Motorcycle Parking: Everything You Need To Know

Motorcycle Parking

Learning the accurate laws of motorcycle parking is as important as knowing the accurate place for the vehicle to park securely. It could be the most challenging part for riders if they come from abroad to live in a new country. No worries if you still need to graduate in this matter. 

A motorcyclist must remember three things before parking: spacing, forwarding, and abiding by parking laws. Giving space to other vehicles is the first. Parking the motorcycle always forward is second, often included in most states. To avoid fines, and abide by handicapped parking laws, registering is a must.

Here I added all the details like motorcycle parking tips, U.S.A. states parking lots, and punishment details for breaking parking laws of particular states, etc. As you can see, there are more things to learn than parking the motorcycle accurately. Therefore, follow this guide.

Motorcycle Parking: Everything You Should Know Before Parking

No matter where you park the motorcycle, you should maintain a sensible manner when parking. The country follows some general rules for motorcycle parking but varies in the states. As new bike riders or beginners, one must learn to rescue themselves from bike riding harassment.

1. Find Secure Areas For Parking: 

While in a shopping mall, school, or church, it is common to look for parking areas to keep the bike. Generally, traffic police authorities do not allow anyone to park the vehicle’s side of the road. Since many motorcyclists have yet to be fined for this (depending on country laws), it is good to be aware of parking motorcycles on any sidewalk.

Also, search for “no parking” signs before parking the bike. The second option is to phone the store manager directly to ask whether you can park the motorbike. But the good thing is that many big stores and shopping mall areas have designated parking areas with tons of space. Therefore, bike riders can easily park their vehicle in that space.

2. Study The Traffic Rules

Different countries have different rules and regulations. For example, Texas parking laws claim that people can park their bikes in licensed areas, probably at the side of the road. You don’t need to pay extra costs in a motorcycle-designated area. Besides this, in Whitby, parking a motorcycle on any roadside of Mary st. Between Brock, st. is prohibited. There can be no bike parking on November 1 until April 15 between 2 and 6 a.m. 

Check the below list, which I made through research based on where you can park motorcycles in different states of the U.S.A.

State Name Of U.S.A.Where To Park Motorcycle Where To Not parkPunishment Details 
California For street parking, motorcyclists must ensure that one wheel touches the right-hand curb.
For one-way street parking, the wheel must touch either the right-hand or left-hand curb.
Sidewalks (except emergency)Red curbsFire LanesThe flow of traffic$60 fine for sidewalks parking$80 fine for fire lanes$421 fine for the first offense$625 fine for the second offense$825 fine for the third and subsequent violations 
AlaskaAll parking areas permitted by Alaska parking authorities.Sidewalks, Middle of the two vehicles that may damage other vehicle components, and middle of the highway.$50-$250 fine according to the violation acts.
ArizonaAirport parking areas, Mini parking zones created by agencies, Car parking areas (with special permission), and Right side of the one-way road.Sidewalks, Very close to other vehicles, and Public crowded areas or lanes$50-$250 Fine for breaking parking lots regulations 
Georgia Highland Park resort, Motor mountain park ATV, and Aonia Pass Motocross & RV park.Sidewalks, Any types of lane filtering & lane splitting, and Red light traffic areas$1000 fine for breaking parking lots with 1-year jail if caught without parking codes or license 
FloridaRight side of the road, Car parking areas, and Underneath the tree or any certain areas Traced by a picture of parking. Sidewalks, Pedestrians crowd, Vegetable market $500 Fines with 60 days in jail to hit other vehicles while parking

Study the traffic rules based on the country to maintain them whenever you’re in a new place or state. But the best thing is to check every car parking area and ask the attendants if they allow you to park the motorcycle. 

3. Buying Motorcycle Parking Tickets 

Each country maintained a common law of creating parking tickets for motorcyclists. This is the primary stage of attaining motorcycle permission legally in any corner of the country. The cost of the permit tickets depends on the vehicle’s weight. To buy this, go to the country’s official site for motorcycle parking tickets. Here, they informed all the process in detail.

4. Learn To Park The Bike In The Correct Manner

After getting permission, the next step is to learn how to park the bike correctly. Otherwise, it may result in many unnecessary incidents like accidents, bike engine damage, and many more. Below I highlighted some key points which help you learn parking skills quickly.

  • Focus On Body Positioning: Riding or Parking safely on a motorcycle relies on body positioning mostly. Because each of them impacts the components of the rider’s ability to steer, turn and control the throttle. 
  • Keep A Space Between Two Vehicles: Manage a minimum space or distance between two vehicles. It is crucial to save yourself from any further issues and tumult. 
  • Following The State Jurisdictions Rules: In most countries, state jurisdictions strictly order parking motorcycles at 45-90 degrees to the curb. They stipulate such laws because it makes the motorcycle visible and easy to detect from too far into the road. 

7 Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Parking a Motorcycle

Some common mistakes prevented me from parking the motorcycle safely. A good parking strategy will let anyone park or stop the bike properly. If someone fails to do the work rightly, it might cause unnecessary damages or injuries. So, here are the details of some mistakes which should be avoided when parking a motorcycle.

1. Parking Facing Downhill 

The first mistake you must avoid is parking the bike facing downhill. Imagine riding on a bike and trying to get out of it immediately. Guess what may happen to this? You may suddenly fall from the bike, or the bike wheel may damage in the middle. Follow a simple trick when parking a bike anywhere: 

  • Heading the nose first.
  • Next, do a bit of nose wheelie down into the spot.
  • Get into the bike, start the engine and push the clutch with the left leg.
  • Drag the bike backward slowly and then keep the bike stand straight to the surfaces.
  • While dragging it slowly, take a back to ensure no other vehicle is behind the parking areas.

2. Parking Off The “Fall Line” 

Another common mistake is parking with kickstands too high or too low, based on their braking skills. What I mean here is that is there any parking spark in slow slopes or gradients? So, here’s the first consideration, what is the fall line? For better understanding, I can compare this to the Golf situation. 

In golf-playing time, a ball goes down slowly when it comes close to the fall line. Similar incidents happen when the bike is parked in the “fall line” areas. 

You must have parked it pointed up on the fall line or pointed down on the fall line. Both parallel lines must be considered equally to attain a good balance. In short, find that fall line to lean and park along it, and you won’t have to struggle much while getting on it next time.

3. Parking Side Stand “S” Lean Away 

Parking too close to somebody else. It means the parking side stand “S” leans away from other bikes. When choosing an area, one must be conscious about other folk’s bikes and leave room for other riders to park next to you. Otherwise, it may make you feel awkward, and sometimes you may spend some cash as a punishment.

4. Unaware Of Proper Parking Demonstration 

This is important for beginners or new bike riders. While parking the bike, you must learn the proper parking demonstration. Just do three simple things when parking the bike. Stop the engine, get out of it, hold the handle and pull it back slowly. 

Again, make sure to park it always forward. Because parking the bike backward seems more difficult for you to get it in again and move back. Therefore, always keep the bike forward on the parking stall.

Note: It’s quite difficult or may cause unexpected incidents when anyone tries to park without getting out of the bike. Because you won’t look backward and pull it back simultaneously, acknowledge it before applying next time.

5. No Parking In The Middle 

Try to park it in the middle. It is a trick to save the bike from other bikes from thrust. Push the bike forward, and lean the clutch down to keep it aligned. Choose an even area. One can park more than 2-3 bikes in a parking spot beside other vehicles. There you also find a white borderline. So, park the bike in the middle of that line and drag it backward and forward easily.

6. Parking & Leaning Wrong Way/Traffic Lines 

Please only do this while parking your bike. Most of the folk ignorantly park or lean motorcycles on the traffic lines. It may lead to your biggest disaster or may cause a serious accident. So, avoid this and try to park it side or away from the road. You can get help from the country’s traffic rules for more inquiries. 

7. Parking In Neutral 

As I previously anticipated, you might only park on smooth surfaces. If it is necessary, try to start the engine in second gear. Enforce the bike to second gear to park it correctly. It is an obvious manner to drag the bike backward and forward on a slope.

This means you must hold the bike gear upwards and downward for some time. Also, ensure to leave the gear to park the bike with less effort, which is a good general rule for parking a motorcycle. 

5 Tips For Motorcycle Parking Safely

Having a motorcycle benefits its users on many sites. It lets you ride comfortably within a short time compared to other vehicles. But there are huge things to study when it comes to parking a motorcycle bike safely. It would help if you learned where to park them, what rules and regulations your country follows, etc. 

Since there are so many things to know at once, this makes you confused. I have compiled the following tips to help find the correct ways of Parking. 

1. Find the Right Location in Your Living States: 

Find the right location of the living state where you’re currently in. Search the place with the help of any local or traffic police who have been living there for 5-8 years. Those will help to find and reduce the difficulties of parking the vehicle safely.

2. Anticipate The Stop Before Parking: 

Don’t rush on the spot suddenly. Ensure your place is free from cars, vehicles, and other transport. Check out the place before parking to ensure you’re not cutting the road to another one. 

Also, do not interfere with the pedestrian’s maneuvering. Maneuvering the bikes in parking areas will cause accidents which is a common case nowadays. Therefore, a rider should warn another rider about maneuvering. They could use a signal or play horns as an alert. 

3. Be Aware Of Parking Vehicles In Slope Direction: 

Rugged areas may not be suitable for parking bikes righteously. Parking bikes or motorcycles in a slop area will need some exceptional skills. A rider must engage a gear to block the motorcycle and try not to stop it in the middle. 

Stalling is optional if a rider is driving on flat surfaces. 

But if anyone is eager to do it, they need to start the bike in a neutral position. Then, shift the gear and check if the motorcycle is blocked. To do this, move the bike a little forward and backward continually. Now, disengage the bike before you restart it.

Always use a side stand wherever you’re driving onto the wavy area for safety. It will help you to maintain balance properly at that time.

4. Skip Parking Bikes On Uneven Areas: 

No matter how good motorcycle kickstands are, they need to hold their position for longer. You may notice that a well-parked motorcycle suddenly fell on the ground. It happens because a bike’s weight is saved up on the stand when parked in a bare area. 

The scenario may change, and the stand may sink gradually if the floor is so soft and uneven. I suggest you park your motorcycle in a parking lot to avoid this. Most businesses, companies, and malls have them.

5. Avoid Public Spaces For Parking Motorcycles 

Another crucial tip I want to give you is to avoid parking motorcycles in public places. If it seems necessary, ask the authority if it is permissible. Otherwise, avoid making mistakes by parking motorcycles in bare areas. Or avoid getting fined later.

Related Questions:

Why Is Motorcycle Parking The Right Way Important?

A secured motorcycle parking can manage large spaces on the footpath. Pedestrians often fall into trouble when they end up walking on overcrowded roadsides. In that case, motorcycle parking helps them eliminate such difficulties. Also, overcrowding on footpaths creates a big issue for helpless, old disabled people living on the footpaths. 

When the place is overwhelmed by rows and rows of motorcycles, other vehicles can’t pass. It creates accidents and traffic jams and affects public facilities. Thus, it must be strictly enforced under the law to improve the lives of both motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Can You Park Your Motorbike Anywhere?

Parking motorcycles anywhere wasn’t allowed in many states. For example, my experience with California rules will help you understand how strict they are. They planned to use particular vehicle parking codes for parking motorbikes and cars in a safe place. They provide these codes in each state, so motorcyclists can legally park their motorcycles. 

Even though the U.S.A. and U.K. didn’t allow motorcyclists to park their vehicles anywhere, it’s because this could block other vehicles from moving freely beside public footpaths. In most countries, breaking parking laws is a serious crime and charges hugely.

What Are The Best Places To Park A Motorcycle?

Most states use a parking template to signal motorcyclists to park their vehicles. Apart from this, you can choose the car parking areas to place the motorcycle. Parking a motorcycle in a handicapped spot could be safe if you have a licensed plate and placard. 

Alternatively, you can ask the traffic police where to park your motorcycle if you are in an unknown area. Only they can help you by providing the right information. People can also park their bikes in cycling spots near shopping malls, markets, or any courtyard.

What Are The Motorcycle Parking Rules?

Motorcycle parking rules are a piece of written speeches to be aware of bike riders of country vehicle laws. Traffic police and the military have enforced strict traffic rules. Following traffic laws, people are not allowed to park their vehicles where they are prohibited. Breaking these laws could charge the persons exceedingly. 

Sometimes the person may pay a fine for parking a bike on an illegal roadside or footpath. The fine or charge amount differs from country to country. So, one must abide by the legal procedures and laws followed by the state governors.


Lastly, I want to end this by saying that you should take help from the local police if you fail to find a secure one. The local police stations or traffic police hubs often enlist motorcycle parking places.

Along with these, keep practicing achieving the skills of Parking because both are important and related. Register a parking ticket to avoid further consequences. Also, be aware of positioning the motorcycle when parking.


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