Motorcycle Related Business Ideas: Best For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Motorcycle Related Business Ideas

Motorcycle enthusiasts not only love to ride and discuss riding but some may also like to pursue a career related to motorcycles. The craze and passion reach a level where being associated and involved in motorcycle-related activities becomes a desire and necessity for them. This is when they search for motorcycle-related business ideas to make their passion a profession. 

If you are one of those dedicated motorcycle lovers, you can surely consider starting a business related to motorcycles and riding. Being a riding lover, I understand your excitement and enthusiasm to start a career associated with motorcycles. And I know you can do this. You just need some ideas and motivation to start! That’s it!

When it comes to getting motorcycle-related business ideas, I am right here to you out. From my knowledge, study, and experience, I will be sharing some amazing motorcycle-related business ideas with you. I am sure that you will find your option on my list!

So, get excited!

Being surrounded by motorcycle-related discussions and work is always exciting and blissful for motorcycle enthusiasts. So, get excited if you have decided to start a motorcycle-related business before you learn the ideas! Get ready for the adrenaline rush!

Now, let me tell you 14 amazing motorcycle-related business ideas that you would surely love. After reading, choose whichever suits your interest the best:

1. Become A Motorcycle Business Consultant:

If you don’t want to do anything technical and like to do a business that simply requires knowledge, then consultancy is the best business. 

The demand for consultancy is increasing in every sector. The same is happening in the motorcycle business. People who are willing to start a motorcycle-related business look for consultants who can instruct and guide them on how to go through the process and what are fields they can explore. 

To be a consultant means to provide business ideas, advice on how they can execute a motorcycle-related business idea, how they can get the license, permits, and attract customers. You may need to propose business promotion strategies too. You can either start an online motorcycle business consultancy or rent an office. Starting online via a website and social media would be the cheapest and convenient way. 

2. Start Selling Motorcycle Spare Parts: 

Buying and selling motorcycle spare parts is becoming a popular business day by day. Riders often require to replace a specific part of the motorcycle and that is when they need a seller who sells spare parts. 

You can either become a retailer or wholesaler. To run this business, you will need a license and permit. You can contact agencies that offer dealerships. Contacting an agency will help you go on the right track as they have experts. 

In this business, you will need to trade either used or new motorcycle parts. You can choose to sell both new and old parts too. Try taking lessons from retailers and sellers on what parts you should keep in stock. Also, remember to find a reputed wholesaler if you work as a retailer. 

3. Start A Motorcycle Storage Business:

The motorcycle storage business is always a profitable business depending on where you have it. People often need a motorcycle storage facility when they are on a vacation, come to a new city for work, or need storage in a specific weather condition, or simply when they don’t have storage. For those people, you provide a space where they can keep their motorcycles. 

The main task is to find a place for motorcycle storage. It has to be climate-controlled to prevent damp, rust, molds, etc. Also, it needs drive-up access to load and unloads the motorcycle. The security has to be top-notch too. 

Another concern is that your customers would need 24/7 access to the storage. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient and you may lose customers. Remember that one motorcycle may occupy a space of 5x 10 units. So find a place that can accommodate at least 10 motorcycles to attract more customers. 

4. Open A Motorcycle Salvage Shop: 

Another booming business is having a motorcycle salvage shop. In this business, you need to buy beaten up and damaged motorcycles from the owners, repair them and sell them in the shop. Like others, you need to legalize the business, import salvage, and sell them. 

After buying them, try fixing it like a pro so that it gets back its condition. Though you can’t fix it completely, you can still make it work so that it can function well. Some motorcycles just need a minor repair, while some require major fixations. Sell the repaired motorcycles to customers who are willing to buy second-hand motorcycles that run well.

5. Start Selling New Motorcycles: 

Here comes the most common and popular motorcycle business idea. Become a dealer, import the best quality motorcycles, display them, and sell them to the customers. You can earn huge profits from this business as motorcycles are always in demand. But the brands have to be top-notch. 

However, the only drawback is that you need a huge amount of capital to start this business. You can either get a loan or if you have it, you can start this business. As the profit is high, you would be able to pay back the loan amount. Note that you need a license to do this business and to get that, you need to show a minimum capital too. 

6. Become A Motorcycle Travel Agent: 

If you are a riding lover as well as a travel enthusiast, there is nothing better than becoming a motorcycle travel agent. If you become a motorcycle travel agent, you would arrange motorcycle tour packages for clients. 

You can have a website and keep selling different motorcycle tour packages to clients. Expand your business internationally so that customers can buy motorcycle tour packages from your website. 

You need to assemble motorcycle tour packages offered by different travel agencies. Now promote them to clients so that they can buy these packages via your website or business. By doing this, you can earn a commission. This is an amazing experience and a fun task to do. 

7. Start A Motorcycle Tour Agency:

Do you want to travel and run a business simultaneously? Then running a motorcycle tour agency is the best idea. 

In this business, you have to assemble customers who want to go for a bike ride in amazing tourist spots and sneak into places that are unique with excellent views. It can be in the hills, countrysides, or a city tour too. You can offer a guide too or let the tourist travel on his own. You can run the business locally or nationally. 

To run and do good in this business, you need to think out of the box. People come for adventure when they opt for motorcycle tours. Let them sneak in unique places, roads, food shops, and sites that would leave them in awe. You can conduct the tours for single tours or as a team. 

8. Start A Courier or Delivery Service: 

If you have a motorcycle that you don’t ride, you should learn to monetize it. You can either give your motorcycle to a rider and ride it by yourself. To do this business, you have to sign a courier or delivery service to work as a deliveryman for the company. It can join a courier service or even a food or medicine delivery agency. 

This is a profitable business as delivery services are always in demand. You can deliver items locally. You may also choose to give your motorcycle to a rider who can deliver items and you get the cost and pay a salary to the rider. Whichever you choose, you can earn excellent revenue as this business never fails. Delivery services are always necessary and kind of an emergency too. So, the rider should be available during his duty time and you can earn easily using your motorcycle. 

9. Start A Motorcycle Repair Service:

If you are pro at repairing a motorcycle then you should definitely start a motorcycle repair service. You can either start repairing motorcycles by yourself or hire workers who can run your business by repairing motorcycles. 

To run this business properly, you have to have the necessary equipment and motorcycle parts. People may often come to replace motorcycle parts. If you have enough tools, materials, and motorcycle parts, more and more customers will come to you. To take your business to the next level, you can get certified by MMI or similar institutions to prove that you are a professional. This would attract the clients more. 

You can rent a small space, keep the tools, and motorcycle parts there to start the business. It will be great if you focus on repairing and replacing parts of the motorcycles of a specific brand. It would create a different value for your shop. 

The motorcycle repairing business is always profitable only if you have the expertise and experience. 

10. Start Selling Motorcycle Insurance: 

If you want a business where you won’t need to directly deal with motorcycles, you can start selling motorcycle insurance. You won’t need to get involved in selling motorcycles or repairing them, but you can still serve an important role in this. 

First, you have to get a license to start this business. Then you can either provide the insurance to the motorcycle owners online or offline. As insurance is necessary and a mandatory thing to get financial help after an accident, motorcycle owners mostly prefer to have insurance. This means you can always get enough customers who would like to buy insurance. 

You need to advertise well and reach out to motorcycle enthusiasts to get customers. You can advertise online to reach maximum people. Also, if you are running an online service selling insurance, you can run the business nationally. However, look into the legal matters before selling motorcycle insurance

11. Become A Private Motorcycle Riding Trainer:

If you really enjoy riding and want more people to feel the thrill of riding, the best business option for you is to become a trainer.

People who have bought a motorcycle recently may not know how to ride a motorcycle. In that case, they would definitely need an instructor to teach them. And as everyone has a starting point and needs to learn to ride, so you can attract all the new riders towards your business where you would provide training on how to ride safely and effectively

You need to obtain a license to become an instructor. For that, you need to be a pro rider. Then you can either take classes in a group or can teach someone privately as he asks you to train him or her. It is really an interesting task as you meet new people, teach them to get an excellent riding experience, and can stay closely connected with motorcycles and riding. 

12. Take Classes on Motorcycle Riding And Safety:

Let me tell you a passive and an active income method using your motorcycle riding experience. If you are really a pro in riding and have adequate knowledge and experience about riding safety, you can record your lessons and post them on YouTube or any learning app to start earning passively. On the other hand, you can take one-to-one classes to initiate active income. Else, you can do both.

New riders often look for riding safety classes. Others may have encountered an accident already and are interested in learning safety measures. For these people, you have to arrange short courses where you will teach them how they should dress, wear gear, and ride safely to avoid accidents and injuries. By doing this, you can run your business as well as help people to get a safe ride in the future. 

13. Start Selling Motorcycle Gears:

Most riders nowadays know the importance of wearing riding gear. Riding gears are necessary to be safe and comfortable on the road. This is why most conscious riders buy riding gear. And if you can supply them with the best riding gears, your business is going to fly high. 

You can run the business online as well as offline. For this business, you need to have enough good-quality riding gear from different brands. You can supply gears of different prices to attract all the potential customers. Advertise well and try to educate people about the importance of riding gears as well to encourage them to buy from you. You can run it locally or nationally. 

14. Start A Blog On Motorcycle Riding:

If you have the skill to write or make videos, you should definitely start blogging. It can be informative or an amateur one where you would share your riding experience. You can also write informative articles to inform people about motorcycle-related topics. 

You can also make educational videos or simple riding videos and upload them on your blog site. Basically, you have to make informative and engaging content that motorcycle enthusiasts would love to see. By this, you would reach more and more people and your blog would start earning money for you. You would get sponsors too if you do really well. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Motorcycle Related Business Ideas:

Before you start a motorcycle-related business, you have to think of some factors. If you consider these factors, you would understand if the business idea suits you or not. 

The three vital factors to consider before starting a motorcycle related business are:

1. Capital:

You need to choose a business idea that matches your financial condition. If you think of taking a loan, you should also think about how you would repay the loan. Otherwise, if you have low capital, you need to limit your business ideas too. 

If you have adequate capital, you can go for a motorcycle dealership business. But if you don’t have much money, go blogging, becoming a motorcycle tour agent, or taking safety classes. 

Therefore, consider your budget and capital and then pick a business idea. 

2. Space:

If you are planning to do an online business, this is not the option for you to consider. But if you want to open a brick and mortar business, you have to think of the space you are renting or buying. 

For example, if you want to start a motorcycle storage business, you have to select a secure and climate-controlled place. Similarly, to do motorcycle dealership and motorcycle repairing business, you need a space. 

Consider the location and size of the space as well as think if you can afford the space or not. 

3. Knowledge:

For businesses like taking safety classes, training new riders, running a consultancy business, or selling insurance, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the topic. Otherwise, you will fail to attract people. 

Besides, in any type of motorcycle-related business, you need a minimum level of idea and knowledge. If you are a very new rider, customers won’t rely on you. So, you can either use your experience or get certifications to prove that you have enough knowledge to handle the matter. 

If you don’t have enough money to start a motorcycle dealership, store, or sell spare motorcycle parts, you have to go for options where you need a minimum start-up cost. 

One of the cheapest motorcycle-related business ideas is to start a blog. You need almost no cost to open a website and start writing and uploading content. You can write and make videos and upload them. If you have digital marketing knowledge, you can flourish quickly. Another way is to take online safety classes or upload video lectures on online platforms. 

Otherwise, you can sign with a delivery service and use your motorcycle to earn money by delivering products. You can also become a motorcycle travel agent with very low capital. 

These are some options that are really cheap and anyone having expertise can do good in these businesses. 


Now you have 15 excellent motorcycle-related business ideas to explore. These businesses are profitable. And you can select one of these whichever is convenient for you. Remember to consider the capital, place, and knowledge factors to wisely choose an option. 

What are you waiting for? Live your passion by starting a motorcycle-related business today!

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