Is Engine Braking Bad For A Motorcycle?

Is Engine Braking Bad For A Motorcycle

You may hear the term ‘engine braking’ from various sources but don’t know what it actually is, right? Simply put, engine braking is a method that is applied to slow down a motorcycle engine. Now you may ask, is engine braking bad for a motorcycle?

Engine braking is not bad for a motorcycle unless a rider does it in the wrong way. By applying this method, a rider can slow down his/her motorcycle faster. Arguably, engine braking is the best approach to stop a motorcycle in emergencies. But when a rider uses engine braking in the wrong way, it could damage the clutch and transmission, and lubrication.

In this article, I am going to clear you everything related to engine braking. After reading this article, you’ll find the answer to whether engine braking is good or bad for your motorcycle. So, don’t go anywhere without finishing this entire article.

How Engine Braking Works On Your Motorcycle?

Using engine braking is like an art. You should do that perfectly to avoid issues with your motorcycle. Lack of lubrication can be a severe issue if you use engine braking in the wrong way. Here I give you an accurate explanation of how engine braking works on your motorcycle:

When you open the throttle during riding, then the piston of your motorcycle moves down on the intake stroke so that the air along with fuel smoothly passes into the cylinder. The piston will continue working even after closing the throttle.

Using engine braking, you are getting a number of intake vacuums, which helps to slow down the rear wheel and the piston. As a result, the fuel supplying system is completely off, and your motorcycle is ready to ride off. To visually see how to do engine braking perfectly, click this link.

5 Benefits Of Engine Braking On A Motorcycle:

In the owner’s manual of many motorcycle brands, you’ll find that they suggest you use engine braking. It has lots of benefits. Among them, here I point out the best 5 benefits of engine braking on a motorcycle with an explanation:

1. It Provides More Power To Stop Your Motorcycle:

Engine braking adds extra stopping power to your motorcycle’s rear brake and the front of it. As a result, in an emergency situation, you are able to stop your motorcycle quicker and save your brake pads. By engine braking, you can successfully be slowing down your motorcycle from 80 mph to 60 mph. 

You should use engine braking along with both brakes to slow down your motorcycle in an instant. I personally used an old motorcycle, and its braking system is not up to the marks. In riding on busy roads or highways, I trust engine braking more than my motorcycle brakes. 

Engine braking provides lesser heat and lesser wear to my brakes and also keeps the motorcycle under my full control. So, apply this method if your motorcycle brakes are not good enough or require quicker stopping. 

2. It Restrains Your Motorcycle Falling From A Steep Place:

While riding in a steep place, your motorcycle requires a powerful stopping capacity. In that situation, engine braking is trustier than your motorcycle’s brakes. In fact, I suggest you use only the engine braking instead of your motorcycle brakes. 

Generally, in steep places such as hills, traction is limited due to pebbles and loose rocks. If you use motorcycle brakes in such conditions, then they will fade and overheat. Engine braking also increases the lifespan of your motorcycle brakes.

3. It Saves Your Motorcycle Fuel:

In my perception, the best benefit of an engine bike is that it saves your motorcycle fuel. Though a few riders pull in the clutch for keeping their fuels. By applying this method, with the help of brakes, you comfortably stop those motorcycles with a carburetor.

But modern motorcycles generally use fuel injection instead of a carburetor. For them, engine braking is the more appropriate method to save fuels. When you apply engine braking, it cuts off the entire fuel supply. So, consider this method for saving more fuel for your motorcycle.

From my personal experience, engine braking is the best option to deal with this situation. By applying this action, you will be able to restrain your motorcycle, ideally falling from a steep place.

4. It Is The Safest Option To Stop A Motorcycle:

If you are stuck in such a situation where you must stop your motorcycle immediately to avoid accidents, in this situation, always trust engine brakes. Because this method is more capable than any type of brakes to control your motorcycle. For stopping your motorcycle faster and safely in any situation, you should use engine brakes in place of brakes.

5. Comfortable Ride Off: 

Another benefit of engine braking is that it helps to ride off comfortably. When you use the engine braking method, it slows down your motorcycle by pulling the right gear. It also allows you to raise the speed if you require it. I will choose engine braking all day long instead of sudden pulling brakes to stop my motorcycle.  

Does Engine Braking Damage The Clutch Or Transmission?

I heard from many motorcycle riders, they fear engine braking will damage the clutch or transmission. The honest answer to the question is, yes, it can.

Generally, both clutch and transmission are able to handle lots of force. Now you may ask, if both of these motorcycle parts are capable of handling lots of force, then why not endure the pressure of engine braking?

Well, if you correctly use engine braking, believe me, you’ll not face a single issue in both the clutch and transmission of your motorcycle. But the problems begin when you use engine braking in the wrong way or exclusively slow down your motorcycle, then it will surely damage both of these parts. So, follow the right technique of engine braking.

Is Engine Braking Bad For a 2 Stroke Motorcycle?

In my opinion, engine braking isn’t bad for a 2 stroke motorcycle. Engine braking will not affect the crank, piston, and other parts of your 2 stroke motorcycle. Don’t need to be tensed, everything will be alright during riding.

Using engine braking for controlling speed from a long distance could be the only potential risk for a 2 stroke motorcycle. So, follow the exact ways to manage your speed by engine braking and ride your 2 stroke motorcycle without facing any issues.

Should You Use Engine Braking While Riding A Motorcycle?

While riding your motorcycle, you can use engine braking to slow down the speed. I recommend you to use it along with the disc brakes. But don’t use engine braking to excessively slow down your motorcycle during riding.


Before applying engine braking on the roads, you should make sure that you’re master on it. Using engine braking in the wrong way increases the risk of injury and damage to several parts of your motorcycle. ‘Practice makes a man perfect, so continue your hard work until you are completely skilled in it.

In my understanding, engine braking is not bad for a motorcycle. What is your perception of engine braking? Let me know in the comment box below.

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