Is It Hard To Learn How To Drive A Motorcycle? [10 Best Tips]

Is It Hard To Learn How To Drive A Motorcycle

Driving a motorcycle seems like an adventure to you. But you are thinking, it is hard to learn how to drive a motorcycle. Motorcycle driving can appear challenging before reading this article. As it is an engine, you find it hard to learn how to ride a motorcycle. 

Learning to drive a motorcycle is much easier. Anyway, in motorcycle driving the first thing is to learn how to control the gear. To control the bike speed after that, a rider needs to learn how to brake and turn. Wearing safety equipment is a must while learning how to drive a motorcycle.

However, here I am going to discuss the things that help you learn to drive a motorcycle quickly. After reading this article, you will not find it difficult to learn to ride a motorcycle.

10 Superb Tips That Will Help You To Learn How To Drive A Motorcycle: 

Below I have simply described the necessary tips. You can easily learn to drive a motorcycle by following these tips.

Tips-1: Choose A Motorcycle

You can learn to drive any motorcycle. The aspect of the motorcycle that you will see is the ratio of power and weight of the motorcycle. As a beginner, for you, it is better to choose a lightweight motorcycle.

Above all, you do not select a motorcycle on which your feet do not touch the ground. You should start with a light motorcycle first, then ride a relatively strong and heavy motorcycle as your skills increase.

Tips-2: Gearing Up

For driving a motorcycle safely, it is essential to wear safety equipment. Therefore, you should pay special attention to safety equipment. Like, a helmet is very important to wear before driving a motorcycle. Never forget to wear a helmet before driving a motorcycle. 

The most important thing after the helmet is the jacket. Jackets are better made of leather. The jacket will help you to impact-absorb. This jacket will protect you if your body touches the ground during an accident. Your jacket should be snug to fit with the body. You need to make sure that the jacket is compatible with the environment.

Wearing gloves and boots will make you feel more comfortable while driving a motorcycle. Motorcycle boots will keep your feet safe. You will be protected from getting injured in the legs. 

Using gloves, you will get more grips to hold the motorcycle handle. Gloves and boots will increase your confidence level. Also, a good way to be safe is to wear jeans. Many people avoid this, but you will wear it. It is better to wear tight clothes to drive a motorcycle.

Tips-3: Seek Assist From An Expert Rider Or Take A Safety Course

It is best to seek safety and driving techniques with the help of an experienced person. If you want, you can take a safety course from someone you know or at a similar institution in your area. Safety licenses are often required, so take courses at those institutions that issue licenses.

Tips-4: Learn To Control

Your confidence will increase when you become familiar with basic controls. You have to think fast while driving a motorcycle. If you are not aware of basic controls, accidents can happen at any time.

A hand clutch is located on the left handle of the motorcycle and is used to shift gears while driving. You control the gear shifter with your left foot. Use the gear shifter to pull the clutch lever. The throttle is set on the right-hand side of your motorcycle. Which you will use to speed up.

The handbrake set in the handlebars allows you to hold the front wheel brakes. This handbrake is on the right handle. With the brakes on the right foot, you can control the rear wheel. Always control the brakes with your right hand and right foot.

Tips-5: Adapt Yourself On The Motorcycle

Always try to get on the motorcycle from the left side. Get on the motorcycle and hold the handle with both hands. Make sure your feet touch the ground. If you don’t touch the ground, you won’t be able to control the bike well. Sit on the motorcycle and think if everything is OK. 

Hold down the handlebar of your motorcycle. Then hold the brake lever and clutch lever to see if everything is under your control. If everything goes well, good feelings will work for you. When you hold the handle, make sure that your elbow is slightly bent. If the elbow is slightly bent, you can control the handle properly.

Tips-6: Learn To Use The Clutch

A clutch is usually attached to change the gear of the motorcycle. The engine is released from the transmission stage by pulling the clutch. A Clutch is used to keep your motorcycle neutral. Never let go or pull the clutch of your motorcycle suddenly. You slowly pull or release to ride the motorcycle smoothly.

Slowly pull or release will not get your motorcycle stuck. You need to pull the clutch to keep it in first gear. If you do not feel any jolt, think that the gear is set properly. You have to pull the clutch every time you increase or decrease the gear. The gear pattern of most motorcycles is 5 up and 1 down.

You can see the number of gears on the front gauge display. To change gears while driving a motorcycle, the left-hand clutch should be pulled and changed. The throttle should be reduced immediately by pulling the clutch. This attempt will save the motorcycle from shaking.

Tips-7: Start The Engine

Turn on the “ignition” mode with the key of your motorcycle. Make sure the gauge and other lights are on. Pull the clutch and flip the red swiss set along the right handlebar. Modern motorcycles have this feature. If your motorcycle is an old model, you will not get this facility. 

You then have to start the motorcycle by kick start. The kickstart is usually on the right side. You will find it on the back of the footpath. Keep your motorcycle in a neutral position. Now you start your motorcycle. Warm-up for 45 seconds after starting the motorcycle as it prepares the engine well for running.

Tips-8: Now You Are Ready To Drive

Get started in 1st gear first. Be sure to hold the clutch and pull the throttle back. Make sure you don’t miss the kickstand out. Then slowly loosen the clutch of the bike. Keep loosening the clutch until the motorcycle starts moving forward. 

When the motorcycle starts to move, lift your feet off the ground and place them on the poles on the motorcycle. Drive the motorcycle straight. Try to increase the speed, you must use the clutch while increasing the speed.

Also, be sure to turn the throttle backward. Pull the clutch and neutralize the gear to start the motorcycle. Keep your feet on the ground while fixing the motorcycle.

Tips-9: Practice Turning

When you first learn to drive a motorcycle, you start driving straight. If you can learn to take turns, you will become more efficient. Practice, again and again, to learn to take U-turns slowly. The real fun of motorcycle driving is when you learn to take a U-turn. 

Taking a turn does not mean just turning the handle of the motorcycle. With this, you also need to support the body. In addition to turning the handle, you also need to bend your body slightly. In this way, the balance is maintained while bending the handle as well as tilting the body. 

Wherever you go on a motorcycle, keep your eyes on the front. You may get confused when you look around while driving a motorcycle.

Tips-10: Practice Again And Again

Your instructor may have taught you everything about driving a motorcycle. If you do not practice, you will forget everything. You may have learned to drive a motorcycle in a space, but you have not started driving in a place with a lot of traffic yet. 

You need to learn how to control a motorcycle on a road with a lot of traffic. You can start driving your motorcycle on a two-lane road first. Practice driving a bike on the busiest road as you improve your skills. 

Through repeated practice, you will be able to fully recognize your bike. Your brain will adapt to driving a motorcycle and day by day you will become a more skillful motorcycle rider.

Related Question About To Learn Driving A Motorcycle:

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive A Motorcycle?

Learning to drive a motorcycle safely may require 2 to 8 weeks of daily practice. The timing of learning to drive a motorcycle depends on a variety of factors. Depending on your teacher’s teaching ability and your ability to absorb. Also, this issue depends on your motorcycle, environment, courage, etc. 

Many can learn to ride a motorcycle in one day. It takes weeks or even months for someone to learn to drive. If you think you should learn more then you can. The more time you take to learn better, the more you will become an experienced rider.

How To Drive Your Motorcycle Safely?

You can take MSF courses to learn how to drive a motorcycle in a controlled and safe way. Don’t think of yourself as skilled even after getting a license. Driving a motorcycle with self-satisfaction can lead to an accident.

You have to prove yourself efficiently by practicing again and again. As a new rider you do not need to race with anyone, there is a risk of an accident. If you decide to drive a motorcycle on a heavy traffic road, you must try to keep your distance from other vehicles.

You may get tired too quickly to drive in the first place, so take a rest by stopping the motorcycle at the end of every 100 miles.

Is Learning To Ride A Motorcycle Harder Than Car?

When driving a car you need to think about steering, acceleration, and braking. In addition to all of these things, a motorcycle driver must also think about gears and balance. So you can say that motorcycle learning is harder than learning to drive a car. 

When you first get on the motorcycle, it is difficult to balance your body on the motorcycle. But you don’t have to face this problem while learning to drive a car. Every part of the body needs to be controlled during driving a motorcycle. So learning to drive a motorcycle is comparatively harder than learning to drive a car.

As A Beginner, What Should You Do If It Rains While Driving A Motorcycle?

As you are a new rider, I would say it is better not to ride your motorcycle in the rain. It is very difficult to control the motorcycle in this situation. Heavy rain makes motorcycle driving more difficult for the newbie. However, if you are going to drive a motorcycle in the rain, make the necessary preparations. Wear a waterproof jacket all over your body. 

A waterproof jacket will protect you from rain and cold. The road gets slippery due to rain, therefore you should drive at a low speed. In the rain, you will drive a motorcycle at 20% less than normal speed. Also, increase your brake distance by 30-35% more than usual.

In First Gear, What Is The Fastest Speed You Can Achieve?

When driving a motorcycle you should be in first gear. Your first gear motorcycle can run from 0 to 15 km/hr. This is a perfect speed for the first time driving a motorcycle. Don’t think that you have to drive at this speed. You can increase the gear once the motorcycle starts to move fairly. First, you need to make sure that you can control the motorcycle well in the first gear.

Should You Learn To Drive A Motorcycle?

You can’t end up talking about the benefits of knowing to ride a motorcycle. If you know how to drive a motorcycle, you will feel independent. You can go wherever you want. There are places where you can’t drive big vehicles. All these places can be easily reached by motorcycle. Besides, you will get more mileage with less fuel from the motorcycle.

Final Verdict:

So, what do you think? Is it really hard to learn how to drive a motorcycle? I hope after reading this article, you will no longer feel intimidated about learning to drive a motorcycle.

Be sure to wear safety equipment before you start driving a motorcycle. Do not drive a motorcycle in rain and on risky roads. Maintain distance from other vehicles while driving.

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