Is It OK To Leave A Motorcycle Out In The Rain?

Is It OK To Leave A Motorcycle Out In The Rain

Is it OK to leave a motorcycle out in the rain? You who are using a motorcycle minimum of one or two years may think it’s a stupid question.! Believe me, many of the new users and purchasers of motorcycles have such queries. When I newly purchased a motorcycle, I was in doubt whether I can leave my motorcycle out in the rain or not! 

My 15 years using the experience of a motorcycle have taught me how to maintain a motorcycle properly. Now, I know precisely whether leaving a motorcycle out in the rain is OK or not.

However, motorcycles are manufactured with the capability of protecting damage from rainwater. Riders can freely ride on their motorcycles even in the rain without facing any big issues. As an experienced biker, I think it is occasionally OK to leave a motorcycle out in the rain. But don’t do this regularly because it will surely damage the parts of a motorcycle; it even can cause permanent damage to the motorcycle! 

This article will be one of the complete guidelines for those new motorcycle owners who really don’t know how to deal with it in the rain. I will share everything in this article that I have learned during my 15 years of motorcycle riding experience. So, it is needless to say, please consider reading the entire article from top to bottom.

What Happens When You Leave Your Motorcycle Outside In The Rain?

It depends on what brands of motorcycles and which models you use. The age of your motorcycle also plays a vital role in that case. If your motorcycle is new and completely water-resistant, rainwater will do lower damages to the motorcycle. But, if your motorcycle is older models, rainwater can do severe damages to your motorcycle. 

Below I point out some of the issues that will happen with every motorcycle when you leave it outside in the rain:

Rain Can Cause Rust And Corrosion To Your Motorcycles:

When you leave your motorcycle outside in the rain for a long time, it can cause rust and corrosion. You all know how dangerous rust and corrosion are for your motorcycle. It slowly does consequential damages to your motorcycle.

Most of the time, the affected areas of rust and corrosion are minimal, and you often don’t notice them. As a result, it, after a few months, spreads to many parts of your motorcycle. You can only protect your motorcycle from rust and corrosion if you react quickly by taking proper steps to prevent the spread of them.

Rain Can Fade The Color Of Your Motorcycles:

Leaving your motorcycle outside in the rain on a regular basis will fade the color is one of the major problems that you must face. 

When you purchase a new motorcycle, the color quality gives it an attractive look.

But, the shiningness of the color of your motorcycle could be faded-out in a few months if you leave it out in the rain-water randomly.

Rainwater badly damages the color and glow of your motorcycle. If it continuously happens for few months, the color’s glow of your motorcycle may completely lose. You should avoid leaving your motorcycle outside in the rain to hold the glow of its color for a prolonged period.

Rainwater Damages The Different Machinery Parts Of A Motorcycle:

The rainwater is a great threat to the more prolonged use of your motorcycle, which resulted in gradual inactiveness of different pieces of machinery parts in a few months, and consequently, you have to face various obstacles while riding on your motorcycle. 

More precisely, the rainwater damages the major parts of machinery of your motorcycle including engine, fuel tanks, and batteries. It also creates damages in the chain parts. These affected parts of machinery can gradually stop working properly, and you may face big troubles while riding on the motorbike. And these issues could be responsible for unexpected life-threatening accidents. So, you should keep these issues in mind when you leave your motorcycle outside in the rain. 

Should You Cover A Wet Motorcycle? 

In my view, it shouldn’t be a wise decision to cover a wet motorcycle. It can do serious damage to the different parts of your motorcycle. So, it’s better to avoid covering a wet motorcycle.

When Should A Motorcycle Be Covered And When It Shouldn’t? 

Most of the motorcycle manufacturers, at present, produce different types motorcycles keeping close attention to the regional weather condition; on the contrary, the older model motorcycles are not capable of dealing with varying conditions of weather.

But your motorcycle may face different issues when it’s come to the touch of rainwater. A cover can be an excellent solution to protect your motorcycle from rainwater. You should be sincere when you are covering your motorcycle.

During rain, snowfall, or hot weather, you can use a cover to protect your motorcycle if you leave it outside. The cover will be effective in protecting the different parts of your motorcycle from adverse circumstances, including rainwater, snow, fog, and sun heat. 

You should only cover your motorcycle before it gets wet and shouldn’t cover it when it is wet. I recommend you to use those covers which are waterproofs.

What Are The Risks When Covering A Wet Motorcycle? 

When you cover a wet motorcycle, it can be very risky. It can enter water into the engine or the batteries of your motorcycle. Water can create a big harm when it enters the oil tanks or the electric parts of your motorcycle. At the same time, covering a wet motorcycle increases the risk of rust and corrosion attack.

I personally never ever cover my wet motorcycle. I always dry my motorcycle properly and check the different parts of it before covering it. From my experience, I recommend you always ensure proper drying of your motorcycle before covering it. 

3 Simple Methods To Dry Your Motorcycle Quickly When It Is Wet In The Rain:

You can use different methods to dry your motorcycle quickly when it is wet in the rain. Amid various methods,  here I discuss 3 simple and effective methods that I often use to dry my motorcycle in a short period:

1. Using A Dry Cloth:

You simply wipe down the wet areas of your motorcycle by using a dry cloth. Take your time to wipe properly. Make sure that you will wipe down every damp area of your motorcycle. You don’t need to spend a penny to dry your motorcycle in this way.

2. Using An Air Compressor:

By using an air compressor, you can effectively dry your wet motorcycle in a short period. I advise you don’t place your air compressors too close to your motorcycle because they can damage different parts of your motorcycle.

3. Using A Motorcycle Dryer:

Nowadays, different types of professional motorcycle dryers are available in the market, and you can quickly choose a perfect one among them for you under your budget. By using it, you can quickly dry your wet motorcycle.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can quickly dry your motorcycle when it’s wet in the rain. 

5 Best Motorcycle’s Cover For 2022:

Motorcycles’ covers protect your motorcycle in every harsh weather condition. But the importance of a motorcycle cover increases a lot during the rain. In my suggestion, you can leave a motorcycle out in the rain by only covering it properly.

So, it is needless to say the importance of a good quality motorcycles’ cover. After deep research below, I uphold 5 best motorcycle’s cover for 2022 in a table. I also added an Amazon purchasing link for you. By clicking those links, you will know more about those motorcycles’ cover:

Serial NumberMotorcycle’s Cover NameAmazon Purchasing Link
1.Dowco Guardian All Weather Plus Link
2.Favoto Motorcycle Waterproof Cover Link
3.Oxford Umbratex Motorcycle CoverLink
4.Nelson-Rigg Defender CoverLink
5.Oxford Stormex Motorcycle CoverLink

My table will help you to find out the best cover for your motorcycle. It will surely make your finding process more effortless.

Last Few Words:

Hopefully, you have already understood by reading this article whether it is OK or not to leave a motorcycle out in the rain. I have tried my best to give you an answer according to my long experience. I have also discussed other relevant points that are related to this article.

Now, feel free to let me know your understanding of whether it’s OK to leave a motorcycle out in the rain or not. Please try to write your opinion in detail because it will help others understand your point of view properly and kill the possibility of misunderstanding.

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