Motorcycle Patches To Avoid: An In-Depth Discussion

Things To Avoid About Motorcycle Patches

When it comes to talking about any motorcycle patches, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is colorful, different shapes, and designer tattoos behind the tee-shirt back. Wandering any motorcycle patches behind the back means you’re an inhabitant of any nearest motorcycle clubs. But if you wear them unknowingly, you may fall under their restricted eyes. 

Again, sometimes the massive number of people who do not belong to the club might not know their rules. Yet there are some specific dictations that everyone might have to follow. 

That’s why in today’s blog, I’m going to share what motorcycle patches to avoid.  If you don’t belong to their clubs or even to be one, let’s see:

9 Motorcycle Patches To Avoid If You’re Not A Club Member:

It’s forbidden to wear the patches for not being a club member. If someone is like an actual person without one, they have to pay the consequences. It’s better to be yourself, and follow the proper procedure for becoming an existing club member. And never try to wear the full patches if you’re not a full member of the clubs. 

It’s better to take precautions before getting restricted. No matter if you’re a club member or not. Some folks are passionately wearing the patches on their jackets to show off or being seduced by friends. So know the rules of wearing the patches to avoid execution. 

On the other hand, probing as a new member or club guy is crucial to learning the proper display of approved patches. Let’s see what their rules taught us:

1. Never Try To Wear 3-pieces Of Patches At Once:

It is the first rule that anyone should obey strictly. About 20-30% of people are ignorant without knowing the regulations. The individual should never try to wear 3 pieces of patches at once. 3 pieces here, we mean to say, do not utterly wear the top, bottom, and center patches. You won’t understand this if you don’t belong to the MC Cube. 

You may ask what an MC cube is? MC cube is an approval and allowance protocol that investigates the area dominant of 1% MC. A man doesn’t have the right to wear the patches until he is ready, or allowed the club to be considerably treated as a publicly disrespectful declaration of war against the club.

  • Top Rocker Stands for identifying the gang’s name.
  • Colors-the center of the jacket usually indicates the gang’s symbols.
  • The Bottom Rocker is situated under the color badges and refers to the name of the chapter, area, or country to which the gang member belongs. 
  • M.C Badge- it stands for symbolizing the specific club.

2. Avoid Wearing A Bottom Rocker That Shows The Location:

Wearing a bottom rocker with the location might bring a clarifying fettle for you. Especially if the patches take the full name of any specific states. Keep notice if the state exhibits the control of MC territory.

Unless there is nothing that can be safe, you will fall into such a situation. Correspondingly, remaining wandering to wear such a patch tells everyone that you’re controlling that territory, which is totally against their rules. 

3. Never Touch Any Part Of The Vest With A 3 Piece:

The third rule is to avoid touching any part of the vest with 3-pieces of the patch. But yes, if you touch them accidentally, you immediately apologize for this to that person. 

4. Save The Patches From Being Steal:

It is a general thumb that nothing can harm you if you make any bike patches anymore. But if the patches come from any club or organization, it would be better to be one of them. Even when you’ve managed to earn the right to wear the 3 pieces, save them from any disaster. And don’t forget that the club from where you get this had the right to get it out of you, too.

Again, they probably would give you a deterrent to forget about wearing it again. So when someone tries to take it from you, fight like hell to keep it safe.

5. Be Aware Of Their Rules And Regulations Thoroughly:

Once you have the right to be their permanent membership, follow their rules and regulations thoroughly. Read out their terms and conditions, and be aware of what cases you need to be careful of. More specifically, suppose your friend was in the National Warlord as an unapproved MC. 

Generally, they took 15 guys from an approved club. And it requires almost half an hour to finally manage to take him to join and get away with it. Unlike this, there are various club-specific rules for wearing multiple patches. It’s too annoying to read them wholly. 

So our suggestion is to get in touch only with the most important rules regarding the accepted standard rules. Besides, never assume that every hook and crook will know about you. We think it is worth seeking clarification before your actions are going out of judgment. 

6. Assume Their Terms About Change And Replacement Affairs:

In case you’ve decided to wear memorial patches on your vest, never expect that any change, or the authority will require the exchanged schedule to be pardoned. 

Most motorcycle clubs have their own rules and systematic proclamation about changing or replacing the patches. So it is wise to ask the higher up about what procedure a member should follow. 

7. Take Help From Local Clubs First Before Customizing The Patches On Your Own:

This is natural, as we all have some fascination of our own. Some folk like to design the patches such as skulls, whereas some like the biblical figures, drafting the alphabets on their jackets. But the fact is, you might not be able to customize them without the help of local clubs. 

With this, you can find good designs, placements, and patch requirements in line with the club. Yet it’s not mandatory all the time, however, asking any club to give substantiation is a sign of welcome and respect. Keep an eye that you won’t break any of the obligations because they won’t be compromised about this matter.

8. Different Motorcycle Patches Colors Define Different Rules:

Many people think that different motorcycle color patches have different rules. But this conception is negotiated. If this assumes similar laws, then the authority doesn’t remain different. More specifically, there is no need to opt out of a way to confuse others. 

Those clubs choose different colors for providing clear ideas and guidelines through their members. For instance, some clubs pretend their bikers wear the color outside their territory. But never allow them to wear the region of another club. Most club members are prohibited from wearing colors during riding in some rare cases. So do respond and be conscious of the club colors if you’re scared about the cancellation of your membership. 

Always remember that while you’re putting any patches, you’re the assets of any respected clubs. Patches can mean riding different things to riding clubs and bike warriors.

9. Know The Different Presentations Of The Club Members’ Vests:

Presentations by club members also convey some different meanings. This secret reveal is only known to the riders and the members. The patches will indicate and exhume what type of club the member belongs to, their achievements, and activities they’re participating in. 

See what meaning each type of patch conveys by looking at the different types of patches. 

One-piece Biker Patches:

  • One-piece biker patches signify that the bikers will affiliate with any riding club or motorcycle organization.
  • Those include vital information such as the name, logo of the organization, territory of the club.
  • It is also a source of the American bikers Association. 

Two-piece Biker Patches:

  • Stands as a representative of the transition stage of motorcycle club members 
  • It is significant to introduce others that club members are awaited to become members of the sanctioned club’s 
  • Two-piece patches are the entry card to gaining the prestigious vest of one-piece patches.

Three-piece Biker Patch:

  • By wearing patches, members can identify their affiliation with a traditional motorcycle club or an outlaw club.
  • It consists of the club’s emblem, the top rocker, and the bottom rockers. In the full rocker, the club’s name is displayed, the emblem represents the logo, and the bottom rocker displays the location. 
  • Three-piece bikers also mean that the club was not a member of a 1% club. It also indicated that the AMA does not sanction the club.
  • Keeping strict protocols, massive codes of conduct, and traditions sets them apart.

Related Questions:

What Does 1 Patch Mean For Bikers?

The bikers usually wear the 1-patch symbol for pointing out some outlaws of individual motorcycle clubs. Hence, there are tons of motorcycle clubs available in the region. Each of them had some personal characteristics. 1% patch demolished the symbol and color that those specific companies particularly bore. 

This symbol refers to a commitment by the American Motorcyclist Association. It is implicit a strict message through the bikers that 99% of individuals will abide by their laws, and half imply outlaws.

What Does A 3% Patch Mean?

Wearing 3% patches on your back means you’re a particular member of any traditional motorcycle club. The shortened form of these club symbols is MC. In the broader meaning, 3% patches only signify that the club is not approved by the AMA (American Motorcycle Association). But it’s not like the rules of the 1% club. 

The 3 piece patch setup has been the domain of the 1% clubs for many years. I must say, wanting these patches may let you spend some cash on notoriety and project a bad boy image to the general populace. So it is better to avoid wearing such patches unconsciously. 

Why Do Bikers Wear Patches?

All single things have some tangible symbols. Unlike this, if you want to become a professional rider under the foreshadowing of any particular clubs, patches are their status or dignity. You must have obeyed their commandment and inhibition. 

This is the common truth that lies behind the eggs of the nutshell. Bike patches commonly unfold the unities and imperialism in a specific region. An individual is easily identified by their membership vests and patches. 

What Does 13 Mean To Bikers?

The number “13” emblem has a more significant meaning in the province of motorcycle clubs. To make it understandable to you, let us count down the Alphabet. Unlike the language teaching method IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), here 13 stands to symbolize the Alphabet M. It is often revealed in the signs of Marijuana or Motorcycles. 

Besides, when a biker wears this sort of patch, it reveals the meaning that either the person is an addict to drugs or a user of marijuana. Furthermore, they also uncover the secret of drug sellers. Correspondingly, M is also conducted as a token of Methamphetamine. 

Is It Okay To Wear Lone Wolf Patches?

There is no clear concept about what a lone wolf patch signifies. Again, the only decision taken by the motorcycle club authorities doesn’t imply any reason about its harmfulness. Yet the riders didn’t allow wearing them not to symbolize being a member of this particular club. It’s justified that he’s the only one that doesn’t recall anything else.

Can Anyone Wear An MC Patch? 

Riding club patches come with three distinctive parts. The more significant center is engaged with an emblem, and sometimes you may find there a top rocker. The third part is often visible to you only for the ordinary individual member of the club.

So if you’re likely to wear any sorts of flag patches, political statements, or even any funny musk, it may sound reasonable. But not the MC patches, as they only symbolize the club’s territory or identity.

Can You Wear Any 1ER patches? 

A 1% Er is only presentable for the male officials of any riding clubs. Also, if any candidate would not belong to their outlaws, they won’t put it on. Again, the members are forbidden to wear any colors as it’s part of their laws unless it is tough to identify who is actually from any riding clubs and what stages he is hanging on. 

What Motorcycle Patches To Avoid?

Before starting, our first thing, we just have to let you know the difference between a riding club and a motorcycle club. Anyone could understand the rules and regulations that the club owner maintained strictly by knowing this. Anyone who is not a specific club member can be avoided with their handheld restrictions.

Difference Between Riding Club & Specific Club:

A riding club means a loose organization for those who like to ride. They may be geared toward the owners of specific bikes. As an example, Harley Owners Group for HOG, etc. The members of such clubs must have lived in a particular arena and belonged to a specific profession, unlike law enforcement. It would help if you were a professional bike rider and skilled according to your occupation needs. 

On the other hand, a specific club is a non-restricted organization that the particular club authority can own. To become a particular club member, an individual must have earned their club’s custom patches for jackets. And the approval may be accepted immediately or take a year.

So here, the procedures are not easy and handy. Before recruiting new members, some clubs are highly restricted and surrounded by strict laws. The patches are here and need to be earned by verifying the members’ identity, except purchasing. 

After verifying the membership, the user will get three types of patches to wear on the back of their jackets. The top panel of the patches refers to the club’s name. And the center panel of this indicates the logo or emblem; the bottom part shows the club’s home territory. 


These are all about a motorcycle, or a bike rider must have to obey. Our team’s shortest and quickest suggestion for you is to avoid wearing anything that looks like a legitimate club’s patch. 

Again, you must obey all the rules and regulations if you’re a member of any particular group. The essential norms of what motorcycle patches to avoid are not only required for the club members but also the normal individual. So that you won’t wear them ignorantly. Motorcycle patches also provide a safe and secure journey too.

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