Is Motorcycle Stunting Illegal?

Is Motorcycle Stunting Illegal

Motorcycle stunting is also known as wheelies. My friend Michel is a pro at doing that. But one day, police fined him while doing motorcycle stunting in a nearer lane of his house. Maybe, you’re asking me now, is motorcycle stunting illegal?

Motorcycle stunting is technically illegal in all states. But most states’ laws do not clearly specify yet whether motorcycle stunting is legal or illegal. In those states, riders may be charged under breaking the traffic rules, creating hinders in public movements, the exhibition of speed, and other charges for illegal motorcycle stunting.

In this article, I will provide up-to-date laws of all the states on motorcycle stunting. I also note the punishments that you may face when caught in charge of illegal motorcycle stunting. 

In the last part, I share such 7 things that you should always consider before stunting your motorcycle. So, don’t escape in the middle. Consider reading this entire article on motorcycle stunting. 

According to my deep research, only 16 states ‘Motor Vehicle Laws’ clarify motorcycle stunting is illegal. Other 34 states haven’t specified it yet through any order and regulations.

Below I make a table and given you the list of all 50  states with the current law status on motorcycle stunting:

State NameLegal/Illegal/Not Specified
AlaskaNot Specified.
AlabamaNot Specified.
CaliforniaNot Specified.
DelawareNot Specified.
HawaiiNot Specified.
Indiana Not Specified.
Iowa Illegal.
IdahoNot Specified.
KansasNot Specified.
LouisianaNot Specified.
MarylandNot Specified.
MassachusettsNot Specified.
MichiganNot Specified.
MinnesotaNot Specified.
MontanaNot Specified.
NebraskaNot Specified.
NevadaNot Specified.
North CarolinaIllegal.
New YorkIllegal.
New MexicoNot Specified.
New JerseyNot Specified.
North DakotaNot Specified.
New HampshireNot Specified.
OhioNot Specified.
OklahomaNot Specified.
OregonNot Specified.
Rhode IslandNot Specified.
South CarolinaNot Specified.
South DakotaNot Specified.
TexasNot Specified.
UtahNot Specified.
VermontNot Specified.
VirginiaNot Specified.
WashingtonNot Specified.
West VirginiaNot Specified.
WisconsinNot Specified.
WyomingNot Specified.

I want to clear you one more thing that though those states haven’t specified yet if motorcycle stunting is legal or illegal, you may be accused of reckless driving, breaking traffic rules, and creating disturbances for the people. 

To know more about the laws of motorcycle stunting, you can read the book named ‘Traffic Laws Commentary.’ The ‘Motor Vehicle Laws’ of every state are updated regularly. For that reason, the current law status on motorcycle stunting can be changed at any time.

What Are The Punishments For Illegal Motorcycle Stunting? (5 Punishments)

You’d face several punishments if you’re caught by the police in illegal motorcycle stunting. Below I list some of the punishments for doing that illegally:

1. Reprimand And Warned:

You already know that the majority of the states haven’t specified yet, motorcycle stunting is legal or illegal. In those states, police often reprimand the riders by explaining the risk of motorcycle stunting and warn them not to do that again. In most cases, they don’t take further judicial steps against the riders and let them go. 

The police apply reprimand and warn only those riders who are caught for the first time while stunting their motorcycles. Those who were warned earlier are guilty of doing that again and they’ll face stricter punishment.

2. Hefty Fined:

The most common punishment for illegal motorcycle stunting is heftily fined. You may be fined more than $100 when you’re caught by the police for illegally stunting your motorcycle on public roads or highways. The range of fines varies according to state laws.

The range of fines will cross $500 for those who committed this crime once before. Those states that haven’t specified motorcycle stunting illegal yet, there you’ll be fined under the charge of reckless driving and breaking the traffic rules.

3. Driving License Canceled:

If you’re caught a few times for illegal motorcycle stunting, your driving license is at risk. The administration has the authority to cancel your driving license for that guilt. Usually, this punishment is given in those states where motorcycle stunting is illegal and strictly forbidden by the laws. 

4. Motorcycle Seizing:

Your motorcycle could be seized for illegal stunting on a busy public road or highway. You will be charged for breaking the traffic laws and creating disturbances for the people. In that case, the police have the authority to occupy your motorcycle and submit it to court.

If it happens, then be sure that the court will seize your motorcycle. You will go through a lengthy legal procedure to get it back again. This whole process will cost too much money and hassles. 

5. Send To The Jail: 

According to some state laws, police can arrest you for illegal motorcycle stunting on a public road or highway. In that case, the court will send you to jail for 1-6 months and get the other punishments. Usually, riders aren’t sent to prison in first time for that guilt. 

But when you’re caught a few times for illegal motorcycle stunting and don’t care about the warning, police have no options left. They will arrest you and present you to court. After completing the legal procedures, a  judge will proclaim your punishment.

These are the common punishments for illegal motorcycle stunting, Those who were previously accused of the same guilt will face more strict punishments. So, if motorcycle stunting is illegal in your state, it is wise to not do that.

7 Things To Consider For Motorcycle Stunting:

Here I list such 7 things that a rider should consider for motorcycle stunting:

Firstly, you should make sure that if motorcycle stunting is strictly illegal or not specified by the laws of your living state. If motorcycle stunting is strictly prohibited in your state, don’t try to do it anywhere. Because there are various punishments that you’ll face for doing that illegally on public roads or highways.

If you live in such states where motorcycle stunting is not specified by the laws, make sure that you’re not breaking any rules. And always seek permission from the local administrations before motorcycle stunting. If they approve, only then you can legally stunt your motorcycle.

2. Practice A Lot Before Motorcycle Stunting:

Before performing motorcycle stunting on a public road or highway, make sure you’re a pro at it. Motorcycle stunting is very risky to perform. Lots of practice helps you to do it properly. 

If you perform it publicly without sufficient practice, it’ll put you at the risk of severe injury or even death. Therefore, achieve the complete skill, practice a lot and be confident before stunting your motorcycle in an event.

3. Should Wear Proper Safety Gears:

I recommend everyone to wear proper safety gear in both practice sessions and while motorcycle stunting. It is dangerous to perform. Without proper safety, it can cause serious injuries for the riders. That’s why riders must wear a quality helmet, gloves, boots, and other pieces of safety equipment while stunting their motorcycle at a sports event. 

4. Choose A Wide Open Empty Lane:

You can’t do motorcycle stunting in a narrow space and crowd lane. You require a wide-open empty lane for doing that comfortably. Police have the authority to arrest you if they find you’re doing motorcycle stunting on a busy public road or highway. Because it creates traffic jams and hinders the people’s movements.

The states that are yet not clear about whether motorcycle stunting is legal or illegal, in these states, you must get permission from the local authority to avoid any further legal issues. If they allow you, then do the motorcycle stunting, otherwise, leave.

6. Properly Check Every Parts Of Your Motorcycle:

As you know, motorcycle stunting is too risky for a rider. Here a silly mistake can cause severe injury or even life. So, it is mandatory to check every part of your motorcycle before motorcycle stunting. Check the gears, brakes, clutches, and other machinery parts of your motorcycle. 

If you find any parts that don’t work appropriately, quickly repair or replace them. To know more about motorcycle maintenance, read my previous article.

7. Don’t Argue  With The Cops: 

If cops come and order you to stop motorcycle stunting, just stop it without going into the argument. Because of illegal motorcycle stunting, you may be accused under various charges, which cost a massive amount of money and stricter punishment. In these circumstances, it is wise to politely obey the order of the cops. 

Consider these 7 things for motorcycle stunting. If it’s legal in your states, I wish you a happy and safe motorcycle stunting.

Like most other states, California’s  ‘Motor Vehicle Laws’ have not clearly specified whether motorcycle stunting is legal or not. In California, riders are not allowed to ride their motorcycle over 65 mph.

According to California’s law, you’ll not be directly charged for stunting your motorcycle. But police can file a case against you under the charge of reckless driving, exhibition of speed, and breaking other traffic rules. 

Under these charges, you may be sent to a 2-3 months jail, fined around $1,000, or punished by both. Here I provide you with the complete ‘Motorcycle Handbook Of California.’ By reading this, you can remove all of your confusion.

Is Motorcycle Stunting Illegal In Florida?

In Florida, motorcycle stunting is wholly illegal and punished strictly. According to the laws of Florida, a rider will be fined $1,000 when he/she is caught for the first time while doing illegal motorcycle stunting. If you are seen again in Florida for doing the same thing, then the amount of the fine will increase to $2500, and with that, the driving license may be suspended.

The third offense of illegal motorcycle stunting will lead you to a minimum of 5 years of jail, maximum of 10 years of driving license banned, and you’ll be fined around $5,000. Here are the complete ‘Florida Motorcycle Laws And Regulations.’ Read that to know in detail.

Last Few Words:

‘Motorcycle stunting is legal until you are caught by the police,’ it’s just an off-the-record talk. Those who love to do motorcycle stunting don’t want to agree that it’s illegal. But the fact is different. 

Let me know your thoughts on motorcycle stunting by commenting below. And don’t forget to ask if you’ve any topic-related queries.

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