terminals. Now use the handlebar to run the internal wiring and get your work done carefully.

If you are not good at wiring wires, at least get help from someone who knows this. You can call a friend around you who has done the same thing before.

Step- 8: Secure The Switches

Once the wiring is completed, you need to secure the switches you set. First, use a somewhat limited amount of thread locker. Then seal the holes in the wire and spread some silicone around the switch base.

Before attaching the final switch block, double-check if they are properly secured. No more than 4.5Nm is required during switch block interruption.

Related Questions Of Wiring Push Button Start On Motorcycle:

Do You Need A Relay For Wiring Push Button Start On A Motorcycle?

In many cases, a relay may be required for a push-button start. Since the push button acts as a mechanical switch, make sure that it can properly handle the load passing through. If it is a simple switch, you must go to a relay to protect it.

Since the push button triggers the relay, it generates high amps on the starter. So there should be very few amps when the push button goes through the switch.

What Happens If A Wiring Push Button On A Motorcycle Fails?

Failure to start the push button on a motorcycle is a concern because it will prevent your engine from cranking. Check your starter, if you suspect it is in a bad condition then you should try to jump it directly.

If the starter does not crank your engine even after doing the job, the push-button starter needs to be replaced. You may need to take a relay to replace it.

Is Push Button Start Wiring On A Motorcycle Affordable?

You only need to spend $15 to $90 when you opt for a push-button start on your motorcycle. However, the price range depends on what quality equipment you want to use. Don’t think that spending the least amount will ruin the quality of your earring.

You have to use what is perfect for your motorcycle. If you want a professional installment you may have to spend a maximum or more, depending on the labor rates.

Final Thoughts

If you want to wire a motorcycle push button, you can avoid a professional to do it yourself, and it will undoubtedly save you some money. The steps mentioned in the article will surely help you to better understand how to wire a push-button start on a motorcycle.

When you are new, the steps should be followed well before starting the wiring, otherwise, your work will be flawed and the push button will not work properly. Hopefully, every step has benefited you.

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